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FITCRUNCH Protein Bars

FITCRUNCH Protein Bars, Gluten Free, Award Winning Taste

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Here are a few main benefits of FITCRUNCH Protein Bars, Gluten Free, Award Winning Taste.

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly: The makers of the acclaimed FITCRUNCH Peanut Butter Baked Bar are bringing a popular throwback to life with the brand new Peanut Butter and Jelly bar. This classic mix of peanut butter and jelly stops cravings in their tracks, while providing high-quality whey protein isolate with simply 6g of sugar. Some call it a living legend.
  • Whey Protein: Our protein bars are made from a distinct Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate). Our company believe this is the very best quality protein offered on the marketplace, which is why we have it in all our products.
  • 6 Layer Baked Bar: We have the worlds first 6 layer baked bar. Most protein bars have simply one layer, ours stands out with 6 layers that all play a vital part in our award winning protein bar look and taste.
  • Why United States: Aside from having a 6-Layer protein bar, our bars are filled with 30 g of protein and simply 6G of sugar.
  • About United States: The acclaimed FITCRUNCH Baked Bar is perhaps the very best protein bar ever made. Produced by co-founder and star chef, Robert Irvine, to supply quality nutrition and an unequaled taste that you d anticipate from a world-renown chef. FITCRUNCH makes getting your protein more satisfying than ever in the past. Offered global, taken pleasure in by professional athletes, fitness lovers and households.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on FITCRUNCH Protein Bars, Gluten Free, Award Winning Taste.
Flavor: Peanut Butter and JellyThe acclaimed FITCRUNCH Baked Bar is perhaps the very best protein bar ever made. Produced by co-founder and star chef, Robert Irvine, to supply quality nutrition and an unequaled taste that you d anticipate from a world-renown chef. FITCRUNCH makes getting your protein more satisfying than ever in the past. Offered global, taken pleasure in by professional athletes, fitness lovers and households.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on FITCRUNCH Protein Bars, Gluten Free, Award Winning Taste.

Question Question 1

Will These Help You Gain Weight?

Not really.These are mainly protein.Protein is best utilized to restore muscle after exercise.If you are simply wanting to put on weight, you will require more carbs than this supplies.If you are wanting to include muscle, these would be a small part of a total program.

Question Question 2

The Gelatin Utilized In Fit Crunch Is Vegan Or Not?

Yes These bars do have gelatin. The bars package defines it as gelatin (bovine).

Question Question 3

Image Is For Cookies AndCream Is It Birthday Cake?

yes. its a photo pre loaded

Question Question 4

What’S The Return Policy Of The New Pb & J Flavor?

anything is returnable

Question Question 5

How Much Sodium In Each Bar?

490 mg

Question Question 6

Do These Protein Bars Have Large Chunks Of Nuts?

we would not call them large portions. You will find peanut halves therein. If you desire a real treat, attempt the cookies and cream flavor FitCrunch our preferred protein bar of perpetuity. And we have been eating these things for practically 2 years now.

Question Question 7

How Huge Are These Bars?

complete size bars. 30 g protein

Question Question 8

Can An Individual With Dentures Eat These?

we do not have dentures, BUT, we would believe that you can, if in doubt go buy ONE bar at the shop prior to you buy them by the box. These are the very best tasting bars we have ever had. They have nuts & Carmel in the ones we like however there are various favors.

Question Question 9

Could We Please See A Complete List Of Ingredients?


Question Question 10

How Lots Of Carbs Per Bar?

27 carbs minus 2 fiber, minus 16 for the sugar alcohols. So 9 net carbs. However they’ rehuge.

Question Question 11

What Is The Sweetener Utilized In These Bars?

sucralose and sugar

Question Question 12

What Flavors Does The Variety Pack Include?

It comes with simply the 4 displayed in the photo. They are all great. we have one asy breakfast every day. Keeps us complete up until lunch and some days through to mid afternoon.

Question Question 13

Do These Contain Aspertane Or Sucrose?

The label does not list aspartame or sucrose, however does list 6 g sugar, in addition to sorbital, sucralose, and corn syrup, which are all sugars.(Total sugars: 6 g, includes 5 g of sugarcoated. Sugar alcohol 16 g) we hope this helps.

Question Question 14

Are These Readily Available For Membership & Save?


Question Question 15

Exists A Way To Order Where The Bars Don’T Arrive Melted?

we got mine in September, and they were quite melted. we reside in Tampa Florida, so the weather condition does not get cold sufficient to now melt chocolate. We put them in the fridge and they were a lot better later on.

Question Question 16

How Lots Of Carbs In Each Bar?

According to the label 14 g

Question Question 17

How Lots Of Bars Do We Get For $3899?

you get 12, we understand it’s a little costly however they deserve it.

Question Question 18

How Lots Of Bars Is This For?

Welcome. They are delicious

Question Question 19

What Are The Ingredients Of The Cookie And Cream?

If you go to their websites all of the ingredients are noted for each flavor.

Question Question 20

Any Stevia In Them?

The ingredients state they include sugar, doesn t point out anything about stevia.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on FITCRUNCH Protein Bars, Gluten Free, Award Winning Taste, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Peanut butter is our preferred fit crunch flavor. Half a bar is a guilt free dessert that fits our macros well. We likewise like these for taking a trip in a pinch, however these are less pricey at walmart now so we will not be purchasing them on.

A few notes. We are not a nutritional expert nor in the medical field. We are not a professional athlete. Our company believe we are the closest thing to “just normal man in his forties” that you can get. So keep that in mind with this evaluation. We were on the edge of type 2 diabetes and began working out and enjoying our diet carefully about 4 months earlier. As our blood glucose has improved and we have gotten healthier we started working out more extremely and as an outcome we required more protein in our daily diet. We really found these at the regional wally world and believed we would attempt one. Taking a look at the nutrition information we were a little delayed at first by the calories (380 in the peanut butter one) and the quantity of sodium, which appeared high to me. However, we figured as a meal replacement we considered this excusable if they were filling. Yes theyare 30 grams of whey protein is a good boost for somebody who requires more protein in their diet. We enjoy the taste of the peanut butter ones. We have attempted the others however the peanut butter one is the very best tasting and most rewarding to me. From what we have continued reading other sites and reviews for energy bars (once again, we consider this a meal replacement not simply a snack) we would not advise this to somebody who is wanting to drop weight by simply eatingless This product, in our viewpoint, is for those who have been working out for a while and enjoying their diet- eating more than among these a day would most likely damage you if you were simply startingout We normally have one mid early morning after a breakfast shake and then have a light lunch- that brings us over well into the afternoon when we normally workout We bought the peanut butter ones wholesale and they got here rapidly. Surprise. It’s north carolina in august and they got here melted. So rather than right away require to the web to grumble we put them in the fridge to tighten. Worked like a champ. In general, we advise these for their value, taste and fulfillment.

We purchased 2 boxes of these protein bars: peanut butter and birthday cake. The peanut butter flavor is quickly the very best protein bar we have ever had. It’s not rather a candy bar however it’s not far off either. The textures are so good, and the flavor is all there. Superb. Will purchasemore Craving another one today. 380 cal is a lot for a bar however it’s 30 g of protein and the important things is big. You might utilize this as a meal replacement no issue. The less that’s stated about birthday cake thebetter It was disgusting. We seriously might not eat half of one bar. We spit our 2nd bite into the garbage, chucked the remainder of the bar, and put out package out for free at work. And we didn’t even put them out beside the colleagues we like. We took them to the jerks on the 2nd flooring. We seem like possibly this was unreasonable. In retrospection we would not want the cloying yet in some way bitter, metal, strangely effervescent sugar alcohol flavor on even our work environment opponents. We provide 5 stars on the strength of the pb bar alone. Prevent the birthday cake flavor.

We have attempted lots of protein bars and these are without a doubt our favorite. This protein bar has more calories than lots of others which we like, however that’s great for us given that they will make a great in between meal snack when we require a few morecalories The fat material is a little high compared to lots of however for our workout program, fat is energy and not a failure. We found these at gnc first and they can’t keep them in stock. They will offer out 12 boxes in a delivery in one day which is why we concerned to get them. Very same cost. We do not browse out sugar or candy bars however we will inform you that these things are addicting. If you ever have a craving for sugar or candy or require to include some calories to your diet, these things are amazing. Fiber, a small bit if sugar, lots of protein. What else could you desire? believe me, when you have attempted one you will resemble everybody at gnc and purchasing boxes of them at a time. That’s why they can’t keep them in stock. Thank you for constantly having them in stock.

Fitcrunch protein bars are the very best we have ever had. Prior to we go on with a great evaluation for this product we desire you to understand that we are not a staff member of the business or owner. We are 62 and have been eating protein bars for a long time. We take a trip to africa a lot and constantly miss a lunch or supper for various factors so protein bars are our to go food. We have attempted lots of for many years and have not found one as good as fitcrunch. They taste great and you understand that they are good for you. We are preparing for our next journey and we simply purchased 2 cases and recommended them to the group who will be taking a trip with me. So if you are looking for a protein bar this is one you will more than happy you attempted.

We purchased these after recognizing how hard it can be to strike our daily protein objectives (particularly if you’re a light breakfast eater, or do not like drinking your calories in shake-form). These bars are relatively high in calories, so for that, we would not advise these as a snack, however a meal replacement, unless you’re attempting to bulk. Every flavor in the variety pack is delicious. They do not have a super unique “protein” taste. It exists, however it’s bearable. We anticipated the peanut butter one to be our least preferred, however it’s freaking delicious. It tastes like a chocolate peanut butter cup. In general, a great purchase for a quick breakfast choice with half the quantity of our daily protein in one bar.

The new flavor pb jelly taste precisely like pb. Jelly sandwich. Fitcrunch, you men accomplish.

Ok; got a box of pb fitcrunch in the mail the other dayfrom We have eaten other protein bars prior to; some have been alright, some have left a nasty taste in our mouth. These bars are respectable. They are rather significant; absolutely might substitute for a meal if essential, or for a significant snack. The chocolate is good, and the protein nuggets provide the entire thing a good crunch. One thing we simulated with this bar, is that it does not leave you with that amusing “aftertaste” that some bars of this quality do. Good quantity of real whole peanuts in the peanut butter layer also. We didn’t seem like we required to drink a bottle of water to help it decrease; like lots of contending products we have attempted. We would absolutely advisethese We do not work out; however working the 2-10 shift, we get starving best around completion of shift every day. Although we would not wish to eat among these everyday; having one every few days makes a good end of shift snack, where we ideally will not go home and devour like normal. Likewise; the cookie bar in the middle has a soft/thick consistency, so do not anticipate some sort of “cookie crunch” or anything. However in general, we enjoyed this one. We hear he’s making a caramel and nut variation; which is best up our street. We will need to attempt them when they come out.

We do not like lots of protein bars, however we eat them for lunch given that it’s much easier on a type 1 diabetic. These taste way better then practically any other protein bar we have attempted. These are bit on the pricey side, however they are great. And that is our only grievance. Or possibly they can offer a bigger value pack to conserve a little more on these.

These bars are the very best protein bars we have ever had. They are various from most others. The others are normally: a rectangular shape of formed chewy mush dipped in chocolate. However these are like real candy bars. Yet they have some of the most affordable sugar material. They do have several layers. And we can absolutely think that they were made by a chef. They have a crunch to them. They have a pulp. There are various flavors drifting around in there that come together real well. They are something special. We first attempted these from a regional shop and fell in love. We figured we might buy a bigger pack online and possibly conserve a bit purchasing wholesale rather than acquiring them as single bars. Nevertheless, when we got package it did not last like we were hoping. We could not keep away from them they’re so damn good.

We go through a great deal of protein bars and all of us concur these taste quite dang good. Even the kids like them and they are particular. Spouse and we like the taste of them and that they are various than the normal chocolate kind. The peanut butter and grape jelly combo is our new favorite.

Great tasting (peanut butter and choc chip cookie dough) yet low calorie, low sugar, and high protein. Not a fan of the cookies and cream or b-day cake flavors (have not attempted pb & j or caramel peanut) however that’s simply our palate. Some bars do have lower calories and sugar however taste like wafer-boards others taste like real cake or cheesecake however are through the roofing in calories and sugar. We believe the fitcrunch bars are the great compromise.

All of these protein bars are constantly some version of chocolate/vanilla/peanut butter in between the 3. This bar though having a jelly layer makes it completely distinct. We simply got our box as we were preparing for lunch and this ended up being the main course. It was as good if not better than we anticipated. Can not wait to see this back in stock.

Our spontaneous and regular declarations of affection for fit crunch bars have ended up being a problem in our family. They re so much better than every other protein bar we have attempted. When we see an unknown protein bar at a 7-11, ralph s, or a gnc we buy it, trigger we put on t wish to miss out on something. Pure protein, clif, powerbar, musclepharm, premier, orgain, rx, thinkthin, quest, you call it we have most likely attempted it. Fit crunch normally isn’t the least expensive choice, however it s constantly been the very best. If you re gon na bust your a ** at the gym you may also invest a little extra on something you can really anticipate. Our preferred flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough, caramel peanut, and cookies and cream. The flavor and texture are unequaled. Every buddy with whom we have shared the good news of fit crunch has concurred.

We do not understand what else to state about these other than the taste. If you (we suggest it) like “snickers” brand candy bars; these are practically similar to them however with a softer texture. We bought the peanut butter flavor at the suggestion of folks who likewise attempted the exact same flavor, and let us inform you we were not dissatisfied. As others have pointed out and we will echo the point; these are best utilized as meal replacement bars or for those who are already on an extremely well structured diet where you understand the number of calories you’re consuming throughout the day. If you have a craving for sweets and still have some candy bars for your “cheat” day, these likewise would not be a bad replacement thinking about half a bar would still provide you 15 g of whey protein to help with your daily requirements. We will not state these are the “best” protein bars we have ever had cause that includes lots of factors to think about. However they are the very best tasting ones we have ever had; even beating out the sugar packed gatorade whey protein recuperate bars, peanut butter chocolate, 2. 8 ounce bars (12 count).

We bought the snack size of these and went through them immediately so we believed getting the complete size would be a good relocation. Truthfully they are way too huge – we enjoy the quantity of protein & sugar however we have only completed possibly 3 of them and have the rest of them kept in package. The snack size was ideal in our viewpoint since they were the size of a regular bar.

These bars taste good and we find them to be a good source of pre-workout energy. They’re great prior to a long term, or prior to a resistance workout. We were purchasing the complete size bars at a grocery store in nc, and they were marked down. We transferred to our present place in wv, and we can’t find them in shops. They’re more expensive on, however we like them enough to order.

Update after bought numerous boxes from we have discovered the these bars appear like they have been relaxing some time and do not look or taste fresh. We now only by them in singles from walmart. Our regional walmart shop does not have the large bars in a box only singles. The bars look and taste milesbetter The expense is $1. 99 per bar at walmart. We took our evaluation down one star since of this.

Most of these bars taste great. The peanut butter one particularly. They are addicting. Quickly the very best protein bars we have had. We won t be purchasing the variety pack once again since we do not care for the birthday cake flavor. Likewise the cost here is a fair bit greater than what you can find in the warehouse store.

Delicious bar, great for a lunch replacement at work or a get-me-thru-til-6pm afternoon snack. We will absolutely pack a box of these in our searching bag along with almonds, sunflower seeds and oatmeal. Not milky, most flavors are delicious. Somewhat pricey however you get what you payfor Strong product.

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