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Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Fit Granola - Non-GMO

Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Fit Granola – Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Fit Granola – Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan.

  • PACK OF 6: 12 OZ pouches of Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Fit Granola, a yummy way to start your day
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: A delicious blend of whole grain oats and almonds
  • FUEL YOUR DAY: With 38 grams of whole grains per 55 gram serving
  • GOOD & WHOLESOME: No artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors – Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher OKAY Pareve
  • CONVENIENT: Take- anywhere resealable pouch makes for the perfect portable healthy snack – bowl it, palm it, bag it

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Here are some more information on Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Fit Granola – Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan.
Flavor Call: V’NILLA ALMOND FIT |Size: 12 Ounce (Pack of 6)Product DescriptionNot all bears hibernate for the winter season. Some like to keep active throughout the year. These are the fit- minded bears behind V’nilla Almond Fit Granola, with Non-GMO project verified whole grain oats, almonds, and natural vanilla flavor. Perfect for the bear on the go. We’re simply going to come out with it. Bears decide around here. They select out the ingredients, produce new flavors and taste- test every batch of granola we make. Absolutely nothing goes out the door prior to it gets their bear stamp of approval. Now you may be believing, why? Using wild, unforeseeable animals looks like an awful organisation strategy. Sure, we confess often things can get a little uncomfortable, like when the business picnic is BYOB (bring your own bees). However the reality is, the bears keep us honest. Their impulses constantly point them to the highest quality foods found in the wild.About the BrandKelly Flatley and Brendan Synnott, who ended up being friends at age 11 while going to Middlesex Middle School in Darien, CT, are business partners behind Bear Naked all- natural breakfast foods. Kelly first established Bear Naked s original fruit-and- nut granola formula in July 2002 by baking whole ingredients in her moms and dads kitchen and tweaking the recipe till it was perfect. She then identified the mixture “Bear Naked” and began offering it at pathway sales and a number of regional markets. Her granola was clearly packaged in a clear plastic bag and hand- connected with a piece of hay. A month later on, Brendan, on hiatus from his function as a skill manager for Saturday Night Live, began signing up with Kelly in the kitchen, the 2 cooking all through the night and offering their granola by day. In October 2002, Brendan and Kelly chose to progress as organisation partners and Bear Naked was born. Over the next few months, the business started to grow, and by the end of 2004, Bear Naked was dispersing its products to more than 2,00 0 merchants in 25 states with 20 complete- time workers. By August 2005, Bear Naked was the country’s fastest- growing natural cereal brand, with the primary and second offering granola products in the country. The next month, Kelly, Brendan, and the whole Bear Naked group took a trip to Washington, D.C., in their signature Bear Naked vans to release a new line of breakfast products to merchants at the Natural Products ExpositionEast With an eye- capturing display screen and being plentiful energy, the new Low-Sugar Cereals, All-Natural Oatmeal, and 100% Organic Hot Cereals debuted to rave reviews. Today, Bear Naked breakfast products can be found at merchants across the country. And why the name “Bear Naked”? It simply shows that the business’s ingredients are all- natural and hardly processed. In their words: “With our love for the outdoors and active way of lives, our whole grain foods fuel our energy. When treking we were considering names and believed ‘starving as a bear.’ Hence “Bear Naked” was created. Plus, it is extremely appealing.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Fit Granola – Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan.

Question Question 1

Bear Naked Granola With [1]Fruit & Nut [2] Pecans & Bananas[ 3] Original Or A;; Tasting Menu Ok???

We like the fruit and nut a lot that we began a membership with so we would never ever runout we attempted lots of granola s and honestly we tossed partly utilized bags due to the fact that they were simply not extremely good.our 17 and 19 years of age young boys like it too.

Question Question 2

Is This Gluten Free?

No, it does not seem gluten- free. It does not consist of artificialpreservatives, no cholesterol, no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils and no artificial flavors.

Question Question 3

Little Bit Of A Ridiculous Question, However On The Product Packaging, It States Its Approved ByBears We Are Sure This Product Is Not Provided To Bears, However. Can Bears Eat This?

Hey Sam, we buy the Cacao and Cashew Butter and we are sure the bears would eat it with no problem.It s extremely delicious with little bits of dark chocolate.delicious mix.

Question Question 4

How Lots Of Fat Grams?

we do not keep in mind the number of fat grams however we will inform you this much. There was insufficient. You might too eat dry rolled oats

Question Question 5

How Lots Of Carbs?

There are 33 grams of carbs per serving, which is 1/2 cup. we hope this helps.

Question Question 6

What Are The Benefits Of Utilizing This Product?

Hmm, should we have a donut or bagel for breakfast, or whole grain oats, honey, cranberries andsunflower seeds? Tastes delicious with non fat plain Greek yogurt.

Question Question 7

What Is The Most Popular Flavor, Or The Top 2- 3?

We like the berry flavor

Question Question 8

Exists Any Way We Could Make Cookies With This?

our gut informs us yes. we advise taking a look at the maker’s site to see if there are recipes published there and likewise asking their client service department. A Google search will most likely provide you their contact information.

Question Question 9

Generally Ships In 1 To 2 Months???????

For us a few days

Question Question 10

Is This Soy Free? Required To Prevent Soy Due To Estrogen Supremacy. Looking For Soy Free And High Protein Cereals.Any Product Suggestions?

All we see on the back of the product packaging is: Whole grain oats, wild rice syrup, honey, wild rice, oat bran, toasted coconut, almonds, walking cane sugar, cinnamon, natural flavours, vanilla extract. All we see on the back of the product packaging is: Whole grain oats, wild rice syrup, honey, wild rice, oat bran, toasted coconut, almonds, walking cane sugar, cinnamon, natural flavours, vanilla extract. May consist of other tree nuts. we rapidly examined those that we have acquired and can inform you that of Triple Berry, Toasted Coconut, Original Cinnamon, Banana Nut, and Peanut Butter, ONLY PEANUT BUTTER AND ORIGINAL CINNAMON LIST SOY or SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE in their ingredients. Hope that helps.

Question Question 11

How Much Sodium?

we have only acquired the cacao and cashew butter variation. that container reports that the quantity of sodium is 60 mg or 3%. we can’t picture the other flavors would be that much various.

Question Question 12

How Do We Contact The Seller? We Simply Got Today One Bag Of The Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Rather Of 6 Bags.?

has a client service dept.

Question Question 13

Um, Reason United States However Can We Not Lable Something Vegan That Has Milk Ingredients In It?

Thank you a lot for your message. we comprehend your issue that a product is noted as vegan when it has milk in it.As an Prime seller on, we will get in touch with AMAZON concerning this error. we are not exactly sure who made the original listing of this product, however we will be extremely pleased to get in touch with AMAZON and ask th Thank you a lot for your message. we comprehend your issue that a product is noted as vegan when it has milk in it.As an Prime seller on, we will get in touch with AMAZON concerning this error. we are not exactly sure who made the original listing of this product, however we will be extremely pleased to get in touch with AMAZON and ask to remedy this error. Once again, thank you a lot for your message.Hopefully AMAZON can get this problem fixed.

Question Question 14

Does This Contain Folic Acid?

The package ingredients do not state “folic acid” as a component.

Question Question 15

We Are Taking Chemo Treatments And Can not Have Anything With FolateAcid Is This In The Ingredients?

The ingredients are published. Simply click the photo and you can focus on the back page. we do not see folate acid in the ingredients. we likewise like their fruit and nut variety, which is way more affordable wholesale -$1700 vs $3600

Question Question 16

Why Does It Expense More Per Bag If You Order The 6 Pack?

It doesn t. If you can find in shop it costs $3.50 -4.00 Put in freezer prior to utilize to keep all 6 bags fresh.

Question Question 17

How Do We Order A Sample?

Thank you for your question. We, regretfully, do not have any samples offered to send out.

Question Question 18

1/2 Cup = 4 Oz. X 6 Servings = 24 Oz., So Why Do You Have These Those On A 12 Oz. Bag? I/4 C. (2 Oz.) X 6 = 12 Oz.?

Excessive mathematics for us, feel in one’s bones it tastes yummers

Question Question 19

Is This Granola Gluten-Free? We Don’T See Any Of The Ingredients Noted As Containing Gluten, However It’S Not Identified Gluten-Free Anywhere.?

our spouse is gluten free and he does heat the fruit and nutty bear naked.Check the label thoroughly.The Vanilla Almond flavor has barley malt noted as one of the ingedients.Barley containes gluten.You need to check out labels and understand what does and does not consist of gluten.

Question Question 20

Is This Gluten Free?

Our Peanut Butter Granola is not GlutenFree Nevertheless, our Peanut Butter and Honey Bites are Gluten Free.Check out this link for the Gluten Free Bites: https://www..com/Bear-Naked-Peanut-Butter-Honey/ dp/B01 HHW2MXG/ref= sr_1_1_a_it? ie= UTF8 & qid =1522070512 & sr= 8- 1 & keywords= bear+ naked+ bites

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Fit Granola – Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Love it, that’s all we can state. If we needed to rate’s storage/shipment of this product, they would get 1 star due to the fact that they continuously send out smashed up pieces. The factor we understand its on their end is due to the fact that this product is typically huge portions. We got one bag that appeared like it had tire tracks on the bag (absolutely smashed pieces, unclean and black markings on the exterior of bag). Begin.

Bear naked granola, maple pecan, 12 oz bear naked maple pecan granola uses 6 grams of sugar in each 1/4 cup serving. You are able to contribute to yogurt or milk or eat straight from the bag. Please note, this is not organic, however the product has been certified by the butterfly non- gmo verified company (which you do not require if you are organic due to the fact that laws do not allow gmo’s within organic products). We like the flavor and desire that for its simpleness that it would be available in a bigger container for it’s rate point. Kellogg’s (kashi) bear naked granola is hearty and healthy for you and your family.

We mix numerous cereals together, and this is a huge part of every bowl of cereal we eat, and that’s practically every day. We likewise utilize it as a yogurt parfait topping. We have attempted lots of other fruit-and- nut granolas, and this is the very best we havefound We can often get it at safeway, however due to the fact that they are frequently out of it, we have required to regular 6- pack purchases from, and now we do not even search the safeway racks for granola at all – issue fixed.

We want more business made products this good without processed sugar. It is only sweetened with honey, and it is delicious. It is hard to find in regional shops due to the fact that it is constantly offered out of this specific one. Paleo friendly granola is hard to find, and more and more individuals are eating by doing this and prevented added processed sugars.

None of the 6 bags we got in our box consist of clusters of any kind, however rather grains of oats and whatever else that is consisted of in the fruit and nut blend. Having this in small dosages such as in a little cup for a snack, a topping for yogurt, ice cream, or mixed into plain prepared oatmeal, it is alright however often you only get the oats and a recurring fruit or nut bit. It’s not granola that we choose for gathering a bowl with some milk. We’re at the point of conserving most of oats in a container in the fridge for usage in bread dough due to the fact that the texture when it’s devoid of the fruit or nuts is unattractive. It is not a winner in this family however it’s not so bad that it will not become taken in. Edit: we have raised our ranking due to the fact that by moving the bag contents into a container, we have found that you can shake it prior to taking in and get a better mix of the combined ingredients. The absence of overwhelming sweet taste likewise is a certain favorable. It’s been growing on us and we personally now rather like the granola a lot with milk, either cow or almond. It’s chewy and does not get soaked in the bowl.

Bear naked still doing what they do best after all these years. High quality products with the very best ingredients and remarkable taste. And obviously has amazing prices on the 6 pack on a lightening offer for $15 however even at $25 its still about $4 a bag which is great value.– ideas on unfavorable reviews: check out a few of the unfavorable reviews quibbling on trans fats and dryness of the granola? quite lame: the ingredients in here are great and granola is expected to be crunchy/dry. We would not anticipate to buy and have a sloppy/sticky mess ball. One of the most delicious granolas you can buy without really making a batch yourself in the house (we are not exactly sure we might make this in the house). 8 ingredients and no hfcs. Is granola healthy? we think it depends upon your meaning of healthy however if you’re eating granola then you can’t fail with the 8 ingredients in this one versus 15-30 in the greatly processed brand ones. We are pleased to see wild rice syrup and vaporized walking cane juice rather of the nasty sugar sludge high fructose corn syrup that appears to be in whatever.

A great flavor mix of oats, chocolate, cashew butter, pumpkin seeds and sea salt. Its the naked bear brand so the quality and flavor are excellent. If we might include one modification it would be be have a higher nut material however that’s simply our own choice. Its a good product that we prepare to take pleasure in both by itself and in our early morning yogurts.

The cacao and cashew butter is great. We only require a tablespoon or 2 on top of plain greek yogurt for a delicious snack. Has simply the correct amount of crunch, sweet taste, and chocolate. We attempted the triple berry one due to the fact that we likewise like berries, and that flavor is a waste of area. Bland, airy, barely any berries. Only conserves us 3g of sugar, however more carbs in general. We will stay with the c & cb and hope they never ever stop making it.

We bought this on an impulse to attempt contributing to our early morning yogurt. We are so happy we did. It turns uninteresting yogurt into something we eagerly anticipate eating and it takes good. When we first bought we believed this would be 100% granola however there are some sunflower seeds, flax seed and dried cranberries mixed in too that offers it a little varietyour 1 and only problem is the aggravating seal on the bag. They made the “ziplock” thing so small that it takes longer to reseal the bag then it does to eat our yogurt. Still would extremely advise.

1/4 cup has 6 grams of protein, & 6 grams of sugar. (15 total carbs) we like to attempt to keep the protein level at least as high as the sugar in foods like this. High quality ingredients. “less” processed thansome This is our preferred granola for contributing to our greek yogurt and, sometimes, other cereals. It’s fresh tasting, somewhat sweet (see ingredients), with cinnamon. Likewise okay on ice cream, which we had the ability to get a member of the family (who has dementia) to eat. (often you do what you can do to consist of something besides all sugar. )fywe – this granola, layered or stirred in with plain or flavored greek yogurt, berries or banana pieces, nuts of your option (chopped almonds, walnut pieces), extra sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds = a great yogurt parfait.

The granola is good. The ingredients and nutritional specifications are good. The “pecan pralines” are essentially missing out on. Opening a bag of this granola for the very first time we instantly dug around for among the special treats. You understand, humanity. We found a number of delicious nuggets of pecan praline goodness. Oh, heavenly good. Total count of pecan pralines or clusters and so on Small bites at best. Perhaps 3. We will still buy the granola. We like the granola. Perhaps our first bag was a loser in the pecan praline dept. We’ll see.:-RRB-.

Bear naked constantly a great deal. Our preferred flavor is peanut butter. We might polish the whole bag in one sitting. We weren t that crazy about the chocolate or cashew flavors. We are not a huge chocolate fan, we understand gasp right? we are susceptible to kidney stones and chocolate is high in oxalates, so it s a prohibited fruit if you wish to prevent an agonizing adventure with stones. You can t beat the rate for granola, it s not craft granola, however it s a tasty hearty snack or breakfast for a small rate point.

Update: we believe we a bad batch, due to the fact that we attempted once again and it was fine. The rate can not be beat. Even at target, it is more pricey (whole foods resembles $6 per bag – so this would be $36 from there). Only walmart offers it inexpensive – however not even this inexpensive. Old evaluation: something was incorrect with the product when we got it on here. It was extremely dry and hard. The granola in the shop is chewy and much more fresh tasting. The one in the shop type of has a sticky texture and the oats stick too. This is all dried out and like a bag of dried out prepared oats. It can’t be old due to the fact that this is the brand new bear naked product packaging that came out just recently. Perhaps it’s hasn’t been kept correctly or this is another batch that isn’t offered to shops? we can’t figure itout The rate is much less than whole foods.

This is among our preferred brands of granola and preferred flavor. We can never ever find it at our regional target so figured we would buy on here. May simply stay with purchasing it in the shop if we can find it. One of the bags although sealed and not out of date appeared dried out and not as fresh. Other than that these are good and we eat them as cereal with a little almond milk.

Our teen who doesn t do breakfast likes yogurt and granola and to ensure she will eat an early morning snack we make to keep granola on hand. We attempted this brand due to the fact that she likes peanut butter and this flavor seemed like a winner and it was a crowning achievement. The rate is good simply wised it was available in a bigger size as can quickly go through 2 bundles a week. The mama in us values the non- gmo journal free and it s teenager approved.

Bear naked is our preferred brand of granola that is not like anything else. We have attempted practically every flavor the brand needs to use. This is among extremely few that we wear t like as much. The addition of the pumpkin seeds destroy the flavor profile and the texture. It doesn t fit well with the remainder of the ingredients. We would substitute it with something smoother like almond, hazelnut or brazilian nut.

Attempted this and we were instantly hooked. Simply the best balance of chocolate to the granola mix. The cashews are extremely sporadic, however that is not a concern for us. Includes flavor and a texture boost to our yogurt in the early morning. Grab a handful for a quick snack. Likewise a great evening snack in a bowl with almond milk. Only desire they was available in multwe packs or bigger sizes.

Our child presented us to this product and we’re purchasing it too. Tastes natural, has a crispy/nutty texture. We eat it for breakfast however likewise as an include- in when baking bread or cookies. Product packaging keeps it fresh for a number of weeks till opened. Then it’s entered a flash. We have not attempted any of the other flavors due to the fact that this one is such a success in our family.

Purchased a 6- pack of 12- oz bags and was anticipating it to get here on a friday evening, however it showed up on thursday afternoon. Opened the first bag instantly. Great berry flavor. Great freshness. Great snack and for our parfaits. Can’ t wait to attempt the other bear naked granola flavors. Would extremely advise.

We are little bit of a health nut and we stopped eating granola after checking out a lot about high oil material making it eventually unhealthy (i. E. Sunflower oil, palm oil, canola oil and so on) being pleased with this granola’s nutrition material, we chose to try. The flavor isn’t rather what we were hoping for, however we simulate this granola for its great crunch and low sugar material. Likewise an extremely good rate. We believe we will attempt another flavor and order once again for our early morning shake bowl.

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