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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blue Diamond Almonds, Smokehouse.

  • Blue Diamond’s signature Smokehouse Almonds are amoung our top sellers
  • They are a flavor-filled treat packed with the goodness of almonds. Great for on-the-go snacking
  • 6g of protein per serving, 3 g of fiber, 0 trans fat
  • Gluten free, kosher, cholesterol free
  • Consists Of 1 – 40 ounce resealable bag

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Flavor Call: SmokehouseFirst presented in 1958, our signature Smokehouse Almonds are amongst our top sellers. One taste will inform you why they’ll never ever go out of style. They are a flavor-filled treat packed with nutritional goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

What Is The Approximate Expiration Date On These – Is It 1 Month From Now, 6 Months Or More Than 1 Year?

We’ve purchased two times with expiration dates of 8-21 and 7-21

Question Question 2

Is The Bold Habanero Bbq Flavor Offered In The 40 Oz Size?

The biggest Blue Diamond bold habanero bbq package is 30 oz. * SM

Our Insights:

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Seriously addictive. We can’t stop eating them once we start. We have polished off half a 40 oz bag in a single sitting and wished to keep going. We were not happy with ourself at that minute. We are bit worried to check out the quality problems others have had. We too have had a rotten almond or more in every bag. When we purchased a shop brand (walmart) one time to see if the quality was better they had rocks in them and nearly cracked a tooth. So we are back on the blue diamond crackhouse. 13 dollars for 40 oz is an offer.

We buy blue diamond almonds all the time. We like their flavor and crunchiness. Nevertheless, they only stay fresh for a brief time period, since the product packaging is malfunctioning. The product packaging includes an outer and inner layer. After opening the blue diamond zip-lock seal about a lots times, the outer and inner layers different from each other and it’s extremely hard to open the zip-lock. It likewise does not seal all the way throughout. As a result, you need to put the original package inside another zip-lock bag to maintain the freshness. This has taken place many times on many bags, we lastly chose to send an evaluation. It occurs on 25-, 40-, and 45- ounce size bags.

We have been purchased blue diamond almonds for a very long time, as they’re a terrific snack to have around. Low in carbs, good protein, and filling, they’re a great quick snack. Smokehouse is a terrific blend of smokey, roasty, and a touch of sweet taste. We would formerly been purchased a smaller sized bag however recognized a 40 oz choice was used and it’s only a couple dollars more for almost two times the amount. It’s definitely the very best value and one we keep purchased once again and once again. We extremely advise all blue diamond almonds flavors.

Now, these are not salt free and they do have a light smoke flavor however, if you are going to snack, should be something that is much healthier than chips and candy. This large 40 ounce bag, is a deal. Plus, is all in one bag, less waste of product packaging. Remained fresh till end of bag. Has a zipper that lasted till end of the bag. Old practices, along with zip, we still firmly roll bag down and clip with clothing pin. Fresh, yummy snack. Mouth gets the flavor of somewhat sweet smoke, along with the saltiness and, the crunch of the nut. Keeps the tongue and mouth hectic. Hard to fail with blue diamond almonds. Fresh and delicous from minute opened the bag, till that frustrating minute when last of the almonds fall out and, one concerns recognize, our 40 ounce bag is empty.

We truly like the smoke flavor, is not self-important and the crunchiness of the almonds is practically right, we do need to control ourself when eating them since we can go through a bag in a number of days given that they are delicious. This bag is the exact same size that you get at costco, however with prime and the various promotions/coupons, you can wind up getting it for more affordable than the discount store. We truly enjoy this brand and flavor, they are among our favorites.

For some factor these appeared better than when we buy them at the shop. Normally at the shop they do not provide this bigger bag so it comes out to be a bit less expensive. The smokehouse flavor can be a little frustrating after a while so we mix them with peanuts and it conserves a few more $$’s. Blue diamond constantly tastes great.

Got this at the start of the infection. It’s completed now, we constantly got the small packs of this from a huge box shop. This was on sale here on so we attempted it, we hesitated we would not have the ability to complete it. We did complete it. Nuts are fresh, no stagnant taste, crunchy, seasoned well good smokehouse (like bbq we think). We likewise added more unflavored nuts to the bag as completed it to “make more product”.

Dont get us began with salty nuts. Do not take this the incorrect way individuals however boohya salty nuts. The taste in your mouth resembles a surge of flavor. You can feel the heat of smoke and sweet nectar down your craw in you you bellay. Beware you you push to much in there do ro choking danger however if you can manage it then by all ways push as much as you can.

These almonds taste great. The flavoring is strong, has like a nearly hickory taste to them. Not sweet, not extremely spicy, simply in general extremely pleasant. We captured a sale on these and we are grateful we stockpiled, since even 10 pounds of these may not last too long in our home. We are utilized to the aldi’s brand which is respectable, however this is on another level.

We definitely like these almonds. Salty, smokey and simply the correct amount of crunchy. You can’t find the bags this size anywhere else other than costco, and they’re normally more pricey, so this is a good deal. They’re great if you wish to please a craving without consuming insane calories, so we have been utilizing them while on a diet to curb snacking cravings at night.

What exists to state about this product other than exceptional. The flavor is spot on, what we anticipated and what we would believe would be universal when it concerns smoked almonds however not so. If diamond smoked almonds is the gold standard in the us, we are delighted to buy american smoked almonds each time. Best almond buy we have ever made.

These blue diamond smokehouse almonds have a great smokey flavor without being extremely salty. They make a great snack and the package itself is resealable so whatever remains fresh. You can constantly buy smaller sized size plans however these are the very best value. If you like nuts – almonds in specific – you should like these.

We like smokehouse blue diamond almonds. We like basically the majority of the flavors. These appeared a little dry compared to other bags however the flavor isstill on point. The rate is amazing, for the exact same rate the supermarket offers a small bag. Cost is a lotbetter The haberno flavor we purchased was great too.

We have been snacking on blue diamond almonds for rather some time. They can be pricey from our regional supermarket. We have found these are nearly half the rate. We have purchased numerous of these bags and the quality is good, ships rapidly and the rate is hard to beat. We will continue to buy more.

These have a great deal of flavor. Smokey, salty and dry. Work out with adult drinks or sodas. Or if you do not have time for lunch grab a handful so long as you have something to drink useful. The freshness has been good on each purchase we have made.

Fresh and delicious. We purchased to have in your house throughout the corona infection. We are so grateful we did. It’s good to have a salty, however healthy snackfor our hubby and me. The kids are eating whatever elsein sight, so have these concealed.

These taste great. One might get them for less at costco, however for benefit sake, for the win. One big concern with this product that we have is with the bags is the ridiculous ziplock. It constantly breaks on the 2nd or 3rd opening. Please address that.

You can’t eat simply one. If you do not wish to get stuck with an almond fixation, avoid overthese Otherwise – delight in.

Our whole family likes these things so even this 40 oz. Bag, which looked big when we got it, only lasted for about a week. While costco often has this at a somewhat lower price/oz. This rate is extremely sensible. Still like them.

Normally buy these at costco however our regional storage facility has not had them just recently. Happily amazed to find them on at a sensible (albeit greater) rate for the large bag. Love the smoky flavor. Great for an afternoon snack, particularly while attempting to shed some pounds as they are remarkably filling and pleasing.

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