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Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning Mini Jars Variety Pack

Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning Mini Jars Variety Pack

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Here are a few main benefits of Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning Mini Jars Variety Pack.

  • Variety is the spice of life. Attempt out all Kernel Season s Popcorn Seasoning needs to provide with 8 mini shakers. Flavors consist of: White Cheddar, Nacho Cheddar, Ranch, Butter, Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, Bacon Cheddar, and Cheesy Jalapeno
  • With only 2 calories per serving Kernel Season s popcorn seasonings are an easy and low calorie way to shock the flavor of your preferred snack, veggies, pasta and oatmeal
  • 31 servings per container, 1/4 tsp per serving
  • Certified Gluten Free and Kosher
  • Happily made in the United States

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Here are some more information on Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning Mini Jars Variety Pack.
Flavor: Variety Pack|Size: 0.9 Ounce (Pack of 8) This set is mini-but mighty. Test 8 various Kernel Season s popcorn flavors. How to utilize: 1. Pop your preferred popcorn. Don t have one? Attempt your new preferred, Kernel Season s Premium PoppingCorn 2. Stovetop popper? Usage Kernel Season s Cinema Butter to turn up a kettle complete. Microwave popper? Avoid to Step 3. 2. Spritz your popcorn with Kernel Season s Popcorn Butter Spritzer to help the seasoning stay with the popcorn (you might likewise top with Kernel Season s Cinema Butter if you re feeling extra delicious). 3. Spray to taste with seasoning. 4.Shake to covermore popcorn. 5. Delight in.Nutrition Serv. Size: 1/4 tsp.( 0.8 g). Servings Per Container:85, Quantity Per Serving: Calories 3,TotalFat 0g( 0% DV),TransFat 0g,Sodium100 mg( 4% DV),TotalCarb 0g( 0% DV),Sugars 0g,Protein 0g. Not a considerable source of other nutrients. PercentDaily Worthsare based upon a 2,000 calorie diet. What remains in this things?WhiteCheddarIngredients:CheddarCheese(Blend ofCheddarCheese,[Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes], Maltodextrin,Whey, SoybeanOil,Lactose, CitricAcid, LacticAcid),Salt,Whey,ButterMilk Solids, Dextrose,Hydrolyzed CornProtein, Disodium Inosinateand Guanylate,Onionand Garlic. Silicon Dioxide contributed to avoid caking.NachoCheddar Ingredients:CheddarCheese(Blend ofCheddarCheese,[Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes], Maltodextrin,Whey, SoybeanOil,Lactose, CitricAcid, LacticAcid),Salt,ButterMilk Solids,Onion, Paprika,Hydrolyzed CornProtein, Turmericand Paprika Extractives,TomatoPowder, Disodium Inosinateand Guanylate, Spice. Silicon Dioxide contributed to avoid caking.RanchIngredients:ButterMilkFlavorBlend(Coconut OilandCornSyrup Solids,Salt,Sugar,HydrolyzedCornProtein,ButterandButtermilk Solids),OnionPowder, GarlicPowder, CitricAcid,Sodium Caseinate( FromMilk), Parsley Flakes,Tomato Powder, Disodium Inosinateand Guanylate. Silicon Dioxide contributed to avoid caking.(********************************************************************************************************************************************* )Ingredients: Maltodextrin,ButterBlend (Whey,Butter, Buttermilk),Salt, Dextrose, Oleoresin Turmeric, Disodium Inosinateand Disodium Guanylate. Silicon Dioxide contributed to avoid caking.Kettle CornIngredients:Pure Walking StickSugar,BrownSugar,Salt,NaturalFlavor Silicon DioxideAdded to Avoid Caking.Caramel CornIngredients:Sugar,BrownSugar,Natural Flavor,Caramel Color, Oleoresin Paprika. Silicon Dioxide, Tricalcium Phosphate,and SoybeanOilAdded to Avoid Caking.BaconCheddarIngredients:CheddarCheese (Blend ofCheddar Cheese[Cultured Milk, Salt, Enzymes],Whey),Salt,Coconut Oil, Maltodextrin,Bacon Flavoring,CornProtein,Sodium Caseinate, CitricAcid, Chives,Onion, Parsley. Silicon Dioxide contributed to avoid caking. Cheesy JalapenoIngredients: CheddarCheese (Blend ofCheddar Cheese,[Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes], SoybeanOil,(************************************************************************************************************************************ ), LacticAcid),Salt,Whey, Maltodextrin, YeastExtract, Citric Acid, TurmericExtract, Onion, JalapenoPepper, Garlic, Parsley. Silicon Dioxide contributed to avoid caking.


Hereare afewfrequentlyaskedquestionsandanswers onKernel Season’sPopcorn Seasoning MiniJarsVarietyPack

QuestionQuestion 1

Calories In AServing?

we had really purchased(****************************************************************************************************** )since we read they were zero points on weight watchers. we desired the variety pack since our supermarket only brings about 3 flavors.1/ 4 a teaspoon is thought about a serving on the label. Each flavor has either 2(************************************************************************************************************************** )or 5caloriesThe oneswith a sweet flavor have 5 example is we had really purchasedthese since we read they were zero points on weight watchers. we desired the variety pack since our supermarket only brings about 3 flavors.1/ 4 a teaspoon is thought about a serving on the label. Each flavor has either 2 calories or 5calories The oneswith a sweet flavor have 5 example is CarmelCornandKettleCorn They all have zero fat, zero sodium, zero protein, Some have 1 sugarandsome have 1Carb it depends what flavor you utilize. Ihope this is handy. we enjoythese we purchased an air popperand we spray this on the plain popcorn.

QuestionQuestion 2(************* )

How Lots Of Servings Remain In A Container?

we have utilized the minwe jars a minimum of20 timesand there is stillsome left.

Question Question 3

How DoYou Usage This Seasing While MakingThe(************************************************************************************************************************************** )Or When It Is(**************************************************************************************************************************** )Made?

You kettle your popcorn as typicaland on the bowl you will serve you season the popcorn, shaking it to spread out equaly

Question Question 4

How Lots Of Oz In Each Container?

9 ounces(********************** )

QuestionQuestion 5

WhatThe Size?

theyare 0.9 oz(25 g) Around 8 teaspoons. Good adequate part to attempt themout lot of times to see if you like themand then buy bigger size of your favorites

Question Question 6

CanYou IncludeTheSeasoning ThroughoutThe Cooking Process?

Yes we sprayed the bacon cheddar flavoring on rushed eggs while they were cooking in the fry panand had no issue. A number of seasonings we simply spray over popcornand they taste good.

QuestionQuestion 7

What IsTheHighestSodium Portion?

They re all 4% orless;Butter &Ranchare 3%,KettleCorn &CaramelCornare 0%

Question(************************************************************************************* )8

How DoYou Get Chedder To Stay With(************************************************************************************************************************************** )?

we put our popcorn while it’s warm in a gallon zipper bag seasonand shake well.

QuestionQuestion 9

Must They Be CooledAfter Opening?

we simply kept our shakers in the cabinet.

QuestionQuestion 10

AreTheNutritionalValue That’S NotedThe Exact Same ForAllFlavors?

No however noneare real high. we utilize it on whatever. Mashed potatoes. Pop corn seasoningfor usat


Are They RealeyFatFree?


QuestionQuestion 12

How Does This Come Packaged?Is It GiftableTheWay It Comes Or Simply In A PlasticBag?

It can be found in a container box. If they wrap it, you might provide it as a present.

(******************** )Question13

WouldOne Set Of These Last A WholeBirthday Celebration With40 Visitors?

Definitely one set would suffice.You’ll be spraying this things on,and a little offers good flavor.We(************************************************************************************************** ), nevertheless, in order to get it to stay with air-popped popcorn, it’s best to spray the popcorn lightlywith cooking spray( we utilize Trader Joe’s olive oil spray)and Imediately spray on the seasoning.we ag Definitely one set would suffice.You’ll be spraying this things on,and a little offers good flavor.Wefound, nevertheless, in order to get it to stay with air-popped popcorn, it’s best to spray the popcorn lightlywith cooking spray( we utilize Trader Joe’s olive oil spray)and Imediately spray on the seasoning.we concurwith Mary, tho,that your visitors can’t all select the exact same flavor.


Does It HaveAllFlavor’S?

Yes allthese flavors here. Enjoyable attempting them allout

Question Question15

Is This Halal?

It does not state on the minwe jars other than it’s certified gluten free andCRCKosherDairy

QuestionQuestion(************************************************************* )

WhatKosher Accreditation Does This Have?

It has CRCKosher Dairy noted on the minwe container.

QuestionQuestion(************************************************************ )

What AreTheIngredients?

Check the back of theproducts

QuestionQuestion 18

What AreTheIngredients?

In the noted ingredients it specifies bacon flavoring, weare not exactly sure whatthat is

QuestionQuestion 19

We Don’TEatBacon, We Wondering If WeCan We RemoveBaconCheddar And Change It With Another FlavourLikeButter OrKettle?

No this is a set.You can t exchange itfor another flavor. That being stated, each remains in a private containerand if you wear t like among the flavors you wear t need to eat it.


IfYou Have(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ),Why Do We Need To Purchase$2500 OrMore Prior To WeCan GetFree Shipping?

If you have prime get the charge card it s worth it. And you won t stumbled uponthat problem ever once again.


See our insights( based upon our own
experience after buyingand utilizing the product, or based uponsomeresearch work) onKernelSeason’sPopcornSeasoningMini(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )VarietyPack,these may be beneficialforbetter understanding.

Do not understand what we were browsing for or how we wound up here, or why we even pushed the contribute to haul button, however we weren’t distressed when we opened the package. A charming little choice of seasonings.The bottles are small, however when you open them it’s nearly as if they’re filled half complete. That’s why we provided 4 stars rather of 5.

We like the flavor of popcorn- constantly have. For several yearsand years, we never ever even thought about including any seasoning beyond butter(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )salt. Nevertheless, somebody provided us a shaker of cheese flavored seasoning,and we never ever recalled. None of the shops we regular every bringmorethan 2 or 3 of the flavors, so when we saw this sampler pack, we bought it. We dry pop the popcorn in a microwave, struck it(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )a butter-flavored spray( can’t think it’s not butter is great ), then either spray onsome salt-substitute orsome or among these flavorings. By doing this, you get a substantial part of the thingsfor around200calories This indicatesthatfor us, the butter flavored topping is a bit redundant- your mileage may differ.The white cheddar is really great- great tacky flavor without subduing the popcorn itself. Exact Same with the nacho cheese.The ranch isn’t what we anticipated-more of an onion-y overtone, however respectable.The caramel might be a lot more powerful.The bacon cheddar is right up your street if you like either flavor- you get rather a taste of each in every bite. Beware of the tacky jalapeno- it’s quite spicy, so a little goes a long way. Likewise, we handled to breathe in a little bit as we were shaking it on,and we were coughingfor 5 minutes. Our farand away preferred is the kettle corn- sweetand salty at the exact same time, it takes our right to the county reasonable when we utilize it.You can obviously usagethese on foods besides popcorn- such as baked potatoes, pasta, or salads. We have not utilized them in those methods, so we can’t state how they’ll workfor you. However if you’re a popcorn lover- we extremely suggest attempting this variety pack.

We purchased these to keep on handfor when the grandkids are checking out, which is typically. For all the grandkids this year, we purchased them all their own popcorn poppers however didnt understand just how much they liked flavored seasonings on their popcorn. So we chose to attempt this variety packout so the kids might choose what their favorite was.(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )experiment was to see which ones they liked the very best. Then later on(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )birthdays or gifts. We would provide complete size jars of the preferred flavor. However the experiment was a miserable failure. Since they liked all of them though the kettle korn was the least liked.One thingthat you basically need to do withthese seasonings. They work best if utilized on oily popcorn. If you dry pop the corn there is absolutely nothing on the corn to hold the seasoningand will simply fall off the popcorn. So even if you do not pop the corn in oil. If you have a oil spritzer orsome butter flavor spray.Spray the popcorn or mist itwith the oil so there is something to grab the flavors. We believe it is a bit expensivefor the size of the jars you get. For each one does not last long. However yet.You get varietyand options.

Our relative enjoys popcorn. Our home is never ever without a box or more in case of motion picture nights or random munchie attacks. We bought this packfor her as a christmas present,and it was most likely her preferred present of the year. The size is perfect; large adequate to utilize kindly afew times, however small enough sothat it does not end up being clumpy, wetand unusable prior to you reach the bottom of the bottle. Most of the flavorsare fantastic,with her favorites being ranch, white cheddar,and baconand cheddar.The spicy ones, particularly jalapeno cheddar,are bit much; not extremely spicy, however since the powder is so fine we wound up inhaling itand sending usinto a small coughing fit.The butter and kettle corn were both relatively uninteresting. Aside(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )those quibbles, this is an enjoyable pack of flavorsthat(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )great(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )having around your house (or slipping into the cinema. Shhhhh.).

This a great way to test the flavors. We like them all. We would most likelybuy all of them in the complete size. We do include simply a little bit of butter to the popcorn sothat the flavoring stays with the popcorn.

These(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )small. We expect we should have understoodthat because it states theyare 9 ounces, however without a size contrast we simply didn’t understand how small they truly were. We purchasedthese as a christmas presentfor our step-dad because our mothergot him a popcorn maker. We still believe theyare great since they will permit him to choose which ones he likesand which he does not without needing to invest$50 on the assortment of regular sized ones.Plus-(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the ones he does not like he will not need to feel badfor throwingout a whole cylinder of something.The business likewise included afew sample packets of flavors, so we have a little containerand a package, which was unanticipatedand we believed was great(and they were flavorsthatare most likely favorites, like ranch). We will upgrade after we attempt them all to let you understand if theyare worth the shot, though we anticipate they will be. Oh- likewise, package they was available in was remarkable. We suggest, it was a cardboard box, however it was significant “hassle free”and it truly was. Notthatthat truly has anything to dowith the product, however simply another observation:-RRB-.

Utilizedthese for a”popcorn station” at a kids birthday celebration, they were a substantial hit.All flavors were utilized,somemore than others, we were happily amazed at the number of individuals picked to utilizethese seasonings ratherthan have plain salted popcorn. We will certainlybuythese once againfor future celebrations.

We have bought the complete sized jars( 2.(*********************************************** )oz) and liked the flavors.Butter, nacho cheddar, white cheddar & garlic parmesan. We utilize a little bit of melted coconut oil or spray oil to place on the popcorn so the powdered seasonings stick. Otherwise the seasoning is dry and is up to the bottom of the bowl. We didn’t understandthese products was available in sample sizesand bought the 8 pack of various sizes presuming we were bought the bigger sizes. When they arrived we were dissatisfied, we returnedand checked out the description. It plainly specifies theyare called”mini” jarsand(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* ). 09 ouncesper container. These would be a great samplerfor a present or to utilize at an event or if you wish to attempt variousproducts On additional examination we should have picked the savory packfor ourself. We paid a littlemorefor the”mini” pack compared to the complete size however it will provide us a possibility to attempt new flavors.

8 various flavors. We utilizedthese as a part of a”popcorn bar” at our kids’ birthday celebration. We popped a lot of popcornand had paper bags so the kids might fill their bagswith popcorn. We had chocolate sweets so they might melt on the hot popped popcorn. They sprayed flavors. Some kids integrated flavors(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )others returned(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )seconds to attempt a various flavor. It was a substantial success. Each bottle comes sealed(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )identified.All of the containers repairinto a quart size ziploc bag. We had remaining flavorswith20 kids going to the celebration. Plenty to walk around.

Because covid, motion picture night in your home is quite standard now. We liked gettingthese since it made a reason to make popcorn in your homeand make it even fancier by letting everybody flavor their own popcorn. Likewise, it’s a great value over what you can get at a motion picture theatre. We believe every one is$ 4 or$ 5 at a theater.Plus theyare great sample sizes, so you can bring them to the theater in your pocket when they open back up. Respectable flavorfor every one, though we normally simply go (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the white cheddar trigger it’s the most normal.(********************** )

We enjoy love love popcorn. It is among our home cooking after a hard day. It’s quite healthy too.Easy to makeand yumour. Our bro informed us aboutthese popcorn seasoningsand so we chose to provide it a shot. We like how thereare great deal of various flavorsthat we can attemptout sothat we can figureout which flavorsthat we likethat best.The only issue isthat we wereted a great deal of the seasoning since it wasn’t staying with the popcornand we believedthat there wasn’t any or somethingand so we kept spraying seasoningand when wegot to the end of the bowl there was a great deal of remaining seasoningandthat was when we recognizedthat the seasoning was not staying with the popcorn. So what we wound up doing wanted we popped the popcorn we tossed the popped corn in coconut oiland then tossed itwith the seasonand it stuckand it tasted delicious. We suggest this little seasoning set to anybody who likes popcorn. Since although it states “minwe jars”.(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )can get a lot of usages out of each jars.

Everybody in our family has their own preferred kernel season’s popcorn seasoning however up until now no one has grumbled about a single one, they appear to enjoy them all which is unusualfor our family. Forlessthan 2 dollars each this is an exceptionally good deal.The containersare little small however each of them will bring many batches of popcorn approximately the excellence level. Certainly do not be reluctant purchasing this wonderful product, we ensure you will not be sorry for deciding. We do not understand the merchant, the merchant has not used us any sort of discount ratefor our kind words of fact. We do not leave reviews really typically unless weare extremely satisfied.

Our only question is why didn’t we findthese quicker? the little jarsare charmingand the flavors takes popcorn to another level. We have only attempted 3 up until now (******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )they were beyond expectations. It s our guess the rest will be simply as delicious.(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )thingthat s required however– we spritzed our popcorn with a bit of melted butter or oil to provide the seasoning something to keep. That s it. It ll stickand every mouthful will be a delight. We will certainlybuy these once again(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )once again.

Wegot sick of utilizing microwave popcorn( as it both burnsand does not pop)(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )have been popping on the range topfor the last 6 monthswith muchbetter success. For enjoyable we believed we would attempt gettingsome flavor seasoning. We havefoundthat 1/2 cup of popcorn seeds blends wellwith 2 teaspoons ofthese powdered seasonings. Wefound this a great way to attemptout a variety of flavorsand see which we like one of the most. In general we have been rather delighted(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the experience and have not been dissatisfied (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )any of them.

Great tastefor our air popped popcorn. We usually mist our popcornwith olive oil, then spray the seasoning.The olive oil helps the seasoning stick. We attempted all the flavors and they all taste great, however we do have our favorites. Regrettably, some of the seasonings cakedand didn’t comeout quickly. We would suggest not opening them all at the exact same time- simply enjoy them a couple of at a time to prevent the caking we experienced. Enjoyout the jalapeno one– it makes us sneeze whenever we utilize it;–RRB-.(********************** )(********************* )Who does not like flavored popcorn? in this manner, you can include as much or as low as you likefrom approximately 8 various flavors? wish to produce your own cretor’s mix? putsome nacho cheeseand caramel corn flavors on thereand shake it up. Love ranch like a real midwesterner? loadthat young puppy up. Keep in mind when you were young(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )you mixed all of the soda water fountain flavors together? now you can do thatwith popcorn. Wan na seem like a kid once againand feel your arteries obstruct while you lick the delicious seasoning off your fingertips? getthese seasonings. It deserves it.(********************** )

We boughtthese a few days agoand already attempted all of them on different batches of popcorn.After reading evaluation of individuals statingthese seasonings wear t stay with the popcorn( that makes sense because it s dry popcornand dry seasoning), we did some exploringwith things we had at home.( we have been utilizing plain popcorn poppedfrom plain kernels.) we attempted sprinkling tasteless oil( avocado oil), however even after shaking strongly, the oil did not uniformly coat the popcorn, so the flavors did not use uniformly. Next, we attempted sprinkling melted butter( we waitedfor it to cool off a little so it wouldn t make our popcorn soaked), however even after shaking strongly, it still did not spread out uniformly. It did provide delicious buttery taste to some kernels, though- yum. Lastly, wefound our spray oil( pam). We put 2 handfuls of popcorn in a single layer in a blending bowl, sprayed it with oil, sprayed itwith seasoning. Next we mixed it around, including a bitmore popcorn, sprayed,and sprayed. Repeat up until you ve seasoned all your popcorn. Wefound this technique really effective. Flavors– wefound them really delicious. Particularly if you like flavored potato chips. If you remoreinto simple/natural flavors, these may taste too artificialfor you. However we do value how they utilize real cheesefor their tacky flavorsand we saw they utilize a great deal of real seasonings. We seem likethese would be good sprayed on french fries, too. Size–theseare certainly sample sizes, however it s a great way to figureout which flavors you like. However these seasonings go a long way because they re really tasty.

Purchasing this mixed pack was a great concept. We had the ability to attempt a lot of flavorsand in the end we basically onlybuy nacho cheeseand ranch flavors completely size. We will statethat the remainder of the reviewsare right inthat the seasonings do not stay with the popcorn without falling right through unless you utilizesome sort of spray. We like to utilize we can’t think it’s not butter spray anyways so we have never ever hadthat issue. We likewise do not understand why individuals would anticipate(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )a powder,(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )does not clump and end up being difficult to”sprinkle” might amazingly stay with popcorn without utilizing something on the popcorn.

Huge fan of kernal seasonsand was thrilled to see this flavor online.Great flavor- not too sweetand added a great flavor to popcorn. Likewise sprayed it on toast like cinnamon toast howeverwith a birthday cake twist.The jarsare charmingand good to share, would make a charming little favor at a motion picture themed celebration too.

We have only attempted the cheddarand bacon & cheddar flavors and bothare fantastic. It didn’t odor good, however certainly tastes great on popcorn. Delighted to attemptthese on french fries too. Wegot the marketed variety of 8and all were packagedand delivered well. Did not get any duplicates.Great pack to buy to sample the flavors(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )find your favorites. Finally, they all end mid to late next year( 1 +year service life).


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