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Blue Diamond Almonds, Raw Whole Natural

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blue Diamond Almonds, Raw Whole Natural.

  • Includes 1 – 40 ounce bags of Blue Diamond Whole Natural Raw Almonds
  • Whole Natural Blue Diamond almonds are the very best way to value the flavor of the almond
  • Perfect for snacking, they’re likewise ideal for your preferred recipes
  • 3g fiber, 0g trans fat
  • Cholesterol free

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Whole Natural Blue Diamond almonds are the very best way to value the flavor of the almond. It’s likewise an excellent way to get a handful of almonds’ benefits every day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blue Diamond Almonds, Raw Whole Natural.

Question Question 1

We Presume These Raw Almonds Are Pasturezed. Can They Be Grown?

Thanks for reachingout Our Whole Natural Almonds are pasteurized utilizing a wet air, thermal regulated procedure.You need to utilize non-pasteurized almonds in order for them to grow. * AG

Question Question 2

Does The Response Below Mean That These Almonds Are Steam Pasteurized?

Googled it and found they fumigate them with PPO. From Blue Diamond, since 02/09/18, “Due to the countless pounds of almonds we should pasteurize monthly, Blue Diamond uses a PPO treatment.

Question Question 3

Are These Almonds Raised In A Dolphin Free Enviornment?

All however 2 of our Almond Breeze products are thought about vegan and do not consist of any animal products, by-products or derivatives. The exceptions are Almond Breeze Hint of Honey and Almond Breeze Hint of Honey Vanilla that are ruled out vegan since of the honey that is utilized in the making of these products.

Question Question 4

Are These Clean Almonds? Or Exist Pesticide Thanks?

Spick-and-span & taste fresh. Up until now so go.

Question Question 5

Is This Product Of Usa Somewhere China?

From California. Packed By Blue Diamond Growers, Sacramento CA 95812 USA

Question Question 6

Are These Almonds Shelled?Are They Salted?

Raw almonds, no shell no salt not roasted. we eat a great deal of these.

Question Question 7

We Purchased This. It States In Was Delivered However Was Not, What Option Can We Take?


Question Question 8

Are They Gluten Free?

These are whole, natural almonds, packed by Blue Diamond Growers and their nut packaging plant.Package states absolutely nothing about gluten however why would it?It does state something about peanuts, since it is a nut packaging plant, owned by a nut growing business.

Question Question 9

Are These Really Raw Almonds?

Definitely raw almonds

Question Question 10

Is The Cost Actually $1298 For The 40 Oz Pack?

Yes the rate for (1) 40 oz pack is $1298

Question Question 11

How Do We Cancel Vehicle Provide?

1. Go to Manage Your Memberships.2. From either the Deliveries or Membership tab, you can Click the membership for the product you want to customize.3. Click “Cancel membership”, then click ” Validate cancellation”.

Question Question 12

Nuts Are Gluten Free, However Are These Processed In A Center That Does Not Process Wheat, Oats, Barley Or Foods Which Contain Them?

It states on the bag peanut free & may consist of other tree nuts.

Question Question 13

Are They Gluten Free?

Yes Most nuts are gluten free.

Question Question 14

Steampasteurized Almonds Or Ppo Pasteurized Almonds?

Thanks for reachingout Our Whole Natural Almonds are pasteurized utilizing a wet air, thermal regulated procedure. You need to utilize non-pasteurized almonds in order for them to grow. * AGBy Blue Diamond Customer Advocacy

Question Question 15

Are These Steam Pasteurized?

Hi Cindy, All of our present production for retail Whole Natural is dealt with utilizing a wet air, thermal regulated procedure. * AG

Question Question 16

Are These Non- Gmo?The Blue Diamond Almond Flour Markets As Non- Gmo And It Is Made In Sacramento, As Well.?

Don t understand if non-GMO Good for your heart snack. Compose Blue Diamond @ PO Box 1768 Sacramento, CA 95812 or call (800) 987-2329 for answers from horses mouth. Hope that helps.

Question Question 17

Are These Non- Gmo?

we are sorry we push incorrect button too early.we inspected the package.It stated peanut free. May consist of other tree nuts.

Question Question 18

For Whole Raw Almond, When Is The Ended Date? Since We Wished to Take It Back To China In May, We Hope The Date Is Extremely New?

we bought roasted almonds, and they have a 18 month service life.Raw may not be as long.we can not comment.

Question Question 19

Ae All Of These Almonds Physically Grown And Warvested In The Usa?

80% are grown in California specifically. Have not investigated the other 20%, however as hard as Blue Diamond is attempting to export additional globally, we question that Blue Diamond almonds are being sourced outside the U.S.

Question Question 20

Are These Packaged In A Wheat Free Center So Are Thought About Gluten Free?

This is 2nd package we bought considering that this year March.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Blue Diamond Almonds, Raw Whole Natural, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We can state that 6 months ago we were not a fan of nut or almonds. At 287 pounds and 6′ high we chose to attempt intermitten fasting. 16 hrs fasting with water and 8 hrs eating. To break our fast we started eating almonds. We like these almonds and 3 months later on we are dowm to 227 and taking pleasure in life once again. We eat these almonds all the time throughout our 8 hr eating window. Good luck and take pleasure in life.

Our first order simply showed up. We instantly opened the package and tasted the almonds. They taste the like the almonds we got from costco or sam’s. We do not find them especially yummy, however they are not stagnant, either. They taste like good almonds. Like one customer stated, however, the word “raw” is no place to be found on the package. It might have been simply an oversight. Blue diamond, if you see this, please include “raw” to the package if these almonds are undoubtedly raw; otherwise please remove the word from the title of this product on the product page.

We generally eat almonds after soaking; these almonds are coming correct size and taste after taking in water overnight. The almond shells can quickly stacked after soaked so it s easy to eat. We likewise put in various deserts which brought perfect taste. These are high quality almonds which can be eaten at at any time. It has 0 transfat and likewise helps to hone brain. We are delighted with product.

These are good and fresh almonds and for the rate, they are real winner. Previously costco kirkland almonds were our top option however these are similarly good (if not better) in value for cash and most notably “quality”.

Simply bought our 2nd 40 oz bag. We have been eating a great deal of whole natural almonds recently, as a healthy snack. These are good raw, or put in the oven for about 10-15 minutes to make them great and crunchy and include a great roasted flavor. Only factor for the 4 star evaluation is the small disparities in the almonds per bag. We would state ~80%-85% of the almonds are great, however the rest you will get some various sizes, some appear a little more fresh/crunchy than others, and small taste distinctions. The various size appears when they are roasted. 10 minutes in the oven on a cookie sheet will get the majority of them a great dark brown color, a small portion will be under prepared, and a percentage darker than the others. We do not ever anticipate a natural product to be 100% perfect, however have bought almonds in other places that were 3x the rate, and much more constant in taste/quality/size. That being stated, we will absolutely continue to buy these after we found them for this exceptional value. You pay $13 00 for 2lbs 8oz of these, and the other greater dollar almonds vary anywhere from $7-$10/ pound. In general, exceptional value and we will continue to buy.

Simply what we required. We take pleasure in raw almond butter. These almonds works completely. One would believe that all raw almonds are developed similarly. Nevertheless, that is not the case. These will be bought once again for our next batches of almond butter.

We are simply going to go out on a limb and state, these are the only almonds we buy any longer. They have constantly been fresh and delicious, unlike some brands that have tasted more like dried bark. Haha. We are the kinda man who forgets to eat breakfast, and in some cases lunch when we get too hectic, so we keep a back of these blue diamond almonds at our desk. We fidgeted about purchasing a food online, as we were not exactly sure the length of time something may have been shelved prior to being delivered to me, however we are delighted we boughtthese Purchasing on amazing is waaaaay more convenient and more affordable than getting a costo subscription, simply to buy the very same quality product. Haha. Anyhow, if you are reading almond reviews today, we hope this was handy.??.

We like almonds. To conserve cash on our preferred snack, we would attempted purchasing almonds wholesale out of shop bins, however the taste didn’t come close to what we were utilized to. We had nearly quit on almonds after our last bulk bin binge, however we chose to include a bag of blue diamond almonds to an order. We were happy with the taste, and the rate is nearly as low as what we paid for an inferior product. We have made numerous purchases of these almonds, and as long as the quality stays this high and the rate inexpensive, we will continue purchasing them.

These almonds taste really fresh and crisp. We put on t generally buy these, however we chose to considering that there was a bargain on them. We have found that they make a great addition to greek yogurt. In the future we believe we will buy the cooked/baked almonds which are more crunchy than these; these appear to be nearly a little chewy and get stuck in your teeth more than prepared almonds. We still completely enjoy them and we wouldn t remove a star for that since it is simply the nature of the product, they are raw almonds. These make a great healthy snack for anybody and last a long period of time, the bad is huge.

Fresh and clean flavor is the key to a perfect fresh almond. We have been eating numerous versions of blue diamond almonds for years. They are usually trusted with typical value and freshness. We are a nut is a much smaller sized business yet their almonds take a minor lead over blue diamond due to freshness and remarkable plus size of the nuts. We likewise like their 100% fulfillment warranty. These blue diamond nuts are rather decently sized, with nondescript and dull flavor. The we are a nut almonds are the very best we have yet tasted — delicious and fresh.

Our relative and we should and do eat a handful of nuts everyday, besides we are going to the grocery store mush less these days. Blue diamond has great product packaging, resealable. The nuts are damp and fresh. The markets have lots of bags of old remaining nuts. Huge distinction. We roast 2 cups for snacks. We slice for salad and other dishes. We slice for strignbeans. We crush for baking. Blue diamond offers us th quality to do everything.

Love these almondsjust bought our 2nd bag of these almonds. We roast them to bring out the flavor and make them crunchy. Great value, was at the grocery store today and saw that a 10 oz bag of raw almonds was $9.99 These blue diamond almonds are good value at 2 1/2 pounds for less than $13 is a take.

We eat a great deal of these things. We had the stomach sleeve to drop weight and this has been our go to snack for the last 18 months. Most of the nuts have been great however in some cases you get some that are shriveled and difficult to chew. We order these 5 pounds at a time since the regional bad walmart doesn t keep them equipped. We choose the natural over the roasted nuts since they keep a bit more wetness.

We like raw almonds and eat them frequently as a healthy alternative to other snacks. This 40 oz bag is a good value – similar to club shops without requiring a subscription and even making a journey to the shop – something to think about in the covid-19 age. The nuts are fresh and on par with the ones we have bought at specialized grocery store. We will be bought more.

First time purchasing this product such an amazing product, came fresh and non salted awesomely great to make almond milk and we do advise utilizing grade a cheese fabric to stress. Completely exceptional.

The rate is great for the amount, however quality is typical. We have had our share of strange, bitter tasting almonds to crunchy, sweet and nutty ones. Desire the quality assurance was a bit better.

These are the very best almonds we have had the ability to find. We patronize whole foods and even there in some cases the almonds aren’t fresh or taste fermented, too soft, or off. This brand we have never ever had a bad batch of almonds and it is more affordable than purchasing it at whole foods or in other shops. We simply want they offered this at the supermarket too.

When we bought these, we relied on the brand blue diamond, to have fresh, good quality. We understood the weight of the bag however when it arrived we enjoyed to find that it was bigger and more than we believed. Will be great to have a bag that will last some time throughout this time safeguarding in location. A great and healthy snack.

We like almonds, however do not like them roasted or salted, so this was a perfect buy for us. We have not had any gross almonds or bugs or anything, and they have all been yummy. We constantly cool nuts, seeds, flours, and so on After opening to keep them fresher longer, too, so we would advise doing that.

We continue to buy this since it is the very best value and we like it best for our nut milks. We have attempted other brands and we were not amazed with the flavor or the rate. We constantly get at least 2 bags at a time and will likely start getting 4 and keep excess in the freezer. Extremely advise.

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