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Solimo Red Energy Drink

Solimo Red Energy Drink, Sugar Free

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Solimo Red Energy Drink, Sugar Free.

  • Twenty 4 16- fluid ounce cans of Red Energy Drink
  • Zero sugar and simply 10 calories per serving
  • Lightly carbonated, sugar free energy drink consisting of caffeine, B vitamins, ginseng, guarana and taurine
  • Includes 152 mg caffeine (16 oz)
  • Do not take in more than one bottle per day

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Solimo Red Energy Drink, Sugar Free.
Style: Red Energy DrinkSolimo Red Energy Drink includes zero sugar and only 10 calories per serving. This revitalizing sugar free energy drink is lightly carbonated and includes 152 mg caffeine along with B vitamins, ginseng extract, guarana extract and taurine. This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, kids, or others conscious caffeine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Solimo Red Energy Drink, Sugar Free.

Question Question 1

So It Suger Free, Does It Tastes Like A Diety Drink?

we would not state it tastes like a sugar-free drink. If you have had the Monster Ultra Red sugar-free drink, it tastes precisely the exact same.

Question Question 2

How Lots Of Milligrams Of Caffeine Per Can Does This Product Have?

152 mg for the entire can

Question Question 3

Why Does This Expense More Than Monster If It Is A Monster Copy?

This drink in fact is somewhat more affordable per can. Monster ultra zero has to do with $31 and this is anywhere in between $27-29 we have in fact seenSolimo silver lower than $1 per rather just recently.

Question Question 4

Can You Male This Certified Kosher?

no. However if it makes you feel any better, it tastes like chalk anyhow so you’re not missing out on much.

Question Question 5

Did They Pull From Market Due To Health Factors?

Did who pull from the marketplace? The drink is undoubtedly still offered for sale.

Question Question 6

Where Do We Take Cans Back For Deposit? Love In Mwe And Is Charging For Deposit For Their Brand Products.?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Solimo Red Energy Drink, Sugar Free, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We had a good friend put this and monster ultra red into 2 various paper cups. We could not inform a distinction in taste or look. We had a colleague do the exact same test and he might spot the distinction a bit in the sweetener however he still liked it. We follow a lo-carb lifestyle so it’s great to have a bargain for these over the expense of monster. We would likewise state if you do not like any of the monster ultra drinks, then you will not like this either.

At 1. 24 per drink, its truly good tasting. It deserves the cash if you can wait for your energy drink. Now regarding wax poetically. 1. Hearing we ask|from the holy races,from heimdall’s children,|both high and low; thou wilt, valfather,|that well we relateold tales we keep in mind|of men long back. 2. We keep in mind yet|the giants of yore, who offered us bread|in the days passed; 9 worlds we understood,|the 9 in the treewith magnificent roots|underneath the mold. 3. Of old was the age|when ymir lived; sea nor cool waves|nor sand there were; earth had not been,|nor paradise above, however a yawning space,|and grass no place. 4. Then bur’s children raised|the level land, mithgarth the magnificent|there they made; the sun from the south|warmed the stones of earth,and green was the ground|with growing leeks. 5. The sun, the sis|of the moon, from the southher right-hand man cast|over paradise’s rim; no understanding she had|where her home should be, the moon understood not|what may was his, the stars understood not|where their stations were.

We purchased this after checking out reviews about how it tastes similar to monster zero red. We are uncertain just how much those other customers consumed the monster, however this 100% tastes various. It’s not always a bad various however still various. In our viewpoint it has a medium to strong artificial aftertaste that isn’t subduing however, it’s still there.

The red energy drink tastes ok, little weak in the flavor. We believe the silver energy drink tastesbetter However for the cost, this is an excellent offer compared to keep purchased energy drinks. We would buy once again.

We have attempted both the red and silver flavors, and in general, we choose the red. The flavor has to do with as good as you can anticipate for a drink that’s only 10calories Personally, we like the taste of energy drinks, so the downgrade is something of an unfavorable for us, though inadequate to get us to stop purchasing them. Having simply recently consumed a regular monster energy drink, we will state that these do not taste as good, or provide as good a boost of energy, however they still work, and are much healthier alternative. Comparing the 2, a regular monster has 200 more calories, 60 mg more sodium, and 52 g more carbs. So, solimo is a good option if you are attempting to limit you’re calorie or carb consumption.

Compare to bang, monster, reign. This gets task done. You will feel energy enhanced similar to other huge brand energy drink. The issue is the flavor. Extremely strong artificial flavor compare to the well recognized brand. If you require efficiency, this is for you. If you anticipate exact same or comparable flavor that others supply, you would better to go with pricey brand.

It tastes like bubbly cherry koolaid (like in the little cans) that forgot to sugarcoat. Yes, its sugar free, however it’s sweetened with sucralose so it should still taste sweet. It’s type of fine with a cleansed combination however if you eat or drink anything else first, it’s a bit gross. We do not believe we would buy once again. Update: it’s absolutely grown on me. We can taste the citrus (we are believing grapefruit) and we simulate it. We still believe it might be sweeter though.

We have had every energy drink out there, we believe c4 has best tasting ones. However this solimo red is respectable, works and taste is fine. We purchased a case of both flavors and the other is a citrus grapefruit type taste, we choose the red. We work night shift( given that 1992) we take one to work and drink it and other drinks like water through the night, suffices to keep us alert. Rate is ideal and works, is what we were looking for.

We are fan of the silver variation of these and chose to select this type up. The flavor is less sweet than the silver ones which we take pleasure in. Rather it has more of a tang, advises us of sweetart candy and a bit like red bull. Not our preferred flavor so we need to provide it 4 * oh and for you celebration individuals out there. They go great as a mixer for adult drinks also.

We are constantly on the prowl for discount rate energy drinks. In some cases we find good deals at huge lots. However that is extremely irregular when you desire drinks without all the sugar of conventional energy drinks. Solimo drinks taste great and the cost is muchbetter Plus we get to aggravate our psychotic mail provider, this is a win win.

We are not a coffee drinker however we value a good shock of caffeine in the early morning so we frequently turn to energy drinks. We attempted this as a more affordable alternative to monster. The flavor is similar to monster ulta red however with a little less zing. They have a little less caffeine than monster however they still suffice.

The flavor is rather good. Thankyou for not simply making a knockoff redbull drink, we will purchase once again. Our only problem is tgat it got here with one already dripping, however that’s not that huge of an offer.

Perfect We purchase this one very first time. The other day when we get shipment our spouse this. And he like it. We do not drink alcohol so our whole family like energy drink. We purchase all various various energy drink from for vacations and family get together.??.

It’s your run-of-the-mill, ‘red’ flavor you can find in numerous other energy drink brands. The silver one is far remarkable in flavor, however the inexpensive cost makes it a good flavor mix-up at minimum if you’re sticking with these solimo drinks for the expense.

Okay, we truly likethese For the cost you can’t beat it and personally we believe they taste better and provide us a less tense “buzz” rockstar and more energy than monster. We drink an energy drink every early morning which gets pricey so finding these were great.

Truthfully we did not anticipate to like it a lot. Another evaluation explained it as a light cherry flavor and thats precisely what it is. It does not have a strange aftertaste. Completely surpassed our expectations and its half the cost of monster and red bull. It got us through last tasks today.

Tastes a fair bit like the silver one. Perhaps a bit of a fruit punch flavor added, however super subtle. Strong taste, good energy, great value. Tastes truly good too. We believe individuals stating this impacts them in a different way from monster are experiencing placebo. They are, chemically, near similar. Chances that your body responds in a different way to this, we would think, is extremely small.

This taste precisely like the red monster zero energy drink in our viewpoint. Quick mathematics put this at around $1. 20 a can on our first order, which is approximately the exact same cost we get from walmart when we buy wholesale, nevertheless, we sanctuary t found 24- packs at our regional walmart so we would pick this alternative over them. Benefit is absolutely an element for us. The can is truly generic looking, however who cares?.

Love these drinks. To us they taste similar to cherry monster. It’s a lot more affordable to and with somewhat much healthier parts. If you desire a better alternative to monster and you conserve some cash, shot theseout They’re incredible.

We bought this to change our normal monster low-carb (blue can) order. We truly took pleasure in the taste on the solimo red. The only issue is the packaging will not hold up to violent shipment chauffeurs. We lost one can due to the chauffeur discarding the box at our front door.

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