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Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit

Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit, Single-Serve, Variety Pack

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit, Single-Serve, Variety Pack.

  • CONSISTS OF: 16 convenient single-serve bags of the exact same delicious freeze-dried fruit however NEW PRODUCT PACKAGING
  • NUTRIENT PACKED with vital vitamins and nutrients from ONE single active ingredient
  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Perfect for lunch bags and on-the-go snacks
  • DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY: Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher
  • 3 great flavors that are nutritious and delicious

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit, Single-Serve, Variety Pack.
Flavor: Variety Pack|Size: 0.35 Ounce (Pack of 16)Crispy Fruit snacks from Crispy Green are 100% freeze-dried fruit pieces that are made from pure fruit and absolutely nothing else. The taste in Crispy Fruit comes from the fresh fruit itself. Our line of all-natural snacks begins with top-notch fresh fruit, sourced from certified, thoroughly chosen growers who go through a strict audit evaluation procedure. All fruit is processed and freeze dried according to the Threat Analysis and Important Control Point (HACCP) system, an international standard that recognizes important control points, sets security treatments and preventive procedures, and keeps rigorous documents for accreditation. Crispy Green’s making centers are kosher certified by Orthodox Union, and do not procedure products including peanuts or other tree nuts. Crispy Green products are packaged in high quality triple-layer poly-bags with an aluminum lining to secure the ended up products from wetness and light for a long shelf-life. There are no sweeteners or other ingredients utilized to enhance the taste or look of Crispy Fruit, and it is a Non-GMO Project Verified snack. Crispy Green s premium Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snacks are an exceptional option for anybody who wishes to live a much healthier lifestyle without jeopardizing on taste. The ultimate grab-n-go snack, Crispy Fruit is convenient, healthy and delicious. 100% FULFILLMENT WARRANTY: The experience, taste and quality of every bite is backed by our 100% fulfillment warranty that includes our no-questions-asked, problem-free return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit, Single-Serve, Variety Pack.

Question Question 1

Where Is The Fruit From?We Would Rather Eat Apples Grown In The United States.?

Stop being Xenophobic, even if it is a product of China does not suggest that any of the fruit stems from China. we great deal of Apples grown in Washington State are in reality exported. Do not make your food options political, sheesh.

Question Question 2

Product Of China?

At one time we found a post that stated “yes, product of china” however the factory was had the highest requirements.Here is a link to some short articles that may help you decide.Who understands what you can think however we find them to be of good quality. https://www.crispygreen.com/what-s-new/

Question Question 3

How Lots Of Apples Remain In One 10 G Bag?

Each box includes 8 bags Apple, 4 bag pear, 4 bag tangerine. 16 total bags.36 oz each

Question Question 4

Are The Mango Pieces Actual Slices Of Mango Or More Like Mango Shavings?

we are sorry we did not get the mango Crispy’s the Apple were dried pieces, not whole pieces and extremely narrow and small.

Question Question 5

Are The Banana Chips Truly Hard Or Simply A Little Crispy?

we have not attempted banana or orange however apple, and Asian pear, 2 of our favorites are ‘disappear’ delicious, not hard like potato chips however company, most likely most like biting into a cracker that breaks down into a paste-like consistency nearly right away after blending w/saliva? Hope this helps.

Question Question 6

Do The Apples Have The Peels?

No peels and they arrange of melt in your mouth, we are eating one now to attempt to discuss. Crunchy, we were anticipating it to be like eating a real apple. It’s nearly like a crispy fluffy apple, they taste ok, Perhaps kids would like them more than we do.

Question Question 7

Are They Not TooHard Some Fruits Are Rubbery What Are These?

They are freeze dried fruit. There is no wetness in them and this makes the texture quite like a cheese puff only lighter. They are not hard at all.

Question Question 8

Are These Truly Crunchy/Hard?

They are crunchy however not hard.if you put them in your mouth for a minute they soften up quickly.they do taste truly good.

Question Question 9

Are These Pesticide Free Fruits?

They state they are no sugar added, no preservatives and non gmo. we took a look at the site Crispy Green prior to purchasing.

Question Question 10

Are These Made In Nj Or China? Both Turned up. Likewise? What Are The Ingredients?

we believes it s made in China however we consumed all of them so unsure.

Question Question 11

Does Anybody Have A Recommended Flavor?

we believe it is rather based on the fruits you personally like. That being stated, we enjoy the apple and strawberry one of the most. (unfortunately have not seen strawberry in multipacks or small packs) Pear is good too. Oranges are ok, however extremely tart and a somewhat odd”texture” we can’t keep in mind the pineapple. Mango is good likewise, b we believe it is rather based on the fruits you personally like. That being stated, we enjoy the apple and strawberry one of the most. (unfortunately have not seen strawberry in multipacks or small packs) Pear is good too. Oranges are ok, however extremely tart and a somewhat odd”texture” we can’t keep in mind the pineapple. Mango is good likewise, however simply not our preferred fruit. Pleased tasting.

Question Question 12

Do You Put These In The Refrigerator? Are They Ready To Eat?

No, you do not cool them, and yes, they come ready to eat.Freeze dried?

Question Question 13

Can Theae Be Rehydrated?

Hi – yes, when the bag is open and the fruit is exposed to moisture in the air, Crispy Fruit tends to lose its crispy texture and rehydrate. We advise leaving the bag sealed till you are ready to snack on them. Thank you for your question.

Question Question 14

What Is The Nutrition Info For Each Of These? Specifically Net Carbs? Are They Keto Friendly?

Each package has callories. I’, familiar with the Keto diest

Question Question 15

Is The Pineapple Crunchy Or Does It Break Down And Melt In The Mouth?

Both we think crunchy first phase then break down

Question Question 16

Why Are They Called”Green” Were They Selected Unripe?

we do not understand why they are called green, however they are extremely tasty.They do not look green.They appear to be naturally sweet and are delicious.The color is a pale off-white. we do not think they were green prior to freeze-drying.

Question Question 17

When Is The Expiration? How Long Do They Last?

we do not understand.

Question Question 18

Is This A Pack Of 16 Or A Pack Of 12? The Title And The Box In The Photo State 16, However The Product Info States 12 Pack.?


Question Question 19

Sugar Material?

7 grams sugar8 grams carbohydrates

Question Question 20

Are These Single Packs Weighing.36 A Total Of 12?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit, Single-Serve, Variety Pack, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We would rather have these than chips. The first bag of apples was so fragrant and crunchy that our child and we sat with our eyes closed, mmmhhing as we gradually devouried every bite. We have been that way over an fine bottle of white wine in the past, so this was odd to get so enamored with dried fruit. We remained in grade school when nasa went to the moon. Our other half and we both keep in mind the huge offer tang was when it was launched to the general public “drink what the astronauts drink” and how that tangerine orange powder was a taste unlike anything else. You didn’t desire kool-aid or orange juice. You desired tang with your breakfast. These are the tang for everyday favorites: apple, banana, pear, and tangerine. Put them in our lunchbox next to our pbj and change the potato chip and the apple. We will not be trading food with our lunch buddies.

Attempting to view our consumption of sugar and calories being a borderline diabetic, we require something for a snack about 8pm. For 40 calories x1 or 2 bags (addictive), it works for us. It advises us of that area food from the 70 s, and we put a piece in our mouth, till it hydrates, the chew in the mango goodness. We do not like real sweet products, and this is a perfect blend. We bought 3 more boxes. We want they offered them on prime now in your area. The pictures published are precise. To me, consider the texture comparable to dried marshmallows in a cocoa specific package. That’s the texture, only make it a real mango flavor.

This is in fact our 3rd time purchasing this product: the very first time we got a box of 3 flavors from costco, however we liked the asian pear the very best, so then we purchased a box of simply the asian pear from this supplier, and this is the 2nd time i?ve done that, and i?m sure we will once again and once again. This is an absolutely delicious, 100% natural, extremely low calorie snack. And rather rejuvenating too. We want they were a little more budget-friendly – i?d buy more at a better rate. However they?re irresistibly delicious.

Definitely the very best dried fruit we ever had. Crispity texture. Real fruit taste. Not leatherlike mummified pieces like when we attempted to utilize the dehydrator. So good you wont wish to share. These would be outstanding in your sack lunch. Kids should enjoy this. They need to have excellent production requirements since all the pieces are good sized no considerable quantity of crumbles. Do not think twice to provide this or any of their products a shot however this is our preferred with the mandrin orange.

This is great. We found that freeze dried fruit is way much easier to eat than simply dried fruit which is often hard or rubbery and difficult to snack on at the workplace in between calls given that we are on the phone a lot. Where we typically get freeze dried fruit truly only has apples, strawberries, bananas and blueberries, which are great, however we got this box for the oranges and peaches (apples too, however we have had the apples prior to). We have attempted both and we will likely be bought this box once again. There are a number of plans and we can quickly take them to work and have a snack that isn’t so bad for us, easy to eat, and not untidy. We need to confess we were doubtful about the oranges given that you anticipate an orange to be juicy, however we do truly like them. If you like other freeze dried fruit, we truly do not believe you will fail with these.

We first saw these in the super market, offered in bags of 6 pack. We liked them, and inspected to see if they were offeredfrom They are extremely delicious and we like the freeze dried quality. The rate is a little high, however the quality more than comprises fothat If you like freeze dried fruit, this is the best on the marketplace.

We have been taking pleasure in crispy fruit for a few years now, and we keep purchasingmore Although the apple is our preferred, we likewise delight in the other fruits also. Yes, it would be great if they offered plans that had more amount in them, however for most of the times we eat them, there is simply enough. Living near the coast, they are constantly apart of our cyclone kit we assembled every year (hate those long lines in the shops when a storm comes close). We likewise keep one in the cars and truck for those stuck in traffic times or we are getting starving however its near supper timeoccassions, simply open a bag and delight in the crispy goodness. Friends and we likewise delight in taking these on getaways and snacking on them on aircraft journeys, cars and truck journeys, bus trips, and at celebrations. They can be found in extremely helpful when a relative had significant issues on their boat after getting into a bad storm, the 2 of them were adrift for weeks. Fortunately they had materials that included a lots large bags (each has 6 small bags in it) of crispy fruit on board, fruit which remained crispy and dry even with all the water damage on board. Keep some in your kitchen cabinet, cars and truck, luggage, treking bags, boats and storm sets, they wont go to waste.

Impressive. Best snack ever. The apple and mango are amazing, however our fav is the pineapple. We are going to attempt the pear next. We enjoy that the pieces are bit thicker than you normally find in freeze driedproducts At only 40 cal and no added preservatives, we can in fact grab 2 bags if we desire a bigger snack. These are perfect for kids in the cars and truck. They’re not untidy or gumour like some dehydrated fruits. We will be purchasing once again and once again, and hope they turn up with more flavors.

We are following a slim, low calorie diet, and it is frequently hard to find sweet things to eat on the go. These freeze dried pear chips are perfect. All natural, with the only active ingredient being asian pears. Only disadvantage is they are ‘product of china’. Why does whatever need to come from china these days??? we think as they are ‘asian’ pear however, that is why. The taste is great though. We likewise purchased the tangerine & pineapple variety & did not like either of them at all. They were extremely extremely tart/sour & only consumed about 2 pieces & needed to toss the remainder of the packageout Obviously we had bought a 12- pack, such a pity. We will be bought a few more 12- packs of the asian pear variety for sure, as they have a natural sweet taste.

We purchased this to grind and put in buttercream icing for a cake. It turned out delicious. The fruit is a lot like fresh we could not eat it. (we do not endure fresh pineapple well.) the cake was a hit. The fresh pineapple flavor was specifically applauded. The remaining packets were wolfed down by our 3 teens.

Love the concentrated flavors. Had the mango and apple today, anticipating our pineapple package. We have had other brands, which flavor they were good, however their product was extremely permeable that made for an extremely unusual texture. These are quite strong piece of fruit, without that unusual texture. Without having sugarcoated, the concentration of flavor from the freeze drying makes these one sweet treat. Certainly would advise attempting, and we would buy once again.

We were craving strawberries however like most everyone else, we are not going to shops other than curbside pick-up. Because strawberries aren’t in season yet anyways, we bought these freeze dried strawberries after checking out a recipe where the author utilized them collapsed up in icing for cupcakes. These are so darned delicious, it resembled a strawberry surge in our mouth. Without any added sugar, a single serve package is only 36calories If these remained in a huge bag, we most likely would have downed the entire thing in one sitting so the single packets are perfect to help our self control. We right away returned online to order some for our child and now their not offered, so we are attempting the variety fruit pack next. We hope they restore the strawberry ones since now we need to rate ourself and possibly keep them a secret from our other half.

We just recently started to follow an anti-inflammatory diet strategy. No dairy, white sugar, white flour & all the delicious foods made fromthese In otherwords, boring. Gotten these apple chips tonite simply after supper. Perfect timing.Dessert We feasted on a one part bag of these apple chips. Texture like thick potato chips, taste, oh so sweet apple. One demand. Please never ever stop making these & never ever alter how they’re made. We will buy them as long as you make them.

This is delicious and healthy as a grab and go snack. We do not like pears however freeze dried pears are amazing. Absolutely various texture. Caution: the tangerines seeds often get freeze dried in the fruit. They are nasty bitter. Enough to stop us from purchasing once again? nope. Simply kinda dream we had understood so we were physically ready for that the very first time it took place.

Our family has constantly liked freeze-dried foods. Everything began with astronaut ice cream. Fortunately these fruit snacks are much healthier. Each package has. 36 oz by dried weight which is not a large quantity however appears to be practically the correct amount. If you are new to eating freeze-dried fruits you will certainly wish to take it slow as it some times it takes new stomaches a few smaller sized parts to get utilized to a new food type. Like nearly anything it can make your stomach a little upset if you eat excessive at one time. We are utilized to eating apples and pears and we found these to be rather good compared to the other brands we have attempted in the past. The texture is great and the flavor is excellent also. These fruits need to have been excellent prior to freeze-drying and the perfect ripeness. Attempting this variety pack was our first intro to freeze-dried tangerine. We have not had dried citrus prior to. We need to state that it was rather tart in the beginning, however excellent. We truly like them now. They are our preferred in fact. The areas are complete size pieces of tangerine and the texture is crisp, and they simply melt in your mouth. Excellent. The only small gripe we have is that we want there were equal parts of each flavor and not more apples than the rest. We can comprehend that apples are much more cost-effective for them to produce, however an equal mix would have been preferred by me. Otherwise we do need to provide this brand and this variety pack 5 stars. We are thankful we had the chance to attempt them. We have added them to our subscribe and conserve automated shipment now. Hope this evaluation helps. If your consider attempting a heather snack alternative you may be truly delighted.

The crispy tangerines are the very best we have ever tasted. We eat them like candy. Ive purchased over 75 bags for many years and never ever got a”bad batch” The taste has constantly been regularly sweet/tart. They even appear like tangerine pieces (unlike all other brands we have attempted in which the pieces are sliced up) so you seem like youre eating tangerines. We utilized to see a great deal of reviews grumbling about them coming from china and that “it must be gmo since it is from china” however they are not – the non-gmo accreditation label is printed right on the bag. And we have likewise checked out problems that “since they’re from china they must not be picked when ripe” however we disagree – they taste ripe and fresh and being that theyre freeze-dried they can be chosen ripe and then flash-frozen right away to maintain freshness and maintain all the vitamins without oxidation. We will continue to be a devoted purchaser of these.

This is a great product. The concept that you can keep a lots apples in a closet for nevertheless long you desire is great. Caution. There is a finding out curve to eating freeze dried citrus fruits. We are joking when we state this, however watch out with those tangerine chips. If you’re not ready for it, you’re getting a blast of unbuffered (since all the water is gotten rid of), concentrated sourness right on your tongue.:) there’s an episode of the simpson’s where homer drinks the sweetest drink in the world. Well, it resembles that, only this is the most sour thing on the planet.

We purchased this simply to attempt out freeze dried fruit. We enjoy the apple and the pear. We can t stand the tangerine (we are presuming that s simply our individual taste choice). We will aim to buy apple and pear once again. We wear t go to the grocery frequently sufficient to truly keep fresh fruit on hand, so this looks like a great alternative for us. We do want there was more per package; it looks like a waste of product packaging product given that we normally eat 2 bags at a time, however that s simply individual choice.

We enjoy the tangerine flavor by crispy fruit. We didn’t like this flavor in the beginning since we were stunned by the sourness, however our 1 years of age and we enjoy this flavor now. This is a good snack for any ages, young and old. Out of all the freeze dried fruit we have attempted, up until now crispy fruit makes the very best. Yes, it s made in china (what s not), however the quality and flavor is a lot better then some other business here in the us. Recommended.

Definitely delicious. Our 13 yo kid even enjoys them. A lot when he asked for some candy and we stated no, however you can have these he was simply as thrilled. Our favorite in order pineapple, mango and apple. These are so good we right away bought 2 more boxes after attempting them.

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