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KIND Bars, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Gluten Free

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of KIND Bars, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Gluten Free.

  • Includes 12 – 1.4 oz KIND Bars
  • A delicious nut bar covered in roasted peanut butter and smothered in dark chocolate.
  • A rewarding, nutty snack that only appears indulgent.
  • Gluten free, No Genetically Customized Ingredients, 0g Trans Fat, Kosher
  • Low glycemic index, low sodium, good source of fiber

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Flavor: Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate|Size: 12 Bars These bars are where our journey began and it was simple: whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with fruits and spices bound together with honey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on KIND Bars, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Gluten Free.

Question Question 1

How Much Protein In The Peanut Butter And Dark Chocolate?

Hi – Each bar consists of 7g protein.

Question Question 2

How Numerous Carbs?

17 g total carbs … 2.5 g fiber, 9g sugar

Question Question 3

Calories In Bars???

Wt. Watchers points = 5, with 200 calories that account for fat, protein, fiber and carbs.Heck of a lot better for you than a Snickers. For the Wt. Watcher, eat a piece of fruit and it’s a great start for the day.and goes great with a non-fat milk latte.You may wish to take a look at the GNU bar.4 points and GREAT DEALS OF Wt. Watchers points = 5, with 200 calories that account for fat, protein, fiber and carbs.Heck of a lot better for you than a Snickers. For the Wt. Watcher, eat a piece of fruit and it’s a great start for the day.and goes great with a non-fat milk latte.You may wish to take a look at the GNU bar.4 points and GREAT DEALS OF fiber.Neither of these bars leaves us with that insulin rush that states, eat, eat, eat.

Question Question 4

Other Websites Have This Product Without TheDairy Is This Supplier Selling The Dairy Free Variation Or Old Variation?

The supplement truths do disappoint dairy as a component. Nevertheless they are not certified dairy free and may include some dairy from cross-contamination.

Question Question 5

How Much Protein In The Peanut Butter And Dard Chocolate?

The product states 8grams of protein.

Question Question 6

Are These Gluten Free?

The label does not state Gluten Free, nevertheless if you take a look at the ad to the left of this box, it states GlutenFree we like these bars. The only issue we have with them is that when we play Golf and take them into the hot sun, the Chocolate melts. Still taste GREAT, however untidy.

Question Question 7

How Numerous Calories Per Bar?

200 Calories per bar

Question Question 8

How Numerous Bars Remain In This Product?

There are 12 bars in a box.

Question Question 9

Is This From China?


Question Question 10

This Product Has Soy, Most Of The Soy Is Gmo In The United States. It Does Not Define On The Box That The Soy Is GmoFree Is It?

There is a declaration on the back of package that states, “No genetically engineered ingredients.” Under the ingredients, it specifies, “soy protdin

Question Question 11

What Taken place? The Peanut Butter And Dark Chocolate Utilized To Be Wonderful, Today It’S Like They Ran Low On Peanuts So They Included Gravel.?

we discovered that too when we consumed them and they could have made them better

Question Question 12

How Is Shipment Managed In The Summer? They Would Most likely Be Okay On Our Patio However If The Usps Puts Them In Our Mail box For A Few Hours It Would Be Cur?

we have prime and we have 2 day shipping that’s way better

Question Question 13

Dark Chocolate And Peanut Butter States It’S Dairy Free, However The Product Packaging On The Back States It Includes Milk?

Then it is not Dairy Free.

Question Question 14

Exist Any Without Soy Protein?

Soy is noted as a component.

Question Question 15

Sodium In Peanut Dark Chocolate Bar?

The label states 40 MG ofSodium 2% of daily value.

Question Question 16

How Numerous Boxes Are With This Order?

1 box which consists of 12 bars

Question Question 17

Why Does This Product Page Have A Proposal 65 Caution Stating That This Snack Will Expose United States To Lead? Why Exists Lead In This Product?

we didn’t see that so have no concept why lead is included.

Question Question 18

Why Does The Peanut Butter Chocolate Variation State Dairy Free However Then List Milk Powder In The Ingredients?

we can’t inform you that

Question Question 19

Is It Soy-Free?


Question Question 20

How Much Sugar Remains In Each Bar?

This flavor has 9g of sugar per bar

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on KIND Bars, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Gluten Free, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These are great, and this is our preferred flavor of all the kind bars. Peanut butter and dark chocolate are 2 totally various things that, when assembled, end up being higher than the amount of their parts. However we expect that might be stated of the other flavors. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of choice. Personally, we like peanut butter. We like chocolate. Together, they are even better, similar to those old commercials we keep in mind on television with the building and construction employees having mishaps. These make great frozen snacks, if you have got the teeth for it. We like to pull them ideal out of the freezer and break them 3 or 4 times with our fingers (it can be hard to break them), and then pop the pieces in our mouth and chew them up. Extremely crunchy when frozen. In some cases if we are sensation extra primeval, we will not trouble breaking them into pieces, and we will simply eat the entire bar frozen, type of like how a pet would with a milk bone. In some cases we will take a spoonful of all-natural organic peanut butter, and put it in a coffee cup. Then we take among these kind bars straight out of the freezer, put it on the kitchen flooring tiles, and smash everything up utilizing a 15 pound dumbell. Then we take the crushed kind bar, cut open an end of the package, and then put it over the peanut butter in the coffee cup, and stir everything up with a metal spoon. We feel that this is a great protein snack, boosting the kind bar. And obviously, they’re great to keep in your knapsack, simply in case you require a little pick-me-up. Oh yeah, and they taste good. Not too sweet. Really, might be even less sweet, however that’s simply me.

The kind bars are among the most expensive- yet worth it- snack out in the market. In the beginning, you end up being addicted to the great chocolatey taste of the bars. When you take a glimpse at the nutrition label, you only feel half-guilty and you continue eating it. As soon as you’re done, you crave a heapmore We got a membership and it has to do with the very best value out of anywhere else. We like the bigger box since the 4 pack simply goes way too fast. We suggest, who purchases a 4 pack and anticipates it to be pleasing? after you eat those 4 bars, you’re going to desire 10more Get a membership to these bars, they will deserve it ~ we have attempted other kind bar flavors, and we value the savory flavors however we believe that a bar should stay with being sweet. We have attempted the ranges with coconut, and the other with fruits. They are rather delicious, however we believe that our preferred flavor is absolutely still the peanut butter. In concerns to the current kind scandal where they were asked to remove the word “healthy” from this line of bars (along with a few others that we forget). These bars are technically still healthy- do not let social networks encourage you otherwise. The high fat material comes from the nuts, however hello- nuts are fatty. Put aside the mindset that even if it has fat it is bad for you. Some fat is alright, a great deal of fat– similar to anything else is not alright.– after having the membership for a few months, we needed to pause it. We like these bars, however we didn’t eat one every other day, and we wound up back-stocking them. Now we have lots of, lots of, lots of bars in your home that will get eaten– simply at a slower speed than we prepared for. We normally stay with having a couple of a week, so a box of 14 bars on a monthly basis is simply enough. We simply require to complete all the ones we have prior to we resume our membership.

Good taste, simply we concur with a couple other reviews that stated the bars are hard to bite apart, we would take care if you have cracked a front tooth in past and have a filling or crown. We have not experienced that with 2 other flavors of kind bars, and we have only bought this one as soon as (so not exactly sure if this is normal for this kind all the time or not). Weather condition wasn’t extremely hot or cold for our shipment (such that melting or freezing would have taken place on path).

We like that they taste like healthy food since it s natural ingredients and it s among the most healthy protein bars out there. We likewise utilize them at night with a cup coffee rather of having something truly unhealthy that we like (like cookies, cake, bread, candy.) and it pleases our craving for ‘a treat and is soooo much healthier than the other options we pointed out. Oh, we were a bit anxious about them delivering them since we truly believed they would melt and we reside in florida. That hasn’t took place truly other than the one time and we put them in the refrigerator and other than the chocolate being a little tarnished, it tasted simply fine. You likewise can t buy in this amount at the supermarket that makes them much more pricey at the supermarket than purchasing them by doing this.

These are without a doubt our preferred nut bar, besides the dark chocolate and almond obviously. We have been getting these for nearly a year on a repeating month-to-month order. We have had no problems bought from this supplier. The only issue comes from shipping in the summer or warmer days in the year. Got a double order due to them being back bought one month and the 2 boxes we got at the exact same time had the chocolate melted. We attempted opening one as quickly as they came however turned into a catastrophe. We stuck that one in the refrigerator and it was fine later on. The rest were completely fine once they strike space temperature level. The bar had the ability to be released from the plastic without concern of plastic winding up on the bar anywhere. The bar was not even misshapen other than a small crease in the chocolate throughout the bottom however it remained in no chance an issue. So all stated and done we will continue to get these month-to-month and understand we may need to stick them in the refrigerator for a bit if they got hot throughout the ship. No concerns.

We have attempted a variety of the kind bars at this moment since we have essentially fallen in love with their line ofproducts It began with a cranberry almond one from starbucks and ever since, we have begun purchasing a number of boxes on a monthly basis. We do not like dark chocolate quite however believed we would offer the peanut butter dark chocolate bar a shot this time around. We are delighted we did. Delicious and not bitter like we anticipated. It will be the perfect late afternoon snack for those days that we are craving sugar and/ or chocolate at work. Total though, we like the cranberry almond the very best and consistently return to it as a staple for those times we avoided breakfast, require a snack, we are on the roadway, and so on The madagascar vanilla is great as is the pomegranate blueberry. Not so delighted with the mango and apricot variations. We have looked around in your area and online and appears to be the very best location to buy them in regards to rate, particularly if you put them on membership. Kind’s line of grains is likewise good. The maple walnut is perfect heated up in the microwave like oatmeal. Strong outstanding flavor and loaded with healthy grains, nuts, and so on. In general, we have been really happy with kind and will continue to buy their products as long as they stay offered.

Our kids like these and pick them over the more affordable chewy bars. These taste like real food and offer you a great complete sensation. In some cases, bought from, they are not as fresh as you would anticipate purchasing in your area, however we have not found this one flavor to be bought in your area that is not part of a multwe pack. Likewise, the rate is good. We get 2 boxes of these through subscribe and conserve on a monthly basis.

We first came across kind bars at starbucks, and purchased them once again since they are quite filling. We like these since rather of a lot of chemicals, you get honest-to-goodness ingredients. And these bars make for a quick, wholesome snack. Specifically the peanut butter/dark chocolate were an issue to us in that they are hard on the teeth. They’re not chewy, per se, simply really hard to biteinto We likewise found the peanut butter to be undetected. They weren’t bad, general, simply not at the top of our flavors. Tip: a variety pack.

Much better than the poptarts our colleagues down with a. M.Coffee We keep these offered at all times since we am lured by junk food and do not have exceptional will power. We were on membership prior to however stopped because of freshness problems. These have ended up being more popular now so the problems appear to have been repaired. Now back on membership. Side note- we choose the non fruit alternatives. They are too sweet for us, incredibly.

Followed ads like a lamb to massacre. They show that cliff bars first active ingredient is rice syrup (sugar) and kind is 52% nuts. Plus glucose syrup (usually corn and high fructose), honey, sugar and soy. Still state simply make some homemade cookies vs this things. Flavor is better than most bars. No caulky.

We are not a fan of dark chocolate, however the reviews were so great on this peanut butter dark chocolate product, we believed we may attempt it. It’s remarkable. It’s not bitter like dark chocolate is and the bar is the perfect size. The peanuts are fresh and crunchy, too. We left some in the cabinet for a month and the peanuts were not as crunchy as the very first time we opened one 30 days prior, however they were still outstanding. We have these on our membership now. You can see these are way much healthier than the 30 other brands we have attempted, and much better tasting. Thanks kind plus, for making a healthy bar we can really take pleasure in and understand we’re not eating dreadful ingredients thus lots of others.

These are great kind bars and we like the flavor quite. It is difficult to have consistency with the freshness. We are sure they’re fresh, however some are softer and chewier than others. The peanut butter flavor mixed with the chocolate is really delicious. Much better prices than the kind bars that come out to over $1. 25 per bar.

Crunch- chewyi, not too sweet, does not seem like eating candy, in spite of the chocolate. Like these bars much better than the luna bars that we utilized to acquire. We are not delighted about the soy, however it appears hard to prevent that in a bar. However, it is much less sweet than the luna bars, this flavor, the hazelnut dark chocolate are rich, like a dessert, however not extremely sweet. The size is plenty huge to fill us up, however not so large regarding seem like you need to put half away for later on (perhaps since the sweet isn’t cloying). It makes a hit and provides us a boost when we do not have time to eat a normal meal at work.

The taste, quality and nutritional material would require a 5-star ranking, however we provided the kind bar a 4-star to call attention to the truth that it melts in medium-hot temperature levels. Possibly it takes “chemicals” to keep chocolate kind melting at 80 degrees, and if that holds true we should have offered it a 5-star.

Extremely nutty, however not always peanut-buttery. Chocolate is smooth, not waxy. Great flavor, and it’s really crunchy-chewy without those stupid soy/rice filler pellets that a great deal of bars stick in only to make you seem like you are eating littles sawdust. It’s not a meal bar, it’s a sandwich shop, so do not believe it’ll fill you up. However it will tide you over, and delightfully so. Purchased the 12 count box on lightning offer for 10 dollars, and we believe it deserved it. We may buy them once again, however this time it was generally as a rather healthy treat, not a practice. Due to the fact that they might quickly end up being a practice. * nom *.

Fresh and delicious similar to the bar we purchased a shop to attempt prior to boughtthese We like that these have 8 grams of protein as we find that a greater protein snack stays with us longer, however with simply 200calories The peanut butter taste is subtle, which we like. We would relabel these dark chocolate peanut butter to showthat Contributing to our regular subscribe and conserve order.

Our order was a little hard to chew. It might have been normal for this specific flavor as we have bought others flavor mixes that were not that way. Over all a good value. We have been on a diet (alternate fasting) and the kind bars make a great healthy snack after supper or on the run late afternoon.

We return to the kind bars time and time once again. Extremely pleased with them and our whole family has problems with casein, gluten and lots of other things however are pleased that for as soon as we do not get ill with these bars and we keep them on hand at all times for when we need to run out the door rapidly. Desire they might be a little more cost effective however that is most likely since we go through numerous for a bigger family.

We like kind plus bars. Nearly 3 years ago we had a roux-en-y (aka stomach bypass). We have never ever approved protein bars, other than for power crunch’s french vanilla creme, so we are constantly looking for something high in protein, however still low in sugar – this product and a few of the kind bars fit the expense. We likewise like it since it’s nearly like we get a sweet treat without all the negatives. This is our every now and then go to treat and we like that kind supplies us this choice. Our nieces and nephews like them too. A lot so that we need to conceal any that we wish to conserve for ourself since they would go through the entire box.

We like these kind bars. The dark chocolate with the peanut butter is a yummy combo. Good and crunchy. We essentially eat these in between our gym classes, as it provides us 8 gm of protein. Certainly a great buy per bar compared to what you can get at the supermarket.

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