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Redcon1 MRE Bar - Meal Replacement Bar (Mint Chocolate)

Redcon1 MRE Bar – Meal Replacement Bar (Mint Chocolate)

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Redcon1 MRE Bar – Meal Replacement Bar (Mint Chocolate).

  • The Macros
  • Great Texture
  • Made From Real Food
  • Great Taste
  • Convenient

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Redcon1 MRE Bar – Meal Replacement Bar (Mint Chocolate).
Color: Mint Chocolate Simply when you didn’t think MRE might get any better we upped our video game with MREBar This real food bar will alter your outlook on bars permanently. The days of heavy sugar alcohols and whey protein contributed to your bars are long gone. Similar to with the powdered MRE, the bar includes only real food sources which won t upset your stomach, trigger cramping, or offer you undesirable gas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Redcon1 MRE Bar – Meal Replacement Bar (Mint Chocolate).

Question Question 1

Would These Be Good To Handle A Fishing Expedition?

we would state so. If it is a truly hot day, they will melt. our recommendations is to put them in the cooler with an ice bag. The bars are only tough to eat when they melt and reharden, otherwise it’s not a messy/crumbly bar.

Question Question 2

What Is The Life Span Of A Bar?

2 years

Question Question 3

Expiration Date Of These?

If the expiration date is expected to be 2 years, then why does seller state they end in 2021?

Question Question 4

How Do We Cancel Future Orders?

If you have a membership, go to subscribe and conserve and simply choose the order you put on t dream to buy any longer. If it s an order, you can go to our orders and simply press cancel order.

Question Question 5

We Are Loctose Intolerant, Exists Lactose In Banana Nuts Bars?

we have he exact same lactose intolerance and we have not had any issue with the banana nut.

Question Question 6

Exists A Vareity 12 Pack, Where We Can Purchase Different Flavors Rather Of Simply One? Thanks?

The Redcon1 site does use a variety pack, however we put on t believe does.

Question Question 7

What Is The Life Span/ Expiration Date For These Mre Bars?

Depending Upon how you keep these bars, it will be 2 years. Potentially longer if you put on t expose it to high temperature levels.

Question Question 8

Does Any Know If This Has The Nfs Certified?

we do not understand what food is NFS certified.

Question Question 9

What Is The Life Span?

18 months

Question Question 10

Ingredients List?

Scroll through the photos. The protein sources are beef, chicken, eggs, salmon, wild rice, and pea protein. Carbs are primarily gluten free rolled oats and yams.

Question Question 11

How Is It Possible For Every Single Bar Flavor, With Various Ingredients, To Have Similar Nutrition Information?

Easy when you determine to have the correct amount of macros. You simply include enough of each component to strike your target.

Question Question 12

Good For Post Browsing?

Remarkable for post browsing.

Question Question 13

Exists A Gluten Free Choice?

According to the Redcon1 site, it mentions that it does not utilize gluten in its mre bars.

Question Question 14

Can It Be Saved In A Hot Area (150 Degrees Approximately)?

It would melt at 150 degrees for sure. Nevertheless we simply keep them in our kitchen cabinet and it’s not temperature level managed. So we would state you might keep them in relatively hot conditions such as on long walkings or if you’re marching cross countries in the military as long as you do not mind the covering of the bar melting.

Question Question 15

How Numerous Grams Of Sugar Per Bar?

6 Grams Of Sugar Per Bar

Question Question 16

What Type Of Protein Remains In The Bar, Because It Is Marketed No Whey?

Animal, fish, eggs, beef, chicken

Question Question 17

Exists A Various Flavors Box, So We Can Attempt Them All?

our kid attempted them all.He said.oatmeal chocolate chip was without a doubt the very best.

Question Question 18

Calories Per Bar?

260 all flavors

Question Question 19

How Long Are These Rack Steady?

The bars have a life span of about 2 years, depending upon how you keep them.

Question Question 20

Chocolate Butcherprocuct??


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Redcon1 MRE Bar – Meal Replacement Bar (Mint Chocolate), these may be helpful for better understanding.

Was quite worried about these only since there’s a great deal of variation in meal bars. We have got an approaching multi- day river journey and wished to test these out as a lunch alternative while drifting. Got the crunchy peanut butter cup and they were in fact truly delicious. We took them to work for lunch for a whole week and one bar filled us up. Repairing to buy our 2nd batch for the river journey.

We have been eating protein and meal replacement bars for over 20 years now. These are without a doubt the simplest to eat, the flavor is great for what it is and the very best part is it s made with whole foods. Don t let yourself down by being a moron and anticipating these to taste like gamgams desert at your 5th birthday celebration or auntie nancy s cobbler at your bothersome yearly family reunion. They chew up fast, little to no chalkiness, no gas and no bloating. Yea it s only 20 g/bar however guy, it s real food and in some cases it s quality and ease of eating/digestion over amount and bad digestion/absorption and a shart lots of extra chemicals and preservatives. Redcon is doing huge things, sorry we didn’t attempt them earlier, exact same with their powders we want we would have made the switch to this brand previously. Cost is on point too. Can t wait to get our hands on the other flavors. Cudos mr. Singerman.

Our order showed up earlier than anticipated and we were delighted to offer these a shot. This is a new business for us. The carrot cake flavor is the real offer. Pleased our craving for carrot cake cupcakes. Really filling as our breakfast go- to bar. We like it. Will attempt other flavors too. Recommended.

We purchased these as meal bars to keep in the vehicle for when someone is missing out on a meal, not as snacks. None people eat these things when real food is offered. As periodic meal replacements, they’re more delicious than the majority of the rivals, and the ingredients list and nutrition realities are sensible when compared to rivals. The calorie count is high enough to tide you over up until you get to real food. Better taste/somewhat more pricey than the completing types we would purchased formerly = good value. We are pleased. We have only had these a bit more than a month. Our expectations of meal replacement bars is a life span of 2 years, with approximately 6 months of which is invested in a vehicle in new england with the matching temperature level extremes. We will upgrade this evaluation if they do not last well enough. We purchased these 2019 april 27; evaluation composed 2019 june 07.

Definitely the very best tasting meal replacement protein bar on the marketplace. Great ingredients makes this whole line of bars a no brainer.

Extraordinary. Tastes more like a dessert rather than a protein packed meal replacement. These please our hunger and craving for sweets without being packed with sugar. Extremely advise if you require a protein boost. We liked these a lot we simply purchased another box of these in another flavor and a box of their new protein cereal bars.

Perfect meal replacement bar. It s the most pricey protein bar that we have ever bought, however it s worth every cent. We like that it s made with whole food ingredients, and the german chocolate is extremely delicious. We will certainly buy once again and once again.

First we wan na state we like the bars wet/ complete of flavor. Great for in a pinch and starving. Does not declare to be low carb high fiber like competitors out their. A meal bar what we like. Great with coffee. Simply attempted the smores exceptional. However what real food has all these artificial ingredients. We simply believe way to numerous sweetening agents in it. Label can be tricking when you check out real food. Great for marketing. They struck oil with the name mre.

These are ok simply believed the iced carrot would taste better however we will adhere to banana nut certainly our preferred flavor.

We like these bars a lot. They re the only protein bar we will eat- good carb to protein ratio, and no sugar alcohols. And holy crap they taste like dessert. And not the phony dessert that dieters and individuals hardcore into nutrition ended up being familiar with, these are delicious. Required we state more?.

We are not a huge fan of purchased protein bars through the mail, specifically in the summer. Once they have melted their taste goes way down. Likewise, we got numerous where the outer chocolate has lost its color, end up being spotted. No doubt due to its age. Such was not the case with these bars. They look and taste good for a protein bar.

They are bit greater than other bars on the marketplace however you are getting some good sources of protein. These aren t loaded with soy and insufficient proteins like other bars. Plus they put on t cause gas and stomach pain like other bars tend to do with all the odd fiber.

Ya it works for one meal tho we eat 3- 4 meals it does hold back the hunger till you eat later on thru the day like it can hold back 4 hours prior to you get starving for food possibly 5 hours. We will not utilize this a meal one day replacement however for breakfast ok and lunch ok supper no we got ta eat.

Not our favorite.

Our preferred sort of protein bars, and the flavors are great too. What we like about the mre bar they are filling, so if we eat one for breakfast we are pleased for a number of hours.

We eat a great deal of protein bars. These bar are best tasting ones we have ever had we like the sprayed donut and fruity cereal the very best.

Came earlier than anticipated. Really high rankings so ideally they are as good as marketed. Thrilled to attempt them out.

These are delicious great for afternoon depression. They should be smaller sized they are too huge. We can never ever complete one and they are sweet, more like a candy bar. We do not wish to leave half eaten in our handbag.

Ok so here’s the reality. Taste is 6. 5 out of 10 (kind of grainy) and as far as smores flavor? ok, possibly. Filling smart it is great keeps you complete for hours and has a healthy supply of protein. Another thing is that it is really unpleasant. The chocolate utilized crumbles rapidly and likewise melts really fast in your hands.

We definitely likethese The profile is outrageous for a bar and the flavors are really good for this much nutrition. We are 270 pound (really lean) power lifter and these are our go to when we are too hectic for usals. Hope can keep the cost down.

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