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ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate

ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate, Sugar free, Low Carb, No Sugar Alcohol, No Artificial Sweetener, Non-GMO

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate, Sugar free, Low Carb, No Sugar Alcohol, No Artificial Sweetener, Non-GMO.

  • Fair-trade premium cocoa beans, delicious taste.
  • Sugar free, no sugar alcohols, and no sweetening agents. Sweetened with our unique monk fruit and fiber blend.
  • Low carb: only 1g net carbs per serving. Perfect for keto lifestyle and other low carb diets.
  • Antioxidant- rich, teeth-friendly, and good for your waist.
  • All natural, non-GMO, gluten free. Made happily in the USA.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate, Sugar free, Low Carb, No Sugar Alcohol, No Artificial Sweetener, Non-GMO.
ALL OF THE TASTE OF CHOCOLATE WITH ZERO OF THE REMORSE. Presenting a various type of chocolate: we take premium cocoa beans then integrate them with our distinct monk fruit and fiber blend to make a sugar-free experience like no other. We back up our all-natural, GMO free ingredients. Each square has only 1g net carbs and zero glycemic impact, making them perfect for diabetics in addition to those sticking to stringent dietary way of lives like keto orAtkins Life s too brief to avoid the chocolate and now you put on t need to. SUGAR FREE & LOW CARB NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS NON-GMO

FrequentlyAsked (******************************************************************************************************** ):

Hereare a(************************************************************************************************************ )frequentlyaskedquestionsandanswers onChocZero70%DarkChocolate,Sugar free,LowCarb,NoSugarAlcohol,NoArtificialSweetener,Non-GMO

QuestionQuestion 1

How WouldYou ExplainThe Distinction InTaste In BetweenThe70% And50% Cocao? Is70%More Bitter;50%”Sweeter?”?

we have not attempted the 50% however can inform you the70% is not bitter in the least. we choose the taste of chocolate over the taste of sweetener, so the70 is perfect and smooth. we likewise it acquired the new85%and am eagerly anticipating attempting it.

QuestionQuestion 2

It’S Starting To Get Pretty WarmOut, Is This Packaged To EndureTheHeat Throughout Delivering?

Dear Hofheinz, we will utilize cold shippingfromMay to Oct. Our cold shipping package is a foam box consisting of 2 re-useable ice bag.

Question(********************************************************************************************************* )3(*********** )

You’Ve MentionedYou Usage Fair-Trade Seleted(************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Beans DoYou HaveThe Certiication Available InThe Site?

AllCocoa beans utilized inChocZero productsare Fair-Trade certified.

QuestionQuestion 4

Is ThisProductGluten-Free? We Don’T SeeAnyGlutenSources InTheIngredients, However WhenYou Have Celiac IllnessYou Required To Be DefinitelySure?

DearRob,ChocZero productsareGlutenFree Our production center does not deal with any ingredientsthat consist of gluten like wheat, barley, rye, oat and so on, we utilized to have part of our product done by agreement makers,and despite the fact that their centersare gluten free, we still felt the requirement to include the declaration DearRob,ChocZeroproductsare GlutenFree Our production center does not deal with any ingredientsthat consist of gluten like wheat, barley, rye, oat and so on, we utilized to have part of our product done by agreement makers,(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )despite the fact that their centers (************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )gluten free, we still felt the requirement to include the declaration”May contain wheat” on the label as an added preventative measure. Nowthat ChocZeroproductsare100% internal produced, weare thinking about eliminating the “May contain wheat” on our label.

Question(********************************************************************************************************* )5

What IsThe Updated Variation That ExpensesMore Than Two Times As Much?

we are not sure.Haven’ t purchased any lately.Sorry.

QuestionQuestion 6

When Will This Be Back In Stock?

Exceptional question.

QuestionQuestion 7

Do These Chocolates Have A Strange Texture?

we put on t see the ChocZero70% dark as having an odd texture. we do believe it may take a little time to establish a tastefor the squares. When we first purchasedsome, we weren t truly insane about the taste however in time we have pertained to truly enjoy them(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )we eat at least 2 squares every evening.(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )this helps.

QuestionQuestion 8

When IsThe Choczero MildChocolate Going To Be Readily available?

Milk chocolate is offered

QuestionQuestion 9

What IsTheNetWeight OfTheProduct Itself?Kind Of Threatening That It Isn’T Noted Anywhere On The Package Or Advertisements.?

The package states:”Net Contents10 pieces 3.5 oz(100 g).The complete package is 3.95 oz on our scale.

Question Question10

Is This Chocolate Processed With Alkali?( Requirement A Guaranteed Response Please)?

Alkalwe is not kept in mind on the package at all.


Who Licenses TheProduct To Be(********************************************************************************************************************************************************* )?

This is what wegotfrom their site:? IsChocZero Kosher? This is what wegotfrom their site:? IsChocZero Kosher?ChocZero squares were certifiedKosherfor2017and2018 Nevertheless, we’ve chosen not to pay the yearly charge once again this year since weare pursuing other labels such asGMO free at this time.https:// www.choczero.com/pages/faq


How NumerousCarbs?

1 gram net carbsper piece


ExistsCaffeine In ThisProduct?

Yes, however it’s very little.All chocolate has caffeine, however it’s a ourththat it consists of a lot. https://www.chowhound.com/post/decaf-chocolate-300871

Question Question14

How MuchPotassium Remains InThe70%?

we do not understand, possibly it states on the bag, we do not have any at the minute to go take a look at the bag. Possibly attempt focusing on the image.

Question(********************************************************************************************************* )15

DoThe Choc 070% Sweets ContainNuts? We See That TheyMay Contain Them, However Is That Since They Are MadeWhere There AreNuts?

HiThompson,ChocZero’s square chocolate does not consist of any nuts, and youare right, the factor we put may consist of on the label is our center likewise produce nuts(***************************************************************************************************************************** )likeKetoBark


NoArtificialSweeteners AtAll? Is Sweet taste FromCocoaBeansOnly?

According to the label, there is sugar alcohol in there which has no calorie value.There is likewise MonkFruit extract which may add to the sweetness.It is not really sweet.It is not like candy.


What Is(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Portion OfCocoa OrCocoa Solids?(******************** )

Look carefully at the title:70% dark chocolate.


WhyCorn Fiber And Sunflower Lecithin?

Good question. Nevertheless we put on t understand the response we feel in one’s bonesthat we truly like the70% dark however not the85 or 92%. we believe your question is one for the producer. Sorry we couldn’t help you.


ExistsCaffeine In ThisProduct?

Unsure. It did not impact us during the night as we take itfor our migraines. FYwe we positioned our order in the summerand got them melted however we did utilize them. we got in touch with sellerwith no response we will not buy itfrom them once again since of no response on our issue.our(***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Aid has a good dark in the huge barsthat work fo Unsure. It did not impact us during the night as we take it(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )our migraines. FYwe we positioned our order in the summerand got them melted however we did utilize them. we got in touch with sellerwith no response we will not buy it from them once again since of no response on our issue.our RiteAid has a good dark in the huge bars that work for us.Hope this helps


AreYou Going To Continue Making(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )70%Dark? We Discovered(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )Are RunningOut Of This ProductFrequently We Value An Update On This, Thanks?

The70% dark chocolate periodically is not available since we in some cases can not keep upwith the needfor this delicious chocolate.ChocZero is doing every possible to ensure we can provide, however obviously our capabilities disappoint your desiring this product.Thanks.


See our insights( based upon our own experience after buyingand utilizing the product, or based uponsomeresearch work) on ChocZero70 %DarkChocolate,Sugar free,LowCarb,No SugarAlcohol,No ArtificialSweetener,Non-GMO,these may be helpfulfor better understanding.

Our daddy is diabetic, however unlike others, he does not refrainfrom consuming his preferred sweetened chocolate. In order of significance, when our kid was born, he ended up being the love of his life,with our mama following a close second. I, his only kid, do not understand where we fall in between a chocolate food(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )their velvety-soft-droopy-eared pet. We telephoned him to state the package of chocolaty goodness had reached his post workplace, understanding it would seal our location in the family at the end of the cacao barsand a senior pet at death’s door. However, the objective is to get our daddy to have his preferred sweet without it raising his blood sugar level. Or isthat our mama’s goal?he is a citizenand does not see chocolate like a fine bottle of white wine. He does not utilize his senses to smell the fragrance, taste the fullness of cacao, see the breadth of color, discuss the silky texture, nor listen(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the chocolate to whisper the secrets of the cacao bean. He consumes his chocolate like a grocery store bar; never ever milk chocolate. Papa states,”hmmm, tastes good. We will know for sure after we finish the package. “(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )he demands,”until then, no one touch our sugar free chocolate. ” upgrade:10/24/16 we acquired the50% chocozeroand had it delivered to our daddy. He states as long as we keep providing himwith the sugar free chocolate, there is no factorfor us to go to, other than to drop our kid offfor thanksgiving, winter season break, spring break,and summer trip. We wonder what he ‘d state if we cut him off cold turkey?.

Excellent. We purchased the85, the70and the50 Our order simply showed up so we needed to attempt every one. They all taste great however we believe we delighted in the70 the very best. Weare diabeticand eat a low carb diet(20-30 carbs per day )and have looked highand lowfor a good treatthat will not explode our meter. Simply to offer an example of how well this chocolate is, we did eat among all 3 portions, meter reading prior to chocolate was(********************************************************************** ), 2 hours later our meter reading was85 Weare calling this chocolate a complete success.

Best sugar free chocolate we have ever had.Great product, and even abetter seller.Rich delicious taste, lowcalories, no sugarand no sweetening agents- whatmore can you askfor? we have had stomach concernswith lots of other sugar free chocolatesand sugary foods, however this one seems like eating a salad. We have had bad shipping experience, where usps, without a doubt(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )away the worst mail provider in usa, has dropped the package on the sun deck in direct sunshine,and it melted by the time wegot home and selected it up. Not only the seller said sorry, provided a complete refund, however they likewise re-sent us another package like the one we purchased,(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )a number of additionals- all at no charge. They likewise took seriously(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )carried out every recommend we provided how to label the package, to prevent mail provider maltreating perishable products. These amazing individuals deserve their organisation to flourish,for both- quality of theirproductsand customer support. Will certainly be purchasedfrom choczero once again in the future.

We were reluctant about buying as we checked out the one star reviews, however after a suggestion from an individual we connectedwith, we attempted it.Most of the one stars grumbledthat it was all melted when they got it. If youbuyfrom you should understand the precise arrival day, we would accelerate shipping,and get to our mail box as quickly as it gets here if in heat. The day we got it was rather hot,and mail boxesare steel. It does come(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )2 ice bag, while they were still cold, they were totally melted. Nowfor the evaluation, we like this chocolate, we acquired the70%and extremely suggest it. There is a taste however it is really minor and not subduing, type of coconut flavor, simply a hint,( thinkingthat’s the fruit). However unlike the low ranking reviews, we really enjoyed it. We believe without a doubt this is the very best sugar-free chocolate we have tastedand worth the splurge. If youare on keto, paleo, atkins, or other low-carb diet(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )you require chocolate, we extremely suggest this one.

Definitely like it. This one is quite tasting like real dark chocolate, which implies you wont be getting the sweet taste of a dove milk chocolate or perhaps a dove dark chocolate. There is certainly the bitterness of dark chocolate, however(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )occurs even in industrial dark chocolateproducts If tongue is utilized to sugarand sets off dopamine at it, this one is going to be a bitter shockand will require”heavy acquiring to the taste” However if you have been dealing with re-aligning your taste budsfor a while now( possiblyfor a month ormore), then this one fits right up there. Its chocolatey delicious,and the ingredientsand the nutritional numbers(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )dang good. 3 pieces of this post supper fits right good as a”post dinner dessert treat” We should attempt the 50% variation to see if the sweet taste feelsmore (for some ppl in our family whoare not yet attuned in their tongue to this).

Oh yes.Yes, undoubtedly. We have purchased buttloads of this things. Exceptional chocolate thinking aboutthat there’s no sucrose in it. We likewise like that thereare no sugar alcohols in it, which can hinder digestion.

This product is a keto-ers dream. Creaour, pleasingand amazingfor anybodywith dairy allergic reactions or erythritol level of sensitivities. Weare already a long-lasting customer. If we might ask them to back their product in returnfor choczero, our life would be complete. Thank you choczero.

Wow. This chocolate is splendidly good. Attempting to minimize our carbsand still delight in a chocolate treat, this truly is”a guilt-free chocolate confection”(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )tastes”sinfully healthy”(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )absolutely mouth watering.(******************** )

We like semi-sweet chocolate. Typically this concentration (in”regular” chocolates) would have a small bitter taste to it however this does not. It, like all of choczero’sproducts) is exceptionally smooth. You get a lotmore of the chocolate tastethanwith any other brand of chocolate and think me, we have attempted lots of, several kinds(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )all over the world. If you like the70%, we would motivate you to attempt their sampler as you simply may findthat you like the even greater concentrations since when again, they’re all smooth. We in some cases match the70%and greater ones with a small piece of sharp cheddar cheeseand it’s wonderful.

All of them, of all chocolate portions,are delicious. We can inform it’s not sugar, however it’s delightfully sweet. It works out in trail mix orwith coconut cream or in any usagefor candywe have attempted a great deal of other non-sugar sweets,and our response is constantly blech, blech, or illness.The only low-carb candy we delight in is this and synchro ketomanna.

We can’t get enough of this chocolate. Oh, if only we might eat this all day longand escapewith it.All of the different portions of choczero’s chocolateare good, however70% dark is our preferred compromise for flavorand nutritional profile. We like the92%morethan the85%, if needing to choose in between those 2. We much choose the flavor of choczero to lily’sand lovethat choczero does not utilize erythritol. If you take place to be following a low-carb or keto diet, we findthat this chocolate does not impact our blood sugar level at all. Even on days when we have possibly had one square a lot of, our blood ketone levels stay sturdily in ketosis.

We felt forced to compose an evaluation after we purchased our most current batch of chocolatefromthese people. We simply began the keto diet afew months agoand we have had an exceptionally tough time staying with it since our weak point is sugary foods. Choczero has assisted us power through those cravingsand keeping us on our diet. We saw our supply was low afew weeks agoand normal days here in texasare95-110 in the summer heat. We were worried about howthese were going to hold up in our mail box so we kept watch on the mail for the next few days. We lastly got our chocolate, however we forgot to check our mail up until lateinto the evening. We were already prepared to dealwith melted chocolate. We were happily amazed to open our mail box and seethat choczero had planned ahead of timeand put ice bagand insulated the package extremely well. Definitely absolutely nothing was melted at all. We will be a customer for life. Thank you a lot.(******************** )(***************** )Weare diabeticand we have purchasedthese 2 or 3 times up until now.The taste is so real you can’t even inform a distinction. We would extremely suggest this to any diabetic who is lookingfor something sweet to snack on.

We sent this to a sweetheart of mine, who follows the thm eating lifestyle( she has been a thmer for over 2 years, now), and she composed me, “oh, it is fantastic. 5 stars. We like it better than lily’s. Our mom and sister agree and our sister is extremely picky. Thank you soo so much. ” so, there you have it, a hearty suggestionfrom 3 women.:-RRB-.

We have attemptedand attempted to cut anything sweetout of our diet, however we stop working. This is a great alternative to maltitol( if you have not check out the reviews for sugar free gumour bears, do yourself a favorand dothat now). These little squaresare simply the correct amount of sweetand the private bundles conserve usfrom overindulging. We have purchased 90% dark chocolate in another brand however tend to eat the whole thing. Choczero has such amazingproducts If you have not attempted them, checkout their dipping cups too. Plus, we had a shipping problem when and they have wonderful customer support. This product is type of costly however it truly deserves it.

Weare chocolate snob. We will not eat it unless it’s a great quality, dark chocolate since we(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )looking(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )that lovely bitternesswith a hint of sweet. And now we require a sugar free variationthat does not utilize the common insulin increasing trash sweeteners. This things fits the expense. We took a bag to a st. Paddy’s get together where others(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )diabetic, low carb, keto, or simply plain picky eaters,and choczero chocolates were a success. Weare happily amazed by,and will continue buying, this product.

This chocolate surpassed our expectation. It does not consist of sugar or sugar alcohols, however is sweetenedwith monk fruit, a natural sweetener, rather.The taste is of extreme chocolate,with no bitternessand a hint of sweet taste.Dark chocolate paradise. There was an issuewith our delivery, so we got in touch with the business. They reacted rapidlyand solved the issue right now. We will certainly purchase choczero70 %dark chocolate once again.

Weare so pleased wefound this product on. Weare on a keto diet(30 g of carbsper day) which can get a bit dull in some cases. We were hesitantthat there might be a 1 net carbper piece chocolatethat doesn t taste like cardboard however the folks at choc zero definitely prospered on this one. They taste greatand a couple of pieces leaves you really pleased without the carb loadand crash of regular chocolate. We have been waitingfor the bad aftertastethat frequently comeswith processed food replaces however we have been eating a couple pieces a dayfor a week nowand they still taste great. We extremely suggest them if youare on a low carb diet( or perhaps if you aren t).

After attempting considerable amounts of low carb treatsthat are pretenders, this has been a taste of the real thing. We can eat this while keeping ketosis,and it tastes simply as good as ghirardelli. Though we will not state it’s precisely low calorie, if what you’re lookingfor is low carb- this has net carbs of 1 gramper square,with a tastethat is excellent. Do not generally compose reviews however required to share.

We simplygotthese today. Delivering fasted. Weare diabetic,and weare on a calorie/carb limitation lifestylethese days, however we like chocolate. Shops are filled with’ sugar-free’ labels, however they have lots of sugar alcohol, which does us no good. We may also eat regular sugar. Theseare precisely what we required. Now,for the most fundamental part, the taste. They’re great. We like strong chocolate,andtheseare,and while they’re sweet, it’s not subduing. It’s suppressed. Our issue will be to allocate themout fairly ratherthan binge eating them. If they have a disadvantage they’re relatively costly, however that’s the downsidefor the majority of(************************************************************************************************************************** )type of snacks. If you require a real no sugar dessert choice, and you can dealwith the added expense, we certainly suggestthese

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