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Amazon Brand - Solimo Silver Energy Drink

Amazon Brand – Solimo Silver Energy Drink, Sugar Free

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Amazon Brand – Solimo Silver Energy Drink, Sugar Free.

  • Twenty 4 16- fluid ounce cans of Silver Energy Drink
  • Zero sugar and simply 10 calories per serving
  • Lightly carbonated, sugar free energy drink consisting of caffeine, B vitamins, niacin, ginseng, guarana and taurine
  • If you like Monster Energy’s Zero Ultra, Sugar Free Energy Drink, we invite you to attempt Solimo
  • Includes 152 mg caffeine (16 oz)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Amazon Brand – Solimo Silver Energy Drink, Sugar Free.
Style: Silver Energy DrinkSolimo Silver Energy Drink includes zero sugar and only 10 calories per serving. This rejuvenating sugar free energy drink is lightly carbonated and includes 152 mg caffeine along with B vitamins, niacin, ginseng extract, guarana extract and taurine. This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, kids, or others conscious caffeine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Amazon Brand – Solimo Silver Energy Drink, Sugar Free.

Question Question 1

What Flavor Is It?

It advises us of the flavor of the syrup in canned fruit cocktail, however carbonated.that’s not a bad thing.

Question Question 2

How Much Caffeine, And What Is The Energy Blend?

Caffeine: 152 mg/16 ozEnergy blend: niacinamide, Panax ginseng root extract, calcium – d pantothenate, inositol, guarana seed extract, vitamin B6, taurine, d- glucuronolactone, L- Carnitine, vitamin B12

Question Question 3

Why Are These All Of A Sudden Not available?

They likely offered out, energy drinks offer out on all of the time. we inspected and they remain in stock now

Question Question 4

What Flavor Does The Red Taste Like And What Flavor Does The Silver Taste Like?

we have not attempted red, however Silver tastes like a hybrid of sprite and mountain dew. we think you might state there’s a faint lime/lemon flavor.

Question Question 5

If You’Re Charging United States The State 10 Cent Deposit Charge, How Do We Return The Empty Cans For A Refund?

Bring them to regional bottle and can recycling center?

Question Question 6

What Is The Sodium Material?

310 mg

Question Question 7

Does It Have That “Sugar-Free” After Taste?

Ever have among those Monster Ultras? Tastes precisely like those. Precisely

Question Question 8

What Makes The Premium 2 Pack Expense A Lot, As Far As We Can Inform Its Simply A 2 Pack That Expense Two Times As Much.?

More convenient to bring 2 packs in one box

Question Question 9

Are The Can Linings Free Of Bpa, Bpf, Bps, Or Any Other Bisphenol As An Active ingredient?

As with all cans

Question Question 10

Dosage This Have Aspartame In It?

we looked and do not see aspartame in the ingredients, aspartame altered their name to nutrasweet and we do not see that in the ingredients either.

Question Question 11

Where Can We Recycle These Cans In Michigan? Charged United States 10 cents Per Can.?

Meijer, some Walmart s

Question Question 12

How Numerous Carbs Remains In This Product?

2g of carb in each can.

Question Question 13

How Is This Packaged? Is It Apparent What It Is Or Is The Entire Case Of Cans Boxed?

The whole case of cans is boxed in a nondescript cardboard box – it’s not likely that somebody would understand what it is up until it’s been opened.

Question Question 14

Is This Product Kosher?


Question Question 15

Why Would We Pay 28.47 For 24 Cans When We Can Buy 12 Packs At $8 And Modification?

That’s not the expense presently

Question Question 16

What Is The Flavor?

The silver tastes like monster silver with a bit more tropical punch type flavor

Question Question 17

Zero Calorie Variation? This One Has 10.?

0 sugar, 2g sugar alcohol. Burn that 10 calories raising the can

Question Question 18

Are These Vegan?

we believe beingvegan is an option. this energry drink unfortunately isn’t self mindful and therefore does not choose. It does not include things from animals though. A minimum of the ingredients do not appear like they are from animals

Question Question 19

Does This Taste Like Rockstar Silver Ice?

we have never ever had that drink. However we can inform you this. solimo silver is the very best tasting sugar free energry drink we have ever tasted.The energy kick from it is likewise on point with a redbull.

Question Question 20

Is Solimo Silver Gluten Free?

we do not understand.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Amazon Brand – Solimo Silver Energy Drink, Sugar Free, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our buddies and we (we’re all 30 years of ages) were intending on laning quake due to the fact that it was a good video game. We required to get something to drink, and as a man of culture and having an advanced scheme, we believed we would attempt something new. This product markets itself as an alternative to the energy drink monster zero ultra. While the preliminary sip is rather comparable, there’s a sticking around sweet taste to this that ultra zero does not have. The arrangement resembles mountain dew whiteout – a sweet citris surface. The texture is more silenced too, there’s less of a carbonated kick, and it drinks more like a juice. Not a bad sip at all, however the sweet taste is a bit much. It may grow on me, nevertheless. In general, we are going to provide this an 8. 37 out of10 Your mileage may differ. Absolutely worth a buy.

We attempted the silver flavor as we are fan of the white and blue monster ultra energy drinks. First, to start with the energy boost, it is incredibly similar to monster ultra. If you’re looking for a various flavor of the exact same kind of energy drink, this is a perfect replacement. For the flavor, it has a similar taste to the monster ultra energy drinks, other than a little less sweet. The silver flavor we can best refer to as a a melted orange popsicle sweetened with sweetening agents. It has a less natural taste than the monster ultra drinks and has a sticking around aftertaste that is. Not great. The sweetening agents pull through at the end which is why we could not rank it 5 star. It is definitely sweet, however not as sickly sweet as the ulta flavors. If you like the monster ultra flavors, you’ll certainly like these, particularly if you believe that the ultra flavors are little bit on the sweet side. Total these are great, more affordable alternative to the monster ultra drinks. If you’re looking for another low carb and low cal energy drink and do not mind a little artificial aftertaste then these are perfect match for you.

If you require to be seen with your early morning monster or your afternoon red bull, this isn’t for you. This is subtle. This is a whisper of an energy drink. However this is an alternative. If you do not require to support nascar or the most recent skateboarder and you’re ill of investing 3 dollars whenever you drive by the filling station simply to fuel yourself, getting a huge pack of solimo is * simply as good *. Well, the taste isn’t rather as good – there’s still a little bit of artificial therein, however with no sugar and low carbs, its a great alternative for those reducing and even going keto. It provides us the exact same boost as a monster, red bull, rockstar, reign or whatever. It simply has a subtle silver can. Well worth attempting.

Very long time energy drink fan – we do not like red bull, however we have done the majority of the beasts and rockstars and we are constantly looking for new ones to attempt. This one is rather our new preferred – it is a lot like monster zero (the one in the white cans), however has a hint of another flavor that we like (possibly a bit coconut- like, ever- so- somewhat). In either case, it tastes great and for $25-30/ case, you can’t fail – stop investing $2/can in the shop and buy a case of these and get it shipment straight to your home. You will not be dissatisfied and if youare Sorry, however our tastes do not concur. Solimo appears to be a strong brand with some good products.

We have been an energy drink fan for a while and have constantly preferred monster over most as far as taste and cost is worried, although their cost is not great. We have been looking for a rather more affordable and “on par” taste to them and have found it in solimo. Absolutely going to be a repeating customer as long as the cost does not go bananas.

This is a truly good effort from on an energy drink. It is extremely near to the taste of a monster ultra white, however with a few small distinctions. 1. The carbonation is much less2. There is a hint of pineapple after you take a drink3. The caffeine is a bit strong to me. (yes we understand this sounds unusual, attempt it and you will comprehend) 4. It does not taste like it gets as cold. Attempting a monster ultra vs this, it’s unusual. It simply does not taste as cold as the monster. Not an offer breaker, simply something we discovered. Up until now we would state that is certainly worth the cost and the taste is good. We will definitely buy from now on rather. For about 2/3 the expense of a the rivals, we believe it deserves it for our cash.

We purchased both the silver and the red variations. We like the silver more than we like the white monster zero ultra. It’s a bit less sweet. We truthfully choose the red to monster’s red version. It, to me, tastes type of like a carbonated cherry- limeade and is a bit more tart than monster’s red one. These are less carbonated than monster, which is the only drawback, however given that these expense less, it’s a quite damn goodbuy We hope they come out with a blue one.

Bought this as a more affordable alternative to monster ultra white. We were hoping that it was generally simply an off brand variation of the exact same. It’s close. However not rather. It’s hard for us to compose an evaluation for food products, due to the fact that our tongue is a jerk. Essentially anything citrusy is an exceptionally strong flavor for us to the point that it really injures. If you do not like citrusy flavors, we would recommend keeping away. If you like drinks that taste “tropical” then this is a perfect match for you. It makes us seem like we are on a peaceful island in the middle of no place. We do prepare to be reasonable to the solimo brand and attempt other flavors. However the silver line is not for us.

These are good contrast to monster’s ultra silver energy drink. The flavor is spot on. Our only problem is that we can get name brand energy drinks for the exact same cost or more affordable – we would like to see an alternative that’s more affordable than other energy drinks. It’s a lot more affordable than red bull and the more “premium” brands, nevertheless. We do take pleasure in the flavor and it provides us the exact same energy buzz as monster. The cans are slick looking (congratulations to the designer) – extremely advise if you’re into attempting new energy drinks.

This drink has an extremely familiar taste to brand equivalent. We would have offered it a 5 star however shipment or dealing with harmed 2 of our cans. The top lip is bulging up and we think exact same thing took place to our undeliverable order of exact same product recently. Numerous of the other cans have damages and ripples however drinkable.

Okay. We are monster fan, especially white monster, our fav. We purchased this to attempt, as numerous reviews point out the white monster. Upon first taste we were extremely dissatisfied and figuredwe would complete the 24 cans and leave a bad evaluation. Nevertheless, after drinking on this product for the past few days we have gotten an affinity to it. We like it. It is not like white monster however has a taste by itself. Worth a shot for the expense.

We would compare this to a white monster. Not precisely, however close. This is a good deal for the cost. And has a bit more caffeine than monster too. Only failure is our package was busted and damp. One had been pierced. Update: relating to the red, not white. We have purchased the red drink 3 times. It’s only gotten to us when. The other 2 times it’s been ‘out for shipment’ and then marked as ‘undeliverable.’ ideally listens to feedback- the cans require some work if every 3/4 plans we have purchased have been harmed. Will not buy this brand moving on.

Isn’t a redbull and do not declare to be. Compares to sugar free monster and we have attempted sugar free monster and has made a better tasting product by far. It is sweet for being sugar free however by being sweet it likewise does not have that nasty chemical taste you get with most energy drinks. It has a great crisp flavor cooled with a pleasant after taste. It does provide you a great boost. We didnt see a crash however we barely do even with sugar drinks. It is a bit rough on empty stomach though. A need to attempt 5 out of 5 in our viewpoint.

After checking out the reviews with them being compared to monster we figured we would provide a shot. We can’t put the flavor yet however they aren’t like the white monster drink. It’s close however not the exact same. With that stated we like these better, the flavor is no where near as frustrating as a monster.

After reading reviews, we was anticipating this to taste more like the white monster ultra. While it does, it does not? it has an extremely strong pineapple taste on top of it. First sip after anticipating what we were, we were shocked by it. After we ended up the first can, we can certainly state it grew on me. Not only is the cost a lot better, however we are certainly starting to choose the taste of this over the white ultra, which had grown to be our preferred, followed by the orange ultra. Do think we found our new go to and would certainly advise.

We normally drink zero white monster’s and these are extremely comparable. A little sweeter than beasts however still taste great. We have likewise seen more of a boost.

We have consumed another sugar free energy drink for years then we discovered had their own brand. After attempting, we should it s great. It really taste better than our previous drink, the cans are bigger and it should have more caffeine due to the fact that we were extremely alert. No after lunch drowsy time. We are extremely amazed and will buy once again.

We normally drink monster zero ultra white, so this evaluation will be composed from that viewpoint and be a contrast of the 2products Concerning flavor, the 2 are in the exact same ballpark however are not the exact same flavor. The solimo is a good replacement for the monster, if you aren’t looking for a specific reproduction. The solimo taste like coconut grapefruit to me. It’s great, however as somebody who does not drink soda any longer it’s a little too sweet. Nevertheless, if you like sweet drinks this clearly will not be an issue for you. Concerning value, it’s good however not great. We can buy monster at our regional sam’s club for the exact same cost, so that injures the value rating for us. What brings ball game down the most for us is simply the impact the solimo has on me. It may be strictly placebo, however the monster wakes us up a lot better than the solimo. Solimo silver has more caffeine, b3, b5, b6, and b12 than monster zero ultra white, however for some factor we can feel the monster better.

Saw on the previous reviews a great deal of them being provided harmed so we were a bit anxious about purchased however our box came good and no damages or anything so we think improved onthat The taste of it is good. Only thing we didn’t like is it has nearly no carbonation like 5min after opening, so it’s nearly like a gatorade rather than an energy drink. However the cost for 24 cans is great so will attempt this brand more.

Good flavor, absolutely nothing expensive about the appearances of the can, that’s no bull. For the value you can’t fail. We normally drink the zero calorie nos, in the light blue can. However lets admit it, at 2. 79 a can that builds up. Our only problem is it tastes a bit too sweet. Because low calorie at 10, cant be sugar, so it needs to be the sweetener, we presume. A little less sweet tasting and we would provide it 5 stars. Will we buy once again? not too sure, however we will utilize it up and check back. Only been through 1 can to date, 23 to go.

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