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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Enzymedica, Lacto.

  • DAIRY INTOLERANCE Our blend of digestive enzymes help break down lactose and casein to reduce symptoms of intolerance
  • DIGESTIVE RELIEF Helps reduce periodic symptoms of indigestion from dairy intolerance consisting of gas, bloating and cramping; Supports digestion for the whole meal
  • ONE CAPSULE With food including dairy supplies a high-potency lactase and other enzymes to help digest dairy sugars, proteins and fats
  • NATURAL ENZYME SUPPORT With Thera-blend enzymes, a fast-acting mix of several pressures that work at different pH levels
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE We’re happy to call ourselves the enzyme specialists; All of our products are backed by extensive science and research so you can feel great in our supplements

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Enzymedica, Lacto.
When you believe your meal may consist of dairy, shotLacto A powerful enzyme supplement designed to support lactose, dairy and casein digestion while assisting break down the rest of your meal too. Taking 1 capsule with dairy helps reduce periodic gas and bloating. Usage Lacto and delight in dairy treats with self-confidence. Read more LactoDairyAssistGlutenEaseLypo GoldHelps DigestLactose, casein, proteins and fatsLactose, caseinGluten, casein, carbsFats, oilsNon-GMOyesyesyesyesVegan and Kosheryesyesyesyes Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Enzymedica, Lacto.

Question Question 1

Does This Help With Nasal Blockage As An Outcome Of Casein Level Of Sensitivity?

As per the maker, Enzymedica states, “YResearch has shown that certain individuals who note adverse symptoms occurring after ingestion of dairy products may be intolerant to milk proteins (casein and whey) or to milk fats.LactoTMis formulated for individuals who have difficulty digesting foods that contain d As per the manufacturer, Enzymedica says, ” YResearch has revealed that specific people who keep in mind negative symptoms taking place after intake of dairy products may be intolerant to milk proteins (casein and whey) or to milk fats.LactoTMis formulated for people who have trouble absorbing foods that consist of dairy. Lacto includes lactase and other enzymes that work synergistically to digest all elements of dairy. * High- potency lactase breaks down the dairy sugar lactose, while the lipase Thera-blendTM and protease Thera-blend break down dairy fats and proteins, respectively. * The enzyme blends in Lacto offer digestive support for the whole meal. * Complete dairy digestion may naturally reduce pains which are typical to lactose and casein intolerance.”

Question Question 2

Is This Product United States-Made From Us-Sourced Ingredients? Is It Individually Certified (Usp, Gmp)?

We are supplier and have reached out to the maker to get you the appropriateinformation We will forward it to you as quickly as we get it.

Question Question 3

How Is This Various From Dairy Assist?

we have not utilized Dairy Assist, nevertheless it appears it is for individuals that suffer from heartburn.Lacto is if you can not digest dairy/ lactose intolerance.Lacto is an amazing product, we extremely advise.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Enzymedica, Lacto, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Our child takes these prior to eating cheese. It works to control her indigestion. She only consumes cheese a couple times a month, so we can t state if they work for daily usage. They do work when she requires them.

Way better (imo) than lactaid. These work questions so we can have the periodic creme brûlée, flan, and ice cream. No headaches, no belly pains, no gas.

A product that works. No extra ingredients like the industrial products in regional drug stores and supermarket. Only what is requirement remains in theirproducts You can never ever fail with enzymedica. Enzymes are what they do.

We have utilized a few various dairy aid pills in the past. They didn’t truly help. We discovered this one, checked out the ingredients and chose to attempt itout It does work. We felt better after delighting in our vice, ice cream. Provide it a shot.

This is the very best over-the-counter lactose digestive we have ever utilized. Really effective for practically whatever we eat. We did utilize 2 when eating ice cream.

Our hubby suffers from lactose intolerance and this was advise through a health shop. He has attempted almost whatever in the drug shop and would still suffer when having dairy. We found lacto and it has truely been a true blessing for him due to the fact that he enjoys cheese. Up until now we have had the very best outcomes with this product. Extremely advise.

Bought this product for a member of the family. Was informed it works great. Will be back to buy more when they run out.

We advise this product.

We are lactose intolerant. We live at a retirement home and can’t constantly inform whether a dish is prepared with milkproducts Nevertheless, if in doubt, we will take a lacto and prevent any issues. Likewise, when in a great while we will catch temptation and pick something with cheese. Once again, lacto pertains to the rescue and we have no issues. We would not lack it.

Love love love. We have taken lactaids for years and it began to fail me. We are so delicate that we would inform individuals if we smell ranch we would s *** ourself. We would take 7 pills for it to postpone the beginning of our diarrhea for a day. And that was to eat one piece of pizza. We are so delicate. We have not had ice cream in 21 years. We took these and got a great deal of weight due to the fact that we can eat dairy once again. Lol. We are so pleased. We can be normal. Dairy remains in whatever. Every celebration is a pizza celebration. Or somebody makes you a cheeseless quiche. Whwe desires that?? or to seem like a concern on others? thank you for such a great product we cant stress enough just how much it’s altered our life.

We can now go out in public after eating a ourriad of foods that trigger us issues. We utilized to be able to only eat boring oatmeal if we were going to remain in public. However. The unfortunate thing is that we utilized to get the costco brand at the retail outlet and we can get 180 tablets for less than your 90 tablets.:( we are on a tight senior spending plan, regretfully. We do hope that you can make more of a bulk bottle/larger bottle and charge less at the end.:( otherwise, we may need to stick with the more affordable brands and keep attempting others that deal more pills. (we need to take them more than a few times daily to cover milk, cheese, ice cream, eggs, whatever. That is when it gets costly. We will keep our fingers crossed for more of an offer on our typically empty wallet.

This is the only thing that works for our child. Works fast and effective.

We would buy from them permanently. Such a handy pills we feel normal and free to eat all milk products and feel so light.


Prior to lacto, we would experience uneasy inflammation, gas, bloat, and low grade sleepiness after taking in anything dairy. Now, our body appears to accept cheese, w protein, and ice cream with no of the previous pain.

We have 2 kids that are lacto intolerant. We can not lack this product. We attempted the lact-aid pills cost our regional grocer and they did not avoid the kids’s symptoms. This product works and permits our kids to have a more balanced diet, consisting of cheese and a periodic icecream treat. We are really happy with enzymetica products and utilize their ‘digest’ line likewise.

Works from me.

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