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Jack Link’s Snack Packs

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Jack Link’s Snack Packs.

  • Protein On- the-Go- Beef Jerky
  • Good Source of Protein- 9g
  • Low in Fat -.5 g total Fat
  • Smart Snack- Great for Lunches and After School Snacks

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Jack Link’s Snack Packs.
Made with premium cuts of lean beef and seasoned with our distinct blend of spices. Then we smoke the tender strips of beef with genuine mesquite for the subtle, smoky flavor you anticipate in genuine beef jerky.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Jack Link’s Snack Packs.

Question Question 1

How Much Sodium Per Bag?

370 mg per.625 oz bag

Question Question 2

How Much Protein Remains In Each One?

8 grams of protein.

Question Question 3

How Much Sugar Per Bag?

Unsure, we do not have a bag in front of me.you would need to google (or search for another way) How much sugar remains in 3.125 oz of Jack Links Original Jerky

Question Question 4

Why Don’T You Show The Nutrition Truths With Each Package Please?

You should find the nutrition list on the original product packaging. One factor it’s not shown is due to the fact that the product is not for sell by private packs

Question Question 5

Are They Good For Keto?

The best way to address your question is to refer you to the nutrition information on our site and let you make that choice. You can find that information at the following link on our site: https://www.jacklinks.com/original-beef-jerky-lunch-packsHave a great day.

Question Question 6

This Pipeline Tobaccos Taste Like Crap? Is It Old?

We apologize you got a product that is not up to our high standard of quality. Please call us at 715.4666608, M-F, 8-4 Central Time or compose us at the below link and we will attempt to help.https:// www.jacklinks.com/pages/contact We apologize you got a product that is not up to our high standard of quality. Please call us at 715.4666608, M-F, 8-4 Central Time or compose us at the below link and we will attempt to help.https:// www.jacklinks.com/pages/contactThank you for being a valued customer.

Question Question 7

How Lots Of Carbs??

There are 3 total carbs per serving.

Question Question 8

Does It Have Pork?

Our original jerky does not include pork.

Question Question 9

Does This Have Msg?

This product does not includeMSG All of our products that include monosodium glutamate (MSG) are plainly identified, as needed by law.

Question Question 10

Can We Get This Added To Our Subscribe And Conserve?

You will require to get in touch with Customer Service for support with your question. Thanks.

Question Question 11

Is It Gluten Free?

It’s not gluten free. The soy sauce they utilize as part of their flavoring includes wheat. There are other brands of beef jerky that do not utilize wheat so we would look around.

Question Question 12

How Lots Of Calories Per Pack?

50 per pack

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Jack Link’s Snack Packs, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is a great helpful little snack that our whole family takes pleasure in. There were 5 bundles that are small with only a few pieces of beef jerky, with a smokey mesquite flavor. 8 grams of protein, this is not a gluten free food. Nevertheless, these are great for trip, on the bus while getting back from school. Small enough so you will not eat excessive and get a tumour pains and fantastic for anybody who is attempting to reduce that waist line.

Due to 3 males in your home who enjoys jerky and the expense of this on the go 5 pack, we buy a great deal ofthese Jack links has been around because we can keep in mind and the quality has to do with average. You either like it or dislike it and our family enjoys this when more costly brands need to be hardly ever bought due to over rates. We stockpile on these so they last a month of on the go motion. Good way to get a fast little protein in the diet. Not too salty and a mild chew, not leatherlike.

We personally do not like beef jerky however our co employees like these and rave about them. We are it’s so we invest a great deal of time at desks and frequently get so included we can’t hurry out to get food. So its good to keep a snack in the workplace. They like these and ask us to buy these for them all of the time. =-RRB- they in fact like to cut them up and put them into their mac n cheese for an added flavor hahait approved.

Love these snack packs of jacks links beef jerky. Each pack only has 50 calories so if your attempting to diet and going low carb, this product is great for a snack. Great to have on hand at your desk at work or in your automobile when you are sensation starving. Best of all is it s great tasting and provides you protein with low calories.

Ok these are in fact our own fault that we weren t as delighted with them. They are perfect for somebody his lunch box. We didn’t read it close enough and believed we were getting bigger bags. Jack s links or some of our partners preferred. Flavor sensible these were fantastic we simply required a huge pack rather of 5 small packs.

Our family enjoys jerky and we are continuously purchasing jumbo bags from costco, however what that implies is that we require to develop snack bags for the kids when they are on the go. When we found these pre-made snack size bags it was great. They are the perfect quantity for a quick protein snack and already in a great sized bag for packaging in lunches, sports equipment, knapsacks, or daypacks. The kids like them and are the first thing to enter our home. We have not had the ability to find them in our regional shop, so bought from kitchen makes things simple. Position your order online, and within days it is provided to your doorstep.

Possibly we are a moron and put on t understand how to evaluate weights. We believed there would be more in the packs. It s hardly enough in a pack to keep you alive on naked and scared. Easy to toss a pack in your bag for a teensy morsel of a snack on the go. Tastes good and the rate had to do with as much as a large bag of jerky would have been.

We liked the concept of little snack packs to require to work. Plain and simple, we wereted cash. We understand jerky is normally costly however there was hardly anything in the baggies and there was only 5 of them. You’re better off purchasing a huge bag of jerky and taking and putting them into snack or sandwich baggies.

We like the private packs, nevertheless we do want there was more in them. We purchased them for a journey so we might put them in knapsacks and luggage. It was great to be able to grab a little bag and not fret about the large bag.

The jerky itself was good (which is why we provided it 4 stars) however certainly not worth the rate. There are really few pieces of jerky inside. Convenient however costly.

In love. We will constantly buy from prime kitchen. Came fast and the costs are great. Now we do not need to go to the grocery all the time simply for a few things. We simply buy them off. Follow ig: @jantzen_in_the_rain for more reviews.

It is really hard to find sensible equipping stuffers however these were a great find and everybody in the family liked discovering them in their stockings. Will do this once again next year.

We purchased 4 boxes of these, in between our hubby and kid they had one box entered a day. They taste great, there isn’t much in each back due to the fact that they are snack packs and only one serving.

We got this due to the fact that we like jerky. And we were so unfortunate to see small little meat flakes in a small little pouch. It resembled a meat flake tease. Nevertheless the flavor was great.

Super yummy, perfect sized snack pack for lunches or a long trip or simply for a small snack throughout the day. Great flavor, and good part sizes in snack packs.

Our hubby enjoys jerky and this is easy to put in lunches for him however there s hardly any jerky in each bag. We would rather pay more for a good quantity of jerky than conserve cash so he can eat one piece a day.

If (like the package states) you loading lunches this is a great protein serving size. They are bite sized easy to chew pieces easy to pack and taste great.

Perfect size to make the hunger pleased and get energy. We like these for our on the go, pack in bag for snack to hold over till meal, or outside activities.

These taste good, however we seem like the quantity in the bag should be a bitmore We have likewise stumbled upon a few bags where the jerky was so hard to eat.

First of all, the bad: these are small parts. We recognize package states there is 5 in there however we didn’t recognize simply how little there remained in each bag. The positives: the jerky is good. It s soft and is delicious. This would work a lot better as a lunchbox or after school snack for a kid. A huge person like us should buy bigger bundles.

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