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Blue Diamond Almonds, Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blue Diamond Almonds, Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce.

  • Consists Of 1 – 16 ounce bag of Blue Diamond Bold Wasabi Almonds
  • Great wasabi kick with a salty, sweet surface.
  • Perfect for snacking, they’re likewise ideal for your preferred recipes.
  • 3g fiber, 0g trans fat
  • Cholesterol free

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Blue Diamond Almonds, Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce.
When we first heard the concept, we were a little doubtful, too. Then we attempted one. Great wasabi kick with a salty, sweet surface. However we still weren’t sure, so we attempted another one. And after that another. Pretty quickly the can was gone, so we needed to open a new one. Well, we’re still attempting them. We’re quite sure we like them, however we’re going to keep tasting them to be sure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blue Diamond Almonds, Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce.

Question Question 1

Do You Get More Than 1-1Lb Bag For The Cost Of 17.13? A 1Lb Bag In The Suppermarket Opts For 7.95?

When we purchased it is was only about 8 bucks.This cost appears extremely high.And FYI, we simply found them online at walgreens for sale for 5.99 https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/blue-diamond-bold-almonds-wasabi-%26- soy-sauce/ID= prod4046228- product

Question Question 2

Are These Fumigated W/Ppo? Thx?

we simply called Blue Diamond to see what they needed to state relating to PPO.Spoke at length with an extremely experienced CS woman.According to her, the Lightly Salted almonds are no longer dealt with with PPO.Late in 2015 (2018) BD stopped utilizing it.She specified they have altered the procedure to pasteurizing with steam for we simply called Blue Diamond to see what they needed to state relating to PPO.Spoke at length with an extremely experienced CS woman.According to her, the Lightly Salted almonds are no longer dealt with with PPO.Late in 2015 (2018) BD stopped utilizing it.She specified they have altered the procedure to pasteurizing with steam for this product which is the other appropriate way to treat for germs as needed by CA law.

Question Question 3

Are These Almonds Deep Fried? Are They Prepared In Oil At All?

Thanks for reaching out, these Wasabwe & Soy Sauce Almonds are roasted in grease. Please do not hesitate to call us straight at 1-800-987-2329 with any other follow upquestions * AG

Question Question 4

Is This Processed In A Center That Process Coconut?

We do have one coconut almond that is processed in the very same plant; nevertheless, the lines are entirely cleaned up after each run. * SM

Question Question 5

How Numerous Carbohydrates Remain In A Serving Size Of The Blue Diamond Bold Wasabi/Soy Sauce Almonds Please?

Thanks for reachingout There are 6g of carbohydrates in the Wasabwe and Soy SauceAlmonds Thanks * MS

Question Question 6

What Is The Sodium Material?

Hi there thanks for reachingout The Sodium material is 115 mgper serving (1oz).You can find all the nutritional realities here for your benefit: https://www.bluediamond.com/brand/classic-snack-almonds/bold-flavors/wasabi-and- soy-sauce. * AG

Question Question 7

What Is The Expiration Date?

Thanks for reachingout The expiration date is marked on theproduct it can be found on the rear end of the bag.Thanks * MS

Question Question 8

Food Lion Grocery Stores In Nc Offer These For $8.99 Discussing Making Some High Revenue Product. Why So High?

Various geographical markets have various products and ranges at different costs. Cost depends on supply and need. Online shopping provides lots of choices not constantly readily available in each place.

Question Question 9

Is This Product Kosher?

The Kosher Circle-K accreditation is the world’s leading kosher accreditation company. Products that bear this accreditation fulfill the highest requirements of kosher. * sm https://smartlabel.labelinsight.com/product/4363750/ other/certifications

Question Question 10

Is The $1999 Cost For Simply One Bag Or More Than One?

You can buy this in practically any shop for $6.99 for 16 ounce bag, so they are essentially doubling the cost

Question Question 11

Are The Existing Nutrition Truths Still The Like What’S Listed Above?

Thanks for reaching out, you can validate the nutrition realities here https://smartlabel.labelinsight.com/product/4337866/ nutrition * AG

Question Question 12

Are These Processed In A Gluten Free Center?

we put on t think there is any labeling on the package suggesting that they are.

Question Question 13

What S The Net Carbs Per Serving?

6g net carbs per serving of about 28 nuts.

Question Question 14

How Numerous Cups Can We Get Out Of The Package?

1 cup = 5.04 oz4.96 cups x 5.04 oz = 25 oz bag

Question Question 15

We Have Actually Discovered Dark Areas On A Few Of The Blue Diamond Lightly Sea-SaltedAlmonds Edible Or Doubtful?

we believe it’s most likely alright however call blue diamond customer srv to be sure.

Question Question 16

Are These Wasabwe Almonds Crafted By Real Asians?

Thank you for reachingout The Wasabwe Almonds are made at our Factory in Sacramento California. Please visit our website at www.bluediamond.com to find out more about Blue DiamondAlmonds Thanks * MS

Question Question 17

Are They Dry Roasted?

Yes, they are oil roasted. * FR

Question Question 18

What Is Expiration Date Of 40 Oz Low.Sodium Almond Package?

There so delicious it will not matter

Question Question 19

We Would Love To See Blue Diamond Carry A Club Size Variation Of The Honey Roasted Almonds On. Any Opportunity This May Happen?

Please do not hesitate reach out to us at 1-800-987-2329 or support@bdgrowers.com with any additional remarks, issues, or ideas you want to share. * SM

Question Question 20

Do You Have A Package To Show Ingredients? We Prevent Particular Oils And Maltodextrin (The Dry Roasted Contain Corn Maltodextrin. Aka Sugar).?

we bought Blue Diamond Lightly Salted Almonds in package with 12 bundles of 1.5 oz.The package mentions the following: Ingredients: Almonds, Vegetable Oil (Canola, Safflower, and or Sunflower) and Sea Salt.Peanut Free may include other tree nuts.That is all it mentions.Hope this helps.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Blue Diamond Almonds, Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Never Ever prior to have we been a fan of almonds, however after attempting these we can’t appear to get enough of them. We purchased these as a much healthier alternative to chips for when we are craving something crunchy to snack on. They get the job done delightfully; we need to moderate ourself from having a lot of in one go. Our sibling attempted some and found them to be a bit to spicy and strong for her, however personally we believe they’re great. We would absolutely suggest these to friends. Even worse case circumstance, if they do not desire it we will be more than pleased to take them. (the resealable bag is likewise a huge plus. When you at first tear the package open some of the wasabwe flavored powder obstructs of resealing, however after cleaning the powder off the seal works like a beauty. ).

These are the most delicious almonds we have ever attempted – we are huge smokehouse almond fan, however these have the smokehouse flavor beat by a mile. The only thing we do not enjoy about them is that it’s hard to stop.:) the heat from the wasabwe is extremely moderate – we would not mind if blue diamond amped it up a bit, however they’re great simply the way they are.

As a diabetic, these are terrific “crunchy” snack for us. Really filling and the net carbs per serving are so low we can have them a number of times a day if we select. That stated, we are very dissatisfied to find they are now an “add on” product (since we dislike being imprisoned to purchased more things than we desire simply to get the something we require at a good expense – simply will not do it). Back to the regional walmart.

Do Not buy these, they are addictive. Lol man, we enjoy these things. And the wasabwe finish on them makes us decrease and eat them slower, which is likewise good. Almonds are so great for your health. The cost on this product tends to increase and down, so we have it in our lists, waiting for a cost drop once again. Great product, tastes good and likewise good for your health.

Pretty genuine tasting. Not dead on, however fairly close. It’s not needlessly hot, either. One thing that we enjoy about this business- the almonds are extremely fresh. It’s uncertain whether any fats have been contributed to maintain freshness/prevent them from ending up being rancid, as is popular with some nuts. Particularly macadamias. We are uncertain if this is done with almonds. As with all almonds, high fat material. These are mainly “healthy fats” (polyunsaturated and mainly monounsaturated). That does not make this a diet food, so ya understand. Keep the bag closed firmly when you’re not eating them. The taste and texture stay good that way.

We enjoy these almonds. We have attempted numerous of their flavors, and these are absolutely our favorite of all the ones we have attempted. They have great kick to them, without being excessively spicy (unless you put a lot of in your mouth at the same time, and then you get that super extreme flavor that kicks you in the face). They got here rapidly, and were not out of date, or near expiration when we got them (which can be a problem for food on ). This is likewise the very best cost we have found, so we will be purchasing them once again.

The almonds were fresh, not a stagnant one in the bag – so that’s a great indication. The flavor is great, 2nd in the savory classification simply to their salt and vinegar choice. Truly, the only gripe, which isn’t a huge one, is the extreme quantity of ‘flavor powder’ in the bag compared to nuts. The entirely unnecessary quantity of wasabwe dust is simply a little bewildering.

These are quite darn yummy. We are not normally a fan of all the uncommon flavors of nuts given that nuts are already quite yummy in our viewpoint. We normally simply go salty or sweet, however attempted these out and they’re our new favorites. Like, we get a handful out and close the bag so we are not lured to gobble them all up for supper. Provide a rough slice and include toss them on top of a salad. You will not be sorry.

Delicious Loaded with salty goodness. The almonds are fresh and crunchy. The smokey flavor is finger licking good.

Great tasting almonds. Do you keep in mind when you first tasted these? we believe it may have been on an airplane or maybe at an elegant bar. We had forgotten how great these taste. Product packaging was great with a resealable package. We enjoy these and will reorder.

We enjoy wasabwe on various things and this is absolutely no exception. These almonds are finger licking good in between each nut we consumed and after the last one. The something we do not like about them is they appear to vanish too rapidly from the bag after we open them. Sorry, there is another thing we do not like about this product and that is we appear to find a difficult time discovering them in shops. We needed to buy 4 bags from prime which was fast and easy to do, however we do not comprehend why the wasabwe and soy sauce almonds from blue diamond is not equipped in more shops in your area.

Without question, these wasabwe soy sauce almond are the very best we have had. The almonds are fresh and so crunchy. They have got the correct amount of wasabwe flavor (however not the heat/spiciness), and the soy sauce seasoning is well balanced– both salty and savory. The 16- oz bag lasts about a week in between 2 grownups– perfect non-carb alternative to popcorn.

If we had no conscience or self-discipline, we would eat the whole 1 pound bag of blue diamond smokehouse almonds in a single day. Rather, we need to count out a part size, position them in a gorgeous little dish and enjoy them one by one to savor the delicately smoked flavor finish the completely roasted almonds. We have no concept why, however they are even more delicious in the resealable bag than when we eat them from a can like those that we have taken in for years. The listing states that these are gluten-free, nevertheless, we see absolutely nothing on the bag, so if it is very important to you for health factors, it may be helpful to get in touch with blue diamond for confirmation. The 16- ounce bag is not as readily available as the 14 or 25- ounce bag, so when we redeemed, we will be looking for the very best value per ounce. We consistently make spiced glazed nuts and pretzel mix utilizing a recipe by david lebovitz along with lots of other candied or spiced nuts, however we need to confess that there is something about the blue diamond smokehouse almonds that makes them a perfect accompaniment for a great rejuvenating cocktail.

If you enjoy sus you will enjoy these almonds. They are layered in a spice that tastes precisely like the soy sauce and wasabwe that you place on sushwe– without the fish or rice. Great, heart-healthy option for when you are craving sushwe however do not desire or do not have access to appropriate sus.

We purchased the 16 oz smokehouse almonds– our individual favorite, the shipping and product packaging were fine and the almonds are yummy and fresh. We eat a few everyday, since of the salt we can’t binge on them the way we wish to however they are delicious.

It got here fast and alright. The boxes we have been getting from recently, have been a bit run down, however in general, this product was well secured. We would have provided this a 5 out of 5 ranking, however after a few of the almonds, we get a salty residue on our fingers. Mentioning salt, it’s a tad much for us even with a handful to eat so it may not be for folks who have high blood pressure. Possibly next time we will simply find a saltless variation.

Purchased this believing why go out and buy them when we can have them provided. In this heatwave, we do not believe it was a good concept. They need to’ve been being in a hot truck for too long since their was barely a crunch and the wasabwe powder scantily layered onto the almonds as if they moved off of them?we were a little dissatisfied and might kick ourself for being so lazy when we might’ve gotten them from cvs for the very same cost (they were having a sale) so we chose, let us buy a bag at cvs and omg, all the crunch and flavor existed and thensome Oh yeah, did we discuss, we have prime so it wasn’t like they were taking a trip for a week in a hot truck so we do not understand why we got a not so fresh bag of warm nuts. Oh well. You live and you find out. Would we recommend?only if your lazy and exhausted from work and do not wish to go outdoors in this heatwave/rainstorm. New york city heat can bring out the meany in you.

Simply began on the keto diet, so we are dumping things like chips for almonds and other low carb snacks. It’s hard to explain precisely how these taste other than to state they are remarkably good. Not a strong smoke flavor, however likewise not sweet like a bbq potato chip.

You’ll observe the wasabwe instantly. We do not imply that in a bad way. It is not subduing. It tastes a little spicy, however not like the wasabwe you have with sus we do not taste the soy sauce flavor in these however. The almonds themselves are great and crunchy. The bag is likewise resealable, which is a plus. Bottom line – if you’re an almond fan and are looking for some variety, these are good alternative. Will absolutely be purchasing once again.

In our viewpoint, these are the very best dry-roasted almonds one canbuy We attempted the “wonderful roasted almonds” brand as a contrast product, and they tasted almost burned. These are roasted and salted completely. Maybe it is simply what one is accustomed to eating, however we believe these are the very best roasted almonds on the marketplace today. The cost is rather similar to that one would find at so-called “big-box stores,” and when one utilizes free shipping and not needing to leave your house to make the purchase, these products are deal.

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