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Dixie Carb Counters Peanut Butter Everyday Gourmet Good Cookie

Dixie Carb Counters Peanut Butter Everyday Gourmet Good Cookie

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dixie Carb Counters Peanut Butter Everyday Gourmet Good Cookie.

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Include Enough Msg In These? Yikes?

Per the component list on the bag there is noMSG You should have the ability to expand the picture on the listing to see the component list.

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What Are The Ingredients?

The ingredients are situated on top right of the package that is shown.tap two times to expand.these cookies are delicious

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dixie Carb Counters Peanut Butter Everyday Gourmet Good Cookie, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These are great for those eating low carb – not simply good relative to low carb products, however typically good – would not be our absolute first option of cookies if we consumed carbs, however would enjoy to have them. They are sufficient to be unsafe for us to keep in home (we take a couple a day, however keep bag in trunk of cars and truck, so we do not eatmore As normal vookies good respectable – as low carb goes wonderful.

These are great to have with a cup of tea. We have been on a low carb diet for years and miss having tea and cookies. Tea and cheese, tea and nuts, do not suffice. It was great to find these cookies to substitute for the cheese and nuts often. The cookies are crispier when we keep them in the refrigerator, they are chewy at space temperature level. Extremely comparable to a sugar cookie. They are not rather like the sugar cookies our granny utilized to make, however as a substitute they are quite close. They are the very best tasting shop purchased low carb cookie we have everfound We have found lots of low-carb bars however none have the texture or flavor these cookies have, these taste like the real thing. Each cookie has to do with the size of a vanilla wafer. The chocolate cookies and almond biscottwe are delicious too.

We enjoy the taste and texture, however at more than $1 per cookie, they are unbelievably costly because each cookie is only about an inch wide, so we deducted one star forthat We choose chewy peanut butter cookies over crispy ones, and these are incredibly chewy. We would buy them by the case if they were less pricey.

Delicious bite sized cookies. Great texture and flavor for a low carb sweet treat. One star off for being extremely pricey.

They’re really semi-chewy/soft. Nevertheless they achieve it, it is unbelievable. Extremely delicious cookie choice for the low carb, high protein dieters.

These cookies are chewy. The first bite tastes strange m, however after that it tastes truly good. It sure stops the craving for sugary foods. We simply only want they would bring more in the bag. Likewise, they are little costly for bringing so little in a bag. Those are the 2 failures. Other than that, perfect. This seller is accountable. We have bought these cookies two times and never ever had an issue.

We are constantly reluctant with low carb products since of the contrast with sugaredproducts Well we believe these are great however you need to understand we are somebody who can not eat sugared cookies since of diabetes. So somebody who is new to low carb may not like them as much as somebody who has eaten sugared cookies for years. On the other hand as comone who has not cared for a great deal of other low carb cookies we can state that these practically the very best low carb cookies we have tasted. We will purchase more.

We are diabetic, so low-carb options are necessary. And a great deal of the choices are quite unappetizing. These are fantastic exception. They taste truly good.

We did not enjoy the dixie restaurant peanut butter cookies. However we enjoy these – they rather melt in your mouth and the flavors and texture are perfect for us – a cross in between a snickerdoodle and a snowball cookie that reminisces christmas for those in-the-know. Wink, wink. We like that, since of the low carb and lower calorie count, we can grab simply 1 to please a short-lived craving without excessive guilt or we can have 3 (the serving size) for a real sit-down treat, once again with extremely little guilt. Care: the cookies are small so we understand that, for us, we need to beware not to in some way encourage ourself that eating the entire bag in 2 days is appropriate. That had most likely be the only unfavorable thing we might state about these: they’re addicting. However that’s our issue. Can’ t blame the cookies;-RRB-.

For a low carb cookie, this is probaly among our preferred. Compared to a normal cookie, the taste is. Meh, is borderline. Compared to other low carb cookies, its delicious.

These are definitely delicious cookies. And they truly do taste like real “powdered sugar. ” right down the coolness on the tongue. They even seem like powdered sugar. We simply put another order – and the peanut butter cookies are great, tool. A real dessert that does not terrify our glucose meter.

We enjoythese So good. We are bariatric client and these are great addition to our low carb lifestyle.

A small present. A sweet surprise for house-bound recipient. Thought about extremely delicious. Remark was: “yum, yum”.

Enjoyedthese Tasted like nutter butters.

Theses were good however we have because had quest cookies and they re better.

Upside. These were (were) extremely delicious cookies. Drawback. They are extremely pricey. About a dollar each. They are only about a 1″- 1 1/4″ cookie. They got here on time. We may buy once again, however we question it. Unless they were bogo.

Delicious Great peanut flavor and sweet however in a balanced way.

Great damp and delicious cookies. A great sweet treat for the carb denied. They only have a minor aftertaste and the rate is a bit high however those few people who comprehend the key to health are utilize to paying the rate of being the minority sadly. We would not live without this diet so we will stop talking and enjoy our cookie:-RRB-.

We were a bit doubtful however these are delicious. They are medium sized (about the size of an oreo) and at 2 net carbs per cookie are perfect for low-carb diets (or heck, any diet). We want we might find them in your area so we would not need to pay shipping, other than that, they’re great and we will buy them once again.

These tastes great.

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