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Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps

Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Lemon Vanilla, Keto Friendly

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Here are a few main benefits of Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Lemon Vanilla, Keto Friendly.

  • One box with 5 Lemon Vanilla Protein Wafer Crisps
  • Sweet vanilla covered wafers with lemon filling
  • 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per wafer crisp
  • 4 grams of net carbs and only 1 gram of sugar per serving
  • Remarkably filling snack perfect for a low carb lifestyle

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Style: Lemon Vanilla Don t let the light and crispy texture fool you; these protein wafer crisps are remarkably filling. With a crispy, crunchy wafer sandwiching creamy lemon filling and covered in a sweet vanilla finishing, they are perfect for low carb, low sugar and keto friendly * way of lives. At 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving, our wafer crisps provide you the nutrition you require to power through the day. Includes one box of 5 wafer crisps. The Atkins Diet and Lifestyle offers quick, effective, and balanced weight reduction by restricting carbs and sugar to help the body burn fat for fuel and keep your energy constant. With over 80 released clinical research studies to support the concepts behind the Atkins Diet, we supply filling and delicious snacks to help you remain on track. * When utilized with Atkins ketogenic programs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Lemon Vanilla, Keto Friendly.

Question Question 1

Why Dextrose ?? Not Keto Friendly If There Is An InsulinResponse Imo?

In our viewpoint this is better than a cookie or a brownie as a snack

Question Question 2

We Should Got Bad Lot. The Lot Got Got From Target Was Extremely Yumour. However This 6 Boxes We Obtained From Extremely Bitter. Dirrent ChemicalFlavor Can We Return?

we do not go shopping Target so we are sorry we do not understand.

Question Question 3

We Purchased These Just Recently, And Only 4 Bars Where In TheBox Has Any One Hadthis Very Same Experience?

Ther should be 5 bars per box

Question Question 4

To, Why Can T These Akins Protein Wafer Crisps Be On, Auto-Delivery?


Question Question 5

Do These Be Available In A Value Pack Size?

would a value package size

Question Question 6

Is This For 5 Boxes Or 5 Particular?

5 single bars in one box. Deceptive. paid over 20$ for one box when we believed we were getting 5. Not delighted.

Question Question 7

How Much Sodium Remains In These?

For 1 bar- 70 mg of sodium. Or3%. That is what it states on the product packaging of 1 bar.

Question Question 8

How Lots Of Calories Per Serving?

190calories we are huge fan of Atkins bars. However this one is not that good. It has an after taste

Question Question 9

Are They Gluten Free?


Question Question 10

Does It Consist Of Maltitol?

there is no maltitol in this product.

Question Question 11

Why Are You Stating Any Of These Products Are Keto Friendly When It Is Not? In Keto No Soy May In Any Shape Or Kind, This Is False Marketing.?

They likewise taste like cardboard

Question Question 12

Where Are These Made? In The United States?

Really, we still have 2 boxes, the do not state where they are made, perhaps you can check their site, in believing Canada however we are not favorable, anyhow our other half has them every day and likes them a lot

Question Question 13

5 Boxes?

1 box, 5 count

Question Question 14

Why Exists A Lot Scrap In These Bars?

we do not understand that however these bars are NASTY

Question Question 15

What Are The Ingredients?

hwe you can click and see ingredients. we keep in mind being rather disenchanted however desired something in a pinch when we had not made keto cookies. plus love lemon.

Question Question 16

Where Is This Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Peanut Butter, 5 Count, 6.35 Oz. Made At?

we have never ever had the peanut butter however it reveals as various flavor on page.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Lemon Vanilla, Keto Friendly, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

These atkins protein wafers bring us back to our youth days of the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry wafers that we utilized to enjoy. We can’t think you can make such a delicious wafer with so few carbs. These are video game changer.

As somebody who limits sugar, we enjoy these as a periodic treat. We do choose crunchy bars in basic, so perhaps that affects our viewpoint. We have attempted every flavor and truly enjoy them all, however peanut butter is our preferred. If you are fan of wafer cookies or kit-kats and are utilized to lower sugar products (which are clearly not going to taste similar to a candy bar), we believe you would take pleasure in these.

For 10 g of protein, this is among the tastiest protein bars we have had. It tastes like chocolate and wafers. (we got the chocolate mint and we are purchasing the vanilla one) is the sugar flavor phony, you may ask. Well we expect it is. However we have been low carb for over a year and we have gotten utilized to stevia, munk fruit, and other phony sugars. They put on t trouble us as much as it may other individuals. Our stomach is fine after we eat this, no unusual gurgling or distress.

We enjoy peanut butter anything and these bars are good, not-too-sweet peanut butter flavor. Likewise, an crispy and light texture, which is a good modification from denser, chewy protein bars.

Ok, these aren’t the very best atkins snacks, however they’re respectable, a minimum of, after you attempt a 2nd one and have lost your prejudgments that they’re going to taste like the old keebler fudge sticks. (obviously they do not taste like the sugar filled fudge sticks, however our tastebuds were looking for that taste on the first bite of each flavor. )they fill an uninhabited spot in our no-sugar toolbox. They’re best for a light snack when we desire something crunchy and it’s too near to supper time. Iour alternative to these is to open the container of nuts and eat a lot of. The bars are portioned out, slightly crunchy cookie-like, and the flavors aren’t regrettable. Peanut butter is our preferred, nearly connected with lemon, and the chocolate mint is last (has more of the milky texture than the others do, a minimum of, to our tastebuds).

There are numerous “keto” marketed snacks out there that still have large quantities of carbs and sugars. Its excellent that atkins mananged figure all this out numerous years prior to keto was a thing. These do not have much of that bitter artificial sweetener or soy aftertaste (most likely since the mint is so strong). And the mint flavor remains after you’re done eating (which we like). These are great if your enjoying carbs or bloodsugars. We like the lemon, however our relative does not, and the peanut butter ones have little flavor, so you get that soy aftertaste.

If you keep in mind the huge block of sugar wafers your papa utilized to eat while enjoying television, these are really comparable. Similar to those blocks of sugar, however these are healthy and more delicious (enjoy the touch of appetizing lemon. ), and only 3 carbs. They are amazing. We check out some of the unfavorable reviews. They are outrageous. We have been following low-carb diet; have lost 25 pounds; and, these are definitely the very best treat. What’s more, the chocolate mint flavor are really comparable to lady scouts thin mints. If you put them in the freezer, it hard to discriminate. We enjoy, enjoy, enjoy these protein bars. A lot better than the cardboard low-carb bars out there. These are great.

Our other half feels these peanut butter & chocolate atkins protein wafers take him back to his youth days also. He can t think we found him something that is sugar free that doesn t taste like cardboard these atkin bars are video game changer. We nevertheless, believe they are nasty.:) to be reasonable we simulate the atkins variation of the peanut m & m s. Our other half likewise likes the peanutbutter granola bars, cranberry bars, lemon bars, coconut bars (like mounds), caramel nut chews (like snickers) to call a few.

Do not share with anybody. Keep away from your kids. They are so good that you’ll never ever get another. These bars taste fattening. They taste too good to be real. We checked out the contents info 3 times to ensure they weren’t loaded with carbs. ?? our other half and we share a bar, then another, then another. The box is empty within a few days. We will purchase a minimum of 2 boxes every month and will give up purchasing those that taste healthy. We will likewise purchase peanut butter cups. T too, taste nearly like the real thing.

We were eating a vanilla lemon wafer bar at the beauty parlor the other day and the manicurist asked us what flavor it was. We informed her and she stated, “have you tried the peanut butter? they’re really good. ” we had simply completed our first box of peanut butter wafers bars and we simply purchased 2more We believe they are delicious and simply the perfect quantity for a quick snack with adequate protein so you do not get starving right now. We normally eat one around 4 pm and we are good up until supper in between 8-9.

These are so good, definitely enjoy all the atkins snacks. We believe there has perhaps been 2 or 3 that we didnt carefor However these are amazing.

Fast/ timely shipping, best cost recently. These bars, and the atkins carmel choc nut rolls, keep us inline with our atkins low carb objectives, and are tasty/fulfilling periodic treat so you do not feel denied. They are less sweet than a kit-kat, and we have grown to like them even more (they taste more adult, haha). One is guilt free, simply count in your numbers. Do not eat several in one setting (easy to do) as it would be a great deal of sugar alcohol. Technique – gradually eat half, huge gulp water, then other and you’ll be pleased.

While this is a good bar it does have sort of a dry taste initially. However truthfully, we can get paste it as we enjoy the crunch and taste in general. We like it far better than atkins chocolate chip granola bar which is most likely our least preferred atkins bar so far. We have already bought more of these and likely will continue to do so. We see these being a staple in our kitchen.

Oh our goodness, these are so good. We believe we beat the keto-friendly function since we consumed 3 bundles at the very same sitting. They melt in your mouth, or a minimum of they performed in mine. Keto- friendly methods that they do have some carbs, however that the carbs are in a location suitable with a ketogenic diet. We wish to go on a ketogenic diet, however we have wished to go on one for months and still sanctuary t. A minimum of we purchased keto-friendly snacks, even if we consumed a lot at the same time.

For individuals who believe these taste gross, we are presuming you have not been on keto/ cut sugar out for long. You can’t anticipate things to taste like what you believe they are going to. Anyhow, they were too harmful. We consumed the entire box right away. We believe we are already getting skinny.

So we generally will choose these up at walmart however with this current weather condition we ve been experiencing we put on t seem like making the increase there. We chose to checkout. The rates are right in line with walmart and provided to our front door – offered. We are really delighted with purchased atkins products on here. These bars taste wonderful.

We do not understand what the bad reviews are everything about. These wafers are good. Great texture, deep flavor, however not frustrating or extremely sweet. It’s ideal. Great peanut butter taste, with a wafer in the middle, all integrated to produce a snack that appears too delicious to be good for you, however it is. We utilize it as part of our pre-workout breakfast. It’s easy for us to digest, and produces no bloating. These are surprisingly delicious.

Let us state that we have had numerous kinds of keto bars and this one is without a doubt our favorite. The chocolate mint flavor is delicious and seems like a real treat. We count total carbs also so the truth that its only 10 carbs makes a huge distinction when lots of bars have much greater total carb counts. The ingredients are likewise much better than the old atkins bars. We enjoy these things and have already bought 6 boxes over a few months time since they serve as our treat when we require something sweet and delicious.

Our whole family enjoys these bars. We need to conceal them from the kids or they would eat them all in a day. We like them for a treat when we are in the mood for chocolate since they are heck of a lot much healthier than a candy bar. Our kids like them since they believe they are getting a candy bar. This is without a doubt our households preferred sandwich shop.

We utilize these when we have a sweet craving. It ends up being a great replacement sweet meal. We simply enjoy these atkins protein wafer crisps. Our preferred is the vanilla however does not offer it. The highlight is it’s the very same cost here as in the shop for that reason, this conserves us time purchasedfrom We advise these wafer they are the very best.

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