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Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookie

Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookie

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookie.

  • 4 trays with 12 cookie snack packs each (2 cookies per pack), 48 total packs, of Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookies
  • Soft cookies made with real fruit and no high fructose corn syrup
  • 10 g of whole grain per 56 gram serving
  • Pack in a lunchbox for easy preparation or grab a snack pack for an on-the-go nibble
  • Bulk cookies keep you equipped for any celebration

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookie.
Flavor: Fig|Size: 2 Ounce (Pack of 48)Newtons Soft and Fruit Chewy Fig Cookies are separately packaged for easy lunchbox preparation and convenient on-the-go nibbling. Made with real fruit for delicious flavor, these rectangle-shaped cookies are soft and chewy for rewarding snacking. Each 56 gram serving of these low fat cookies includes 10 grams of whole grain and no high fructose corn syrup. Toss these fruit cookies in your handbag or brief-case to prevent afternoon hunger pangs, or consist of a pack in your lunch for a special treat. Specific snack packs keep these chewy cookies fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookie.

Question Question 1

How Much Fiber In Each Serving? Do They Help To Have Better Defecation?

we do not understand just how much fiber remains in them It was a very long time ago we bought them. to address your 2nd question we go routinely anyhow however the do help.

Question Question 2

We Do Not Understand This One, Are 4 Boxes With 12 Pack Of 2 Cokies?

Yes, this product includes 48 servings (4 boxes of 12 packs). Hope this helps.

Question Question 3

What Are The Nutrition Realities? Carbs? Protien? Fat?

Do not know.we bought these for our mom.

Question Question 4

We Do Not Understand This One, Are 4 Boxes With 12 Pack Of 2 Cokies?

Thanks for making the effort to call us about this. You are appropriate. This listing includes 4 boxes, 12 packs per box, and 2 cookies per pack. We hope this help.

Question Question 5

How Lots Of Calories Remain In Each Cookie?

Put your cursor over the nutritional realities beside the products image, states 1 pack (2 cookies) is 200 calories

Question Question 6

Description States No High Fructose Corn Syrup However Ingredients StateYes Which Is Correct?

we simply checked out the package; it states corn syrup, however low fructose. we do not understand if there is a distinction.

Question Question 7

What Flavors It Is available in?

we only buy the regular flavor so we are not exactly sure

Question Question 8

Are These Nut Free?

No nuts noted in ingredients.

Question Question 9

Is It 48 Bundles Or 48 Cookies?

Jim Parker is WRONG. It is 48 plans of 2 fig bars each. Comes delivered in 4 boxes of 12 plans each (each package containig 2 fig bars each)

Question Question 10

What About Sodium Material?

According to the product packaging, each 2 pack includes 90 mg of sodium or 45 mg per cookie.

Question Question 11

How Do They Lisr The Ingredients? Flour Or Figs First?


Question Question 12

The Description Now States 48 SingleCookies These Are Normally 2 In A Package. How Lots Of Cookies Are Sent?

Its been a while given that Iordered them however there are 2 long cookies. (equal 4 small in each pack)and there are 12 specific packs

Question Question 13

Are These Vegan?

Figs are not vegan. They consist of female wasps and overharvesting figs is destructive to wasps. Please do your research.

Question Question 14

Image Reveals 48 Pack, Description States 2 Bars Per Pack 12 Packs Per Case. How Lots Of Actually Come?

48 packs x 2 = 96 bars. each package equivalent to 4 regular fig newtons.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookie, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Quality – the outer part now appears more like a crust and less soaked. We like it a lotmore Soft, gooey inside and kind of like a pie crust exterior. Amount – we are attempting to stockpile on staples and the reality we might get 48 packs with 2 bigger cookies (it’s more like getting 4 of the regular size) per package is great. These will last us some time and given that they’re specific packets, we do not need to fret about needing to complete a box prior to they stagnate. Rate – seriously, how can you beat this rate? to get 48 packets for under twenty bucks?ingredients – ok, perhaps not a natural food, however better than lots of cookies out there and we like the taste. Bottomline: if you are fig newtonite like we are, you may wish to stockpile at this rate.

Particularly in the last few years, discovering soft fig bars has been”iffy” Even if soft on the rack, frequently quickly solidify up when opened. These come packed 2 soft generous bars sealed in difficult plastic movie that keeps them fresh up until you’re ready. At 90, it was good to find a healthy youth treat that provides much like we remember them.

Cheaper than at the large food club called after sam. If you like fig newtons, you will like these given that that’s what theyare If you do not, you wont. Our recollection is that they can be found in specific packs of 4 (or perhaps it’s 2 double sized) newtons per pack. Anyhow, the expense per cookie is less than we might find anywhere else, and the small packs will keep the cookies fresh longer.

Exists a bad fig newton? plus, these been available in helpful grab & go plans with longer than normal bars – hip hooray. Indulge yourself & take pleasure in the happiness that is a fig newton. As an aside, we would keep in mind that it is much easier to keep your newton usage rate in check given that you can allocate yourself to a pack a day habit.:-RRB-.

Okay ‘newtons’, we take a couple of with all of us the time kuz we are diabetic and some times we require to raise our sugar level and they work rather well. Taste good likewise. Got hooked on newtons in the early 1950’s. Still taste good after 60 years of eating them. It’s a good idea sir isaac newton developed the fig newton. Lol, still amusing after 50 years, though our history instructor didn’t believe so at the time. She provided us an f- on our test.

Good value. Leave bought 3 times. Have a craving for sweets and seem like fig newtons are better option than other cookies and the specific product packaging helps us to stop at one pack. Do not have a weight issue however require to keep sugar down and we can eat sugary foods non-stop if we are not cautious. These have been fresh and we constantly keep them on hand for our partner and me. Notification they vanish when our child sees from college.

Bought this to send out over seas to our boy in law and his buddies who are released at the minute. Love fig newtons, they are constantly fresh and a good nutritional snack for the value. Love that they are separately packaged and sharable.

These seem real to brand, and they showed up with a lot of preparation in between arrival and usage by date. The prices was reasonable, about the like these if found on a good sale at the supermarket. Due to the fact that they make a good on-the-run breakfast or late nite snack, we can advise both the product and seller.

We purchased these for more factors than one, and am completely delighted with our purchase. Separately covered ways remaining fresher longer. Great for lunches.

Our relative enjoys these cookies. She consumes them everyday for a much healthier snack. Pleased we might find them to buy in a 4 pack. Extremely fresh. Extremely advise.

We matured caring fig newtons, and still buy them today. Now, our child enjoys them too. They are yummy, and pleasing. We enjoy them in some cases as a snack in the early afternoon, or as a dessert after supper. They are delicious with milk, coffee, and tea. This is our old-time preferred cookie, and our child constantly packs them with a lunch for on-the-go. Extremely yummy, and delicious anytime. Extremely recommended.

Fig newton are our preferred cookie. We constantly eat them with a glass of milk as healing food after a workout. We trained for 3 boston marathons with them. We seem like they are much healthier than most sweet snacks. We were bought from prime kitchen and utilized this as one of the products to fill our box. They purchase came quick and the costs are better than our regional supermarket. Chris wodkeauthor: running for our life-winning for cmt.

These are the best fig newtonswe have acquired from other sitesthere product appeared stagnant and not as softwill buy once again.

These work so well for our 89 years of age mom. She does not need to fret about the package losing it’s freshness.

According to our partner, these are the best fig newtons he’s ever had.

Our partner’s preferred healthy cookie wholesale. Yippee. We can’t find this alternative of separately covered with 2 large cookies per pack in our shops so was happily shocked to find them on. Love the rate and the expiration on ours is 6 months so a lot of time to take pleasure in and even share.

We will confess that we were a little hesitant when we got the quantity of fig newtons in a single order, however each and every pack was fresh and delicious, and most importantly, worked for our present diet strategy. Haha. =]

We like these smaller sized plans of fig newtons due to the fact that they remain fresh and soft longer. Likewise the specific covered cookies keeps us from eating a whole sleeve. These specific plans consist of 2 longer cookies, most likely equal to 4 regular fig newtons.

The fig newtons showed up on time and was more convenient than purchasing in the shop. We keep some at work for snacks (or if we do not have time forlunch) and they are much healthier than the snacks we were utilized to. They are only 100 calories per bar and should last a very long time.

We had been craving these for a while and this is precisely what we desired. It showed up precisely as explained: 96 specific cookies, 2 to a package, twelve per box, 4 boxes. We prepare to buy more.

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