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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Carbquik Baking Mix.

  • 3 pound Box makes 90 biscuits, simply include water.
  • 90% less carbs than bisquick
  • 2g Net Carbs per biscuit
  • No sugar – High in fiber – Low sodium – High in protein
  • 9 various recipes on package

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Carbquik Baking Mix.
Size: 48 Ounce (Pack of 1)Low carb baking Mix

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Carbquik Baking Mix.

Question Question 1

How Lots Of Calories Per Serving?

The box has published the calories as 90 per serving and 60 from fat.

Question Question 2

How To Find The Usage By Date On Carbquik?

The box of Carbquick we purchased remained in a cellophane wrap. The usage by date was on a sticker on the wrap on the bottom of package.

Question Question 3

For Waffles, How Much Sweetener Is Recommended? We Would Like To Utilize Swerve, Not Splenda, Which Is A 1 To 1 SugarReplacement Not As Concentrate As Splenda?

For us we would go a quarter cup per cup of carbquick. That’s our ratio for cinnamon sugar biscuits and it comes out plenty sweet. we utilize xylitol sweetener which is likewise one to one.

Question Question 4

Why There Is No Expiration Or Utilize Befor Date On The Box.? How Can We Understand? Thank You?

we simply got our 2 boxes today, and there is an expiration date on the bottom. It’s not in dark ink, imprinted into box. Hope that makes good sense.

Question Question 5

Can You Usage This Mix To Make Pie Crusts?

Yes you can.we googled a recipe for the pie crust and situated one.It was in fact respectable.

Question Question 6

Where Is Active Ingredient List?

Ingredients are noted at the bottom of among the side panels. The main active ingredient is carbalose flour. To find out more about carbalose, go to www.carbalose.net

Question Question 7

Can You Make Pizza Crust?

You can make pizza crust with Carbquick.Unfortunately, we have not made it yet.

Question Question 8

What Is Carbquick Made Of?

If you go to and search for product you can make it bigger and checked out the ingredients

Question Question 9

What Are The Ingredients?

If you will move the photo of the product to the left, to see other photos, there is an image revealing the precise ingredients

Question Question 10

Some Pancake Recipes Require Baking Powder & Other’S Do not (As There Remains in The Mix). What Are Ideas On Utilizing Utilizing Bp?

You do not require baking powder.it’s already in theCarbquik we have utilized this for pancakes (instructions are on side panel of box) and they turn out great.

Question Question 11

What About Dumplings We Constantly Utilized Bis Quick For These?

we attempted the dumplings and they did not turn out well at all. The issue might have been the cook.But we like Carbquik for lots of other things.

Question Question 12

How Much Did A Box Of 48 Oz Carbquick Expense Prior To February 2020?

we do not understand

Question Question 13

Is This Gluten Free?

It’s made from wheat so it’s not a good option for gluten-free.

Question Question 14

What Is Cornbread Extract?

OOO Flavors on.low carb.lots of flavors. we do low carb and find carbquick a bit greater than we like however works well for pancakes and waffles. The OOO flavorings are enjoyable.

Question Question 15

Why Exists A Prop 65 Caution For Carbquick?

Prop 65 is a caution when there are chemical present that can trigger cancer or abnormality.

Question Question 16

What Are The Ingredients?

INGREDIENTS are noted and envisioned on.Click on the photos.

Question Question 17

Anybody With A Good Pancake Recipe?

There s a pancake recipe right on the side of package of Carbquik.

Question Question 18

We Were Wondering If There Was Any Way To Find Out If This Product Has Aluminum In It Due To It Having Baking Powder As A Component?

Baking powder is near the bottom of the list of ingredients. It doesn t state it s aluminum free however it would be a percentage.

Question Question 19

Please Share The Active Ingredient List?

It s on the product listing.

Question Question 20

How Do We Figure The Expiration Date On Carbquik? There Is No Expiration Date On The Box.?

good question.hard to say.we indicate if it’s a new box fresh off the line we would state 3 months after opening.like bisquick or any baking mix, however without understanding for how long it has rested on a shelf.unopened we would state a year life span and guideline would be 3 months from opening.but that is simply me.we are no specialist:D good question.hard to say.we indicate if it’s a new box fresh off the line we would state 3 months after opening.like bisquick or any baking mix, however without understanding for how long it has rested on a shelf.unopened we would state a year life span and guideline would be 3 months from opening.but that is simply me.we are no specialist:D hope it helps

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Carbquik Baking Mix, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We make chocolate muffins with it. 2-3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/2 cup of carbquick, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup of oil, some water and splenda/stevia, salt, vanilla or other extracts to taste. Bake for 8-10 minutes on350 Yumour.

We enjoy this product. We are on keto (and getting great outcomes) so we delight in exploring and attempting new things with carbquik. Up until now we have made waffles, yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls, and pizza — all of which have came out delicious. If you follow instructions and include a little imagination, you will be a delighted camper.

Partner made pizza crust per package recipe last night. Came out like a bisquick or martha white package pizza dough mix. Apparently more than 75% less carbs than brands simply noted. Because we went on customized keto diet 6 weeks earlier, its the first pizza weve had. Based on that, it was respectable. Some pre bake of the crust is recommended prior to including garnishes. We advise putting cheese on first and then sauce and other garnishes. Will attempt biscuits and some other recipes. Good feature of keto, you can put enought butter or other fat on things to make them tasty.

We can lastly have breading on our fried chicken, make pancakes, thicken soups, make bread and rolls, pizza dough, you call it. This things is great and it is extremely comparable to the regular making blends that are not low carb and it has never ever kicked us out of ketosis. We utilize it practically daily and we feel like we can lastly be devoted to a low carb diet. We have lost over 150 pounds up until now however still have a way to go so we are so thankful we found this. It has not slowed our weight-loss down either. It is great however there are few things you require to understand:1. It turns dark much quicker, so if you are utilizing it as a covering to fry foods with, you need to change the heat to cook a bit longer at a lower temperature. 2. If you are utilizing this to thicken soups or sauces, you will require 2-3 times the quantity of this mix as you would regular flour baking mix. 3. It can be quite dull when utilizing for a beer batter or breading, so it is a good concept to include your seasoning straight to the mix so it is not so dull.

We are on a stringent atkins diet and began to utilize this with worry in our heart lol, however not only does it taste great, our ketones are still in the moderate location. It is not as dark as prior to however still in the moderate location. We have been utilizing it for over a month now. We hope it perseveres lol. We only utilize one serving,1/ 3 cup, to fry. Nomore Love it up until now.

We found carbquick baking mix to be an outstanding way to enable ourself some bread and dessert products without a great deal of carbs. It has permitted us to have biscuits, pancakes, strawberry shortcake and the like. It works and tastes like regular bisquick. Yet it has permitted us to lose from 318 down to 288 in about 3 1/2 months. Great things.

This things is magnificent. We made pancakes and omg. This is better than any keto pancake recipe that we have attempted. We will be attempting various recipes with this things. Simply what is required for those missed out on things that you cant have on a keto diet. Next experiment is breaded and fried chicken.

Ok, we get it, you’re keto. Or paleo. Or on adkins. Life draws without carbs, and this provides simply a little sense of normalcy in a world filled with bread and cake. We stated a bit. The flavor is going to be various than bisquick, no question. And the recipes will have you utilizing more butter than julia kid, however if you follow the recipe carefully, the outcome will be waffles and pancakes and biscuits that taste somewhat better than pulpy paper. The technique is to put other things on or in these recipes. Cheese baked into biscuits helps a lot. Dipping these already-butter-filled pancakes into more butter likewise helps. Likewise, covering anything in honey and fruit and maple syrup helps, however that’s not permitted, so simply eat some more bacon, dip your “panfake” in butter, and delight in the truth that you can buy clothing from “normal” shops once again. We would crawl over a mile of damaged glass for a loaf of bread today. It’s been 5 months, we have had 1 cheat day, we have lost 87 pounds, and we simply desire anything with carbs in it. We dream about eating fruit.Fruit We were 350 pounds, consumed whatever we desired, and now we have dreams about fruit?.?. Where are the dreams about candy bars and fairy floss? where is our willy wonka factory trip dream? why does augustus gloop get to swim in a river of chocolate, and we have dreams about apple pieces ?? we are going to lose our mind if we do not get some sugar quite quickly. Anyhow, yeah, this things will keep you from going outrageous, however it will not fill deep space left by eliminating all those astonishingly delicious, sweet and bready, oh-so-satisfying carbs. Oh, and there resembles 40 pounds of fiber in this 3 pound box, so proceed and include some tp to your cart prior to examining out.

We discussed for a very long time about whether to buy this product. Have lost 80 pounds up until now on keto, however attempt to keep away from “low carb” products with high total carbs that simply include fiber to lower the net carb count, as they tend to bloat me. However alas, we have been frantically craving a biscuit a fluffy, chewy biscuit and we have attempted every gosh darn almond flour, coconut flour, oat fiber, xanthan gum, fathead recipe and none were biscuity. They attempted. So, we eventually chose it was time to treat ourself to a “real” biscuit without (the majority of) the guilt. Our tastebuds have altered significantly because giving up sugar, so you may need to take our evaluation with a grain of salt. However for us, we can’t discriminate in between this and what we keep in mind bisquick to be like. Up until now, we have only utilized the mix to make some quick pan biscuits, however had the ability to sub the mix practically 1:1 for regular flour in our “butter swim biscuits” recipe. We required to reduce the liquid by about 25%. Y’ all. The only con we can consider is that you’re going to get addicted to this things since it’s generally like having bread once again. However if you recognize with low carb, you most likely understand that excessive of these products can stall your weight-loss or offer you gut problems. We are going to attempt and keep ourself from utilizing it for whatever, and continue making our chaffles and cauliflower pizza crust, scheduling the carbquik only for fluffy biscuits and dumplings that we can’t make from anything else. From the (rather large) serving that we consumed, we did not experience any restroom problems. However we are seasoned low carb food lover, so take that how you will.

Carbquick is a low carb essential in our kitchen. We utilize it for all our lc baking requirements. We have had the ability to delight in and even enjoy baked products without kicking ourself out of ketosis. It makes the very best biscuits and pancakes. We do not even miss the regular flour variations. Just recently we even made cinnamon rolls. The whole family enjoyed them, even the non low carbers. We have utilized almond and coconut flours in the past and we could not surpass the rough dry texture. Carbquick supplies an inexpensive alternative to those other flours. The recipes are easy to follow and you do not require a lot of hard to find costly ingredients. The biscuit recipe calls for carbquick and simply water and in minutes you have delicious biscuits. So simple. Will continue to buy.

Carbquik is a great product and makes life much better for a diabetic. When half of the flour in a recipe is replaced with carbquik, the glucose response is not only cut by half, however likewise slowed a lot, offering insulin the time it requires. It browns a bit more rapidly than regular flour so bake at about 25 degrees cooler oven to get best outcomes. The flavor is simply alright, however works well in sausage biscuit balls. Have made great waffles with half-flour, half carbquik, and got great lead to an old-fashioned apple stack cake where 3/4 of the sugar and half the flour was changed with equal-spoonful and carbquik respectively. Increases well, however the outcomes of some recipes will improved by including cream-of-tartar or buttermilk for milk to increase the level of acidity. Delight in exploring with this great product.

Being a type 2 diabetic this is among the few things that will not raise our blood glucose much eating this in sensible quantities. We can have 2-3 medium biscuits or pancakes normally with no issue. We likewise integrate this with salt, pepper, granulated garlic, parsley and grated cheese as a breading for deep fried foods. First usage that mix to coat the food, then an egg wash, then back to the carbquik mix and then the hot oil. This is among the few things we can eat as a diabetic where it does not seem like your compromising taste and satiety. Pancakes, waffles, biscuits and breaded deep fried foods come out respectable. Pizza looked great out of the oven however was hardly bearable. Possibly avoid the pizza? we wish to attempt to make sugar free brownies next. Will upgrade with the outcomes when we get around to it.

Being diabetic, we miss flour-based foods like pancakes, biscuits, waffles, and dumplings. This product appeared like a great way to bring back those alternatives. It does, with warns. We first made waffles. Following the recipe exactly, the outcome was an extremely thick paste that is completely unpourable or spreadable. We needed to double or triple the water to even get it to put a bit. In the waffle iron, it simply didn’t hold together, and it took us 20 minutes of scraping to get it out of the iron. Ever since we have utilized the pancake recipe and dumpling recipe. The dumplings turned out fine. Pancakes once again needed a great deal of added water to make them pourable. And we tend to like the waffle recipe better than the pancake recipe, so now we make pancakes utilizing the waffle recipe (with a great deal of added water). Likewise, a lot of the recipes are printed on the within package, which needs cutting open package to utilize them (and so package can no longer hold the product). The taste is a bit various from what you may anticipate, however it’s good, and it’s great to have an extremely low-carb way of taking pleasure in those products once again. We can see us purchasing this once again often times and attempting other recipes– understanding we may need to make substantial water additions to make them work.

We utilize carbquick continuously to make drop bisquits. The ease of usage is equivalent to bisquick without all the carbs. We slap a little butter on with some homemade sugar-free blueberry jam and we are in paradise. We should include that we set our oven at 375 rather of the recipe recommended 350 degrees, however eaches oven is adjusted in a different way. We like it a lot we have a membership to have it provided monthly.

This is a good baking mix however beware with the fiber. We began making breakfast biscuits however cutting the carbquik to a 50: 50 mix with whole wheat and we had no digestive issues. The biscuits were great. When we went to a 75% carbquik/whole wheat mix, however, we kept in mind a digestive modification. The pizza crust recipe left a lot to be preferred. We require to work with that recipe more, most likely to include more liquid and pre-bake the crustsome It was bad at all. We have made pound cake, however, once again, we found that a 50: 50 mix of carbquik with cake flour made a better cake. With simply carbquik it simply expanded and fell after elimination from the oven.

This is our 2nd order and it is incredible. Not exactly sure it is as low carb as marketed however it is great to be able to have a biscuit and seem like you aren’t investing your carbs for something that does not taste as good as the original. Well possibly not rather as good, however good. We likewise utilize it half and half with almond meal for a truly great mug cake with a somewhat better texture than utilizing all almond flour. We have likewise made cheddar bay biscuits and it is exceptional for that and when you get ill of “no texture” egg-taste cloud bread too. We extremely advise however check the ingredients if you are on a stringent keto diet as it may or may not be permitted, unsure, however taking the possibility that it does have net low carbs as promoted as it has a great taste for when you are craving a biscuit. It is a little expensive however okay for the size package and variety of servings.

This is a staple for our keto diet. We made mock red lobster biscuits and they were amazing. Even the family concurred. We will be stockpiling on this product.

Caution- be prepared it is not bisquick. Be prepared the odor and taste is not the exact same either. Likewise we will list our pro and cons. Cons first. Con- take a little a knowing curve as long as you understand it s not 100 percent like bisquick. We made busciut like we would bisquick. They looked more like flattened cardboard pancakes. However — we made a smaller sized batch next time, our secret was smaller sized drop biscuits and we put one egg in it and water- and bam. Worked for us. Con- odor and taste is not bisquick. It will take a taste curve however for what it provides in low carb count and can still have biscuit? pancakes, and so on. As much as you to make that taste curve. We have attempted a number of things to conceal that cardboard (various odor and taste however hey simply get utilize to it and find out that you understand when it s low carb. And that is an advantage. So with the cons. They are okay ones. More like finding out curves. Pro- carb material. Much like it specifies. Better than a great deal of low carb alternatives. Pro- so easy and quick for sure. Pro- a great deal of various things to do for us carbaholics attempting to not have the carb/ sugar material. We sanctuary t utilized in a bread maker yet. Our next step is to attempt with blends if coconut flour and almond flour to make loaf bread. Then all locations of bread are taking care of with simply one box mix of this. It s worth a shot. Oh. An idea- making busquit we made a flat mess very first time. Utilized them as hamburger buns though. Simply include one egg to the mix that makes 6 or more and it assisted.

This works much like bisquick however supplies the fiber to counter the carbs. We utilize half as much (to both stretch the purchase and keeps the ‘bite’ in the taste from controling) and we increase flavor (bacon, onion, garlic, sugar substitute, etc) and/ or healthy (fruits/veggies+ water) ingredients in quiches, biscuits, eggbites, pancakes, english muffins and more (search for more fascinating recipes online). It works better for a periodic substitute for what would typically be a starchy dish, however we believe utilizing it routinely simply makes it more difficult to make a much healthier lower carb diet lifestyle modifications besides being rather expensive for a month-to-month shopping budget plan. This would be 5 star if the cost were reduced by 20-25%.

How lots of eggs can you eat for breakfast when you are doing low carb? it is great to have pancakes or waffles. For a low carb product is is good however not great. We need to state we were pleased enough with the product that we bought this once again. We have utilized this in recipes that need a percentage of flour with good outcomes. We enjoy zucchinwe fritters and utilize this product in location of the flour. As with most low carb baked products, do not anticipate this to be as good as the real thing, however it is a good substitute. Do not over mix. You may need to play with your recipes a bit.

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