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Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins Cracker Crisps

Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins Cracker Crisps, Hint of Sea Salt

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins Cracker Crisps, Hint of Sea Salt.

  • Consists Of 1 – 4.25 ounce box
  • Crunchy cracker made with almonds
  • 3 grams of protein per serving
  • No cholesterol and no hydrogenated fat
  • Gluten- free, Certified Kosher

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins Cracker Crisps, Hint of Sea Salt.
Nut Thins are a crunchy cracker made with nutritious almonds and baked to excellence. With simply sufficient sea salt to bring out the flavor, we believe you’ll concur our Hint of Sea Salt Almond Nut Thins are a yummy guilt-free treat. The perfect afternoon snack, they likewise make an ideal structure for appetiser garnishes and a crunchy chip for your preferred dip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins Cracker Crisps, Hint of Sea Salt.

Question Question 1

How Numerous 4.25 Oz Boxes In A Container?

we have not purchased a container yet, have only bought numerous boxes.Good question

Question Question 2

Are These Paleo?

it does not state however they are made out of almonds so we utilize them with our paleo

Question Question 3

How Numerous Carbs?

24 grams–Fiber 1 gram, sugars 0 grams

Question Question 4

Are These Keto Friendly?

No. Not. A lot of carbs. we didn’t understand that and we bought them. 3 boxes worth of crackers were all broken. They are delicious however.

Question Question 5

How Numerous Carbs?

24 carbs per serving

Question Question 6

How Numerous Fibers In Nut Thins?

The Blue Diamond Hint of Seat Salt Nut Thins have 1g of dietaryFiber 25 g per 2,000 calories and 30 g per 2,5000calories * SM

Question Question 7

What Date Is Offer By Date?

we are sure that will depend upon when you purchase them

Question Question 8

How Numerous Calories Iare There Hin Nut Thins Products?

Thanks for reachingout There is 130 calories in 19 crackers in the Hint of SeaSalt Please visit our website at www.bluediamond.com to find out more about the Nut Thin crackers. Thanks * MS

Question Question 9

Are Tehy Grain And Wheat Free?How Numerous Net Carbs?

Thanks for reaching out today. Yes the Hint of Sea Salt Nut Thins crackers are wheat and gluten free. Total carbohydrate is 24 g 8%. Thanks * MS

Question Question 10

How Numerous Carbs Per Serving?

there are 24 g of carbs per serving (about 19 crackers). * AG

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Blue Diamond Almonds Nut Thins Cracker Crisps, Hint of Sea Salt, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Gotten with other panty products. We delight in shopping with for things like this. We are senior and somebody else does our grocery shopping. We do not constantly understand what kind of snacks we may like and do not have a possibility to search the aisles in a shop. With, we can check out snacks, pick the ones that sound good to us at the time and order them. These were truly good. Crisp and fresh with a nutty flavor. There aren’t lots of in package, so it’s not like a bag of chips, however we believe these are much healthier alternative to chips. We enjoyed them plain, and we likewise put pimento cheese on them for a heartier snack.

Super thin and crunchy, these a great with dips like greek yoghurt. Their moderate taste makes them great for cheese, dips and amusing. This is one of the few carb type snacks we keep in your house, once opened, you require to utilize them (state, within a week approximately), prior to they loose the crunch.

Who understood blue diamond could make such great-tasting crackers? we purchased these as part of our emergency situation covid-19 supply, however of course consumed them all up within a day. The sweetheart is a 100% gluten-free feeder now, so these crackers are perfect for him. (often we need to conceal a box so we can get our reasonable share —– shh-h-h-h, do not snitch on me. )caution: if you attempt these, you may tend to stuff yourself. Try to maintain some self-discipline.

We enjoythese It s a great cracker to eat and not feel gross later (all the empty carbs generally) we like the lightly salted in specific due to the fact that the one fault these have is they are super salty, specifically the flavored ones, we truly wear t like those ones. On a side note we can generally get these at winco for a great rate ans they have most of the ranges.

These are remarkable. There’s simply the correct amount of salt on the crackers so it’s not subduing. The taste of the almonds truly comes through too and each bite is as good as the first. Essentially it’s a good buy and an outstanding gluten free alternative.

A lower calorie, low sodium, gluten free snack with light sea salt that can be eaten alone, with small piece of cheese, nut butter, hummus. Select your own healthy topping. Likewise has potato starch (to help hold it together), safflower oil and milk derivatives. No wheat.

These are extremely crispy there a bit boring for somebody usage to tasty salty foods. In some way when you eat them it does not matter that there boring. There an outstanding replacement for cracker crackers and that is what we were lookingfor Likewise, they consist of no wheat which we are adverse. We provided one to our kid whom is vegan and he liked it too. You get a good quantity in package. We will buy more.

We saw this in a list of things yet to evaluate. We believed, “what’s that? we never bought that?” however think what? we did. It’s simply that we entirely forgot due to the fact that they were only around for an evening. It returned to us quite quick, “those were real good, forgot all about them, gotta ad them back to our list. ” only issue is that they do not last long x-d.

These are addicting. Great alternative to potato chips. Simply do not eat the whole bag simultaneously like we did. We are sorry for absolutely nothing.

Love these crackers. A bit more salt than required tho, imho. Light, super crispy, no bloating due to no gluten, almond is our preferred taste. Only issue is we can eat a lot of in one sitting. Ma bad.

3 generations enjoy these crax. You believe you will simply eat one, then there you go, back formore We constantly have bowls complete at family get together. Some include chunk of cheese or dip with them. Good flavor, not excessive salt, thin and about as healthy as snack crackers can get.

We have had celiac for 15 years and this is one of the very best gluten free snacks on the planet. Does not taste like low salt and sets well with sweet and savory dipping sauces or simply by itself. Sells these less expensive than our supermarket in New York City so we will keep bought.

We found these on and was a bit doubtful about whether we would like them. We enjoy them. We enjoy how crunchy theyare They are so good with numerous various things. Like cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, and turkey with avocado. They have ended up being a snack staple in our home.

Found out we are gluten delicate. These are delicious alternative to crackers or other crackers. Now that we have found them, we would utilize these rather of regular crackers, even if we weren’t conscious gluten. Excellent.

These are our new preferred crackers. We believe we are on our tenth approximately box and will for sure be back formore They are super crunchy-more than wheat thins or ritz. They go great with cheese, dips or perhaps simply alone. We enjoy love enjoy them. Not too salty and have a great flavor.

Blue diamond nut-thins. Hint of salt – yum. We have purchased this 6 pack 5 times as they are in the $3 + variety at the regional super market. We conserve a dollar on each box. We feel it is a good value for the present rate. And they taste great.

We can not eat sufficient of these crackers. They are incredibly gluten free and extremely delicious and not salty. These crackers are delicious with whatever and a great little snack simply plain. Order them by the basket load.

Nutty and super crunchy. We eat this flavor and the cheese flavor with salsa. Or ill have these in location of nachos with a taco salad. Love it.

We bought these b/c we required to fill a particular quantity of area in a prime kitchen delivery. We had tasted them prior to and they didn’t make much of an impression. Possibly they have fine-tuned their recipe b/c this time we * liked * them. Simply enough flavor to perk things up, however not a lot that you can’t taste, for example, delicious cheese that you place on top.

Tasted great wasn’t sure what to anticipate. Idea it ‘d be lower on carbs however guess we should of inspected thatout Will buy once again.

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