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Bai Bubbles Sparkling Water

Bai Bubbles Sparkling Water, Voyager Variety Pack, Antioxidant InfusedPineapple, Jamaica Blood Orange

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Bai Bubbles Sparkling Water, Voyager Variety Pack, Antioxidant InfusedPineapple, Jamaica Blood Orange.

  • CARBONATED WATER DRINKS 3 cans each of Bolivia Black Cherry, Gimbi Pink Grapefruit, Jamaica Blood Orange, Peru Pineapple
  • HEALTHY FLAVOR AND SIMPLY 5 CALORIES– low calorie, shouldn t indicate low flavor. Bai works to provide low calorie, bold fruity flavor so that you put on t need to compromise
  • DEVOID OF SWEETENING AGENT and made with simply one gram of sugar per serving
  • ANTIOXIDANT INFUSED along with gluten free, non GMO, vegan and kosher, with low glycemic index
  • CAFFEINE includes 45 mg of caffeine per can

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Bai Bubbles Sparkling Water, Voyager Variety Pack, Antioxidant InfusedPineapple, Jamaica Blood Orange.
Flavor Call: Voyager Variety Pack|Size: Pack of 12Bai Bubbles are carbonated water drinks that provide delicious fruity refreshment without undesirable sugar andcalories Infused with antioxidants and made with no sweetening agents, Jamaica Blood Orange is gluten free, kosher with low glycemic index, and overruning with blood orange fruit flavor. WATER is among the most powerful – and essential – elements on earth. At Bai, we ve reimagined and broadened water s superpowers beyond standard hydration. And we went for it. Bai is ¦. vitamin C and antioxidant-infused, unique-Flavored, infused with obscure coffee fruit, tea extract infused for natural caffeine, naturally sweetened, colored & flavored, and includes 1 gram of sugar and 5 calories per bottle. Bai is a plant-powered antioxidant infusion that provides more than you ve ever anticipated from regular WATER. We questioned what water might truly be, and we made it terrific. A drink that tastes great and is likewise good for you? It ll be love in the beginning sip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bai Bubbles Sparkling Water, Voyager Variety Pack, Antioxidant InfusedPineapple, Jamaica Blood Orange.

Question Question 1

Are The Can’S Bpa Lined?

Lillwe accomplished, Mom Jones did a story on it and they found the replacements are simply as bad or almost as bad and simply have not been tested.Only one business we understand of deals a BPA free lining that is likely safe( ceramic covered and perhaps trademarked) and that is Eden Food for their canned foods.They ev Lillwe accomplished, Mom Jones did a story on it and they found the replacements are simply as bad or almost as bad and simply have not been tested.Only one business we understand of deals a BPA free lining that is likely safe( ceramic covered and perhaps trademarked) and that is Eden Food for their canned foods.They even have a great preservative for their canning as a substitute for salt.Anyway, even Eden confessed as such that specific acids or simply acids in basic are too destructive for cans with that type of lining.They wound up putting the majority of their tomato associated product into amber glass.

Question Question 2

Do All Of These Have Caffeine?

we are only revealing 35 mg per 18 oz bottle. its not quickly seen. its near the bottom of the label on the back, under a green subtitle:”Nature’s Caffeine.

Question Question 3

How Numerous Remain In The Case?


Question Question 4

How Much Potassuim In These Drinks?

It states: not a substantial source of potassium.we like this product. Good taste, only 5calories However, it s not a source for nutritional requirements.

Question Question 5

We Understand It States All Natural However What Is Utilized For Sweetener? Exists A List Of Ingredients Readily Available?

there is a list of ingredients– our company believe the sweetener is erythritol simply as in the regular Bawe drinks.

Question Question 6

We Wished To Cancel This Order And Have Been Trying.What Morecan We Do?

Call 855-411-48224 for service.Or contact customer securities in your state or federalconsumer protection.Or use for new charge card

Question Question 7

Can We Purchase A Case Of Only Blood Orange?

we have only gotten grapefruit.

Question Question 8

We Can not Find A Component List Anywhere On The Product Page. Would You Inform United States The Ingredients?

we only drink the Black Cherry, Filtered carbonated water, Bawe Proprietary Sweetser Blend( erythritol stevie extract), natural flavors, cherry juice concentrate, malic acid, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), coffee fruit extract, white tea extract, ascorbic acid, sodium citrate.

Question Question 9

What Are The Expiration Dates?

we do not believe there is an expiration date on this product, it is primarily water and water does not expire.Call the Business and ask them.we did not like this product and would never ever buy it again.To pricey to get something that has notaste.Good luck.

Question Question 10

What Is “Natural Ginger Flavor”?

Simply what is states you wiuldnt live it

Question Question 11

How Is It 99 Cents A Piece When You By 6 At Kroger However 20 For 12 With A Voucher On?

Various business. Walmart, offer comparable products however various rates.

Question Question 12

Are The “Natural Flavors” In The Grapefruit One Corn Or Wheat Based?

The product packaging discusses neither corn not wheat.

Question Question 13

How Can We Safeguard Our Earbuds From Falling Out? Exist Various Size Covers That Are Larger?

we believe, there are some plastic covers, that you can attempt, however we are??

Question Question 14

How Numerous Carbs (Total And Net)?

Only show Total carbs – 11 g

Question Question 15

We Idea We Canceled This. We Required To Cancel This Product.?

Go thru your order history and cancel. Otherwise you ll need to return it

Question Question 16

Do You Still Have The Original Waikikwe Coconut Variation (Not The Lime One)?

we have had the ability to find it however we changed to Ice

Question Question 17

Stevia Taste Is Not Quite To Our Preference. Exists A Way To Tone It Down?

we utilize stevia frequently and we do not taste the stevia in these drinks

Question Question 18

How Are The Black Cans Various From White?

Bawe is our kid’s preferred drinks.There is no distinction in terms the white and black cases – carb fruit flavors.Historically, the intent of the “black case” was utilized to present the classic soda flavors.Hope this helps.Mahalo

Question Question 19

Is This A Low Acid Drink?

Do not get it. we got mine in the mail. Every one blows up on us when we open them. It gets shocked way excessive throughout shipment

Question Question 20

Where Precisely Ar The Ingredients? Whereexactly Is Water From?- And How Do You Know Its Safe? What Is The Precise Plant You Get Erythitol Sweetener From?.?

Do you understand the response to this from every product you take in?Where is the aluminum mined from? And which factory develops the cans?What is air quality at factory? Who touched the cans prior to packaging?Did they clean their hands?Is aluminum pure, or does it have traces of Mercury or other elements in it?we do not understand.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bai Bubbles Sparkling Water, Voyager Variety Pack, Antioxidant InfusedPineapple, Jamaica Blood Orange, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We keep making fun of the other reviews that grumble about the 1% juice in the product. No one markets it as a sparkling juice people. You desire more juice, there s lots of products out there for you. Why coming here and provide a bad evaluation to among the few products that are made for individuals like us who put on t wish to increase insulin or raise their glucose level?people who are pleased with the 1% juice due to the fact that they put on t desire the fructose. Think it or not, juice is not a healthy drink, and fructose is a sugar too. We put on t care if it s no added sugar juice. We put on t care if it s an antioxidant juice. It s simply pure sugar. It s the fruits without the good fibers. We are really pleased with this low glycemic drink. Amazing flavors. Love the blackberry, cherry and blood mango. Really appreciative to business like this who put diabetic individuals and individuals on low carbs diet in their factor to consider. Juice individuals enjoy your fructose.

Ok, we are attempting to be healthy and it makes it hard to take pleasure in abeverage First, we swore off sugar drinks. Then, we checked out a lot of research that states sugar replacements like aspartame and sucralose are in fact even worse for you than real sugar. They inform your body to keep fat as if you were drinking numerous sugar sodas. We can’t drink the plain carbonated water due to the fact that something about it does not concur with our stomach. So, that leaves us with stevia sodas, unsweetened tea, or water. We drink both water and green tea a lot (check out our evaluation of ito en jasmine tea, yum. ), however in some cases desire bubbles. And, our friends, there are not that lots of good alternatives out there flavored with stevia. A number of flavors of zevia are bearable (especially grape soda), however not great. Bai5 bubbles is practically the very best there is out there. We like the watermelon lime and cherry flavors. They’re revitalizing and not as bitter as other stevia drinks. We have even got our kid drinking these now, rather of sugar sodas.

We are not typically one to compose reviews however we wish to reveal our thanks to bawe brands. We did a great deal of research when we began to have some irregular glucose levels a couple years back. We were a substantial soda drinker and did not wish to change to diet soda due to the fact that of taste and sweetening agents. We likewise choose soft drinks and we did not wish to quit caffeine. Bawe bubbles fulfills all our desires and requires. The flavors are good – although, it took us some time to get utilized to the taste of stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has no substantial effect on our blood sugar levels. It isn’t sugar so we did not anticipate it to taste like it. It definitely tastes better than artificial sweeteners. The sugar alcohol does not appear to impact our glucose levels either. In general, these products have been perfect for us.

This is among the only drinks we drink regularly due to the fact that it tastes good, has caffeine and isn’t pumping crap into your body. Only failure is that the most current case we purchased has fizzled over every.Single Can. It s driving us bananas due to the fact that we need to prepare prior to we open it or we will be covered in the drink. Gotten in touch with customer support to evaluate them of the scenario and they did great in resolving the concern by sending us another case. Ideally we are the only one with this issue and it isn’t a sign of the future cases we prepare to buy.

So we just recently began eating a keto diet. We believed all diet drinks were developed equal. Zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugar. However they are not all developed equal. After a little research bawe bubbles came out on top as the very best diet drink and made with great ingredients. We will not be taking a look at coke zero or any other diet soda the very same way. We visited our regional grocery store and got a few cans simply to attempt it out to see if we would like the flavor. They were on sale 2 for $3. We liked them so we wound up purchasing a case on. We checked out a few reviews about how individuals got cans that were over pressurized no matter the length of time they let them sitfor So we were stressed over this, however we didn’t have that issue. Likewise the cans we purchased from the grocery store didn’t have that concern either. Anyways the flavors are great and we can see why individuals buy sever cases ofthese We will most likely wind up doing the very same, however we like this brand at the minute.

Love these drinks. We get them each month. Best alternative to soda if you crave the carbonation of soda, these flavor complete drinks will please your taste with no calories to it. Desire there were other variety packs. There are numerous flavors that are offered separately, having another variety pack would be great to promote them.

We initially attempted the black cherry flavor when we saw it a publix. We came here to look for more and found this pack. We have attempted all 3 and we like the coconut lime the very best. The watermelon and blackberry are good however we do not believe we would buy those regularly. We will be attempting more flavors as we find them, if we find them at our regional supermarket, prior to we purchase any packs. We gambled on this one due to the fact that the flavors sounded good. We did find the pineapple one and will be attempting that next. We have not had any problems with product packaging, leak or surges, a minimum of not up until now. The first sip of every one of these was a bit more like seltzer however as we consumed more the flavor gotbetter A few individuals are stating that the flavors altered with the product packaging. We believe it is due to the fact that they are utilizing erythitol rather of sugar as the original has more grams of sugar. If you are not utilized to drinking diet soda, this will take some getting utilized to. We find the flavors simply sweet enough. As long as we do not experience any issues we will continue to buy the flavors that we like one of the most.

This is our preferred drink. Have not had the ability to find in any regional shops other than in single cans. We have bought much of these and like the flavor. Attempting to drink to change our artificial flavored soda drinks. There are numerous flavors, we have attempted, pineapple, grapefruit, jamaica orange, all are good, however this flavor is without a doubt our favorite.

Found these sparkly bawe about a year ago and we enjoy this product. Quit soda and in some cases we get sick of drinking water and we need to see our sugar consumption – thus these bubbly drinks. Whereas we drink one every few days or two, our kids like one a day so we can never ever keep a refrigerator complete. Some reviews have grumbled that the formula has altered – we would not learn aboutthat We feel in one’s bones it is great to have an alternative to soda – one that your kids will drink – when you are craving fizz and carbonation. We even buy these when we stop at sheetz on our trip. The bolivia black cherry is our least preferred flavor.

It is our complete dependency. Every where we go or home we remain at, we buy it ahead of time, from and have it sent out there due to the fact that we drink numerous. The pineapple is our preferred flavor. Not too sweet and not to tart. Perfect mix and revitalizing. Seriously believe we may have a dependency to it, lol.

We definitely enjoy these flavors. Previously, we would never ever had these specific ones however was enthusiastic offered the number of of the other bawe products we like. The watermelon lime is most likely our preferred, however there is one concern. Every can of this flavor has taken off when we have opened it. The 1st one we believed it had not settled from the delivery (we opened one right away). Then a few days later on we had another and it fizzled out once again. Then last night, not believing, we opened another and made a substantial mess all over our counter and on our stack of mail. We have no concept why it is occurring or why it appears to be restricted to this flavor, however. It’s not been enjoyable. We would totally advise this flavor pack, we are simply unsure we would have it delivered once again.

There is insufficient time in the day to rave about this flavor. Great black cherry flavor without it being too artificial. Our grievance with these flavored waters is they taste week. What is on the beyond the label practically never ever equates into whats inside the bottle. Have refrained from doing it yet, however we envision blending this with some libations will make a great drink. We want they were a bit less pricey, however we buy these on the automobile shipment which conserves us a little cash. We likewise get the strawberry lemonade and the pomegranate flavor too.

Preference for an alternative to diet drinks. In some cases we have got to have something fizzy. Most taste bitter and simply downright unpalatable. It does have 1 gram of sugar for us that s better than the aspartame and other sweetening agents.

Love the flavor. Tastes great too. We drink these on their own or utilize as a mixer. We like that we put on t requirement to buy a variety pack that may have some flavors that we wouldn t like or drink. We would buy these once again.

First off, we do not like carbonated water. We do not much care for flavored water either. However our sil appeared with a number of cans for us to take pleasure in while doing a project at our home and we attempted it. Turns out black cherry b’ wonder were insane good. 5calories Something we can drink that’s cool and revitalizing. We attempted to buy some in your area however it is constantly offeredout So. To the rescue. It is available in cases and now our refrigerator is constantly equipped with some.

We found bawe a long time back and liked their flavors. Then we found bawe bubbles. Low calorie, natural, simply the correct amount of carbonation and revitalizing. It makes a good mixed with vodka (sorry, simply being honest). Perfect for summer. Offered separately, can get expensive. Better to buy a case. We like all the flavors and having it provided is a bonus. We can’t find this case in the shops anywhere where we live. Offer it a shot.

Love all baweproducts No sugar. No sweetening agents. Utilizes stevia to sweeten. However likewise, these products are not excessively sweet, making them rather revitalizing. Love this new flavor.

Product got here on time and as explained by seller. Had been a fan of bawe flavored water however when we moved to a low-carb/keto regimine wantedd to remain on track. Every now and then we get a craving for a carbonated water. We had attempted other variety pack however wished to see how the superb was. We liked them all, however the coconut lime was our preferred so our next order was all coconut lime variation.

We enjoy, enjoy bawe drinks. This bubbly flavor in specific tastes similar to a cherry soda pop. However only 5calories Numerous other diet drinks taste too sweet or have that dreadful after taste. Not this one. It s so popular we can never ever find it in the area. So we buy it here and the rate is a lot better here. They likewise have a lots of flavors without bubbles – our fav is the pomegranate. There s a flavor and type for everybody. What a great drink.

We enjoy this product. We are on a regular acquiring strategy. Nevertheless, this previous weeks shipment had a few cans inside that burst open. We sent out for a replacement box a d it likewise had opens can and cans that the tops were inflamed and ready to take off. We are unsure if it was from the shipment procedure or the extreme heat weve been having. It was provided on our front patio which is covered from the sun.

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