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Kristie Sullivan Journey to Health: A Journey Worth Taking

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This cookbook was composed to help others make a ketogenic or extremely low carb diet a lifetime dedication. After a lifetime of obesity, following in this manner of eating started as a desperate strategy to reduce weight and developed into a journey to manage my health and not simply my weight. While I delight in eating the very best foods of my life and slimming down, I likewise have come to value that my general health has improved. I no longer require any of the 4 medications that I was on prior to I began keto. I no longer wait in the vehicle or at the hotel while my family walkings. Now I m the one who recommends that we go for walk or go kayaking or dip into the swimming pool. My other half and I have been on a ketogenic diet because June 2013, yet among our doctors still asks whether this “diet” is sustainable in spite of our having lost an integrated 180 pounds. Additionally, my other half’s high blood pressure has gone from the edge of requiring medication to being low normal. Still, the doctor asks if we can sustain it long term. In truth, more than one doctor has informed me that in this manner of eating is “too difficult to follow” or “too restrictive”. One of the objectives of this cookbook is to show that idea incorrect. This cookbook has the everyday recipes that my family and I have taken pleasure in on our extremely own journey to health. There are some low carb “treat”, however most of the recipes in this book are the simple recipes that have entered into our day to day lives. There are delicious, filling breakfasts that will keep your belly delighted when it s sick of rushed eggs and bacon and hearty sides that will never ever make you feel denied. This is “diet” food that you will be happy to share at any dinner and your “carbivore” friends will anticipate you to share. I snuck in a few extremely low carb treats for birthdays, vacations, or special celebrations since these are the foods with which we have likewise commemorated on our journey. It is my genuine dream that these recipes can help you sustain an extremely low carb diet as a delicious lifestyle.You can find out more about my journey from my YouTube channel, Cooking Keto with Kristie at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFGt_87 bzlJXHxzvsU8leOQ/videos. You can likewise follow my Facebook page, Simply Keto or my site at www.cookingketowithkristie.com

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“a journey to health” is lastly here. We are so fired up to get begun cooking and baking. We started our individual journey to health in may 2015 by starting a low carb way of eating. Ever since, we have lost 84 pounds, gone from a size 20+ to a size 6, and acquired numerous health benefits consisting of decreased high blood pressure, reduced inflammation throughout our body and we were able to stop taking prescription heartburn medication. When we reached the point of being tired with what we were eating, we took to the web and found the youtube channel, cooking keto with krisite. Cooking keto with kristie presented us to the keto (extremely low carb, high fat) way of eating and altered the way we approached meal preparation. Happiness was when again in our kitchen as we prepared and baked foods for our whole family that we liked and had started to miss. We share this to guarantee you that kristie’s recipes are attempted and real and in this manner of eating works. We are happy to have gain access to to more of her recipes in “a journey worth taking. ” book reviewthis much awaited book consists of numerous never ever prior to seen recipes that have not been provided online. We can’t wait to attempt the chicken salad, crab cakes, no apple spice bread, breakfast bombs, pound cake, key lime pie, mac and cheese, no-tella muffins, thousand island dressing, honey mustard and the list goes on. These are things we liked in our previous life which we never ever believed we would be able to delight in once again. The design is lovely. Each recipe includes a description, ingredients, directions, nutrition info and a photo. The author s voice comes through in the descriptions. The nutrition info includes calories, fat, protein, carbs and fiber. The book likewise consists of a magnificent summary of alternative ingredients that are typically special to a low carb way of eating. “a journey worth taking” concludes with several pages of extra resources for a low carb/keto lifestyle. There are numerous low carb cookbooks out there, however few strictly adhere to the low total carb count needed for a real keto diet. All of the recipes in “a journey worth taking” have fewer than 7 total carbs per serving and servings aren t small. This will be the first cookbook we have acquired where we prepare to attempt every recipe. We anticipate to purchase a number of more as gifts for friends and households who are simply starting this journey. The captain’s better half.

We enjoy kristie, and we enjoy her videos, however this kindle variation requirement to be improved on. It’s not formatted like other kindle books. You can’t go to the menu and pick where you desire to go. You have to browse every page up until you find the recipe you desire. Likewise, you can’t check out the print. You can’t alter the typeface size. We will have to read this from our laptop computer rather of kindle, and that’s not convenient. Please repair this. Update: we got the repair. Sooo muchbetter We called and the latest upgrade was sent out to our gadgets. We are delighted camper now.

In the beginning when we checked out this, we weren’t excessively delighted by the recipes. We had been eating low carb for about 5 weeks, and was requiring some structure and concepts to attempt that our non-low carb sweetheart who has been tiring of our eating routines would not do not like. Never ever evaluate a book by first look. That’s what we now have to state. We keep returning to this book to think about new recipe concepts. We have not followed any recipes precisely yet, however the format of all of the recipes up until now has been rather flexible such that it is clear one can make alternatives and alter the recipe and it will still come out fine. That is our type of cookbook. We have attempted customized variations of the chicken salad, ‘fracture slaw’, and tonight was the greek meatballs with tzatzikwe sauce. We have never ever really made meat balls prior to and fidgeted however rather happy with completion outcome. Even particular sweetheart believed the dish and especially the tzatzikwe sauce were excellent. There are number of curiosity with the recipes and maybe if we were more familiar with the author and her blog site we would understand the answers: some of the recipes she notes what % fat ground meat to purchase and other times she disregardsto We are unsure how the different nutritional information at the bottom of each recipe is for that reason computed. There are likewise recipes where the author utilizes the leanest ground meat one can find, such as 96% lean ground pork and 93% lean hamburger. We are truthfully puzzled why one would dothat She does not disregard any fat in other locations of the recipes and when we have utilized 85% lean hamburger rather, which is our choice for both expense and flavor, the recipe has come out fine. In general we are extremely happy we acquired this. We are especially fired up to attempt the recipe in here for tomato pie. We have constantly liked tomato pie and very few individuals that we understand are even familiar with it. We are rather fired up to attempt it this summer when tomatoes are in season. One other note is that we have so far in our low carb journey not utilized any sweetening agents. This implies that there are areas of this book that do not intrigue me. That stated, there are lots of recipes that we are still fascinated by in here and the cost of the e-book is extremely affordable. While the format of the book isn’t the very best for browsing indexed recipes, for the cost, it does not trouble me.

The journey with kristie started one year ago with her wonderful utube videos. Her fb cooking with keto has a whole neighborhood of amazing andknowledge folks with a lot assistance. Within a few months you will seem like strolling more and swimming even more and dancing. Health smart we were pre diabetic and our triglycerides (sugar) numbers climbing up. By doing this of eating is the first diet where we are not hungryevery 3 hours. Truthfully, we have attempted numerous diets and this is the very first time we have great laboratory outcomes. Up until now down 80 pounds in one year. Kristie is exceptional at discussing each phase of this strategy and her interest and understanding is impressive. Kristie is our hero and she ishad dedicated much time and effort creating the absolute best cookbook ever. Amelie madeleine.

The girl who composed this book is truly a lifesaver. We found her over a year earlier on her youtube channel, cooking keto with kristie. We have followed her ever sense. She makes the most delicious recipes and you never ever have to feel denied. With her assistance, we have lost 130 pounds doing a ketogenic way of eating. She is impressive. We are proud to understand her. You simply needs to get this book. You’re one click away from a much healthier lifestyle. We never ever understood we might reduce weight eating pizza, cookies, biscuits and more.

We are so fired up. It has taken all of us of our 60 years and your site to find out to cook food other than the ready ranges. The best thing we ever did was purchase this cookbook. Today we made the twice baked cauliflower and mashed cauliflower with our remaining cauliflower. Prepared a lots of bacon and repairing to make us some cheeseburger bombs for the week. Love this group and this book.

We found kristie through her facebook group, low carb journey- cooking keto with kristie. We were anxiously waiting for her to release this book, and purchased it as quickly as it struck the marketplace. Her recipes make this problem a lot more simple and yummy. We have lost over 60 pounds, thanks to her recipes and support system.

This cookbook has the most delicious, easy to follow, low carb high fat recipes. Her recipes are designed to keep the carbs low and the fat material high all while providing you amazing flavor and great nutrition at the very same time. A few of these recipes have video links so you can see kristie and in some cases her family prepare them. Seeing is thinking, however tasting these for yourself will make you transform from a high carbohydrate way of eating to a low carb, high fat way of eating. Our preferred savory recipe up until now is the pizza casserole. We eat great deals of bacon around here and it’s filling, delicious and great nutrition. We cook it and eat off it for a week. Including it to recipes and simply eating it as you see our grand son doing here. You will not regret this purchase. Get a few and provide as gifts this year. We acquired the kindle variation also so we can have this resource all over we go. Thanks kristie and mr. Keto for all the great recipes and support for a much healthier way of eating and living. Keto on friends.

Our relative and we purchased this book together after attempting some of kristie’s other recipes and understanding they were attempted and real. We understand that kristie only shares the very best after attempting them consistently with her own family. She has been such a substantial impact in our keto journey and understanding that we might have delicious food with no depravation. While we have attempted numerous of her recipes off of her videos, we felt it was necessary to have the book since we desired gain access to to as a lot of her recipes as possible, however likewise since we desire to keep this journey permanently. Having her recipes at our finger suggestions and her smiling face on the cover nearly seems like she remains in the home cooking with us. Up until now, our relative and we have battle to make a dressing homemade that pleased like dining establishment style ranch or blue cheese. We made them after getting the book and we were both definitely amazed by how her variation tastes similar to the ones we have been caring for years however minus the inflammation triggering oils and unwanted ingredients. Kristie’s resolved it once again for us. Whether it’s her pancakes or her peanut butter hero cookies, there is absolutely nothing that she can’t make that does not make you seem like you are eating the carb filled original. You can inform she has put such amazing energy into making recipes that make this lifestyle possible. We can’t wait for book 3.

We have followed and discovered from kristie on her youtube cooking channel. Her recipes turn out splendidly. The web is flooded with lchf and keto recipes. Much of them are dreadful. Kristie’s recipes are extremely yummy. We are quite accomplished cook however she has provided us concepts that we would not have considered. She is likewise good about getting recipes as low carb as possible. The cookbook consists of recipe from her youtube channel in addition to new recipes. We enjoy that the ones that do have youtube video have the link composed under recipe. That way if you do have a questions about the recipe, you can go see the video. Likewise, a great deal of the recipes are things you will desire to eat on a tuesday night. What we indicate bythat It’s regular food. It fasts and yummy. Many cookbooks (both “diet” cookbooks and regular cookbooks) will have excessively made complex recipes or excessively pricey ingredients. So delighted to have this book and support such a keto champ.

We have looked into, check out documents, books, and blog sites on the topic of the ketogenic way of eating and we have enjoyed soooo numerous videos. Likewise, we have pages and pages of notes that we have put together from these different resources. This one “cookbook” consists of all that we require to understand to succeed with our health and weight-loss objectives. Kristie has done the research for us and unconsciously held our hand as we have travelled along. Our other half and we are much healthier for coming across kristie’s youtube videos (cooking keto with kristie). Today we made her pancake recipe (page 33 of this cookbook). Yumour goodness. We look forward to purchasing her other books as they appear. Thank you, dr. Kristie h. Sullivan for your interest, support and commitment to health.

We have been following kristie on her youtube channel for some time, so we were already familiar with her style of cooking and her technique to the ketogenic diet. Her individual story is so engaging and her desire to help others accomplish optimal health through healthy eating shines through. There are great deal of cookbooks on the marketplace that claim themselves to be “keto” or “low carb” yet they are loaded with greater carb recipes or consist of ingredients that most ketoers do not consist of in their meals any longer (brown sugar, molasses, honey, etc) however you will find none of that here. All of the recipes are less than 7g total carbs. Our preferred feature of kristie’s recipes is the truth that she has worked so hard to get the carb count as low as possible without compromising any of the taste or flavor profiles. We value that this book consists of some of her story as to how she found keto and that there are numerous great, useful recipes good for everybody in the family. From breakfast to lunch to supper and even dessert, this cookbook has a number of concepts for every taste palate. We have made a few of the recipes from her book in addition to a number of that were on her youtube channel in addition to in the cook book and we have not had a single flop or loser yet. If you like her recipes, you can see even more at cooking keto with kristie.

We are new to keto eating and we are likewise a novice in the kitchen. Pre keto we would split open a can, unzip a frozen bag or appearance to a cubbord loaded with processed food beginners to help us develop a family meal rapidly. We have been a huge fan of cooking with kristie on youtube as we are vigilantly finding out to utilize fresh healthy ingredients to prepare meals our family has no concept are on our keto strategy. Our family favorite is kristie’s hearty 3 meat chili. Our super particular kids and even pickier partner, enjoy this meal. We are big fan of the frittatta’s as a quick way to grab and go as we shuttle bus our 3 small kids to school or on our way to our own college classes. We enjoy understanding we are safe from vending maker temptation or the smells from the close-by dining establishments that would teeter us off strategy if we were not so quickly prepared. Our partner jokes that the book is our new security blanket as we bring it about considering what to attempt next. We are starting to feel a lot more positive in the kitchen and our kids now state “hey mom what are you making it smells so good. ” thank you for such an amazing resource. We are sensation a lot better in these last 4 weeks on keto. Our energy is so improved even on days when our kids have kepte awake or we kept up far too late studding it is simpler than prior to to remain focused and favorable. The bonus is the weightloss. We didn’t start this eating style with the sole aspiration of weightloss however it is an extremely welcome bonus to sensation great.

We are big fan of kristie’s youtube channel “cooking keto with kristie” and have made nearly all of her recipes. We had believed numerous times we want she would make a cookbook.Well She did and let us simply state it does not dissatisfy. The recipes are well composed, the images are actual food pornography and she includes nutritional counts which for somebody like us that is counting every carb, that’s a substantial plus. We would extremely advise this cookbook to any home cook that desires to follow a ketogenic diet. Thank you kristie.

We own a lots of cookbooks. From julia kid to vintage polly-o cookbooks and this cookbook is rapidly becoming our favorite. We have made a number of recipes up until now and have liked every one. Our kids, who are significant foodies (they eat things most kids would not touch.) love all the recipes, too. We have made the crab cakes, red cole slaw, kristie’s ketchup, blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing and soul bread. Plus we have a lots of recipes dog-eared to make asap. We have not been dissatisfied when. What we enjoy a lot about these recipes is just how much idea and effort have been put into them. They are the perfect mix of flavors. You can feel and taste the love and time kristie has put into her recipes. We are so happy we stumbled upon kristie’s facebook page. She puts in a lot time in assisting others with in this manner of eating. And does it selflessly and excitedly since she desires to help individuals alter their lives. Her recipes make for a “diet” that you desire to be on. She is so genuine. Tonight we had a hankering for a cobb salad: uncured ham, organic chopped turkey, fallen apart gorgonzola, bacon and medium-boiled egg over romaine lettuce and topped with kristie’s great ranch dressing. We made a double batch of the ranch and likewise a triple batch of blue cheese dressing. The salad itself was so delish however the ranch simply put it over the top. If anybody is on the fence about getting this cook book. Do it. You will not regret it.

If you have an interest in doing keto, and you should be, this book is a need to have. Cooking keto with kristie (on youtube) has been an indispensable resource for us over the last 18 months because starting our own life altering journey with keto. We definitely enjoy kristie and her family-friendly recipes. We got our copy a few days ago and have completely taken pleasure in reading through it. We marvelled that even a seasoned keto pro like ourself was able to get some new suggestions, and methods of discussing keto to friends, family, and random individuals we fulfill out and about. We are now back purchased 2 more copies for our buddy, and our sibling and his better half. We have a great deal of keto recipe books, and we enjoy them all, however this one is our preferred.

As a doctor, who thinks that the ketogenic diet is the very best for treatment of obesity, diabetes, cancer and numerous other persistent illness, we should advise this book for everybody. The recipes are easy and uncomplicated, however more notably, they are delicious and healthy. We have been eating a low carbohydrate, high fat diet because 2002, and this is the very best cookbook we have ever seen, bar none.

Terrific cookbook for low carb eating. The recipes are delicious and instructions are easy to follow. The author has and is living the keto way of eating and lost about 100 pounds. Doing it. Her recipes have made it a satisfying way to eat permanently. Love it.

We enjoy this cookbook. We have enjoyed kristie sullivan on youtube, however never ever prepared any of her recipes up until we purchased this book. We liked each and every single one we have attempted, so far. This book has assisted us recognize we can really sustain this diet, as a lifestyle. Oh and the fracture slaw is definitely amazing. Everybody in our family had at least 2 servings and our other half stated that formerly he didn’t even like cabbage. Bravo dr. Sullivan and thank you from the bottom of our heart.

This is most likely the best cookbook we have ever purchased. The recipes are simple down to earth everyday recipes that are incredible for a ketogenic diet. Kristie has done a fantastic task putting this together along with photos of the completed dishes. She has likewise consisted of the nutritional breakdown which we value. A few of these we have already attempted and liked everybody. We prepare to work our way through this cookbook. Offer this book a shot. We do not think you will be dissatisfied.

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