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Joseph's Lavash Bread Value 3-Pack

Joseph’s Lavash Bread Value 3-Pack, Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat, Reduced Carb

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Joseph’s Lavash Bread Value 3-Pack, Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat, Reduced Carb.

  • Includes 3 plans (4 lavash per package/ 12 lavash total)
  • High Protein- 6g Protein and 1.5 g Fat per serving
  • 6g Net Carbs and 60 Calories per serving
  • Good source of Omega -3 ALA
  • Shop at space temperature level or freeze unopened plans approximately 8 months. 30 day service life after defrost.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Joseph’s Lavash Bread Value 3-Pack, Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat, Reduced Carb.
The signature Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat lavash breads are among the healthiest bread choices around, with the exact same great taste you ve grown to like from Joseph s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Joseph’s Lavash Bread Value 3-Pack, Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat, Reduced Carb.

Question Question 1

What Is The Size?

Off the top of our head it has to do with the size of a piece of paper.

Question Question 2

Does This Bread Freeze Well?

Yes it freezes effectively, approximately 6 months. 2-3 months cooled.

Question Question 3

What Is The Carb Count Per Serving And How Much Constituents A Serving?

5 net carbs per half a sheet of lavash.It’s rather filling.

Question Question 4

Product Got Here Without An Expiration Date- How Do We Understand When It Ends?

It had a date on it

Question Question 5

Why Are The Packs We Recieved 60 Calories Per Serving When The Photo States 50?

we would refer back to the provider.

Question Question 6

Why Do They Expense A Lot On? The Exact Same Thing Sells At Walmart For $2.08 A Pack.?

our Walmart does not equip them, however will deliver them- for significantly more than they cost on. Might be a matter of scale- if a merchant offers more, they can buy in bigger amount and conserve cash on their wholesale rate.

Question Question 7

Does It Contain Flaxseed?

They include flax however we put on t think they have seeds, like a sesame seed.We utilize them as crust for pizza.

Question Question 8

Is It Provided In A Cold Or Frozen Pack, Or Space Temperature level?

Space temperature level

Question Question 9

How Long Is It Good For?

They last for a week approximately. we freeze the extra plans and they thaw simply fine.

Question Question 10

How Lots Of Proteins In 1 Bread?

Each wrap is approx. 6 grams per sheet.This is great things and we eat this bread/wrap every day.BUT, do not buy from, since their prices for this product is extremely overpriced.We buy each 4 sheet package for $2.46 per package.Compare that with’s rate.

Question Question 11

What Are The Ingredients?

There are variety of ingredients, however mainly whole wheat flour, oat fiber & flax

Question Question 12

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil??

The list states”Soy Protein Isolate, Soybean Oil” we do not see the word “Hydrogenated” in the list of ingredients

Question Question 13

Do These Get Delivered To You Frozen? Any Opportunity They Can Ship Them Not Frozen?

When we got ours, they were not frozen however the private breads were stuck and hard to peel away.They were still yummy though.

Question Question 14

Why Has The Cost Doubled?

we are not conscious the rate has doubled.This would be a question for the provider.

Question Question 15

Is The Bread Kosher?

No place on the product packaging does it suggest that.

Question Question 16

How Much Sodium Remains In Joseph Bread And Pita Bread?

The Lavash bread has 260 mg per serving

Question Question 17

What Is The Total Carbs (Not Net) As Well As Total Sugar (Not Net) Per Serving Please? Thank You.?

8 carbs 0 sugars. Now that is a half sheet which is what we utilize per serving.

Question Question 18

Is This Gluten Free?

we do not think that it is Gluten free.we did not like this Lavash bread, so we attempted it and disliked it.Sorry we can not help more.

Question Question 19

Why Is This Product $2.00 More At Than At A Retail Supermarket.?

we can not get this product in our regional supermarket so we buy this product from.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Joseph’s Lavash Bread Value 3-Pack, Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat, Reduced Carb, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We cut these rectangular shapes into small “cracker” shapes and heat for 5 minutes at 350 degrees to make keto-friendly crackers and they taste great.

We purchased this at to send out somebody. We have offered extravagant to a few individuals. Given that christmas we have lost 55 pounds. Extravagant becomes part of that success. We prevent carbs, however a lot of things requite a company layer. The main thing that we do with them is make pizza. We toast them in the stove on foil. While we have been slimming down, extravagant has been part of our supper about 2/3 of the time. Its really gratifying. We have likewise utilized them for quesadillas, burritos, sandwiches, veggie hamburgers. We like extravagant and am ravaged when we cant get any.

Great bread, particularly for those on a keto diet. Utilizing moderately obviously. We utilize a half a sheet a few times a week and it has never ever kicked us out of ketosis.

A little more costly on however our shop is constantly out so it deserves it. If you are doing a low carb diet of any kind certainly check thisout We take this bread include pizza sauce, and pepperonwe cheese and have a great tasting low carb pizza.

These are okay-tasting. Not bad-tasting by any ways, however not rather the bread-substitute we were looking for as part of our low-carb diet. They were really fresh and soft, which is great, and we find they remain fresh for a long period of time, even when out on the counter. We utilize a pizza cutter to cut them into “crackers,” toast them in the toaster, and then brush them with melted butter and spray with cinnamon-sugar. No, not like having a good, thick piece of toast however still fairly yummy.

We like tuna fish sandwiches, philly steak, etc, however with our freezer and frig. Complete we had no area for the numerous loaves of bread provided online. Ive only had wraps for fajitas in dining establishments however chose to provide these a shot given that we might freeze them for future usage. Ill never ever return to bread. Not only was the taste fantastic however the flexibility was great. The first thing we attempted was philly steak with onions, peppers and cheese. Worked great and less untidy than rolls. Gotten here fresh and easy to fold. Cut quickly with kitchen scissor. We piece made 2 sandwiches. Good nutritionals.

We can not state adequate favorable aspects of this bread. We have attempted a number of low carb choices and they all lost. This is delicious. Our 11 years of age child even liked it. Thanks a lot for creating a delicious and healthy alternative.

We truly like lavash bread and have purchased the joseph’s in the past. This batch was a bit drier than the last package that wegot We ensured to put it in the refrigerator as quickly as we got it. These make great wraps and a serving is 1/2 of among these large sheets. They are perfect for wraps, however they can get a bit soaked if concluded and you wait for lunch. In general we truly like this bread and generally take the wrap ingredients different from the filling for usal preparation. These likewise make truly good grilled cheese/quesadillas.

Our sweetheart found these and we like making sandwiches with them. They are healthy and lighter than bread, however they hold when you put them in a paninwe maker. We utilize a half sheet at a time and they hold up to rolling great deals of veggies with our luncheon meat or cheese.

These are great alternative for bread throughout this pandemic. Since they use up essentially no space in the freezer. We purchased for our low carb diet. However thinking of our kid and family we understood these are perfect for those with minimal freezer area. We want the manufacture would put the expiration date on this product. They make a delicious grilled sandwich on our george supervisor grill.

We have been eating a keto diet for the last 3 months and missing out on, frantically the taste of bread. We found this yumour bread on mishap and am enjoyed share that they delicious and keto friendly. We still remain in ketosis and slimmed down eating this bread. We like it and you will too. You can eat it best out of the bag without toasting it and it’s good to go in either case.

We became aware of these from our weight watcher’s group and how flexible theyare We figured they ‘d resemble the flat-outs you find in the supermarket. We were incorrect. They taste better, do a great task toasting up as a pizza crust, chips or perhaps as a paninwe sandwich. We utilize these all the time and everybody in our family enjoys them. We have bought them numerous times and will continue utilizing them.

Great low carb alternative. These are hard to find at shops (sell out fast) however delighted to find them on line. We want shipping was a bit quicker due to service life, however you can constantly freeze them. We utilize these for sandwiches, wraps, chips/tostadas (air fry them), chilaquiles, quesadillas, enchiladas (so yumour), desserts. Many choices. Our preferred.

We utilized to eat cheese and crackers (significance triscuits of a variety pack of some sort) every night. Then we wnet to keto – the cheese was fine – however the crackers were a no, no these fit the costs. Our relative cuts theses up an “toasts” them in the oven. They aren’t triscuits – however they are okay, and low carb.

This is a perfect bread for diabetics. It is the first bread product that we have had the ability to eat without increasing our blood glucose numbers.

We purchased these to follow a pizza recipe we found online and it came out great. Made 2 various pizzas( images consisted of). The bread is really thin however that was what the recipe calledfor Will likely continue purchasing these, as they aren’t offered in any shops near me. We are sure they have plenty more utilizes besides making a thin crust pizza and we will likely look for some other recipes that utilize these flat breads.

Truly delicious. We utilize it for sandwiches, roll ups, as tortillas and so on. We make enchiladas with them, quesadillas, anything truly. They are truly good heated up. We choose them over the pita bread. Nevertheless we simulate the pita bread cut up and toasted in the oven. It helps please our chip craving. We would provide these a 5 star however among our packs came with a tear in the bag and we are reluctant to eat it. Costly to simply get rid of however put on t trust it.

We needed to cut down on carbs and sugars so this bread conserved me. It s really short on carbs and sugars. You can utilize it as tortilla, bread, wrap. It s so flexible. We have eaten it cold and we have warmed them on range and oven. We do keep it in frig to remain fresh. It lasts a long time.

This product is excellent. We are type 1 diabetic. Our diet professional informed us about this product and we have been utilizing it since. It is thin, low carb and one sheet makes a great low carb pizza. The only disadvantage is that we can not find it in your area in shops. We like to provide regional shops our service however given that it is not equipped around here we buy this from.

We want we could provide more stars??? since this truly strikes home with bread taste or carbs — we are on the keto diet. We utilize half a piece with cheese, protein and veggies. Zap it in the microwave for 45 seconds and feast on. It s really soft. Never ever dry. Remains fresh. We purchased the 3-pack keeps for a long period of time. Different usages. Yes, we have bought and reordered this bread since it s the only one low in carbs. Simply purchase it now.

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