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Blue Diamond Almond Cracker Crisps

Blue Diamond Almond Cracker Crisps

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blue Diamond Almond Cracker Crisps.

  • Consists Of 1 – 4.25 ounce box
  • Crunchy cracker crafted with wild rice and almonds
  • Wheat and gluten free, 0 trans fat
  • Certified Kosher
  • Perfect with your preferred dips, cheeses or spreads

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More Info:

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Individuals have thought in flax seeds healthy benefits for more than 5,000 years. Today we comprehend the science behind the legendary claims and we likewise understand how good they taste in our Flax Seed Artisan NutThins We mix them with wild rice and almonds and bake them into a pleasantly crunchy cracker. Enjoy them with dips, spreads, cheeses, or directly from package for 400 mg of ALA omega-3 per serving.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blue Diamond Almond Cracker Crisps.

Question Question 1

Does Anybody Know How Lots Of Carbs In These Crackers?

Per the nutrition realities on the side of package, there are total of 22 g of carbohydrates per serving, and a serving is kept in mind as 13 crackers.

Question Question 2

What Size Are The Crackers?

the crackers are the size of a silver dollar, the old ones, nit the new dollar coins.very thin.crispy

Question Question 3

Do These Contain Oil?

Yes Safflower oil is noted in the ingredients. Likewise: Flax seeds are rich source of omega-3 fats, fiber and numerous health-giving nutrients. Flax seeds include oil. These crackers are truly delicious.

Our Insights:

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We enjoy all the artisan gluten-free crackers, and these [certified gf] are no exception. The inside product packaging is sealed in a foil-like bag, so they keep well on kitchen racks for months – they are still crisp and taste fresh when we open them. Undoubtedly, they are bit more expensive than most “regular” crackers (i. E., wheat, rye, and so on ), however we believe they really taste *better * – more than simply edible plates for whatever garnishes you include. Although we generally stockpile when they are on sale at regional supermarket, having these offered from prime kitchen made acquiring them for shipment extremely convenient. Had blue diamond pantry-offered other flavors at the time we were going shopping, we would have bought those along with the 2 bundles of flax seed nut thins we contributed to our shopping cart. For those people who do not eat gluten, we can’t advise them extremely enough. They do, nevertheless, include milk and almonds, however if those elements are part of your diet, offer these healthy snack crackers a shot. We do not have kids, however they are most likely more appropriate for more advanced tastes buds, and they’re great with red wine & cheese. (kids utilized to crackers, and so on May likewise balk at the look of the dark seeds. )xx, mgh( madelyn griffith-haynie – addandsomuchmore dot com)- include coach training field creator; include training co-founder -“it takes a village to educate a world. “

We do not eat gluten free however our sibling and her kids do. We will need to buy some of these for them to attempt. They are some of the very best crackers we have ever had. They are quite salty, however that works out with the flax seed. Our sibling and all 3 of her women believed these were the very best gluten free crackers ever. Our mother observed they have no sugar, and our step-dad is a diabetic. So, we provided himsome He believed them were some “darn good crackers. ” the flax seed box is not offered here in your area, so we can only get them on. Last time we got 15 boxes. They are all gone, so we require to get up another grocery order quickly.

As a nauseated, heartburn-plagued pregnant lady, we simply wish to specify our undying love and gratitude for these god-sent crackers. They are the only thing that eases the queasiness. Absolutely nothing else even comes close to the sweet, sweet relief these supply. We keep a box all over: the workplace, the cars and truck, the bed room, the kitchen, and so on. We even keep a bagful in our bag. The queasiness constructs, we pop 2 or 3 of these amazing crunchy thrills, and we are able to operate as a normal human being as soon asmore Thank you.

These gluten-free crackers made of almond flour, potato flour, wild rice, and flax seed and very little else were delicious. The flax seed provided the crackers that extra flavor. The cracker tastes sort of nutty, that makes sense given that it s made from almonds. This is the most tasty gluten-free cracker we have ever tasted. Extremely recommended.

We enjoy love love these crackers. They are yummy, light, crunchy, yumour. They go completely with cheese since they aren’t too overwhelming– however likewise extremely good to simply chew on without a topping.

Omg. These are definitely delicious crackers. Terrific with soup, chili, dips. We will buy them once again after we lose a few vacation pounds:-RRB-. They might be extremely addicting.

These are our preferred crackers at the minute. All flavors (minus the pecan).:-RRB- the cream ranch and the cheddar are especially yumour. We are delighted with the nutritional information and the serving size, too.

Definitely love these.

We believe we put over in the gluten-free area, they were exceptionally crunchy light and great flavor. Truly pleased. We attempted them through our food account we have never ever purchased them at the shop, good cost reduced us in.

We were really amazed at how good theseare We have really bought them two times now since we enjoyed them a lot.

The only grievance we have is the expense. It’s high for the quantity in the box. They’re delicious and crunchy.

We like all the blue diamond products we get from, now that they have increased on prices and no longer use free shipment it deserves it to get in shop.

These are such good crackers. They matched well with a variety of cheeses and so on. We enjoy water crackers and sesame crackers however the blue diamond crackers are our new favorites. We wish to attempt all the ranges.

We found that we are gluten delicate. These fill the requirement for crackers without the gluten. In reality, they taste better than regular or perhaps expensive crackers. We have re-purchased through and at the grocery numerous times.

These shown up and were eaten rapidly in our home. They are new and oh so good. Worth the expense. Blue diamond are thin crunchy crackers are now our favorite.

Best flavor ever, got to get some more too. Great and crisp and flax seed taste great in this cracker, healthy on top of it.

These are our preferred crackers. They are super crunchy, nutty and have a good flavor.

We enjoy the crackers, however we do not seem like you get enough for the $$.

The best crackers. We wished to order more however there were out of stock.

Delicious, simply want the bag was bigger for the cost. Love the texture.

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