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ChocZero's Dark Chocolate Chips - Sugar Free

ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Chips – Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto Friendly

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Chips – Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto Friendly.

  • Only 1G net carb per serving
  • Dairy free, soy free, and vegan friendly
  • The magic remains in the ingredients: top rack cocoa alcohol and high quality cocoa butter set outstandingly with our monk fruit, creating a subtle sweet with no aftertaste and no sugar alcohols

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Chips – Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto Friendly.
Flavor: Dark Chocolate Our 55% cacao baking chips utilize the exact same chocolate as our dark chocolate Keto Bark to lastly bring ChocZero straight into your kitchen. Dark and decadent, our chocolate chips utilize the exact same high quality ingredients we have ended up being popularfor Each morsel is its own cocoa bite- sized island of taste and texture. Whether they’re snacked on straight out of the bag, melted onto berries, or baked into keto cookies, something is for sure: these baking chips will make your palate delighted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Chips – Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto Friendly.

Question Question 1

Does The White Chocolate Contain Caffiene?

No there is no caffeine in this and he chocolate is rather rich tasting and delicious.

Question Question 2



Question Question 3

Can This Be Utilized To Melt And Dip Food Into?

we melt with some coconut oil and dip our home made products. Works great.

Question Question 4

Are The Mood Temperature Levels The Like Regular Chocolate? We Are Attempting To Make Clamber Chocolates With These Chips?


Question Question 5

Do These Contain Nuts Or Are They Made In A Center That Utilizes Nuts?

These do not consist of nuts; nevertheless, package states that they are processed in a center that processes peanuts, tree nuts and dairy, and may consist of trace quantities.

Question Question 6

Cacao Portion?

Cacao is not noted as an ingredient.However cocoa butter is the biggest ingredient.This tastes and melts like nestles

Question Question 7

What Are The Ingredients? We Don’T See That Showed Anywhere.?

according to the dark chocolate package we are holding- dark chocolate (unsweetened & cocoa butter), soluble corn fiber, sunflower lecithin, monk fruit extract, Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans

Question Question 8

How Do These Compare To Lily’S Milk Chocolate Chips?

A little alternative

Question Question 9

Does Anybody Have Any Good Recipes For These?

we utilize them in location of chocolate chip cookies in a keto friendly recipe you might google. our preferred way is to toss a handful in the mixer with our protein shake. It s great

Question Question 10

Are These Gluten Free?

Usually, most dark chocolate is constantly gluten free, particularly if it has a high cocoa portion. Because dark chocolate consists mostly of fats and sugar, there truly aren t a lot of other ingredients that go into it. The only time dark chocolate won t be gluten free is when it s flavored with fruits, nuts, spices, and so on

Question Question 11

Is This 2 Bags Of Milk Chocolate Chips At 14 Oz Per Bag, Or More Bags Amounting To 14 Oz (2 7 Oz Bags)?

14 total.and its the best.no gas or tumour probs trigger they utilize monk fruit.havnt seen any other like it

Question Question 12

Where Do You Shop These? Space Temperature? Refrigerator? Freezer?

IF they show up and they are not soft or warm, we save them at space temperature level. If you reside in the South like we do, and they show up not melted however a bit soft, we simply position them in the fridge for an hour or more.

Question Question 13

With The Weather Condition Getting Warmer, Can You Please Ship This Product In An Insulated Bag With Ice Pack Or Dry Ice?

They stated no

Question Question 14

Is This For One Or More Bags Of Chips?

we got 2 bags

Question Question 15

How Are These Keto? Half Weight’S Maltodextrin, That’S What Soluble Corn Fiber, & It Increases Blood Sugar: Perfectketo.Com/ Soluble-Corn-Fiber/?

we we do rule out this product Me to and will not be buying once again. Really disappointing.we idea Choc Zero might be relied on.

Question Question 16

Why The Package States It Has 6G Of Carb Per Serving And The Description States 1G Of Carb Per Serving?

Package states 6g, however you likewise deduct the fiber to get the Net Carbs, which would be 1.Hope that helps

Question Question 17

Does The Dark Chocolate Ones Tastes Bitter Or There’S Still Some Sweeter Taste To It??

our taste is a hint of sweet without bitterness. Unlike baking chocolate

Question Question 18

One Customer Said These Contain Maltodextrin, Or Soluble Corn Fiber, Which Is Understood To Surge BloodSugar Do All The Flavors Contain It?

Ada, we checked out a more current (Dec. 2019) post on ketogenic.com by Dr. Anthony Gustin, DC, MS and Sheila Amir and we are mentioning their conclusions: “Due to its highly processed nature, soluble corn fiber doesn t provide any health benefits. Despite this, it s commonly used by food manufacturers as a cheap addition to thi Ada,we read a more recent (Dec. 2019) article on ketogenic.com by Dr. Anthony Gustin, DC, MS and Sheila Amir and we are citing their conclusions:” Due to its extremely processed nature, soluble corn fiber doesn t supply any healthbenefits In spite of this, it s frequently utilized by food makers as an inexpensive addition to thicken and protect processed foods.”” It can increase your blood sugar and kick you out of ketosis. This is challenging when it pertains to packaged foods due to the fact that it s noted as fiber and shakes off the variety of net carbs. For that reason, if you have type 2 diabetes, be extra cautious as it can be a covert ingredient.It can mess with your gut germs. While some information support SCF as a good prebiotic, research studies on maltodextrin (SCF s other name) opposethat Maltodextrin may suppress the expansion of helpful germs like bifidobacteria and increase the variety of damaging germs in your digestive system. Modifications like this can make you more vulnerable to gut dysbiosis and can significantly lower your immune function[*] It s most likelyGMO Unless the product is identified as organic, it s extremely most likely your SCF is made from GMO corn.Soluble Corn Fiber and the Keto DietYou might argue that soluble corn fiber is an inexpensive source of calories that ranks a bit lower on the glycemic index than other sweeteners and additives.But it can increase your blood sugar levels and kick you out of ketosis.”

Question Question 19

Will They Hold Up In Delivering In Hot Weather Condition?

we got the semwe sweet. They wear t usage solidified carbon dioxide and one bag melted the other 2 were fine. we reside in Hawaiiso they took a trip far and it s hot. we consumed the melted one however wasn t appropriate for baking a chocolate chip cookies

Question Question 20

Are Choczero S Plastic Mailer Bach S Recycleable?

we sanctuary t put it in the bin, however we recycle all our boxes, and mailing products

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Chips – Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto Friendly, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Another evaluation by freddie states purchaser beware. Outrageous. This individual who left that evaluation should have done theirresearch There are 2 kinds of dietary fiber, each with crucial healthbenefits Insoluble fiber, found in wheat bran, veggies, and whole grains, is fiber that does not liquify as it moves through the digestive system. (it s the kind of fiber you ve heard described as roughage.) soluble fiber, which appears in nuts, seeds, and some fruits and veggies, liquifies in water and ends up being a gel that slows digestion of other nutrients such as carbohydrates. Unlike some fibers like isomaltooligosaccharides (typically identified as prebiotic fiber or tapioca fiber), soluble corn fiber is thought about a real dietary fiber by the fda. Soluble corn fiber is not the exact same thing as corn, signed up dietitian alix turoff discusses. It is the fiber drawn out from corn and has a really low net carb load, so it is suitable for a ketogenic diet. Because another name for soluble corn fiber is resistant maltodextrin, it has in some cases been puzzled with the component maltodextrin. Nevertheless, the 2 are absolutely nothing alike in their glycemic effects. Maltodextrin is extremely high up on the glycemic index (gi), significance that it can cause a spike in blood sugar level, however research programs that soluble corn fiber does not have the exact same result. These chocolate chips are amazing. A real video game changer.

These were delicious. May be costlier than standard white chips you ‘d find at supermarket, however they are well worth it, if you’re on a keto/low carb diet and looking for a substitute for baking. And it comes with 2 bags. We made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies with almond flour/swerve/egg/ choc zero chips, and these came out amazing. We were doubtful that they ‘d turn out all right, however they were so good. We find ourself slipping the chips out of the bag as a snack by themselves, which threatens due to the fact that we may eat the entire bag rather of conserving them for baking. Buy these, you will not regret it. From one sugar- denied low carber to another.

These keto- friendly chocolate chips are so delicious. They do position a serious issue though, we can t stop eating them. We had some recipes in mind however we are uncertain the bags are going to last enough time for us to get groceries once again, haha. If you re looking for keto, soy- free or no- sugar added chocolate, choczero is the location to go.

Great. Tastes much like the very best white chocolate.

These appear too good to be real so we are a little waiting for the other shoe to drop. However presuming we can rely on the label. They re good to good out of the bag, a little waxy. We attempted them in a baked good, and they re still good, however appear to leave a little that chewy waxiness behind from each chip even when they are bit melty. So we attempted to make a simple white chocolate ganache with whipping cream, microwave approach. When melted, we added a little allulose to kick up the sweet taste. There was still some of that waxy residue that wouldn t completely melt. So we struck the warm ganache with a stick mixer. Video game changer. Delicious, creaour, a little caramelly white chocolate ganache. We seriously needed to stop ourself eating it with a spoon, particularly after it was cooled. Might be utilized for sauces, dipping, and we presume some sort of truffles (we are very little of a candy maker). We are going to experiment and see if we can make some caramelized white chocolate with cautious melting and a little allulose. Here s hoping the other shoe doesn t drop. Already purchased another 2 pack.

For all you keto individuals or none sugar eaters let us state. Ohmygooodness. This is so terrific. We have altered type of bark with both bags so we have not truly put it through the rates however you need to be quite darn good by yourself to make it through the bark test. Its great. Even fasting a number of morsels we might inform it was absolutely nothing like the chocolate we have been utilizing. Remarkable product. We will buy once again. We did have a purchased problem and never ever got our first order of this, nevertheless made it right, we instantly reordered and these can be found in no time at all flat.

Not everybody likes white chocolate however we do. These enable us to indulge without having sugar. They taste much like regular white chocolate. Best delighted in as is at space temperature level. We have not baked with them yet. Essential to bear in mind that even individuals who are not diabetic like ourself should limit sugar consumption and these kinds of products help with that if you like sugary foods. Certainly will acquire once again and eagerly anticipating attempting the regular chocolate ones if they make them.

We like these and eat them as a snack. We stopped eating sugar last november 1st, 2019 and foundthese They do melt in the mouth and the texture can end up being pasty, however the are truly good. We eat them and order every other week. Light bulb. Questioned if they are less expensive to purchased from the business, if they would be less expensive. Well we simply purchased and found that they are $1. 50 less per bag. So we will no longer order these from.

Stylish product packaging truly is simply the start of this wonderful product. We simply got these and having had numerous choczero products prior to and not one ever frustrating me, we understood this was going to be a hit right now. We ripped open that bag as quickly as we got them dished out the achievement amongst our member of the family. Everybody might not think the level of flavor attained with the product understanding how good for you they are on a macros stand point. We can’t wait to bake something delicious up quickly with this exceptional product. When you get these, you’ll be a return customer for life.

Because going on a keto lifestyle, we have needed to discover to make our own snacks and baked products so discovering the very best quality ingredients that taste good has been a high top priority so we can remain in ketosis without craving old processed food. We have been depending on macadamia nuts for quick fat and protein and found a keto recipe for white chocolate- chip macadamia cookies. We had a tough time discovering unsweetened white chocolate however luckily for, we found these and they are remarkable. They are bit high priced however we believe that the more we buy them, the cost will boil down a bit (ideally greed will not raise the cost. ). Our cookies came out delicious and the chips maintained their shape so they made a lovely thank- you present for among our doctors. We extremely suggest them even for individuals who simply wish to get rid of sugar in their diets.

Tastes great, melts well. Im doing a low carb/dirty keto diet and usage these to dip our keto almond biscottwe in and utilize them for other keto treats too.

We like the taste of these chips. They are so good. The sweet taste does not taste artificial and they are much like regular chips. Our greatest problem is that, these are designed for somebody doing a keto or low carb diet and that is great, butmost of these individuals are looking for health in this procedure and utilizing regular dairy milk in making these is not the very best option for health in our viewpoint. It isn’t hard to find the research revealing all the nasty things (pesticides, relentless organic toxins and so on) that end up in non- organic (and even organic) milk. A lot of these chemicals are relentless and end up in fat (thus milk fat). When you consume them, you are in turn, taking in the exact same chemicals/ compounds that have the possible make an individual fat. We wish to see business like this step up and start utilizing organic ingredients for the health of their users. Organic may still have some poisonous things that got therein, however it is still a better option.

We in some cases meet a chocolate craving with a few chips and attempted with these after being on keto for a while. They didn’t work for that function nevertheless, they are so delicious in cookies. We are so caring them in keto cookie recipes and will certainly keep purchasing them.

These chips are sooooo good. We follow a keto diet and these chips have been a life saver. We eat then plain, along with nuts in a snack mix and likewise mixed in to too good yogurt.

The best sugar free chocolate we have ever tasted. Love the texture, you going to love that it does not make you gassy or get the runs like other sugar free chocolates, and tastes waybetter We consumed half the bag in one sitting and didn’t have any issues, and we have a really senisitive stomach. We compared the carbs to lily’s and walmart’s bake think chips and this one is your best choice out of the 3. We have not tasted the walmart brand, however we are not upset about the cost, waaay less expensive than lily’s and taste better with fewer carbs, which is a big selling point for us considering that we attempt to remain below 20 grams of carbs, everybody of those suckers counts. * bonus * their product packaging was amazing. They were kind and thoughtful adequate to package the 2 bags in a protective styrofoam box with an ice bag inside. The bags can be found in perfect condition- not a single ship was melted or squashed. Great, considering our regional shipment business like to provide our bundles like its the fourth quarter and their only hope is a hail mary.

We we purchased these due to the fact that the title stated (( 2bag, 14 oz). We wrongfully didn”t read the fine print. You don” t get 2 bags of 14 ounces. You get 14 ounces total. As much as we like the choc zero products (and they are rather kick ass) we would not have paid 15 dollars for 2, 7- ounce bags. We feel a little swindled, however we should have checked out the small print.

They are delicious however both bags had numerous clumps of chips that were either melted or smashed together. That s the only factor we didn’t offer 5 stars. You d believe if it had been too hot in storage they would have all melted. It won t stop us from reordered (up until temperature levels rise), however if you were intending on making gourmet sugar free cookies utilizing all of them you may be dissatisfied. We will discuss they are rather costly however they are near unicorn – sugar free white chocolate not sweetened with sugar alcohols.

These are the very best no sugar white chocolate chips that we have ever had. We simply got them 2 days earlier and we have already ended up the first bag??. We formerly was utilizing the bake think brand however theirs simply taste like cocoa butter.

Delicious Best sugar free low carb products around. We utilize sll their things.

In our viewpoint, these taste simply as sweet and caramely as regular white chocolate. We require to keep our blood sugar and insulin down, so we utilize these as our processed food alternative. They taste so good, we truly need to wonder if there is some concealed disadvantage or gotcha. The secret appears to be the corn fiber, and up until now we have not check out anything bad about it. We do not cook with them, we simply eat them like candy, so we do not understand how they would turn out in baked foods. Nevertheless, we did let them sit out and melt a bit one time and the outcomes weren’t good. Tasted sort of like doughy/pasty (like tooth paste) white chocolate flavored mush icing. Likewise, directs, the costs appear to be a little inflated on this website.

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