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Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal - Vegan - Non-GMO

Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal – Vegan – Non-GMO

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal – Vegan – Non-GMO.

  • PLANT- POWERED PROTEIN – Simply one serving products 10 grams of protein, 13 grams of whole grains, 6 grams of fiber. Vegan & Non-GMO|Made in the USA
  • SWEET & SALTY START TO YOUR DAY – Crunchy puffed cereal made with peanut butter and whole grain clusters made with hard red wheat, wild rice, barley, & rye
  • DELICIOUS BREAKFAST – Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal tastes great with dairy or nut milk, yogurt, fresh fruit or by itself as a snack
  • SATISFYING START TO ANY EARLY MORNING – Kashi Breakfast Cereals are wholesome, packed with nutrition and have a burst of flavor and crunch
  • CONVENIENT FOOD – Makes for the perfect portable whole food snack at work, school or travel. Includes one 13.2 oz box packaged for freshness & great taste

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal – Vegan – Non-GMO.
Flavor: CRUNCH. PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH|Size: 132 Ounce (Pack of 1)Power of plant- based protein and fiber. Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch cereal is made with 13 grams of whole grains to fill your early morning with a delightfully indulgent cereal that satisfies. We utilize plant- powered goodness in our foods due to the fact that our company believe the mix of taste, texture and nutritional benefits make every Kashi product the very best it can be. Creamy peanut butter sets with puffed grains for a crunchy and completely delicious sweet and salty start to your day. State hi to our peanut buttery good friend who is the perfect addition to our GO family. It’s got plant- powered nutrition, not to point out great- tasting, crunchy clusters breaking with peanut butter goodness. This cereal is the very best of both worlds and may simply become your new favorite. Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal is packed with 10 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and is vegan and Non-GMO ProjectVerified Powerful nutrition is our technique to food. It suggests we value whole food and put the fundamental nutrition of food first when thinking about every component. It suggests we make our food with a plants- first frame of mind. It likewise suggests we value not simply the foods we make, however likewise how we make them by being progressive and conscious of sustainable and ethical farming practices. So inside every box, bag, and wrapper, there is not simply real food, however a real food approach at work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal – Vegan – Non-GMO.

Question Question 1

Do These Taste Comparable To The Tony’S Cinnamon Krunchers Cereal That Got Terminated?

Each cereal tastes various to everybody, however we can inform you that this cereal has a great cinnamon taste. we hope this helps.

Question Question 2

Is This The Non- Gmo Variation Of This Cereal? (It Doesn’T Specify On The Product Packaging Envisioned). Thanks?

Yes, all of packages have Non GMO Project Verified sticker labels on the front

Question Question 3

We See That Kashwe Just Recently Altered TheirRecipe Does Anybody Know If This Is The Original Recipe Or The NewerOne We Did Not Like The New Recipe.?


Question Question 4

What’S The Expiration Date?

Mine state Jan. 25,2017 however that is a ‘best by date’ and we have gladly utilized this cereal after whatever date is on the package and found it fresh and edible. As long as it is still sealed in it’s waxed paper.

Question Question 5

How Much Sodium And Potassium Remain In Each Of Your Cereals?

we are sorry it tasted of fish oil to Anna; we have never ever found the taste off, it tasted like honey & almonds & grains. The Honey Almond Flax has 140 mg of sodium and 330 mg of potassium per 2/3 cup serving (we typically eat a cup)

Question Question 6

Is This One Box With 4 14 Oz. Bags Inside The Box?

It is private boxes put in a huge one

Question Question 7

Kashwe Breakfast Cereals?


Question Question 8

Why Is This No Longer On Subscribe And Conserve?

Im uncertain however there are lots of equivalent products that are comparable in flavor and have these very same particular dietary specs.

Question Question 9

Are You Offering The Organic Variation Or The Original?Would Requirement To Know Specifically As The Organic Is Dreadful And They Should Revert To The Original.?

we purchased the case and it is the new organic variation. we compared the component label with the previous variation and the organic list is rather remarkable. we did a taste contrast side by side and to us (long time fan of this cereal) the distinction is minimal. we hope this helps.

Question Question 10

Is This Non Dairy?

according to the ingridents list on package & the site it appears to be.Look for it there in the image of package, or contact Kashwe to be favorable

Question Question 11

What Are The Specific Ingredients?

IngredientsOat Blend (Whole Grain Oats, Oat Bran), Rice, Walking Stick Syrup, Rolled Oats, Dried Walking Stick Syrup, Invert Walking Stick Syrup, Kashwe Cracked 7 Whole Grain Blend (Whole: Rolled Oats, Hard Red Wheat, Rye, Brown Rice, Triticale, Barley, Buckwheat), Brown Rice Syrup, Malt Extract, Multigrain Crisps (Whole Wheat Flour, Brown R IngredientsOat Blend (Whole Grain Oats, Oat Bran), Rice, Walking Stick Syrup, Rolled Oats, Dried Walking Stick Syrup, Invert Walking Stick Syrup, Kashwe Cracked 7 Whole Grain Blend (Whole: Rolled Oats, Hard Red Wheat, Rye, Brown Rice, Triticale, Barley, Buckwheat), Brown Rice Syrup, Malt Extract, Multigrain Crisps (Whole Wheat Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Yellow Corn Flour, Walking Stick Syrup, Whole Oat Flour, Wheat Starch, Salt, Calcium Carbonate), Blueberries, Evaporated Salt, Vegetable Juice For Color, Natural Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols For Freshness, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate), Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Baking Soda, Grape Juice Concentrate, Beta Carotene (Source Of Vitamin A), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Vitamin B12, Folic Acid.

Question Question 12

Where Can We Purchase Kashwe 7 Whole Grain Nuggets?

we are not a provider; simply a buyer

Question Question 13

For Those Who Don’T Drink Milk Or Like The Taste Of It. Is This Still A Good Cereal To Eat Dry And Still Gain The Correct Nutrients?

we personally do not delight in soaked cereal so we constantly eat it dry.we even will utilize it for a snack sometimes.we like it a lot.we typically mix it with shredded wheat simply to have a somewhat various batch of nutrients.we hope this helps.

Question Question 14

Never Ever Appears To Be A Multi-Pack Sku That An Individual Desires;(Any Possibility We Ll Peanut Butter Or Toasted Berry Crisp Multi-Packs?

Our stock and readily available stock modifications from time to time. Keep examining back, as you may see multi- packs of your preferred cereals in the future. we hope this helps.

Question Question 15

Is This Cereal Vegan?

we are not knowledgeable about it is or isn’t. Really we would not understand what to look for to see if it is vegan.

Question Question 16

What Size Is A “Pouch”? Is That One Box (135 Oz)??

like any other cereal box

Question Question 17

How To Cancel Membership?


Question Question 18

Is This A Cereal?

Thank you for your question. This is a cereal.

Question Question 19

In Shops, We Buy A Newer Variation With 230 Calories And 14 G OfProtein Has The Recipe Been Upgraded On?

Im uncertain however the nutritional information is readily available in the photo slide. you can compare there. Please Check to ensure that you’re comparing the very same product. the info youre looking for should remain in the product information in the pictures, if not then Product+ rate+ filter search and buy another product according Im uncertain however the nutritional information is readily available in the photo slide. you can compare there. Please Check to ensure that you’re comparing the very same product. the info youre looking for should remain in the product information in the pictures, if not then Product+ rate+ filter search and buy another product according to your Dietary requires:-RRB-

Question Question 20

Can We Order The Cereal Without Registering For Fresh?

Yes, it’s used on ‘regular’ and Prime Now

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kashi GO Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal – Vegan – Non-GMO, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Edit: for those of you who discussed tumour distress, we take digestive enzymes whenever we eat something that may not be absorbing the way we would want. Makes a huge distinction whether this cereal, pizza, and so on ______________________________________________________________________________ we often have oatmeal for breakfast, however our laboratory work revealed we were low in potassium, so we began taking a look at various foods to include (a banana only has a little more than a tenth of what we’re expected to get daily). We do not have it every day, however it is now among our options to include potassium to our diet and it does not harm we like the taste and the crunch. We feel it’s much healthier than most boxed cereals, more filling and does not harmed that we like the taste.:–RRB-.

We like this cereal. Not too sweet, simply the correct amount of cinnamon (not excessive, however you can taste it). It is crunchy and keeps its texture in milk. At $11 96 for 4 boxes extremely fairly priced, no pandemic prices here. This will be a repeat product for us. Alwe julia evaluation.

Delicious And does not provide us gwe distress like other kashwe cereals. Embarassed to state the first box only lasted a day.

We would not have bought this cereal however it was the week s fresh special offer. As it turns out, we wound up liking it quite. It includes extremely crunchy largish flakes sprinkled with a few clusters here and there. It is super high protein for a cold cereal and although the description states maple brown sugar, it only consists of 9 grams of sugar per serving which we are not too worried about despite the fact that we are type 2 diabetic. It s undoubtedly not extremely sweet however we are enjoying it.

We went with an oat diet and eliminated most processed flour products and wheatproducts Kashwe oat products were our option – 6 months into the procedure and our cholesterol is down from 143 to 115 – no medications at all. Up until now we have taken in about 50 boxes.

This is our go to for breakfast or a snack on the run. We consist of fresh apple, pear and/ or blueberries with plain yogurt in the am. Filling, lasts us well up until lunch. The texture works for us, too. Our system runs better with protein early in the day and this looks after requirement to chew, sugary foods, and so on. No desire to be lured by sugary foods when participating in meetings/events. Our spouse sprinkles some on his cereal (too carby for us) for variety.

If you like blueberries and oatmeal flakes like we do however do not wish to invest the kids’s inheritance on breakfast cereal, this is decently- priced, healthy- enough and good- tasting option. Approved, it’s not “loaded” with blueberries, however it’s a taste- treat simply the very same with lots of natural blueberry flavor. Kashwe appears to be getting all our service recently in breakfast cerealproducts Reasonable production we want other manufacturers would discover.

This cereal is amazing for a variety of factors however our most significant gripe is just how much of the eating experience depends upon the real consistency of the cereal. These are usually crunchy quarter- sized balls of clumped together cereal however someplace throughout the shipping procedure a great deal of packages are harmed internally and these clumps get turned into a fine dust/powder which draws. It’s not an enjoyable way to eat the cereal. Other than that, this is among the very best cereals we can find which have adequate natural sweet taste to them without being too dull while likewise having adequate fiber and protein material for a healthy balanced diet. Chocolate is our preferred without a doubt. Cinnamon is an appropriate alternative. Do not like the peanut butter.

Pros: great peanut butter taste. It advises us of fallen apart up peanut butter cookies and has a buttery taste. Odors like old- made peanut butterbig plus and why we began eating it – high in potassium (our laboratory work revealed we were low in potassium and this is a delicious way to includemore )nutritionally better than a great deal of cold cereals out there. We hardly ever have anything however oatmeal. These kashwe crunch cereals are like a treat and they taste like a treat, particularly this one. Filling and pleasing. Cons: great deals of fiber, we take 2 digestive enzymes prior to eating a bowl of this. Hard even if you allow take in milk a bit. However it does not go soaked.

Personally, we like this, however our family (who do not care about carbs, protein, or calories) will not touch it, stating it has a styrofoam texture. Ridiculous individuals. We serve it up in private zipper bags for our daily breakfast, and contribute to it a tablespoon of crushed almonds to balance the protein and carbsbetter If it had more fiber in it, and less sweetener (like the 7- grain kashi), the net carbs would be lower. (our objective is to eat 25 g of protein for every 45 net carbs we consume.) the flavor is good. We enjoy it with raisins and dried cranberries added, or alone with the almonds. We have lost 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks of concentrating on proteins and carbs, and we understand this was at least a small part of that procedure.

We purchased 4 boxes of this cereal when it was an fresh offer ($ 0. 25 each). We are sorry for not purchasingmore While we are not normally a cereal individual, we found these flakes to be rather delicious, not extremely sweet and the added protein is a plus. They likewise remained crunchy in milk. Extremely pleasing and would gladly buy more at the regular rate. Recommended.

We were reluctant about attempting this cereal. Nevertheless, it was amazing. Capture it on sale and was a greatbuy If you like cinnamon life you will like it. Plus the cereal isn’t too hard. Light cinnamon flavor.

We have constantly liked this cereal and then our regional supermarket took it off their racks. Just recently, we had a craving for golean and purchased it off of and now we are hooked all over once again. Thankfully has a membership for this cereal and now it can pertain to our home monthly. Truthfully, it is by far the very best cereal for a good healthy crunch without all of the sugar and fat that your common granola consists of. Extremely filling also with all of the fiber. It tastes great and has an adequate of protein also.

For simply over $3/box we like this things. We are most likely eating excessive of it. It’s super delicious, type of like granola, crispy. Good things. Okay with milk however we similar to it raw as a snack anytime.

While the photo and title state go crunch, you really get go lean crunch, they are various. While we like it, however experience validates that of our preferred comic who did a whole podcast episode on the gas attack, pain and fear it triggered her. The concern obviously returns a minimum of 10 years. And even the site obviously states you should work your way up. If you really go to the shop and start crunch you will not have stomach issues. Go lean crunch is the perpetrator. We utilized to eat go lean crunch all the time 8 years back, when it was apparently less potent, and due to the fact that runner s world recommended it as a great source of protein. If you are having a great deal of stomach concerns, we would recommend going to the shop and getting the real go crunch and not purchased from this seller because you will get go lean crunch.

We purchased this by means of fresh for 25 cents and we like it. We already consumed this with flax milk, chia seeds, and various fruit. Extremely delicious and worth it.

Amazing offer of pleasing sugar dosage while equipping loads of protein. We eat it with kefir. Processed, yes. Dairy, yes. Sugar, yes. Wheat, yes. You only live when, yes. Better than most cereals out there, yes.

If you like peanut butter and desire a crunch cereal, look no more. If you desire something relatively healthy also, then this is your cereal. Vegan and non- gmo, it deserves the rate of admission. We delight in a variety of cereals, however our relative and we go through a minimum of 3 or 4 boxes of kashwe go peanut butter crunch each year. ~ kort.

We have stopped purchasing this cereal due to the fact that it’s really too delicious to keep in your home. Whatever about it is nutritious as one would anticipate from kas however it tastes highly of peanut butter and unless you’re the sort who can keep a container of peanut butter on the rack for months without touching it, this cereal will wind up being eaten far more than at breakfast.

Ran out of soy milk/almond milk. And, was starving for a snack. Then kept in mind the “peanut butter” whatever cereal we had purchased some time back,,, in the refrigerator. Well, it’s not the very best tasting (a little limp in taste) however the peanut butter comes through adequate to delight in snacking which is what we did with this for about half an hour. Now we need to find a truly good peanut butter cereal:-RRB-. Okay.

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