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Kay's Naturals Protein Cookie Bites

Kay’s Naturals Protein Cookie Bites, Cinnamon Almond, Gluten-Free, Low Fat, Diabetes Friendly

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kay’s Naturals Protein Cookie Bites, Cinnamon Almond, Gluten-Free, Low Fat, Diabetes Friendly.

  • AWARD WINNING GREAT TASTE + WEIGHT REDUCTION AND DIABETES FRIENDLY: At last. Crunchy cereals and snacks with 19 fantastic sweet & savory flavors. We call our convenient cereals & snacks a protein-bar-in-a-bag. Change those protein shakes and bars with Kay s. Kay s stays fresh without refrigeration & never ever melts.
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN, REDUCED CARBS: Our crunchy snacks are as rich in protein as they are in taste with as much as 12 grams of plant protein per serving. Stay pleased and stimulated for your hectic life.
  • GOOD SOURCE OF FIBER & ONLY 3G SUGAR: Our chips and cereals have as much as 4g of fiber per serving without compromising any taste or texture. Most of our products are 3g of sugar orless With all that protein & fiber, you remain pleased without the crash of high sugar snacks.
  • DEVOTED GLUTEN FREE: Our acclaimed snacks are made in Minnesota in a devoted certified gluten-free center. We have no wheat or gluten in our plant.
  • LOW IN CALORIES, GREAT IN TASTE: Most products are 120 calories per serving. Attempt our award winning better-for- you cereals & snacks in 19 various natural flavors.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Kay’s Naturals Protein Cookie Bites, Cinnamon Almond, Gluten-Free, Low Fat, Diabetes Friendly.
Flavor: Cinnamon Almond|Size: 1.2 Ounce (Pack of 6) About The Brand: Kay s Naturals is committed to bringing a better balanced healthy alternative to standard snacks and cereals for the health and fitness mindful customer. The Minnesota based business produces high protein, gluten-free, natural foods consisting of lean soy protein, all-natural whole grains, fiber, calcium, and folic acid. They are great for any ages and way of lives and for anybody looking for sources of protein in their diets, consisting of body home builders, vegetarians/vegans, the senior, and kids; ideal for the workplace, sports, on the roadway, and home. Product Description: Kay’s Naturals Protein Cookie Bites, Cinnamon Almond- Filled Flavor 1.2 ounce bag (6 per case)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kay’s Naturals Protein Cookie Bites, Cinnamon Almond, Gluten-Free, Low Fat, Diabetes Friendly.

Question Question 1

How Numerous Callories Per Serving Are These?

Each serving (1 bag) is 125calories There is a photo of the nutritional panel along with the other photos revealed for this product.

Question Question 2

How Numerous Fat Grams Per Serving?

According to the last image in the listing it has 3.5 grams of fat.

Question Question 3

Are These Soft Cookies Or Hard Cookies?

They are harder on the outdoors however not too hard. They are soft/almost airy others inside. They are good.

Question Question 4

How Testy Are They Out Of 10 As 10 Is Delicious?

we are on a high-protein diet and am not eating bread so taking that into factor to consider we are going to provide a 10 out of 10 Love and require a crunch every so often

Question Question 5

Why Did We Only Get 2 Bags Instead Of The 2 Boxes (If 6 Bags Each) That We Purchased For $1100 Each??????

we have only ever gotten this product as a box of 6 bags.Might your issue be a seller provide?Best dreams.

Question Question 6

What Do You Mean By Case Of 6?

we have only purchased package which includes 6 bags. Maybe they imply 6 boxes in the case. Got me

Question Question 7

How Much Sugar Exists Per Serving?

There are 3g of sugar per 1.2 oz of cookie bites.

Question Question 8

Is This Keto Friendly?

No it’s not Keto friendly a lot of carbs.

Question Question 9

How Numerous Grams Of Protein Per Oz.Or Per Pkg.?

Here is the link to the ingredientslist It states there are 12 grams of protein in one serving (1.2 oz).Hope that is handy.( They are delicious if absolutely nothing else.) https://www..com/Kays-Naturals-Protein-Cookie-Cinnamon/ dp/B0086 UI36 O?ref _= pe _527950 _33920250

Question Question 10

Exists Any Sugar Alcohol In These?

According to the nutritional information published in the last image, it has Stevia.

Question Question 11

How Numerous Do You Get?

There are 6 specific bags in each box

Question Question 12

We Simply Purchased $50 However Was Charged 29.95 For Delivering Rather Of Free As Mentioned. We Cxld Right Away However Would Still Like To Order. How Do We Order?

Call or message– make certain you have clicked free ship choice

Question Question 13

How NumerousCarbs How Much Protein?

15 g carbs (4g fiber) 12 g protein.3.5 g total fat and 125 calories.

Question Question 14

How Numerous Carbs Per Serving Please?

125 calories, 15 carbs, 12 protein

Question Question 15

Do These Stagnate Of Go Bad?

If these are anything like their pretzels or taco chips they taste bad and stagnant way prior to their usage by date.but we have not attempted their Cookie Bites.

Question Question 16

What Remains In The Natural Flavor Ingredients?

we put on t understand and it s been far too long given that we bought these

Question Question 17

How Numerous Carbs Per Serving?

Sorry we can t address your question since we do not have a package here to checkYou should have the ability to see that on when you click the package and it should show the back which you can check

Question Question 18

Are These Gmo Free?

Sorry, do not understand.You’ll need to get in touch with the company.They are gluten free.

Question Question 19

Are These Gmo Free?


Question Question 20

So Fo You Get 1 Bag Or 6? Description States 6 Pack However Reviews State You Only Get One??

we box brings 6 bags inside. (100% sure) we have bought couple times already.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kay’s Naturals Protein Cookie Bites, Cinnamon Almond, Gluten-Free, Low Fat, Diabetes Friendly, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are vegan and have parkinsons so exceptionally hard to prepare anything as we are 66 years. Old and live alone, so we need to go with processed foods a lot. Being vegan can be itself an obstacle specifically cutting up veggies. And having parkinsons. This is great for us 12 grams of protein per bag, we were eating 4 bags a day or 20 boxes of 6 per box; simply altered our membership to 30 boxes a month so we can have 6 bags a day. We still attempt and make a small salad of red onions, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, carrots, radishes, green peppers and marinaded beets. A minimum of with kay’s cinnamon/almond cookie bites we get all required daily protein we require. We did attempt the cinnamon pretzel ones and the veggie pizza; however we choose the cinnamon/almond bites the very best. Given they are really dry so almond milk or as we simply utilize our arrowhead bottled sparkling water. Taste would resemble cinnamon toast crunch cereal and texture like shredded wheat, however a lot less bad carbs with a lot protein a win/win for us. We simply hope the rate does not increase.

These are such a delicious low carb snack. We enjoy our weight, and eat reasonably healthy, however we have the worst craving for sweets. So when we get a sugar craving, we require something to please us withought packaging on the pounds. This does work. It has 12 grams of protein per serving, and 110 cal – if we keep in mind properly- and is reasonably low carbohydrate; so we can feel alright about indulging, or over indulging, in a sweet snack -we didn’t need to make.

Respectable as long as you do not believe you’re getting anything from another location looking like a cookie – which is type of what the package suggests. There’s absolutely nothing cookie-like about them. However they are yummy if you like cinnamon. We would state they are generally a miniwheat biscuit – dry and crunchy. However if you desire a yummy, crunchy, dry snack with your coffee (or whatever your beverage of option is), then you’ll most likely like these.

We purchased kay’s naturals protein cookie bites, cinnamon almond. The flavoring was perfect, not dull and not overbearing. They are crunchy and not milky at all. Will absolutely buy them once again.

Gotten the other day, delighted in as midnight snack, soooo good. Like a fat, cinnamon toast crunch, however keeps texture, did not get soaked. All the crunching pleases craving & hunger. Yumm:,).

Such a great snack. We enjoy the texture and consistency of these cookie bites. Really pleasing if you crave crunchy & sweet. We enjoy that there’s 12 g of protein per pack however no strange taste. Will absolutely buy these once again.

These are definitely delicious – great cinnamon flavor, super crunchy, and we enjoy the 12 g of protein and 4g of fiber. We enjoy things sweet, so this personally might utilize a little a hint more sugar for us, however it’s still really yummy and sweet and pleasing enough for us to buy in the future. The texture type of advises us of those mini-wheat cereals, it makes us wish to attempt this in a bowl with milk. Anyhow, we like that we have found a great sweet treat that isn’t loaded with sugar and provides us some extra protein. Really pleased with bought from this brand and will continue to in the future. Make certain you are making the purchase from services – we have had no issues with bought this brand.

These are absolutely more of a cereal than a cookie – the puffs are quite dry, so it makes good sense to eat them in milk. They’re really comparable to puffins. That stated, you put on t get a lots of cereal per serving; it fills ~ 1/4 of our bowl. However, with such a high protein & fiber material and a little more fat, it s quite satisfying. These puffs are little more thick, and their crunchy texture holds up well in milk. The exterior is crusted with a sweet cinnamon layer, however it s not equally distributed, so we find ourself eating the tasteless puffs first and conserving the flavor-crusted ones for last. We didn’t believe we enjoyed these, yet we keep purchasing and eating them? if you have a hard time to fulfill your protein requires, they make a great snack.

This is seriously the best “diet” protein snack we have ever tasted. We paid $7. 11 for 6, 1. 2 oz bags. This rate is far better than other brands. These “cookies” are gluten-free, and they are not filled with chemicals like others in their class. There is simply adequate cinnamon and sweet taste to please a craving. Unlike other brands, they do not utilize excessive stevia that makes them taste phony. The consistency pleases a requirement for crunch without breaking down like cardboard. Plainly, we have attempted a few of theseproducts The logo design and product packaging are bit outdated, however that is simply our marketing brain coming out.

These are in fact okay as far as protein snacks go. They can be rather pleasant with a cup of tea or coffee. As most protein snacks, they do have that undesirable aftertaste though. We do not understand what it is however if you are familiar with protein bars in basic, you understand what we are speaking about. We do not understand why they all have it. Possibly that’s what protein tastes like however it’s here and if a regular individual had an option in between eating these and eating a typical shop purchased cookie, they ‘d most likely pick the cookie. For the rest people, this is among the better tasting options out there.

We believe this requires a little more flavor however it does taste good. There was 6 pack each package however each pack’s quantity was possibly kinda like around a cup, that’s why the calories were low. We think it was kinda healthy however it had corn starch (it’s low fat though ). We personally believe this should be $4. 99 due to the quantity & taste. We think we would buy this once again (possibly we are uncertain).

We believe mine were a little stagnant when they got here so possibly we got a somewhat old batch – or they simply have an odd texture since of what theyare If you are attempting to cut carbs & sugar, we would suggest you provide a shot since they’ll absolutely deceive you into believing you’re eating a sweet cereal.

These were good for what theyare We are simply not completely offered on this kind of snack yet. We are sure it s a matter of getting utilized to the flavor and texture. We will continue to attempt to include this kind of snack into our food options since we believe the health advantage deserves it.

We purchased a 6 pack of the cinnamon almond. These are great and crunchy, they have a hint of sweet taste, however not extremely so. We will be attempting the other flavors. Likewise packed with protein, which leaves you fuller. It’s truly a good snack.

Our child liked them, she is type 1. We seem like they still increased her #, so we divided the plans and make it into a snack. They are costly considering you are not getting much. Nevertheless they advised us of a less sweet variation of cinnamon toast crunch. We would buy once again in small amounts due to cost.

Type of a weird texture, and strange aftertaste. However it’s not gross, absolutely not our favorite. Not exactly sure yet if we will buy once again, however the lower carb count was what we were going for as we miss cereal. However it’s okay.

We find it amusing that individuals anticipate a health snack to taste like real cookies. Naturally they put on t, however we still find them delicious. Comparable to cinnamon toast crunch. We are substantial snacker in the evening, so these are perfect forthat The after taste is a little dry, however we experience that with most gluten free products. We have only attempted these alone, however tomorrow we are going to attempt them in a bowl with almond milk. Absolutely worth the rate. We got all 6 bags and will acquire once again.

We are insulin reliant and generally eat no bread, no crackers, no crusts of any kind and no pasta. Soooo, when we saw this we believed it’s high protein and gluten free with cinnamon( which is good for diabetics) and we believe we will attempt it as a treat. Well, we like it, our vegan child likes it and even our super choosy eater grand son likes it. It does not make our blood glucose high. We enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it.

We are constantly looking for good tasting, gluten-free snacks. These cinnamon almond flavored snacks fit the costs. These are great and crunchy, and there has to do with a cup of the snacks in a serving. We are not starving or craving more after eating a serving.

In the beginning the taste was”different” We like tart, so it wasn’tthat More a heavy cinnamon taste we believe. After a couple little bites. We find it a good snack.

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