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Smartfood Popcorn Variety Pack

Smartfood Popcorn Variety Pack

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Smartfood Popcorn Variety Pack.

  • Includes (20) 0.5 oz Bags of White Cheddar popcorn, (12) 0.5 oz bags of Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn, and (8) bags of Theater Butter popcorn
  • 100% Whole Grain Air Popped Popcorn
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Product Packaging May Vary

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More Info:

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Flavor: Variety Pack|Size: 0.5 Ounce (Pack of 40)Smartfood Popcorn Variety Pack, 40 count

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Smartfood Popcorn Variety Pack.

Question Question 1

What Is Expiration Date?

In our experience the expiration date is too near to the order date.The order we simply got has an expiration date less than 5 weeks from the date of shipment.The 60 – 90 days is a lie.

Question Question 2

Is This Non- Gmo?

It s not mentioned that way on the package. we like it since it s generally popcorn, oil, cheddar cheese and salt in a single serve size.There are other brands we buy too. First time purchasing this brand.

Question Question 3

How Numerous Carbs In Each Serving?

total carbohydrate 8g, 3%

Question Question 4

The Calories State 70 Per Bag Or 35 Per Cup However The Bag Procedures Precisely OneCup The Calories Should Be 35 For The Bag Or Where Is The 2Nd Cup?

One numberis for poped and other for unpoped

Question Question 5

Can We Order The Spicy Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn?


Question Question 6

What Is The Expiration Date On These? Are They A Minimum Of 6 Months Out Expiration?

we got mine 10/30 and the expiration date was 12/ 4.

Question Question 7

Is This Artifically Flavored?

No, on the pack it states that it is 100% natural. Check out the ingredients.

Question Question 8

Why Did We Get Only 35 Bags Rather Of 40?

we never ever counted????

Question Question 9

What Is The Expiration Date On These? Do They A minimum of Have A 6 Month Out Expiration?

The expiration date was 3 months out.

Question Question 10

Is It Lactose Free?

we truly do not understand how to address this. This question was asked on the questions area of the site. The response was”Ingredients popcorn, corn oil, sea salt” The package suggests Cheddar “FLAVORED” popcorn.

Question Question 11

Are They Hulless?

No, they are not hulless. However they still are truly good.

Question Question 12

How Numerous Weight Watchers Points In Each Bag?


Question Question 13

How Numerous Weight Watchers Points In Each Bag?

2 points. Go on the weight watchers website and click on store to find out points

Question Question 14

What Kind Of Salt Is Utilized?

It simply states salt

Question Question 15

Are They Kosher?


Question Question 16

Do You Charge A Suggestion?


Question Question 17

Can We Pop It In A Microwave?

This is popped and ready to eat. It s delicious.

Question Question 18

Does This Have Kernels?

As we remember, not that many.Not enough to be a trouble.

Question Question 19

Is It Gon na Be Stale?

we have acquired about 5 cases up until now,and have never ever gotten a stagnant bag.

Question Question 20

Are These Person Packs? Or A Huge Bag?

Person. There are 40 little bit.625 oz bags

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Smartfood Popcorn Variety Pack, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We enjoy this popcorn. This can be found in a huge box. It points out on the fritolay box “vending & food service” so you understand you are getting what would remain in a vending maker. Delicious popcorn and more affordable on than purchasing it regularly for snacking. We believe the bags are perfect for a single person who enjoys popcorn.:-RRB-.

For some factor we chose to check out reviews after we purchased this product. We were type of frustrated with ourself for doing that, however anyhow it was done. We purchased these for a film night at our college for among our classes. Our child was making fun of us for it;–RRB-. So it was provided today and we need to state (along with our teenage children hesitation) to buy food from we are both happily stunned. We didn’t not understand why others state that it s stagnant, the few bags we ve opened simply to see, we re really fresh and crisp and flavored equally, really yummy. The only gripe we would have is possibly they should put a whole ounce rather of 1/2 ounce? other then that, we are really delighted and probably will acquire once again.

Delicious and came fresh and well packaged. All bundles were sealed and had months prior to freshness date. Only issue for us is we can t stop eating it lol. Parts in each bag are small so that helps. Nutrition is on each bag so the guilt slows us down a little bit. Will reorder.

Liked the truth that we might buy wholesale at this cost. Disadvantage is that they were gone even quicker.

We typically have acquired the bulk 12- pack of smartfood white cheddar flavored popcorn, and after we ended up eating our last 2 12- packs and went to re-order, to our shock and discouragement, we found they were not readily available. Seriously, we practically went into grieving. We didn’t understand what to do. To me, these little bags of smartfood popcorn are so fresh, amazingly and exceptionally fresh and delicious as compared to the huge bag of the very same popcorn, that we required to find where we might buy them. To our frustrating relief, we saw that they were now being offered in a box of 40 small bags. We questioned, would they still have that extraordinary freshness?. To our large relief, they do. We are not embarrassed to state that we are addicted to smartfood white cheddar popcorn in the small 100- calorie each bags. We sanctuary t already eaten our way through a considerable part and will need to reorder quickly.

Came super rapidly. The value is unsurpassable. The bundles were all sealed without concern, all fresh and unexpired. We got these for our kids school snacks and ourself given that the calories are low and it s a good snack on the go.

Popcorn was really yummy, with simply a hint of salt. Crunchy and few hard kernels to break your teeth.

Our kids enjoy this so we purchased package of 64 bags since they’ll sit there and eat a large family size bag in one sitting. We are permanently screaming put it in a bowl. We purchased these container that appear like popcorn bags which they liked utilizing till our relative put them away stating their too good. Wth? our relative is insane, yes. Anyhow they went through a whole box ox 64 bags in less then 15 days. Part size was the issue. To small to eat one bag for them.

Super small part – not the like we had purchased in the previous certainly a smaller sized package. We need to utilize one and a half of these to make the very same quantity we had in the original product packaging. Very same flavor very same quality however make certain you understand what you re purchasing this resembles a huge handful of popcorn and that s it.

Whoa. Great for a gang, however. These 72 one ounce bags were a great value, thinking about the snack maker desires $1. 25 per and these were only 36 cents. What we didn’t think of was that the best if utilized by date would only be 7 weeks off. The next best one ounce size value is 50 at 52 cents each, a bargain however still a lot of for a single person over 7 weeks. We desired popcorn cuz we are not insane about it and can stop at one bag for a snack. Our solution: as a citizen in a 200+ resident senior high rise, we provided some away and offered half of them for 2 for a dollar. Win-win. The 50 count box will be our next option. Some for us, some to share/sell and we still beat the maker. Slots anybody? lol.

We have been purchasing the cheese flavored smartfood popcorn for years. It is the only flavor our regional shops bring. Our preferred flavor now is the sweet and salty kettle corn. The film theatre flavor is truly good too. We want the shops had all the flavors. The only factor that we provided part size a 3, was since the bundles are really small. They are, possibly the perfect size for kids s lunches, and so on. They are certainly really yummy though. We suggest all 3 flavors. Hopefully has or will get complete size bundles of all 3 flavors. That would be great.

We have been attempting to minimize part size and this is the perfect size for us when we crave a salty snack. This popcorn product was taste tested on america’s test kitchen and that is why we attempted it. We concur with the judges that this is a high quality popcorn.

The part size is a bit small for a stand alone snack, we seem like we desire more when we eat it. As a part of a lunch or more rounded snack would be perfect. We only eat the kettle corn flavor however our hubby likes and consumes the other flavors. The popcorn has the good crunch of fresh popcorn.

We acquired this for the very first time and all we need to state is: yummmmmy. The bags can be found in perfect shape, no rips, all undamaged. We have had the cheddar flavor prior to and enjoyed it. The movietime is equalky good however the star is the kettle corn and that is without a doubt the winner. We devored the kettlecorn in 2 days abd instantly purchased the 40 bags of simply those deeeeelicious popcorn. We have had this flavor prior to however no place as deeeelicious asthese So the bottom line is: a great deal of bags, small parts, small calorie count and all gotten in good shape, not in pieces. Expiration date in june (now 3-26-20). We would have liked an even longer best by date however we find if we can’t get them all eaten we will put them in airtight containers which conserve the life of most things (food) permanently. (airtight containers can be found on such as lock n lock and numerous others. )all in all: delighted as punch.

These bags are the perfect size for a snack. The box comes with 40 bags so we can maintain part control. Or so we can be like a normal individual and eat 5 bags in one day and then wonder “gosh where did all our smartfood go?” if you like smartfood, these are perfect for packaging for lunch or a midday snack. We understand we are going to buy once again. The value is not impressive however it is appropriate to me. We would rather pay a bit more for part control sizes than get a sharing size bag on sale and then certainly not eat it in the course of 2 days. 10/10 suggest this product.

We truly enjoy this popcorn. However regrettably does not comprehend supply and need. The more we purchased, the cost increased, so we removed our need to permit them to increase their supply. We acquired this product over 13 times. Whatever occurred to commitment shopping? great popcorn- short on calories and salt. If cost decreases will go back to buying.

Smartfood white cheddar popcorn has been a preferred in this home for several years. We have acquired this very same box a number of times in the past since we like the private serving bundles. This specific box of smartfood, we sent out as a present. Ahh the smiles and satisfaction abounded. As constantly, the popcorn was fresh and delicious. It is a great value too. We have a snack location in the kitchen where you can help yourself to a snack. We leave a small basket on the bottom rack. This is constantly the first to go. Strong 5 stars.

We enjoy this popcorn flavor. We buy 2 huge bags of it at our regional grocery store however go through them in less than a week. We were eating way excessive in a sitting. When we found it on in small portion-sized bags, we were delighted. Popcorn in the automobile, at work, in small parts, what could be better? truthfully bigger bags of popcorn. These are halloween size bags. Too small for us, so we would have 3-4 at a time — which beat the function. And, unusually enough, it didn’t taste as good as it carries out in the large grocery store bags. Still our preferred popcorn.

Our children and we definitely enjoythese They re the perfect size for their lunches (and mine). They re delicious and the calorie count is perfect for a snack. We sanctuary t had the ability to find this specific kind/flavor in our regional shops, so we were enjoyed find it here. We will certainly continue to buy these.

Smartfood popcorn is delicious; nevertheless we were a bit dissatisfied in the size of the bags. (1/2 oz serving size.) this is our fault as we didn’t checked out the description plainly. We were delighted by the cost however after getting recognized we might have purchased the very same product in in bigger bags for a dollar more at costco.

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