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Gatorade G2 Orange

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  • Gatorade and GSSI continue to browse for and research study new and innovative methods to help professional athletes improve performance by assisting in appropriate hydration and nutrition
  • G2 Orange flavored sports drink has the very same quantity of electrolytes as our original Gatorade formula, however with ony 20 calories per serving
  • Usage G2 as a low-calorie sports drink to help remain sustained for an ultimate perfomrance

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In early summer of 1965, a University of Florida assistant coach took a seat with a group of university doctors and asked them to identify why a lot of of his gamers were being impacted by heat and heat associated diseases. The scientists Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. H. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Quesada quickly found 2 key factors that were triggering the Gator gamers to wilt: the fluids and electrolytes the gamers lost through sweat were not being changed, and the large quantities of carbohydrates the gamers bodies utilized for energy were not being renewed. The scientists then took their findings into the laboratory, and clinically formulated a new, specifically balanced carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage that would sufficiently change the key elements lost by Gator gamers through sweating and exercise. They called their mixture Gatorade.

Our Insights:

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We only buy the g2 series of the gatorade drinks since they are lower sugar than the regular gatorades & taste great. The orange is hard to find at our regional shops, so we were grateful to include it to our kitchen order. This is a good tasting orange & it does not have an aftertaste. Our preferred is the grape g2, however this is a close second. This 12 ounce is the perfect size since that’s normally what we drink at one time, & they come in handy to grab and go while taking a trip in the vehicle, for lunches, and so on. If you like orange, provide it a shot.

These 12 oz. Bottles are useful size for usage on the roadway or around your house when you desire the gatorade to still be cold when you drink it. The bigger 20 oz. Bottles constantly appear to get warm prior to we complete them. The cost was within what we would call affordable.

We like the g2 family of products, however why can’t we buy the orange in 20 oz without being shammed by some random business? gatorade. Listen to your consumers. We desire orange g2 in 20 oz.

First of all, we looked for the g2 orange flavor at various shops and online for about a week. None of the shops or online had this product in stock. We desired g2 since it is low calorie and low sugar. Had g2 orange in stock in their kitchen. We were so pleased to find it. It s a great product. And orange is among gatorade s best flavors.

Love that it s lower in sugar. Taste is little thinned down however still rejuvenating. It costs 2 dollars more than the complete sugar gatorade.

We like the red the very best all the others are options make since they are out of red.

We exercise a lot and like having some g or g2 around, and this size is great. Love that we can purchase for shipment and hav a much larger choice of flavors.

This g2 orange gatorade tastes so good and has less sugar than regular gatorade.

G2 is our preferred drink. It got here as kept in mind. I. Much better than any soda.

Fresh and delicious.

Good flavor, less sugars.

To drink.

Super taste low calorie.


It changes electrolytes.

Great perfect cripling hands making hard to hold smallsz/ however jumbo in truth containers.

Good value.

Great priceshipped to your door.


Low cal, however the flavor is week.

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