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Jayone Seaweed, Roasted and Lightly Salted

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Jayone Seaweed, Roasted and Lightly Salted.

  • 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • Includes DV of Iodine
  • Perfect to take in lunch boxes or snack to go
  • Only 30 calories per pack.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Jayone Seaweed, Roasted and Lightly Salted.
Flavor: Nutty flavor|Size: 0.17 Ounce (Pack of 24)All natural. NoMSG No sugar. It is 100% natural.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Jayone Seaweed, Roasted and Lightly Salted.

Question Question 1

Is This For 24 Boxes Or 24 Sheets Of Seasoned Seaweed?

24 boxes.Each box has about 15-20 sheets.

Question Question 2

Is This Whole Product Organic And Non Gmo?

Non- organic compounds, such as salt (mineral) can not be organic, it’s difficult. Moreover, if you believe GMOs are bad, you’ve purchased into pseudoscience fear-mongering rubbish

Question Question 3

Are These Good To Dip Salsa In Location Of Potato Chips?

No, it’s best to eat in its own like a potato chip. It’s paper thin and tasty. we like to eat it with rice or make a sushwe hand wrap

Question Question 4

How Much Does One Pack Weight?

verifying package states.17 oz (5 grams) extremely light weight, paper thin sheets, like an 8/11 sheet cut up into 11 or 12 3.25″x 2.25″ rectangular shapes.

Question Question 5

Is This 100% Natural,?

Where these seaweed snack are 100% natural or not our company believe that theyare we and our family craves them even our 3yr old niece likes them and will weep if she do not get them. we buy car ship on a monthly basis 5boxes we require to Increase our order cause we are constantly sharing them. we would state, attempt them u’ll like them to.

Question Question 6

Is This Good For Making Seaweedegg Flower Soup?

should be

Question Question 7

What Is The Size Of Each Sheet?

we no longer have any left, however to the very best of our recollection, if you keep in mind package of seaweed utilized to be offered by Costco, it’s the exact same size.Hope that helps.

Question Question 8

Why Has The Rate Increased From $6.98 Per Box Of 24 To $1751 Per Box???

we bin paying $1199 for over 2 months

Question Question 9

Is It Halal?

Absolutely nothing on package shows that it is. It is entirely Vegan, if that helps.

Question Question 10

What Is The Life Span Of This Product? Is It Good For Long Term Storage?

The batch we purchased in November 2017 has a “best before” 6/30/18

Question Question 11

We Get Its From Korea However What Kind Of Seaweed?

we are uncertain what type it is however is in fact respectable and it taste good

Question Question 12

Does This Contain Kale?

It does not consist of kale.

Question Question 13

How Do We Get Our Cash Back?This Seaweed Is Stagnant And Plain Awful?

If you purchased it Prime, they are excellent about customer care. Inform.

Question Question 14

A Few Months Earlier, This Box Was Around $7. Now It depends on $20 What Provides?

we were begun costing $28 when we noted it. we believe the supply for it is simply extremely unpredictable.

Question Question 15

Can You Make Seaweed Salad With These?

In our viewpoint you might include this to a salad, if you like the taste. It remains in thin sheets– nearly like cellophane. However it might not be the basis of a seaweed salad as the others have published.

Question Question 16

Exists Lead In This Product? There Its A Proposal65 Caution Above?

No lead however it s a new law for california. salt, oil and seaweed

Question Question 17

So Approximately How Numerous Sheets Are You Getting For This Rate?

The specific plans (2) we simply opened and taken in had 9 3 inch x 2.5 inch sheets in one, and 11 in the other.

Question Question 18

Is This Gim Or Nori?

The package state 100% natural seaweed. Roasted with oil and salt. No reference of gim or nori.

Question Question 19

What Does It Taste Like?

In the beginning, it is a little salty and you taste the sesame oil. As you are eating it, then you discover the seaweed taste which is moderate and a little sweet.It is a preferred snack.

Question Question 20

Do You Test For Heavy Metals In The Seaweed?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Jayone Seaweed, Roasted and Lightly Salted, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

The image reveals the seaweed brands we have attempted in order of choice. Jayone: crisp and lightly salted. Delicious at a deal cost. These are great with a meal or simply to please those evening cravings. We likewise cut them up and take them to the theatre in location of popcorn. These are little bit saltier than the gim me brand. Gim me: extremely comparable if not rather as salty as the jayone, simply a little more pricey and a little more oil. They appear to flake a little more than the jayone, however are still excellent. We simulate having the choice to buy 10 g trays or 5g trays for bring as a snack or addition to a meal. Black label gourmet: driest and least salty of the lot, however still a good crunch. A little various flavor due to the fact that they’re roasted with olive oil rather of sesame or sunflower. They taste a little less sea-like and a little more earthy. These are the ones we like to utilize to roll salmon or tuna. Wickedly prime: we can’t advise these at all. Though they apparently have less salt than a number of the other brands, they are awfully oily and taste so salty we could not eat them; neither might our family. The only thing we can believe to do with them is wash them and re-roast them to see if they improve. Certainly unworthy purchasing.

We consumed the whole box in a week. This things is delicious. If you delight in conventional korean seaweed, this is it, folks. We have attempted numerous american made brands and they all utilize way excessive oil or the seaweed is too thick. This seaweed is completely thin and crumbly, salted and lightly seasoned with oils. The pouches got here the original 24 pack box that was inside an box. We valued package as we do not desire somebody to see we have delicious seaweed and choose to take it. We seemed like the snack packs had a generous quantity of seaweed in them, compared to other snack packs we have attempted. One pouch would certainly be great for a rice bowl, udon or simply in between classes. Mmm so good.

We purchased this seaweed as a junk food not for sus so we can’t address any questions or have any input towards it’s position in sushwe or rice. We eat it like we would eat potato chips. We do not believe we comprehended just how much seaweed we were getting for the cost. We have neever had seaweed and we have never ever purchased it personally so we had no expectations. The huge box appeared filled with a lots of snack pack sized seaweed crisps. Our preliminary trial run of it was not great because we didn’t like it excessive however it ultimately grew on me. If you’re new to it or you’re feeding it to kids, it takes a number of attempts to understand if you like it or not. The plans are easy to open, simply tear them like any other snacckfood, and take out the little tray loaded with sheets. The sheets are little oily from whatever processing takes place, this isn’t a problem at all however we figured we would discuss it. A good friend of mine that consumes comparable products more reguarly figured they required more salt however they are plainly identified”lightly salted” Prevent the wetness absorber at the bottom of each pack and you’re good to go. This delicious snack will stick in your teeth and impact breath so washing your mouth out after eating would be a good idea. Pros: lots of seaweed for the cost, good quality and healthy snack, easy to open. Cons: a little oily, can impact breath/teeth.

As somebody who has never ever attempted seaweed prior to these took a minute to get utilized to. They are thin sheets of dried seaweed in a little plastic tray, in single serving packs. There’s a little a waste of product packaging however we think there isn’t another way to do it without breaking them up. They are sort of delicate. The serving size is generous and extremely fewcalories We got utilized to the taste by the second or 3rd sheet. It’s a little spinachy, that’s most likely the closest thing we can think about in taste. Not strong however. They aren’t awfully filling however they take some time to eat and make for a good snack.

We are fan of seaweed snacks and have attempted lots of. This package was fine in regards to general quality. It is lightly salted as explained for those wanting to decrease their salt consumption. The parts might be bigger due to the fact that after you’re done with a pack you still desiremore The texture is truly flat (we are utilized to bumps and shapes), so it seems like eating flat salted sea chips. This wasn’t sufficient for us to buy once again, however for those looking for a less salty variation of a seaweed snack, it may be for you.

We have these on membership due to the fact that they are that good. They appear to have a soft nutty flavor in addition to aren’t too “fishy” according to our child. We can eat them alone or have them to wrap some rice with and they do not break down. Extremely delighted with this purchase. We likewise like that the cost is sensible considering we eat these daily. Completely worth getting. Extremely well packaged.

We had attempted a various brand of these from a regional shop and liked them immediately. We enjoyed to be able to buy a huge box of them for a lower cost per package than at our regional shop. If you have attempted seaweed prior to and liked it, this is a great crunchy variation. They do taste like seaweed with that fishy ocean taste, so if you’re not into that you aren’t going to likethese Our colleagues constantly view us eat them, however nobody is brave enough to attempt them. The do have a little oil and salt on them, and for us they are great substitute for chips. We eat them straight from the package. If you’re uncertain you’re going to like them, you may wish to attempt discovering a single package to attempt prior to devoting to a whole huge box.

Individuals who compose reviews of these different sort of packaged seaweed flakes grumbling that they aren’t as thick and crunchy as potato chips or definitely loaded with flavor either have not check out the description or have not analyzed the reality that a product with 30 calories per package that weighs next to absolutely nothing is not going to be as significant as a pack of crackers. What you get is what one may anticipate: light, crunchy little sheets of seaweed that are tasty, clean and will not fill you up. We delight in eating them as is or contributing to miso soup. This brand is fresh and delicious, and the cost is great. The only disadvantage is that the way they are packaged uses up a great deal of space in the cabinet, however that keeps them fluffed up and crunchy. A healthy snack that leaves you stressing over absolutely nothing however the sodium. In small amounts, like anything else, even that isn’t bad. Yumour treat.

This is among our preferred junk food. Seasoned and roasted”just right” Not too oily or salty, and we have yet to have a batch that is soaked, less than crispy when we open one. You truly should eat a whole package quickly when you open it, however, due to the fact that it will get soaked rather quick, however the parts are ideal sized to do that, so no concerns. Bear in mind that it does have a little a “fishy” taste to it, however that’s because, it’s from the ocean. =) however if you like seaweed, then this is a great option at an surprisingly good cost. We have it set for subscribe and conserve so we’ll constantly have a “supply” on hand. Thankfully for us, our partner does not like seaweed, so we do not need to share. Double yum.

Simply gotten these today and our partner & we have already eaten 3 packs. They are delicious and quite healthy for snacking. The cost is good too. We saw some customers were worried about it being not non-gmo any longer due to the fact that there utilized to be non-gmo prior to corn oil on the component list on the cardboard box, now there isn’t. So we simply examined and discovered that it does state non-gmo on another side of package, likewise if you take a look at the component list on the specific plans, every oil is noted as non gmo. So feel confident and delight in the treat. On the side note, the best-before-date for mine is completion of 2018, that s less than a year – for anybody who s curious.

Considering that we make our dogs foods we look for methods to get them additionals in their diet for the minerals and such. This is something they like. We want we might get it without extra salt however it is light enough that we believe it’s a perfect product for them as we only provide one sheet per day. However you can not state seaweed in this home wihtout them jerking upright and going to you to get their seaweed sheet. We will buy once again.

We have been craving seaweed for a while now, and throughout the pandemic going to the grocery store to attempt and find all the products we generally buy or like this one, look for due to the fact that of a craving has been an inconvenience. We believed the reward was sensible for the amount of the product. It likewise got here inside an box with other products we purchased prior to and the package was sealed completely. Flavor smart, we purchased the nutty flavor one, due to the fact that eating salty things are bad for us or our mother’s health. We simply opened one pack to see how it tasted and remarkably, it was delicious. We can’t wait to make rice and eat it with it, and even eat salmon with seaweed. We truly advise purchasing it. Likewise, being organic and vegan made it more appealing to our eye.

Our sweetheart purchased this things after costco notified her that there was a lack and they were not able to get it equipped up until a minimum of april. Mind you, she purchased this a few weeks earlier. We got home from work and there was seaweed dust, the plastic trays the been available in and the thin wrapper all over the kitchen and television space. She had eaten 7 packs in the few hours because they got here. Needless to state, they should be delicious. We do not eat the important things due to the fact that they’re odd and we are not a fan of the texture or taste. Allegedly, they have a somewhat “meaty” taste from the salt, however we simply could not find it with the few sheets we attempted. Well, because the first order, she’s purchased 2 more times and in some way they vanished this time without leaving a seaweed dust/wrapper trail. A minimum of she’s discovering to conceal the carnage and be more discreet. We would dislike to have somebody come by and attempt to discuss why there are stacks of these things all over. Anyhow, we ranked it 5 star, not based on our experience, however rather based upon the voracity of our sweetheart’s appetite for the defenseless packs of dried seaweed. A minimum of they’re low in calories we think.

We were presented to jayone roasted seaweed snacks at an asian market in huge city while taking a trip in 2015. Dang, these things are addicting. At 30 calories a serving, these crisp-and- salty wafers are simply what we desire when we are sensation”peckish” Guilt- free goodies– the absolute best kind. We purchased a case to reclaim to small home town with me. As our stock diminished, our desperate browsing lastly showed up one shop in the area that in some cases had another brand of seaweed snack on the rack– less delicious, more pricey and hardly ever more than a few single-serving plans in stock simultaneously. So we cleared their racks and ended up being a hoarder– brought them out only when we were alone and never ever consumed the last one up until a minimum of a few more were protected. Classic addict habits. When we lastly believed to look at, we were thrilled to find our snack-of-choice is not only offered, in amount, however even offered by membership. We have a trustworthy provider. We can keep a cabinet-full. We can share them. Thank you,. You have made us a better, more generous individual. Still an addict, however a well-adjusted addict.

Taste of the sea. Iodine rich. Our child is vegan and we acquired these for her as a good snack and mineral supplement. They taste quite like the sea, sort of fishy however not in an offending way. Crisp and fresh and lightly salted simply as explained. The cost is perfect. If you are vegan and miss your fish dishes, order these, you will savor the ocean flavor.

We are seaweed addict and have munched on norwe sheets more times than we can keep in mind. These are an exceptional snack and truly convenient in the part packs. The box includes 20 plans and the 1 we consumed consisted of 11 small sheets each about a quarter or 3rd the size of the typical norwe sheet. They’re extra thin, light, fresh, fragile and the flavor is pure. They simply hardly season these so you taste the seaweed (believe ocean flavored) and not a heavy spice or saltiness. The 11 pieces includes only 30 calories too so if you’re attempting to include a much healthier variety of snacking alternatives to your diet include these to the rotation.

We returned to kroger seaweed and recognized how bad quality it was. Now we are addicted to jayone. It’s plainly a much greater quality product. Regrettably, the expense per oz is greater. We can comprehend however. Still purchased in 2017 – 1 year later on. Old evaluation ————————————————– good seaweed. More salty that most. Greater quality oil than most. Typically we taste a great deal of vegtable and canola oil. This time we can only taste sesame seed oil. We didn’t recognize how small 0. 17 oz is compared to the 0. 44 oz kroger packs for $0. 89 each. We most likely would only buy this once again if we feel the nutrition deserves the greater per oz expense. Type of dissatisfied in the size of a 24 pack.

Definitely in love withthese They meet the umamwe flavor that we utilized to please with high calorie chips. Nomore These are our go to salty snack. Our 2 years of age likes these and calls them”yumour green snack” With only 30 calories a pack, these are virtually guilt free. Our only caution is that they are extremely addicting and you may find that you eat 2-3 packs in a row. Great cost, we utilized to buy a pack of 10 in china town for $5 and these are 24 for a little over $6warning to moms and dads: there is a silica gel pack at the bottom of each package, take care and remove these prior to providing to kids.

Our women and we likethese They re the perfect low calorie snack. They can be handled the go and eaten with no mess, put on t requirement refrigeration so they re easy to include sports bags, knapsacks, bags/purses, keep in the vehicle. The product packaging is a good size and keeps the product inside from getting crushed and ruined so you have perfect seaweed sheets inside. They have great flavor- the roasted and saltiness stabilizes completely, neither taste being too powerful. We eat them alone as a snack normally, however they re likewise perfect to wreck and eat in rice bowls or for bite size wraps to fill with rice, veggies, and so on. We like to serve them together with stir fry too.

My feline likes this things. We purchased this uncertain that we would like it. We were looking for low salt snacks to chomp on at night while enjoying television. Good low/no salt snacks are hard to find and in some cases they have an off taste or taste bad. We were happily shocked with this product. It has a good subtle sweet/salty flavor to it. Is available in little sheets that are crunchy however in your mouth they get chewy. We enjoyed with this product and would buy it once again.

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