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Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps

Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps.

  • Includes 1 (6.25 oz) bag of Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps
  • Veggie Crisps: a mosaic of rice, peas and black beans you can see right in the crisp
  • Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • 4-5 grams of protein per serving
  • Off The Eaten Path uses snacks for the curious that are delightfully various from chips

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps.
Flavor Call: Veggie Crisps|Size: Big Bag If the roadway less took a trip calls your name, you may have an interest in a journey off the eaten path. Here you’ll find unanticipated mixes of ingredients that make for remarkably delicious snacks. In our light and airy veggie crisps, find a mosaic of rice, green and yellow peas, and black beans completely seasoned for a mouthwatering snacking adventure. Crafted with your taste buds in mind, these are snacks for the curious. Reward your interest with real snacks, made from real veggies. There’s simply no requirement for artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives when you re working with the very best ingredients. You’ll taste the distinction in every unanticipated mix.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps.

Question Question 1

Why Do We Need To Pay $5 Shipping Per Bag, Even If It Struck The $35 Mark For Free Delivering Type Kitchen. Only Occurs With This Flavor?

You should direct this question to Customer Service.Perhaps they can help.we have bought and got this product numerous times in our Kitchen orders, and have never ever been charged extra for shipping of this product.

Question Question 2

Calories In One Ounce?

780 calories in the bag however there are 6 servings at 130 calories per serving

Question Question 3

How Numerous Carbs Per Serving?

the label states 15 pieces is a serving with 130 calories, 18 grams of which are carbs

Question Question 4

These Do Not State Organic, However Are They Non- Gmo?

Yes they do state right on the front that they are certified non gmo and they are great.

Question Question 5

Are These Chips Gluten Free?

we do not think so. there’s rice flour & chickpea flour in the ingredients. It is non GMO & no artificial preservatives or flavors. Can’ t find anywhere on bag that states gluten free

Question Question 6

Are These Chips Fried In Grease Or Oils, Air Fried, Or Baked?

That s an excellent question, however no information about that on the package. There s a number that you can call 1-844-683-7284 we believe we may call ourself to find out.

Question Question 7

Are These Chips Vegan?

we are not exactly sure due to the fact that we have eaten them all at this time.we have never ever observed in the ingredients any meat or meat products.

Question Question 8

Why Is The Description Various Than The Photo. Which Product Are You Offering?

Nope they looked and tested great.

Question Question 9

Are These Gluten Free?

Thanks for reachingout This snack is certified GlutenFree You may not see a label on the first run of product packaging, however felt confident it is GF.

Question Question 10

Where Is The Ingredients List?Are They Raw Or Prepared?

The component list is the fourth photo on the product page. These are prepared and have a crunch comparable to rice cakes. however taste way better.

Question Question 11

Are Off The Eaten Path Gluten-Free?

we inspected the real product packaging we could not find anything on their real site either however you can call them straight to see if these are gluten free.

Question Question 12

How Much Sodium Per Serving?

The flavor we have is the rice, black bean and peas.140 mg sodium per serving BUT that is 1/6th of a bag.Once you attempt these you most likely will not stop at that small amount.However, the serving size is typical-tiny as with most snacks.Hope this helps.If you desire information on the flavor you desire, we believe VitaCost carr The flavor we have is the rice, black bean and peas.140 mg sodium per serving BUT that is 1/6th of a bag.Once you attempt these you most likely will not stop at that small amount.However, the serving size is typical-tiny as with most snacks.Hope this helps.If you desire information on the flavor you desire, we believe VitaCost brings these likewise and they have all the information on each product websites.

Question Question 13

Exists Any Way To Contact The Seller? We Would Like To Attempt To Fix Our Concerns Prior To Leaving An Evaluation.?

Hi – so sorry to hear that you have had a concern. At your benefit could you provide us a call at 1-844-683-7284 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4: 30 pm CT) or send us an e-mail (www.offtheeatenpathsnacks.com)? Thanks.

Question Question 14

Product Call And Image Do Not Match.Is This The Veggie Chip With Peas Or The Himmus Chip With Olive Oil?

Veggie chips with the peas

Question Question 15

Exists A Bigger Bag Available?

Most Costco shops bring the large 20 oz size bags and are less than $6-the very same that offers for $25+ on

Question Question 16

How Numerous Carbs Per Serving?


Question Question 17

Are These Gluten Free?

It’s challenging to tell.None of the ingredients themselves naturally include gluten, however a gluten-free label does not appear on the bag anywhere.They may produce this in a center that likewise deals with gluten-containing products and so may not have the ability to utilize the gluten-free label.Best to get in touch with the producer.

Question Question 18

Are These Baked Or Fried?

we beleive they are baked. they are so good we didn’t even check

Question Question 19

Can The Producer Response If These Chips Are Fried, Baked Or Popped?

1-844-683-7284 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4: 30 pm CT) or send out an e-mail (www.offtheeatenpathsnacks.com)

Question Question 20

What’S Choosing The Delivering Expense On This Product?

There was no charge to us for shipping

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Thank you uncommon fare foods for creating off the eaten path veggie crisps. They are great substitute for crackers as part of a charcuterie and cheese board, or when served with dips or just simply taken pleasure in as a snack straight from the package. Made from 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, they are likewise gmo free and a slim, good fiber, low sodium snack alternative. Not offered in our regional shops, we will buy these once again and hope they provide them in other alluring ranges.

We have been attempting to break a dependency to oily potato chips and this product provides us hope. Thin, crispy, and a great flavor. We like them all on their own however we are sure they would be exceptional with salsa or dips.

We might quickly change all chips with these yummy snacks. When will they be offered once again?.

We were thrilled when a lady brought a huge bag of these bean and pea rice chips to a “share finger foods” time of a group we come from. We are on a specialized diet and this specific mix is the one we can eat. We take pleasure in the crunch and the fragile and a little salty, really a little sweet flavor. Prime kitchen had them for a cost substantially lower than the supermarket, plus a discount coupon, so we got rather a few bags of them and am set for crispy snacks for a while. In fact, we take pleasure in these rice crisps enough that we would pay complete rate for them even if we didn’t find them at a bargain. Why only 4 stars? due to the fact that way expensive a portion of the contents of each bag is squashed. We do not mind eating them with a spoon for ourself, however sure can’t share them in that condition. We will state that the bag we purchased from the regional supermarket likewise had a great deal of crushed ones in it, so we believe it is a manufacturing/bagging issue, not a storage facility handling issue.

These have changed — maybe completely — all dipping chips for us. They re durable adequate to hold up to thick queso and thin spreads, however have an airier quality to their crunch. We put on t understand if they re in fact any healthier in the long run than your fundamental tortilla chip as they are still prepared with a refined plant oil, however they do have simply enough layers to seem like you re eating something with more flavor than a corn chip however not so overwhelming that you can t put almost anything on them. Addict s atop: while they still are worthy of a 5 star evaluation here, walmart now typically brings them and they re normally less pricey there.

Excellent flavor. We were a bit doubtful however we have given that purchased several bags of these, we enjoy utilizing them to scoop up some yumour salsa. They are great on their own and have an extremely light flavor that is not subduing. It’s hard to think they are made out of rice and veggies. Our hubby dislikes peas and beans and even he has taken pleasure in these.

Our chips were all out of package. We enjoy these chips thank god we have more can be found in. Can’ t even get across. Believe we need to start going to trader joe’s.

These vegetable puffs are truly great tasting and have a light finish of flavorings which does not subdue the general taste. The puffs hold their shape and keep their clarity throughout days in the opened bag. Great alternative to sour cream and onion potato chips.

We are not a junk food individual per- state and mostly choose to eat throughout meals and prevent the extracalories However the ingredients looked good enough. Anyhow we provided these a try and nearly dream we didn’t due to the fact that we consumed the entire bag in 2 days (oops). So yumour and the perfect quantity of spices and so on. Certainly will be attempting otherproducts This is our very first junk food evaluation. We put on t desire these going anywhere. If you are looking for a much healthier junk food without losing flavor than here youare A lot better than processed food chips and so on

We bought these on an impulse, not making sure what to anticipate from rice and veggie crisps, and we marvelled that they are delicious. Not too salty, no nasty chemical or other frustrating taste. They are crispy and moderate in flavor. It is easy to complete the bag in one sitting. We should include that we believe they would be perfect for dips given that they would not mask the flavor of the dip however should enhance it.

These truly please our salty, crispy requirements. We do not eat potatoes in any type, consisting of chips, so these are great substitute. We are likewise gluten-free, so once again these are winners. We do not routinely purchase adequate products from prime kitchen to certify for free shipping so we order these 10 bundles at a time and fill in with other things to bring the order approximately $35

You require to attempt these now. We were looking for some much healthier options for snacks for ourself and our kids when we discovered these at target. Ever since we have bought them off two times. They re truly hard to find in any shops other than target sadly, however they fortunately have them on. Both our kids and we enjoy these, the regular veggie crisps, and the sour cream & onion chickpea puffs. Our only grievance is that we want they weren t so pricey. Although we comprehend why they re more expensive, it truly is a pity that the much healthier alternatives are constantly more pricey.

We have been missing out on these a lot given that they have been out of stock. We attempted them months earlier when fresh had themfor 25 c in the offers area. Immediately addicted. We might quickly eat the whole bag at the same time, and should utilize self-discipline not to. We do not like that the bag can’t be recycled, though. You can’t taste the chick peas at all, the cheese is the perfect quantity, and the spice is ideal. They are bit severe on the gums, however it’s a sacrifice we are going to make. Haha. Some have made unfavorable remarks, and we are not exactly sure why. Unless you’re going into this anticipating them to taste like a regular fatty chip, you should not be dissatisfied. We hope these return quickly.

Great healthy snack, which we anticipate to pay a little morefor It s only a little, if that, considering you can stroll into a corner store and grab a snack bag filled with bad ingredients for the very same rate if not more.

We are an inveterate snacker. Seriously, if we might simply snack our way through a diet that offered complete nutrition, we would. We are especially keen on lays classic potato chips. However, let’s face it, they’re not precisely comprised of nutritionally-densecalories So we a minimum of -attempt- to change things up, and munch on better options. These veggie crisps are great. They’re delicious, crunchy, and please that “we need something salty” craving. Best of all, they’re vegan. Like me. We are eagerly anticipating attempting some of off the eaten path’s otherproducts If they’re anything like these, we are sure we will enjoy them, too.

Our hubby is a night time muncher. We feel better with him eating these and he in fact asks for them over other chips. They get here in good shape, fresh, crisp, simply enough salt, and perfect for our muncher.

We got a sample of these chips in the mail and chose to attempt every flavor. We brought them to work and consumed them for snacks. They are great. We liked some better than others however all were good.

These are delicious. We have bought them numerous times, nevertheless this time we bought 2 and both were open. We do not imply a small tear in every one. The tops of both bags where entirely open all the way throughout. When you go to “refund or replace” you get a popup that states “this product can not be returned, click on this link for a refund it provides another popup that directs you to click another link for a refund which takes you back to square one. Being stuck in your house is challenging and when you are waiting for food and it comes opened makes it even harder.

We acquired these chips due to the fact that our hubby and we are attempting to alter our eating routines. We found these chips and believed they would be a great snack alternative. Our hubby and we both truly like them. They are tasty, crispy with simply a touch of salt (that you can taste. So kinda like the taste you would get with a potato chip). We liked them a lot we have bought them once again and even bought a various flavor from off the eaten path chip line-up. We have consisted of a picture that reveals the size of a whole chip (some will be broken. That takes place with chips).

Love these; perhaps bit addicting:-RRB- super crunch, great flavor, and as snacks go. Not too unhealthy. Now if amazon could in fact stop simply tossing 6 packs of heavy bottles on top of all 3 within order? we would be truly delighted. These came smushed, with one package blown open by weight of the gatorade bottles. To. What a pity. This specific box was hardly half complete; yet you handled to location these great chips right under that 6-pack of drinks. While rest of box was filled with those horrendous wastefull plastic air bags. Continuous concern. Aaaarrrgh.

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