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SmartSweets Gummy Bears Sour, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SmartSweets Gummy Bears Sour, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie.

  • Kick sugar: feel good about candy withSmartSweets Simply 3g of sugar for the whole bag, naturally sweetened with Stevia & free from sugar alcohols. Only 90 calories per bag.
  • Keep candy: our Sour Gummy Bears are the candy that you can lastly feel good about with 76% less sugar than other gummy bears. No artificial anything and rupturing with delicious sour fruit flavor.
  • Fruity or sour: whether you’re craving a fruity & sweet snack or a tart & tasty treat, SmartSweets are here for you and your sweet-tooth. Our delicious, low-sugar gummy bears are offered in fruity or sour.
  • Candy you can feel good about: not only are SmartSweets low-sugar, chewy and delicious, every component we utilize is non-GMO, constantly real, and never ever artificial. Sweetened with plant-based Stevia.
  • Lower sugar, no contrast: SmartSweets Sour Gummy Bears provide you the very same delicious, chewy, sour punch as regular gummy brands without all the sugar. Kick sugar, keep candy.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SmartSweets Gummy Bears Sour, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie.
Flavor Call: Sour Bears|Size: 1.8 Ounce (Pack of 12) Kick sugar, keep candy with SmartSweets seriously sour low-sugar gummy bears. SmartSweets Gummy Bears are devoid of sugar alcohols and sweetening agents. Take pleasure in chewy, juicy gummy bears without all the sugar. Our stevia-sweetened gummy bears are non-GMO with no artificial colors, or artificial flavors. In a complete bag of our gummy bears there is only 3g of sugar & 90calories SmartSweets Gummy Bears are irritant friendly – gluten free, peanut & tree nut free, dairy free, soy free. Our chewy gummy bears have 4 natural flavors per bag: raspberry, lemon, peach and green apple.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SmartSweets Gummy Bears Sour, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie.

Question Question 1

Can You Have These On Keto?

These are NOT Keto friendly. we are diabetic and on a really stringent Keto diet. we tested these by eating one serving and screening our blood sugar level right away prior to and then 1.5 hours after. our glucose level escalated to250 Keep away if you are not seeking to surge your blood sugar level.

Question Question 2

Ingredients? Nutritipn Label?

Take a look at the image when the nutritional truths.

Question Question 3

It States Certified Vegan However They Contain Gelatin??

They do have a vegan variation.

Question Question 4

The Cost Per Ounce/Pound Appears ExtremelyHigh Do You Actually Only Get 12 Packs Of 1.8 Oz Each?Under 2 PoundsTotal For Over $20?

Thanks for question. Yes, you get 12 bags of the 1.8 oz bags with approx. 24 #KickSugar gumour bears in each. We are super happy with our high quality ingredients that change sugar. When we change sugar with ingredients your body enjoys, we are not able to rate match standard candy. As we scale, we are wanting to Thanks for question. Yes, you get 12 bags of the 1.8 oz bags with approx. 24 #KickSugar gumour bears in each. We are super happy with our high quality ingredients that change sugar. When we change sugar with ingredients your body enjoys, we are not able to rate match standard candy. As we scale, we are wanting to attain costing performances that we can pass onto you. Till then, we truly value your understanding in not jeopardizing the quality of our ingredients so you can feel good about candy.??

Question Question 5

Are The Sweet Fish The Exact Same Constistancy As The Nears? We Love The Harder Gumour Texture?

No, the fish are much softer however have a great berry flavor. They re absolutely nothing like swedish fish.

Question Question 6

What Would Be Thexact Glycemic Index Of A Serving Size, Ie., All Of The Component, Not Simply The Sweetener.???

Don t understand. Contact the business straight.

Question Question 7

Which Sort Of Tapioca Fiber Is Utilized In These?

Hey there. We utilize Prebiotic Soluble Fiber from Tapioca in our SmartSweets Sour Gumour Bears:-RRB-

Question Question 8

Are Individuals Providing Good Reviews?

our company believe these are well evaluated, however our experience was not so great.we have fructose malabsorption, and these were not a great choice forthat Likewise, if you wish to cut sugars, these will still surge those also.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SmartSweets Gummy Bears Sour, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Fidgeted to make the plunge and attempt these for the rate. We liked them. We shared a bag with our child, and munched on them throughout the day. Great to have on hand for cravings. Perfect for a film day too.

So we have not had the ability to find a lot of sweets, specifically sour sweets, that taste good (ie. Not like dish soap) and do not have sugar alcohols. This are in fact respectable and help us get our “fix” when we are lo-carbing however have a craving for sweets. We offered 4 stars due to the fact that they’re a bit like low-cost bubblegum. A number of chews and the flavor appears to vanish and you’re left with tasteless gumour bear in your mouth. However once again, expectation management.

Addicting for sure. Buy 2 or more boxes. Believe me.

These things are remarkable. Keto friendly and worth every cent. No unexpected beginning of diarrhea will be brought on by these (like some other sugar-free gummies). Yummy treat.

These gummies are amazing. Holy fiber. We count macros and these gummies are good added treat on celebration. We like that they’re separately packaged for easy grab-and- go snacks. We likewise keep a handful in our snack drawer at work. We do not feel guilty eating this “candy” due to the fact that of the fiber material. The only con is the rate. They are costly however we will keep purchasing them. We routinely eat the peach rings, sweet fish, fruity bears, and sour bears. The only one we didn’t care for are the sour blast buddies – certainly our least favorite of the brand and will not be purchasing those once again.

We are keto however we like sour candy. Sour spot kids and sour punch are our favorite. Can’ t have them on keto though. We found these on and figured we would provide a shot. We want that they were more sour however the flavor is good. The texture is harder than normal gummies however we believe that’s due to the fact that of all the fiber and things in them. Diet anything is not going to be 100% like the real thing. They are little on the costly side however if it gets us over that sour craving every now and then, we are all for it.

We are constantly looking for methods to cut sugar out (well about 95% the time a minimum of – we will not discuss our off days). We do keto on and off also and found these worked for us. Now, we understand everyone is various and for some this may knock them out of keto. They didn’t for us however. We would not go for a daily extravagance, however having a bag or more of these a week kept us in line keto sensible and permitted us to keep working towards our diet objectives. Even if keto isn’t in the formula, these are good alternative to the standard sugar filled sweets out there.

Our only tip is change the package style so individuals see right now if it’s the ‘sour’ or another variation. Mine showed up & we thot initially we were sent out the incorrect product, (regular, not sour gummies,) so asked for a refund. Later on we saw the small word ‘sour’, top left. We eat more than 1 at a time to get the complete sweet & sour result. Grateful there appear to be no typical fillers/chemical ingredients (to our understanding), which trigger inflamation/physical pain for some people within about 24 hours.

We have attempted the smart sugary foods sour gumour bears and the sour buddies and both of them were great. We are attempting low carb and was a little worried about some of the reviews that stated they increased blood sugar level, however we attempted them anyhow and we are still dropping weight with them as a periodic treat, so they need to not surge blood sugar level that much. The flavors are great and the gumour bears are even better than the sour buddies and have a great classic gumour bear taste and texture. We were really pleased. We want they were a little more inexpensive, however whatever low carb is costly so we weren’t amazed about the rate. We would acquire once again and strategy to in the future.

We got our hubby a pack of these sour gummies for his christmas equipping and he enjoys them. They aren t your common sour gummies as they are the healthier variation. They put on t get sweet after the sour granules are liquified. They remain sour. No digestive tract concerns up until now, however we eat healthy so our bodies are utilized to a normal daily allocation of fiber. They re soft, however not too soft, and we eagerly anticipate attempting more types from this business. ** we do want you get more bags for your dollar as they are little high in rate. **.

These are delicious. If you put on t normally eat healthy and these are your first effort, you ll most likely state otherwise. However we normally put on t eat candy and so this was a real treat for us. We have such a craving for sweets so this is a way for us to provide into our cravings a bit while still adhering to our healthy eating guidelines. Naturally they put on t taste like real sour sweets, they aren t. They re better due to the fact that you put on t feel ill after and understand that you aren t chewing on the normal abnormal horrible ingredients that enters these things.

We are consumed with these– however only the sour ones. We like these more than the ones in the yellow bag, however both of those better than the others, which taste unusual to me. The very first time we attempted them, they appeared to have an after taste. However the next time, we fell in love. Now our only issue is that we eat a lot of.

We like these smartsweets gumour bears in sour, fruity and sweet. Good balanced gumour bear flavor, not too sweet (or sour). Our go to chest treat. Only flavor we sanctuary t liked are the gummie peaches. The phony swedish fish are likewise not for us – however we put on t like real swedish fish either.:-RRB- the other flavors as we pointed out, are truly great.

We like gumour sweets, however hesitate from them regularly due to the cavity and diabetes capacity. These are the response to our candy cravings. Super high in fiber, reasonably clean ingredients (no sugar alcohols and sweetener is stevia), no artifical food dyes.Amazing Our only grievance is that we want there were a vegan variation. Its unclear where the gelatin is sourced from.

We like gumour and would eat them every day if we could. We resented the rate of the smart sweet gummies given that 6 bags are nearly20 00 and so small in size,( 1. 8oz). The fruity gummies do not dissatisfy tasting so near to haribo’s gummies in flavor we could not discriminate. The sour is our preferred, handling to be sour and sweet. The swedish fish taste waxy to me. Nevertheless, if you buy them on the official site they took 2 weeks to even provide us an arrival date. However on, it possibly 3 to 4 day depending upon where you live. With prime, we got mine in one to 2 days and we will certainly buy more.

So these truly are great. We like the reality that the sour ones have a great “sourness” to them without needing to stress over sensation guilty that you are eating candy. Regrettably, we will only be purchasing these moderately, if at all any longer, due to the fact that the rate is simply too expensive. Yes, maybe it’s new and sourcing ingredients can be costly, however that still does not validate us investing $60+ dollars a month for a small snack. $100 bottle of scotch to savor; yes. Candy; no we wish to eat it whenever we desire. However we will not invest $60 for what total up to like 12 bears per serving.

So good. Nevertheless, the rate draws so this will be a splurge every so often.

We got these due to the fact that we saw on a ww thread they were only 3 points for a whole bag. As far as a healthy candy snack these are respectable. Don t anticipate them to taste like trollwe or haribo gummies however general great product.

These are quite delicious, and they do not raise our blood sugar level as much as regular gumour bears. We have a good friend that has sugar set off headaches, and she can take pleasure inthese We have bought numerous bags and have it autoshipped, so we like it enough to keep purchasing. The texture has differed from order order. We only take pleasure in the sour brand.

We are persuaded our relative might not endure without these delicious little devils compromising themselves to her craving for sweets. She delights in taking in without the guilt. Extremely advise, however want the rate was a bit more attractive.

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