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SmartSweets Sweetfish Bags, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SmartSweets Sweetfish Bags, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie.

  • Kick sugar: Feel good about candy withSmartSweets Simply 3g of sugar for the whole bag, naturally sweetened with Stevia & free from sugar alcohols. Only 80 calories per bag.
  • Keep candy: Sweet Fish is candy that you can lastly feel good about with 85% less sugar than other berry, chewy sweets. No artificial anything and breaking with delicious fruit flavor.
  • Plant- based: Sweet Fish are plant-based vegan. If you re seeking to entice your taste with a plant-based, fruity, chewy treat, SmartSweets are here for you and your craving for sweets.
  • Candy you can feel good about: Not only are SmartSweets low-sugar, chewy and delicious, every component we utilize is non-GMO, constantly real, and never ever artificial. Sweetened with plant-based Stevia.
  • Lower sugar, no contrast: SmartSweets Sweet Fish offer you the exact same delicious, chewy, juicy berry flavor as regular gummy candy – without all the sugar. Kick sugar, keep candy.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SmartSweets Sweetfish Bags, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie.
Size: 1.8 Ounce (Pack of 12) Kick sugar, keep candy with SmartSweets Sweet fish. SmartSweets gummy candy is devoid of sugar alcohols and sweetening agents. Enjoy chewy, juicy, berry flavor Sweet Fish – without all the sugar. Our stevia-sweetened gummy candy is non-GMO With no artificial colors, or artificial flavors. In a complete bag of our gummy candy there is only 3g of sugar & 80calories SmartSweets Gummy candy is allergen-friendly – gluten free, peanut & tree nut free, dairy free, and soy free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SmartSweets Sweetfish Bags, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie.

Question Question 1

Are These Gluten Free?

Yes SmartSweets Sweet Fish are Gluten Free.

Question Question 2

Why Is It More Costly To Buy These Bulk Than To Buy Them Separately At Our Regional Whole Foods?

Our amazing merchants do often use lots for you men that makes the rate differ.

Question Question 3

Do These Contain Black Currant Food Coloring Or Flavor?(Family Allergic Reaction)?

we would inquire directly.They doubled our blood sugar.So beware.

Question Question 4

The Ones In The Supermarket Taste Various Now, The Product Has Actually Altered. Are The Ones Here Still The Old Recipe With The Presoluble Fiber?

These are not keto.That fiber increases your blood glucose as bad as sugar, lookup glycemic index of it.

Question Question 5

Formula Has Actually Altered.Nutritional Label Is Different.Is The Business Preparation To Return To The Old Formula?The New One Is Horrible.?

Didn’t understand they altered. PreSoluble corn fiber and carraggean is bad for you anyhow.

Question Question 6

What Fruits Precisely Are Utilized To Sweeten This Product?? It Simply States There Is Fruit Flavor, Requirement More Specifics.?

Hey there. Good question. We utilize Stevia to sweeten all SmartSweets and fruit juices to include flavor & color. Please email hello@smartsweet.com for particular information on what fruits are utilized in our Sweet Fish:-RRB-

Question Question 7

What Are The Net Carbs Per Bag?

35 g of Carbohydrates, 28 g of Fiber so 7 Net Carbs per bag

Question Question 8

Are These Halal?

Our SweetFish are Halal, nevertheless not certified Halal.

Question Question 9

Can We Have An Active ingredient List? None Of Thephotos Show That Info …?

Prebiotic soluble fiber from tapioca, pectin, natural fruit flavor, citric acid, malic acid, carrageenan, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), coconut oil, stevia leaf extract, carnauba wax

Question Question 10

Does Each Bag In Fact Contain 28 Grams Of Fiber?

our goodness it sure does, if you got the trots these will treat you

Question Question 11

Are The Swedish Fish Vegan?

Yes – our Sweet Fish, Peach Rings and Sour Blast Buddies are all plant-based.

Question Question 12

What Is The Nutritional Value Of One, Single Fish??

It’s candy.duh no nutritional value. It is low in sugar and carbs and being diabetic we value this product. As for just how much value of anything In 1 fish.we will make a bet ya can’t simply eat one.

Question Question 13

Do You Know Which Kind Of Soluble Tapioca Fiber It Is? Is It Imo Or Resistant Dextrin? Imo Spikes Blood Sugar Levels Which We Are Attempting To Prevent. Thanks?

Truthfully it depends upon the individual. Likewise if you do not eat the entire bag in one sitting helps, however simply utilize when craving.

Question Question 14

Why Are These More Affordable On Than The Business’S Site? Is This The Exact Same Product?

Hey there – good eye. Seller’s consisting of set their own rates. The product is the exact same kick sugar sweet taste.

Question Question 15

Are These The Old Formula Or New? Wishing to Buy The Old Formula With Stevia.?

These are made with stevia.Each bag has 80 calories and 3g of sugar.

Question Question 16

Do Any Of Your Products Contain Annatto?

Hey There. No SmartSweets products consist of Annatto. Thanks.:-RRB-

Question Question 17

Did They Modification The Recipe? It Tastes Various And The Texture Is WayOff It S More Like Mush Than A Chewy Gumour. It S A Bad Modification.?

They did alter the recipe.Look at their website.And concur it’s now gross.

Question Question 18

Do These Sweets Contain Thc, Do They Provide You A Buzz?

No. No thc. No buzz.

Question Question 19

Does The 12- Count Choice Can Be Found In A Smart Sugary Foods Box Or Is It Simply Loose Bags?

It comes 12 bags in the Smart Sugary foods giving box

Question Question 20

For Tara, The Seller: Exactly What Is The “Natural Fruit Flavor” Active Ingredient Made From Please?

Hey:-RRB- Thanks for yourquestions SmartSweets natural flavors are real fruit extracts derived straight from the fruit itself.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SmartSweets Sweetfish Bags, Candy With Low-Sugar & Low Calorie, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Holy cow these are the most yumour candy ever. We like sweedish fish and we really like thesemore We took pleasure in smart sugary foods’ gumour bears however these arebetter We understand why they are pricey. You will pay it due to the fact that they are delicious and without all the sugar. We had no stomach difficulties eatingthese You will not be dissatisfied.

These are truly yummy. For the taste, texture, satiety and sugar material, we would quickly provide a 5-star ranking. However, the expense of these is insane., for that reason the 4-star. Each package seems bigger than it truly is, as there is only one serving per bag. We personally feel you might get 2 servings out of one bag to treat a craving. However, that is close to $4 per working as packaged. Please smartsweets, lower the rate a bit.

We just recently began on a low carb diet and was craving candy every day. We browsed all over for sugar free sugary foods that were sweetened without sugar alcohols (which trigger extreme digestive pain). This is the only candy on the marketplace that is sweetened that does not consist of sugar alcohols as it is sweetened with stevia. The fish and sweet gumour bears are our favorite. Healthy candy? it s possible. We can t wait to see what new products they turn up with next.

We like smart sugary foods in basic. These fish are on another level though. We truly truly like the gumour bears and gladly invest $45 The exact same goes for these fish. Yes, they are more pricey than “normal” candy. However, if you’re looking for the chewy gumour fish consistency, these are the closest low sugar/low carb ones that we have ever attempted. Invest the cash, have them as a treat. It’s sooooo worth it.

As somebody looking for low calorie and low sugar alternatives for snack time and sweet cravings smartsweets are perfect. The sweet fish are our favorite of their line and are so good. The berry flavor is delicious and the part size is ideal. Certainly going to be a repeat customer of smartsweets.

This is an evaluation for the 2. 0 variation of smart sugary foods sweet fish. If you get the variation that includes prebiotic soluble fiber, it is this variation. Otherwise, you ll be getting the more recent 3. 0 variation, including allulose, which has an even worse taste and texture. Presently offers the remarkable 2. 0 variation, however this ultimately may be changed by the inferior 3. 0 variation. We purchased some of the more recent variation at a regional shop, and practically returned them they were so bad. The only factor we didn’t return them, was due to the fact that of the existing no food return policy at the shop, due to the fact that of what is occurring worldwide today. So we went to to buy the older variation. The taste of these is rather good, however the greatest grievance that we have is the quality assurance. We simply opened a bag of them that consisted of only 6 fish, whereas other bags in the exact same box consist of 12 or more fish. The quality assurance of this business s product is horrendous. The rate is already really high, and then to have each bag potentially have less than half of the amount that it should have? ludicrous.

We likethese Taste like the real thing and pleases a craving for sweets for 80 calories and low net carbs (3g). We think we value that they are bit expensive or we would wind up purchasing a lotmore Excellent once-in-a-while treat and with these we do not miss candy– although we are not a huge candy eater. Caution: this may be a trigger food as they are truly sweet and taste like the real thing. We do find that when we eat it activates a desire to continue eating. The high fiber does not truly do anything to fill us up (not that we believed it would).

These are seriously so yumour, we can not advise enough. Good part per bag (about 8) about the length of our thumb and we are woman with descent sized hands. Our only nay state is that we saw online that they make your blood glucose spike if you are diabetic (there are videos all over youtube), we are not however our mom is, so she only consumes 1/2. We have not tested it ourselves, however keep that in mind. Actually strong flavor, more powerful then sweetish fish, however we like it. In general we would buy once again.

Being on a weight loss/muscle building strategy for a while and these are great for pleasing the craving for sweet and reducing your appetite with the reality that it has 100% dv of fiber- 28 grams. We have never ever had anything that has that much fiber. We recommended to our friends on facebook and 3 of them got these or the peach and enjoyed them. Even our steppop who is pre diabetic who is bad liked them. These are not keto friendly. We put on t understand why anybody who is doing keto would believe so with the quantity of carbs that are in them, healthy or not. (they are healthy, however keto diet 101 states even limit the healthy ones). There are apps extensively readily available to let you go into the information so you understand theyare No place on this page do we see them declare to be keto friendly and it appears individuals evaluating believe in some way the business tricked them into believing this. Why eat something first and danger bringing yourself out of ketosis? we are on keto now, naturally chose that right after we got these and they are pricey, so will be providing most store to those who are not.

We purchased a bag of these in a store not anticipating much. When we attempted them we were happily stunned and idea of supplementing these into our daily regimen for fiber and likewise a much healthier candy choice. We believe these taste better than swedish fish and are more like fruit snacks than candy. The only issue with these are the rate and the amount you get. We are sure it is a little more pricey to make these than normal candy so we comprehend the increase however will take pleasure in when they include more to the bag or bring the rate down. If we have extra money we constantly choose some up however they are too pricey too buy every 12 days. Great product would advise to anybody attempting to cut down on sugar.

These gummies are amazing. Holy fiber. We count macros and these gummies are great added treat on celebration. We like that they’re separately packaged for easy grab-and- go snacks. We likewise keep a handful in our snack drawer at work. We do not feel guilty eating this “candy” due to the fact that of the fiber material. The only con is the rate. They are pricey however we will keep purchasing them. We routinely eat the peach rings, sweet fish, fruity bears, and sour bears. The only one we didn’t care for are the sour blast buddies – certainly our least favorite of the brand and will not be purchasing those once again.

We remain in weight watchers. These are only 3 points a bag which is perfect and they taste truly good. We were informed the fish are the very best and we would concur. We like they are separately packaged so we put on t over do it. We can see they would not be good for diabetics. We are not really knowledgeable about the keto diet. Cons would be rate. They are more pricey, however it s great for a treat without damaging our daily points. Other problem is the reality it has 28 g if fiber. That is a great deal of fiber. Our company believe it made us gassy and rather puffed up. No other problems however comparable to a fiber one bar in regards to gwe response.

We are consumed with these sweet fish. They put on t taste like swedish fish, however rather they have their own great tasting berry flavor. They truthfully advise us of some bomb fruit snacks, and we like fruit snacks. We are including more of these to our cart right after we complete this evaluation. These have been a lifesaver for our sweet tooth and the low carb diet we are on. They are really expensive, however in our viewpoint, if you re a candy lover and can eat candy every day like we can, these will conserve you.

Perfect yummy sweet treat without all the nasty sugar. No alternative sugar aftertaste. We have been eating natural alternative (stevia, erythritol.) sugars for years. Possibly we are utilized to it. However we have had other sweet treats sweetened like this and they ve been totally unfulfilling. The consistency is great. Not keto friendly however if you desire an enjoyable carb when you require to. Possibly this will carry out in a pinch? anyhow, the flavors great, the consistency is great and we are absolutely pleased when we are looking for that motion picture candy or simply something sweet. We put on t especially like the other gummies the business offers. However our kids do due to the fact that theylike sour spot kids, & lemon heads which are too sour for us. The other gummies they offer likewise include sour sweets. We buy these sweet fish all the time now. We can t keep a box complete.

We understand they are sort of pricey however it s worth it. We have an extremely tough time not eating gumour candy. It s our weak point however clearly has lots of sugar. So given that we are attempting not to eat as much sugar we found these in a shop. They are less expensive to buy here wholesale we invested $5 on simply one bag in the shop. They have 5 flavors however to us these and the peach rings are without a doubt the very best. We like the fish the very best though. Worth the money if it s for your health so now when we have a craving for gummies we can have a bag of these with only 3 grams of sugar for the entire bad and no sweetening agents. You can t beatthat And they taste amazing.

These are delicious and although we only attempt to eat half a bag (40 calories), we ususally feast on the entire thing (only 80 cal), however even then, no sugarcoated, pectin is good for your digestion and they are yumour. The other sweet treats made by this business are bit too sour for our sugar starving tastes, however these satisfied and keep us on a health diet. More affordable than whole foods.

Love these, particularly given that they re low calorie and low carb. We even freeze them so we eat them more gradually. However we believe one bag does impact ketosis, although the net carbs are low– a minimum of for us. We have attempted the gumour bears and this one. Both are great, however it seems like you get more with the bears due to the fact that they re smaller sized. On the pricey side for sure however a good choice for those enjoying sugar/carbs/calories and craving a gumour candy.

Can we simply inform you just how much we like smart sugary foods. These are such a great alternative to eating excessive sugar. And, just recently smart sugary foods got rid of carageenan from their component list, making these even better (in our viewpoint). So grateful for that crucial modification. The only unfavorable would be the expense. These are expensive little treats. You can’t eat this daily (unless you do not care just how much you invest in gummies/candy/treats). However for a random treat every now and then this is our go-to.

These are so yumour and certainly satisfy that chewy candy craving. These do not taste like or have the texture of swedish fish. Nevertheless, we like them due to the fact that you can chew them a bit simpler than the bears that they offer. They are our new favorite.

The first order was melted they appeared like some fish that was smashed together in an insane science experiment. Anyhow made it ideal and sent us out another order. They are amazing. They still have calories so you require to be mindful if you’re enjoying what you eat. They’re truly yummy though for a candy alternative and no they do not offer you diarrhea this isn’t that kind of sugar free luckily. So, you’re tumour will thank you.

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