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Quaker Rice Cakes, Caramel Corn

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  • Gluten free
  • 5 g of whole grain
  • 50 calories per serving

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Flavor Call: Caramel CornFat free. 0 g trans fat. 50 calories per cake. Flavored with other natural flavors. Pleasing whole grain crunch. Quaker rice cakes please your craving for a huge crunch, and since they’re made with whole grain wild rice, they please your requirement to snack smart. Eat them right out of the bag or top with a yummy spread like peanut butter or home cheese for a mini meal.

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Question Question 1

What Products Can We Subscribe And Conserve?

Go on directory site and it will take you to that location.

Question Question 2

A Number Of Reviews That State The Rice Cakes Were Improperly Packaged And Gotten Here Fallen Apart. Have You Altered The Product Packaging To Repair This Issue?

Mine were packaged well and all rice cakes were undamaged.

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How Numerous Carbs?


Question Question 4

How Much Potassium Do They Include?

49, found that info by Google.

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Carbohydrates In Rice Cakes?


Question Question 6

What Is The Service Life Of These?

we like?? the Quaker Rice Cakes is more light then toasted bread and you can eat any on you like so yumour with jelly hope it helps Ty Manuela P:-RRB-

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If you like rice cakes this is the product for you. If you are looking for a bed room snack, this is not it. It’s really loud and crunchy when you loved one is sleeping and leaves a lot of crumbs all over the bed.

We have constantly liked quaker rice cakes and these are no various. We have dropped practically 90 pounds over the previous year and these rice cakes have been most useful and in between meal snacks. (likewise great with a little butter and garlic powder broiled up until they’re a light brown. ).

We opened the package do you desire an 85 a lot for attempting to reduce our calories however they re addicting. Plus you can eat them and not feel like you re penalizing yourself. We enjoy them with a hot cup of coffee and it makes a good snack at work versus something with a lot more calories fat and other things we should be eating. We keep a package concealed in our desk drawer and find individuals asking us if they can have one. We think better to provide a cake rather than a cigarette.:–RRB- there is simply great.

We like these rice cakes, they put on t last long in our home. It s amusing we were viewing heartland which is a family oriented show about their daily living on a horse ranch. The main character pointed out these by name mentioning she provides to her horses for snacks and they like them. We think horses and we have great taste.

These are not offered in any shops near me. We understand, since we checked out or called all of them and not a single buttered popcorn rice cake was to befound Don t be tricked by the small bite size ones. They are not the exact same and these are far exceptional. So when we understand our bffl, prime, brought them we purchased 6 plans right away.

We like to eat rice cakes in location of other junk food such as chips or other quick snacks. These are the plain variety and do not attract all – you can include garnishes to include more flavor though. Most typical garnishes are nut butter spreads or seed butter spreads however likewise smucker’s marmalade or grape jelly is good too. You can make a nut butter and jelly sandwich by positioning the spreads in between 2 of the rice cakes. They do fall apart, so eat them thoroughly over a plate.

Yumour caramel flavor and no kernels to get stuck in your teeth.

We can’t appear to find these in our regional supermarket, they only bring shop brand. We like quaker and we have been eating their rice cakes considering that we remained in primary school, well over 20 years back. These make a great snack, we like them with pb spread all over them. They are sweet and light without being extremely sweet. These gotten here in great condition provided their fragile discussion. There are 2 sleeves in the one package to keep them fresher longer.

If you re looking for something for grownups and kids with a craving for sweets this is it. We are attempting to kick the family practice of cookies and this has been a hit. Remarkably the kids like it and often include a layer of nutella or peanut butter when they desire extra sweet taste. These likewise have a great crunch and little chocolate chips spread throughout.

When followed by one’s preferred beverage, they appeared to swell like a balloon, offering a sense of fullness.

We like that they have a salt free alternative, particularly since we are cutting way down on our sodium consumption. These obviously do not have a heck of a great deal of flavor to them when eaten on their own. However they are good with a little bit of yogurt and fruit on them and even a percentage of sunbutter or almond butter. Good for a much healthier snack.

Showed up fresh, have not found any damaged crackers yet. Simple and delicious, great topped with almond butter.

These yumour rice cakes never ever last long in our home. Perfect easy snack and good for you. The product packaging is perfect no damaged cakes.

We like these rice cakes as an evening snack that is low-calorie however pleases our craving for something sweet.

We do not eat bread, so we constantly keep these on hand to utilize like bread. They were packaged perfectly and showed up in perfect shape. Absolutely nothing damaged or crumbly.

We liked that each of the rice cakes are about 50 calories, and they do have flavor. We have attempted out the shop brand types of these in this and a few other flavors however they do not compare to the quaker brand ones. In some cases you pay for the brand and shop brand is simply as good however in this case we select quaker over shop brand.

We buy these quaker rice cakes, lightly salted, 4. 47 ounce bags with our bi-weekly prime kitchen order. We really like rice cakes and these are really fresh. We typically eat them plain as a crunchy snack. We believe they taste good.

Oh how we like these cakes. We have escaped from eating a lot bread and changed tothese You can put practically anything on them. Counting calories is a bit much easier now and so easy to bring in our handbag for a anytime snack.

These are the exact same ones you will find in the shop. They are easy to get and have provided here on at a good cost. They taste great, and are filling, lower calorie alternative when you desire that crunchy snack.

Wishing to loose weight, we constantly reach for these when we crave sugary foods.

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