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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Popchips Potato Chips, BBQ.

  • POPCHIPS CRUNCH WITH YARD BARBEQUE SMOKE & SIZZLE: with popchips barbeque potato chips, you ll taste appetizing sauce and a hint of smoke. so bring up to the picnic table and savor the flavor, however avoid the grease.
  • STOCK UP. A single chip is never ever sufficient to please your natural craving for a crunchy snack. So do the practical thing: stock up your kitchen with a multi-pack or variety pack of popchips so you’re ready for a crowd.
  • GET MORE FOR YOUR TASTEBUDS. considering that popchips are not deep fried, you get more chips per serving, with all the flavor however half the fat and fewer calories compared to leading fried potato chip brands.
  • CRUNCHY AND FLAVORFUL. popchips are simply potatoes, popped to excellence. We take potatoes, include heat & pressure then pop. You get chips that are deeply rewarding, never ever deep fried.
  • FEEL THE LOVE IN EVERYBITE With BBQ popchips, you get fewer calories & more chips per serving than other fried or baked chips.Non-GMO 100 calories per serving. Gluten free.Vegan Absolutely nothing artificial. No cholesterol.Kosher No trans or hydrogenated fat.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Popchips Potato Chips, BBQ.
Flavor Call: Barbeque|Size: 0.8 Ounce (Pack of 24)Product DescriptionWe think in the freedom to snack. That s why we developed a new chip. One that s deeply rewarding however never ever deep fried. So you can do not hesitate to eat one, 2, 3 handfuls, or perhaps a whole bag. and why not? it s all right, they re popchips. Crunchy and delicious, popchips are simply potatoes, popped to excellence. We take potatoes, include heat & pressure then pop. You get chips that provide you more for your palate, with fewer calories & more chips per serving than other fried or baked chips. popchips are gluten free, kosher, consist of no trans fat, no added preservatives, no phony flavors and no artificial colors. Select flavors non-GMO and vegan. comWe do not fry it (unhealthy).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Popchips Potato Chips, BBQ.

Question Question 1

Any Person Know The Weight Watchers Smart Points?

if anybody is under medical weight reduction this bag can be consisted of as 2 starches considering that there has to do with 17-19 pieces within, our company believe. One starch you can only have 11 pieces so this works out as 2 starches and you do not eat over.

Question Question 2

We Required To How Much Sodium In The Chips?

sour cream and onion have 190 mg. of sodium in 1 oz. of chips (about 22 chips) according to package info.

Question Question 3

How Meny Carb Remain In A Bag?

A 0.8 oz serving of sea salt popchips consists of 16 g of total carbohydrates, which is 6% of the recommended daily value.

Question Question 4

Are These Gmo Free?

The product packaging states lots of good ideas, however does not state “No GMO’s.” our guess is that they are not without GMO’s, otherwise they would be happily declaring it.

Question Question 5

Are These Peanut-Free?

According to the component list on the “Sea Salt” Popchips packagedried potato, sunflower and/ or safflower oil, rice flour, potato starch, sea salt, salt.Also according to the package, they are “never fried, always baked”, and are gluten free.Hope this helps.as an aside, these chips are delicious and unlike re According to the component list on the “Sea Salt” Popchips packagedried potato, sunflower and/ or safflower oil, rice flour, potato starch, sea salt, salt.Also according to the package, they are “never fried, always baked”, and are gluten free.Hope this helps.as an aside, these chips are delicious and unlike regular potato chips, one package suffices.The fried chips are implied to make you desire more.

Question Question 6

Which Business Makes This?

Pop chips

Question Question 7

How Numerous Calories Per Bag?

100 crispy-crunchy-salty-good calories per bag.

Question Question 8

How May Weight Watchers Points?

The 0.8 oz bags are 3 points.we only eat the sea salt variety however we do not think there is a distinction in points in between flavors.

Question Question 9

Are All The Flavors Of These Pop Chips Kosher?

While we do not understand if the flavors are kosher.we can tellyou that we have a hard time to keep them in stock at our office.Our staff members, auditors, etc enjoy them a lot – we are filling our snack basket a number of times a day.They are delicious and low in calories than regular chips which indicates you can take pleasure in 2 bags without the While we do not understand if the flavors are kosher.we can tellyou that we have a hard time to keep them in stock at our office.Our staff members, auditors, etc enjoy them a lot – we are filling our snack basket a number of times a day.They are delicious and low in calories than regular chips which indicates you can take pleasure in 2 bags without the guilt.;O)

Question Question 10

Why Has The Expense Gone From $1599 To $2726? (Specifically When The Very Same Is At Coscto Organisation Center For $1199)?

our company believe organisation Costco only offers the variety pack, not the sea salt alone

Question Question 11

Are These.8 Oz Bags?

It’s a case of 24.8 oz bags – the size you would put in your lunch to eat with a sandwich

Question Question 12

Are They Dairy Free?

we put on t understand about the insane hot ones, however the barbecue ones are dairy free. You should have the ability to get their label info online.

Question Question 13

How Long Is The Life Span?

That depends upon when you bought it. we bought mine on 4/28/2019 and they’re best eaten prior to 2/15/2020

Question Question 14

How Do They Avoid Breaking The Chips Throughout Delivery?

They do not break.

Question Question 15

Mincemeat For Pies?

Nope, snacks

Question Question 16

No Crap, No Gmo, No Extra Added Sugar In This?

popchips barbeque is certified non-GMO by NSF Real North. we do not utilize any artificial ingredients, flavors or colors or added preservatives in our seasonings and ingredients. a 1oz serving of popchips barbeque includes less than 1 gram of sugarcoated.

Question Question 17

Is This Vegan?

This variety pack consists of 3 flavors that are vegan (sea salt, barbeque and sea salt & vinegar) and one that is not (sour cream & onion).

Question Question 18

Does This Bbq Pop Chip Have Milk?

There is no milk in the barbeque popchips, according to its component list.

Question Question 19

What Can Be Found In The 24 Pk 0.8 Oz Variety? The Description Notes 2 Various Sets Of 24 Bags OfChips Does It Feature The Salt & Vinegar?

Mine had all 4 variety (BBQ, Sour Cream, Sea Salt, and Salt and Vinegar) however certainly more than 4 Sea Salt as other response had.we keep in mind considering that Sea Salt is plain potato chips and we weren’t huge fan of them.

Question Question 20

Is This Gluten Free?

Yes, all popchips products are certified gluten free.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Popchips Potato Chips, BBQ, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We were really worried about purchased these since we have had other pop chips that were very dull (and yuck). We have been on a diet and ended up being desperate for anything that had crunch in it that was not loaded with calories and carbs. When we saw these only had 100 calories and so little carbs we believed to ourself these need to be on the top of gross tasting. After lots of weeks of disputing and reading a lot of handy reviews on these we chose to provide it a shot. We purchased it on our subscribe and conserve with and was stunned in a great way at how good these taste. In all sincerity they are some of the very best tasting potato chips we ever had. First the bag differs from anything we have ever seen. We cant open these without scissors however we think that is why barely none are broken. They are thick. They are nearly as thick as cape cod kettle chips if you have ever had those. They are crunchy. They taste so delicious. On a diet this is dream come to life. It was recommended to us that we might conserve cash by purchasing a bigger bag. We described why when this size is the perfect total up to fill us up and we never ever need to fret we consumed more than our 100 calories worth. To our surprise our 7 years of age kid enjoys them too. The doctor stated he is simply a bit over weight and he enjoys potato chips. So we immediately purchased a whole extra box of bbq simply for him. It is our preferred flavor too. That is kinda odd since we both enjoy sour cream and onion. These are good sour cream and onion however the bbq is simply amazing. Best we ever had. Simply last night we awakened so starving and got our bag of chips and did not need to fret about putting on weight. Today when we weighed ourself we had reduced weight once again. Now approved we only eat one bag a day however still chips on a diet is simply amazing. We hope you found our evaluation on these handy. Ray333 ray2001 @yahoo. Com.

Wow. Where have these been all our life? snacking in the evening is our failure. A fitness blog site we read recommended these as a reasonably healthy, low-cal snack, and you can’t beat the cost at about 50 cents per bag. When we first opened package, we were dissatisfied to see that the flavor breakdown isn’t equal. You get two times as much of the plain (sea salt) and bbq as you get of the sea salt & vinegar and sour cream & onion flavors. We have never ever been a fan of bbq flavor, however color us shocked, since that’s really our preferred flavor of the popchips, followed by sea salt & vinegar and sour cream & onion. The plain are fine, however not our favorite. The bbq have a moderate flavor with simply enough tang.Delicious These chips taste so good. They are light and fluffy, not oily at all, a bit like a rice cake however moist. The whole bag is only 100 calories, and if we eat it while drinking water, it fills us up for a a good hour or 2. Our kids like these too, and they make a far much healthier lunch snack than regular chips. We are reordered.

The chips are great. We can’t eat fried foods so these fit the costs. Work great with ww strategy. Nevertheless, we simply cancelled our order since it simply increased nearly $10 00 from last month. Whenever we find a product we like and usage, the following month, it increases. Bait and change??? we are so dissatisfied. Simply completed our last number of bags. Ritz makes a cracker we like, so back to them we go. What a pity we about ready to stop shopping in the food area since this keeps taking place. Regrettable there’s not a whole foods around here. Not a trader joes either. Simply good old wal-mart and supermarket.

We were just recently placed on a stringent diet due to swallow problems. Found these and checked out how they are simply pure potatoes with no added crap like regular chips. Our favorites were constantly the sour cream and onion ruffles. Chosen to attempt these and they were delicious. Like, yum. And you can def taste that its pure potato. We likewise enjoy that each bag is only 100 cals so no guilt. We now keep these in our workplace and bed room for when we require a snack. We def intend on attempting out their other flavors and these are now our go-to chips.

These chips are serious competitors for your discriminating scheme, whether you are 3, 43 or 83 years of ages. Potato flavor: they do taste like potatoes and not plastic or cardboard. They match well with a cooled coke or soda. Saltiness: we tend to take pleasure in chips that are saltier than typical so these feel a bit under salted to me. That stated, if you utilize them with some fresh guacamole with some salt crystals on top, you’ll feel right in your home. Crunch: they have the peaceful crunch of a fortune cookie – loud sufficient to provide you that satisfying sensation in your teeth however peaceful sufficient that you can stack, state 3 of them together in your mouth, at the exact same time, without triggering a turmoil in a peaceful library/meeting. Total: our young children eat 2 bags on a sitting, without triggering. We have effectively eaten this bag while seated throughout 3-4 vps in a serious organisation conference. Next time, we will bring our own guacamole to the conference.

We like pop chips. We value that they are lower calorie and lower fat however still provide us a crunch. We would truthfully rate these 5 stars other than it appears that every variety pack that is used constantly has bbq flavor, and in the exact same numbers as the rest. We do not comprehend why this occurs. We cant envision it’s extremely popular, however yet, here it is. For bbq, it is a good flavor, some sweet taste and spice. We simply want there was an alternative of any of their variety packs without it, or withfewer We do not believe we are alone in this. Case in point: we operate at a business that does not consistently use free food. That indicates whenever free food is used, it is normally gone within a matter of hours, if not minutes. So you would believe that the exact same would use for private bags of your nationwide name-brand potato chips (not this brand, the full-fat fried variety). These chips remained around the business break space for days. Why is that? since they were all, without exception, barbecue flavor. We believe some individuals enjoy bbq chips, however they are avoided over. A possibly easy solution for this may be to consist of more sea-salt flavored and fewer of all of the flavors. That way anybody who is not a fan of all of the flavors can take pleasure in a modification or provide a couple away without regret. We were ready to subscribe and get these chips every other month, however when completion of the month came and we had 5 bbq left over, we understood that we simply can’t make it work.

Prior to we purchased these, we had never ever attempted popchips. We were missing out onout These are crunchy, crispy, and rather yumour. Our preferred is the kind with simply the sea salt, however the other flavors are great, too. The sour cream & onion is appetizing, the barbecue is smoky, and the vinegar & sea salt has a rewarding bite to it. The container permits for resting on the rack with an open top so you can simply pull out what you desire. The part sizes are perfect. What’s even better is that we found out when our family came by, they like them also.

We were craving so we purchased our first popchip at work from among those snack makers that over charge you. We paid $1.65 We found out it was yumour so we chose to buy the variety pack on to conserve cash. The sea salt is most likely our least preferred since it wasn’t salty enough in our viewpoint. If we needed to compare it to lays’ lightly salted variation, the popchip is 50% less saltier thanthat The bbq and sour cream taste fine. We will continue to purchasethese They’re enjoyable to eat and low calorie compared to other chips. If you like these, we likewise advise popcorners. Very same concept however made out if corn rather and their flavors are great.

We enjoy salt and vinegar chips and these have a great flavor that isn’t too severe or too light. The chips do get stuck in our teeth a bit however then most chips do that and unlike normal chips these do not have an oily sensation to them.

We * enjoy * these chips. Given that starting a much healthier living lifestyle, thanks to weight watcher. We discovered these fantastic pieces of paradise. Each private bag is 3 smart points. We didn’t eat chips in the past. However these are great. It s a quick, easy snack that we put on t feel guilty for eating. Have purchased 2 boxes. Both boxes came quick, no damages, no smushed chips. Lovethese Attempt them, thank us later on.

These are certainly better than we believed they would be. We liked the bbq, sour cream and onion is respectable (and will supply the revolting after breath * smile * anticipated with that flavor) leaving the “meh” sea salt variety. The last was simply okay, however thanks to them being a relatively strong chip those would be great for utilizing with dips. Today we are pleased sufficient to acquire them once again in the future.

Looking for a much healthier snack than the standard chip however still desiring something delicious with a crunch appeal, popchips were the response. Part managed at 100 cal. Serving, non gmo, has a great crunch and in 3 great flavors (bbq is our preferred). As an outcome we can have popchips as a guilty free snack and remain on track with a healthy food strategy.

We recieved precisely what is imagined and explained. We got the 30 pk. 12 barbecue, 12 sea salt, and 6 sour cream & onion were all nicely packed inside package. No damge to the chips or private bags. We attempted a bag already and they are fresh & delicious. Very little in amount, however it is a healthy snack and only 100 calories, so yes the majority of the bag is air. However it was still a good amount of chips for a snack. We will be redeeming for sure.

These are great snack for when you’re on the go. They are popped so there’s no grease. The flavoring is delicious and every chip appears to have a lot of seasoning. Often you get other brands of chips and some have a lot of seasoning and some have hardly any. That’s not the case with these chips. We like that they are healthy snack. We tend to snack excessive and these have assisted us cut our calories and we have lost some weight too. Bonus.

For every single flavor in the variety pack, whatever tastes amazing. Light snack, easy to open. Kids feasted on package in less than 3 weeks. They desiremore Extremely advise.

We enjoy these chips. 100 calories and okay. We see problems that there was more plain chips. However if you ask us the plain ones are simply as good. We like them better than the salt and vinegar or the sour cream and onion. We do not do not like those flavors however the plain ones are respectable.

We enjoy popchips. We want they were not so costly, however we are an addict. Only 3 ww smart points for the 0. 8 oz bag (private serving bag). It is a go to snack for us for sure. Cheddar sour cream is good too. Wish to attempt other flavors too. Like chilwe cheese.

Our business offers these chips for $1. 99 per pack in lounge. Naturally, might not stand the oppression and bought the 30- pack variety pack. Bbq and sour cream were our favorites – the sea salt was more plain, however anything is delicious when you have been gazing at a screen for the previous 9 hours. Our colleagues likewise taken pleasure in these chips. We took one pto day and returned to find 8 bags missing out on.

These are our preferred popchips. They are the perfect package of chips to go with our lunch. We have gotten the ripple chips however choose these for being more like potato chips. We like this size since we have no control when it concerns these chips.

We like the barbque chips, the sour cream & onions chips, however did not like the sea salt chips. They were really dull in flavor-which was none. They were rather hard, however we consumed them with salsa so that made it ok. We needed to get up and cut the bag open with a knife or something, we couldn’t tear it open.

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