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Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars

Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Vegan, Non-GMO, Snack bar

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Here are a few main benefits of Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Vegan, Non-GMO, Snack bar.

  • WE HEART FIGS. Our Whole Wheat Fig Bars are constantly an outstanding option for households on-the-go looking for a wholesome win-win: benefit and nutrition, all in one
  • BENEFIT Nature s Bakery Whole Wheat Figs Bars are a perfect snack for kids or grownups. Grab one as a quick healthy breakfast bar, usage as a wholesome treat for kids lunches, or take pleasure in as a convenient afterschool snack. Great for active and hectic households
  • NUTRITION Made with you and your family in mind, Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars are soft-baked with NO cholesterol, GMOs or high fructose corn syrup. No Artificial Flavors, Certified Vegan, Plant Based, Kosher, Made in a Nut-Free Center, Low Sodium, Soy Free, Dairy Free, and 0g Trans Fat
  • THOUGHTFUL INGREDIENTS Sun-ripened, real raspberries, figs and wholesome whole wheat make our homemade recipe your new go-to at snack-time
  • SIZE Consists Of 1 Box of 12 twin packs (12 Twin Packs; 2 x 1 oz. sandwich shop per twin pack) of Nature’s Bakery Raspberry Whole Wheat Fig Bars

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Flavor: Raspberry|Size: 12 Count (Pack of 1)Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars are fuel for everyday life’s great journeys. Made with wholesome and natural ingredients, our delicious soft-baked baked bars are filled with real fruit for an on-the-go snack that satisfies. Completely portioned in 2 bars, our twin-packs do not melt, collapse or break– they’re the daily snack buddy you can depend on to be there when you require them most.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Vegan, Non-GMO, Snack bar.

Question Question 1

Are They Fresh Tasting And Are They Too Sweet?

we would state they for one of the most part are fresh tasting. we just recently purchased some @ a grocery store, plain fig-and blueberry-best buy dates were the exact same -3/23/17 the plain fig, while not stagnant were dry to the taste, we had never ever seen this in the past. sweet taste is a really private decision-kind of like “beauty is in the eye of t we would say they for the most part are fresh tasting. we recently bought some @ a supermarket,plain fig-and blueberry-best buy dates were the same -3/23/17.the plain fig, while not stale were dry to the taste,we had never noticed this before. sweetness is a very individual decision-kind of like ” beauty remains in the eye of the beholder”. we personally do not find any of them too sweet.our favorites are the blueberry, raspberry,and apple cinnamon-kinda’ in that order.boxes of those previously mentioned 3 can be found @costco,12 -2 ozpacks -2 bars per pak, one box of each flavour =36 packs per container.these are the very best fig bars we personally have ever tasted.far better than the typical brand fig bars found on grocery store racks. enjoy-sean

Question Question 2

How Lots Of Calories?Protein? Carbs? Sugars? Thanks.?

we are taking a look at the blueberry flavor: calories-110, protein-2g, carbs-20 g, sugars-10 g–Main active ingredient is stone ground whole wheat, and there is no dairy.

Question Question 3

Does This Box Contain 12 Bundles Of 2 Bars Each Or 12 Bars Total?

Yes it consists of 12 plans of 2 bars and they are delicious.

Question Question 4

Are This Gluten Free?

No. However they do have a gluten-free variation.

Question Question 5

Why Does Peach Expense Do Much More?

Since peaches cost a lot more and are more labor extensive, most likely.

Question Question 6

Is It Yummy?

we had the fig bars, really delicious??

Question Question 7

We Like These Fig Bars, However Why Does The Product Expense $15 To $23 For A Package Of 12 When We Can Get Them For $0.75 Each Out Of The Vending Maker?

Its a package of 36

Question Question 8

We Idea Food Products Needed To Have Location Of Manufacture Listed, It’ S Not On The Bars Or Box?

you’re stating this product does not show a location of maker however we believe it does. On the back of package where the Nutrition Truths are situated, down below in the fine print it mentions: “Distributed by Nature’s Bakery, LLC, Reno, NV 89521 customerservice@naturesbakery.com) Plus on the among the side’s of package you’re stating this product does not show a location of maker however we believe it does. On the back of package where the Nutrition Truths are situated, down below in the fine print it mentions: “Distributed by Nature’s Bakery, LLC, Reno, NV 89521 customerservice@naturesbakery.com) Plus on the among the side’s of package, we likewise found this where it mentions that if you wish to discover more about Nature’s Bakery, then you can compose to them at naturesbakery.com, we believe they provide you a few locations that describe who they are and where you can find out where they lie particularly the address up above is certainly the address to where Nature’s Bakery lies. You simply need to check package and all the small print. That’s all.

Question Question 9

Which Countries Are All Ingredients Grown In?Bars Distributed Or Made In Usa However Ingredients May Not Origin In Usa.Pls RespondSellers Thx.?

You would require to reach out to Nature’s Bakery for specifics like this.

Question Question 10

We Only Gotten 1 Box With 6 Bars Rather Of 6 Boxes – $17 For One Box???? Where’S The Rest Of Our Order??

They sent you the incorrect box

Question Question 11

Is Each Square 100 Calories?

Yes Each piece is a serving; nevertheless, it makes a great breakfast and remains with you.

Question Question 12

What Does Best Buy Code Mean Of 03/22/19 H3?

The best by date you are asking about is March 22 nd, 2019.

Question Question 13

How Do You Make A Desire List And Keep Your Address Private While Sharing Your List?

Contact Customer support.

Question Question 14

Why Are These 200 Calories Now? They Were 110 Calories?

Better ask their customer care than clients who purchased it. we wear t have insight to their recipes.

Question Question 15

It States 12 Count Pack Of 7? So How Lots Of Bars Are You Actally Getting?

You get 7 boxes that each have 12 packs that have 2 bars in each, so in all you get 168 pieces the size of a standard fig Newton

Question Question 16

Are Any Variety Packs Available?All Flavors Noise Delicious So We Wished To Attempt Them All.?

No. Work your way through them all a box at a time like the rest people. Blueberry and Chocolate Brownie are the very best. Unless you can getPeach Raspberry is great. So is simply fig.we sign up for them.

Question Question 17

Is The Fig Bars Okay Fror The Daniel Fast?

we are uncertain, we have never ever followed the Daniel fast.

Question Question 18

Free Shipping. Added Over $30 To Haul N Still Attempts To Charge United States Shipping?

Do you have Prime? If not, free shipping typically get activated after $50, as far as we understand.

Question Question 19

Where Are They Made?

To address your question, we have 2 bakeries. One situated in Hazelwood, MO & another in Carson City, NV. Our products are baked and packaged in the U.S.

Question Question 20

How Can These Be Thought About Vegan When Made From Figs Where Infant Wasps Are Typically Found?

we can’t address the question????

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Vegan, Non-GMO, Snack bar, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have had these straight from the grocery store and liked them – the raspberry and blueberries were our preferred flavors. Got this large box from and, while the cost was great for the quantity you get, the taste is completely off. When you first bite into them, you get an unique flavor of cherry cough syrup (gross. ). We have had the raspberry flavor lot of times and never ever had this problem prior to. Provided one to our colleague (she was the one who presented us to the nature’s bakery bars) and she concurred. We do not understand if we got a bad box, however they taste bad:( edit 02/17: nature’s bakery sent us a replacement box, and these in fact taste like raspberry:-RRB- thanks for standing by your product and offering exceptional customer care. Upgraded evaluation from 3 to 4 stars.

We got these fig bars today on january 20, 2017 from prime the first time. The expiration date is august 16,2018 Those nature’s bakery fig bars are fig ‘n amazing. There are 12 separately covered packs and each of the packs has 2 fig bars in them. We were only going to eat 1 of the bars, since each bar has 10 grams of sugar per bar and we need to enjoy our sugar consumption. Well it tasted so good that we consumed the other bar too. It’s great that the first active ingredient is stone ground whole wheat flour. The taste and the quantity of the fig- and blueberry paste is perfect. You do taste the blueberry and we believe it’s simply the perfect mix of all the ingredients. The only issue with this product is that you wan na eat them all too fast. S cost of $5. 00 a box is amazing and we will certainly purchasemore Plus raspberry sounds good too and they have got it. The ingredients are healthy. We likethat It’s a vegan product. Ps: perhaps we will make a video foodstuff evaluation of this product as soon as. We have not had the ability to submit our videos to our computer system recently. Sabiene:-RRB-.

Are Careful. We have bought these bars lot of times. This last time, we bought 4 large boxes of strawberry and got 1 strawberry and 3 apple cinnamon. Nobody at our home consumes apple cinnamon. When we went to return them we picked replacement, anticipating to need to deliver all of them back (consisting of the strawberry we would in fact choose to keep considering that we can’t get them in your area today). After we bought the replacement we saw that the bar code on the apple cinnamon in fact states, “strawberry. ” we have consisted of an image. So, we are hoping we do not get more apple cinnamon. The strawberry bars, when we have them, are cherished of the kids. They do not like any of the other flavors, though we believe much of them are good. The lemon is great for a fig bar, in our viewpoint. So, are the products managed the rack by robotic, or are individuals who do this not provided a text description of any kind? any human who understood they were looking for strawberry would understand that packages were mislabeled.

We have attempted a great deal of natural non-gmo and organic bars. We do not care about gluten and we are not a vegan, however we do appreciate flavor. The truth is the majority of them make us forget our good intents since they taste like cardboard. These do not. We have shared them with friends and family and everybody has liked them. We are not going to lie, there’s a bit of an odd flavor when you first start eating them, however it is okay simply various. There’s 2 of them in this little package about the size of fig newtons. When we first opened it we resembled dang these are small. Nevertheless, they are really fiber thick and certainly soothe your hunger while pleasing a craving for sweets. On an amusing note we provided a couple plans to a nurse at work who generally only has a defecation one or two times a week and she faced us a couple days later on because these made her regular. For the record they didn’t have that impact on anybody else. Nature’s bakery does make a non gmo, organic variation of these, however it hasn’t been readily available for a number of months. You can get placed on the alert list to be alerted when they are readily available once again; uncertain what occurred with that.

These bars are:- loaded with real flavor, like that of real food- low cholesterol (we need to watch on mine)- soft and chewywe have attempted numerous health bars by now and most taste of remorse and cardboard. However notthese These are extraordinary. We first had them through a snack shipment service we utilize at work. They provide a variety of healthy snacks on a monthly basis, however we constantly found ourself digging through each batch to choose out these fig bars. Rather of waiting for the next delivery, we chose to purchase a box of bars for ourself. They’re the perfect snack considering that they’re semi-sweet and thick, however not loaded with preservatives or other garbage. One cookie fends off hunger for a few hours. (each person package comes with 2. )we particularly like having them for breakfast when we are too lazy to cook in the early morning (all the time).

Pros: we like that it’s vegan. We like that the exterior is made from whole wheat rather of low-cost refined white flour. We like that they are fairly significant. Con: too sweet. The filling is made from dates which are quite sweet themselves. Did they need to sugarcoat – which is the 2nd active ingredient by the way. In truth dried walking stick sugar is the 2nd active ingredient and fig paste is in fact 3rd. Then, there are extra sweeteners as sub-ingredients later on.

After having attempted and liked other products from nature s bakery (fig bars and honey & oat bars) we figured we would provide these a go. We are pleased we did. These are not the gooey, super rich chocolate brownies that you d get from the bakery or make in the house. If you ve attempted nature s bakery s fig bars, these are basically the exact same texture (perhaps a little more thick and wet) however a rich, not overly-sweet cocoa that blends extremely well with the moderate date flavor. We weren t sure our spouse would like these, as he is a little a junk-dessert snob and tends to poo-poo our much healthier snacks, however he states he in fact chooses these to the ones our regional bakery makes. Our young children like these, too, and we wear t mind them having these for the periodic snack or after supper treat.

These bars are comparable to fig bars that you buy in the shop however are bigger and not as sweet. There’s 2 bars per package. We like them. We like the entire wheat outside crust and the within fruit. Truthfully, we eat them for breakfast great deals of the time. Our preferred are the chocolate bars. If you desire wet, delicious, and chocolate, then these bars in chocolate are incredible. We still like both the raspberry and blueberry fruit flavored bars and have eaten them one of the most. Our suggestion would be for you to provide these bars a shot. They make a great snack.

They are delicious and rather much healthier than other snacks. We recieved this at our home at 8: 00 am simply in 2 days after putting the order. (prime) we simply wish to thank all those individuals that work at the storage facilities from janitors to managers, thanks for your effort. You men are the ones that keep the country moving on so other can have the high-end of remaining at home and get things provided to them. Huge thanks.

We definitely like these so quite. We utilize these as our snack on our journey to a much healthier me, no guilt and really vegan. We have checked out an evaluation about some of the fig bars being of no usage, that was not so for us and this is our 2nd order. We want to state to nature’s bakery though that some of the private wrappings at the center back are not sealed adequately requires more adhesive, this may be the factor some spoils. The 2 ends are protected extremely well, however where the wrap fulfills together at the back requires more attention. We needed to dispose of a few as a preventative measure. We definitely hope you see this evaluation, that’s the only fault we have however your product is top notch/height quality and you definitely have put pride and stability in them. Thank you.

Im consumed with the natures bakery fig bars. They are rich in flavor, good texture balance of whole wheat outside and the fig middle. Blueberry is our preferred, however we like them all. When we go to the grandkids, they ask if we brought them fig bars, (they ask their other grandmother for gum and candy). We believe that states alot about it, kids of any ages like these too. Our only unfavorable is each package has 2 bars, however the recommended quantity is 1bar We attempt to withstand, however it does not constantly work. Lolalthough these are much healthier alternative than other foods, they still have sugars/carbs, and other things. We extremely advise checking out the nutritional information if you have any diet limitations. Each flavor/type has various calories, sugars. We certainly advise attempting them. You wont be dissatisfied.

These are lot like fig/apple newtons or nutrigrain bars, however less sweet, and more significant. You get 12 twin-packs of these little square bars (each bar has to do with 2″ square.) they’re vegan, non-gmo, whole wheat, with no odd things in them. The apple cinnamon flavor in these isn’t super noticable – which is good, in our viewpoint – we only purchased the apple cinnamon since it was more affordable than the other flavors at the time. We have bought these in the past, and will certainly do so once again.

We bought a box of these soft, chewy, tasty snacks for $7 and modification. We likewise bought a microwave. Let that part sink in. We wear t require a refund. We would have liked to simply send out a message. Like: hey the microwave product packaging was way too huge and insufficient packaging in package and the bad little fig bars didn’t stand an opportunity. There are 12 packets of fig bars. A minimum of 4 of them looked pre-chewed. Still delicious. A few months back we needed to return the product we had bought since of bad product packaging. The microwave product packaging was good so we didn’t need to return anything.

We have been a long period of time fan of nature s bakery bars. We like having much healthier choices to require to work and around your home too and these are perfect for those exact same factors. The only thing we do not like about this purchase is the cost to amount ratio. Other than that the buy is great. We have attempted the regular fig, blueberry and raspberry flavored fig bars and up until now these beat those 3. The peach apricot taste isn’t as strong as we were anticipating however we are not seeing that as an unfavorable. Love that each package is only 200 calories making each bar 100 separately.

Provided in a timeline and condition as anticipated. Extremely delicious, and vegan. We keep these at our desk at work to utilize as a snack. And share with our vegan colleagues. [updated 7 apr 2019] we likewise get the variety pack to share at work. All flavors are really delicious. Likewise, these are great to soak in coffee to dampen it. However simply for a 2nd, else it might break down in your coffee cup.

We buy these for two times the cost at a regional health and nutrition shop. We were so pleased to find these on as we eat one pack (which has 2 cookies in it) daily. The product came packaged well with good expiration date, can’t ask for more thanthat Blueberry is our preferred flavor, our company believe these taste good. Nutrition sensible they are respectable so indulge.

These are great tasting snackbar We like that they are packaged 2 in a pack. Taste and texture are exceptional. We utilize them more as a cookie than a snack due to the sugar material. Figs are high in sugar however delicious and nutritious. They are likewise perfect for kids with braces. After they get their braces changed, they frequently have mouth pain eating hard foods so the hard granola or nut bars wear t deal with those days. We can pack these in the lunch box and understand it will get eaten.

We were used this brand of fig bars as a complimentary snack throughout a flight. It was love initially bite. This brand tastes much more wholesome than the ever popular newton figs. One in fact feel good after eating this. It has got to be due to the wholesome ingredients they utilize here. They likewise package these bars in packets of 2, which is the appropriate serving size. Anything more would be excessive in one sitting. The cost is likewise affordable – a great deal of the flavors are even more affordable than newton figs (per ounce). We have only attempted the original and raspberry flavors up until now – can’t wait to attempt the other flavors.

These brownies are definitely delicious. By buying them on prime rather of the regional supermarket we are conserving about $14 Enduring on a month-to-month special needs pension this has assisted us make it throughbetter On top of the exceptional care of product packaging they get here on our doorstep 2 days after putting every order. This delicious snack has likewise assisted with our autoimmune digestive conditions. They include fiber and flaxseed oil along with other really healthy ingredients which have promote consistency. Besides being healthy, they taste extraordinary. We extremely advise this product along with this vender. We are rather happy.

We purchased the apple cinnamon to consist of in a care package. We didn’t wish to send out processed food, however “healthy snacks” are primarily bags of nuts. We bought these not understanding what to anticipate and attempted them. They’re a smidge dry, however they’re good. We like them. They can be found in packs of 2, each cookie has to do with two times the size of a fig newton so the 2 bars is a good sized snack. The box comes with 10 packs of 2 bars. Easy to grab, include your bag, and eat later on. We returned and bought them in blueberry to put in our kid’s travel luggage for easy snacks while he’s circumnavigating france. He attempted them and likewise believed they were good and mored than happy to have them.

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