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StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna In Water

StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna In Water

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna In Water.

  • DELICIOUS, MODERATE FLAVOR: StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna in Water tastes great and has only 150 mg of sodium per 2.6 oz. serving it s an exceptional option if you are viewing your sodium consumption
  • EXCEPTIONAL SOURCE OF PROTEIN: Our Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna in Water is a natural source of protein and Omega threes. It has 17 g of protein and 70 calories per pouch and works well with Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean and Weight Watchers diet plans
  • ADD VARIETY TO YOUR DIET: Tuna is a wholesome option for a snack or meal. StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna in water is a great and easy way to include seafood to your diet. Plus, it s wild captured, dolphin safe and soy and gluten free
  • FLAVOR FRESH POUCH: Our flavor fresh tuna pouch protects the freshness of your preferred meal or snack, so it s constantly delicious and ready when youare There s no can opener needed or draining pipes needed Simply tear, eat and go
  • BULK 24 PACK: Buy your tuna wholesale with the StarKist 24-Pack These tuna pouches are easy to shop and great to have useful for when hunger strikes whether you re on the go, at the workplace or in the house

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More Info:

Here are some more information on StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna In Water.
Flavor: Reduced Sodium Chunk Light in Water|Size: 2.6 Ounce (Pack of 24) Viewing your sodium consumption however put on t wish to compromise great taste? Whether you re squeezing in lunch in between conferences throughout a hectic workday or desire a quick, protein-packed, low sodium snack in between soccer practice, school and other daily errands, StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna is the perfect option. Each pouch has only 150 mg of sodium per 2.6 oz. serving and includes wild captured, dolphin safe tuna with a moderate flavor. This StarKist low sodium tuna is soy and gluten free and works well with Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean and Weight Watchers diet plans. The 100% all-natural chunk light tuna packs are ideal for both quick snacks and as part of a bigger meal. Our flavor fresh tuna to go pouch protects the freshness of your preferred meal or snack, so it s constantly delicious and ready when youare There s no can opener needed or draining pipes needed Simply tear, eat and go. This packaged tuna is an exceptional, natural source of protein and Omega threes, and it has 17 g of protein and 70 calories per pouch. Plus, it s a great, quick and easy way to include seafood to your diet. Tuna is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol so it s a wholesome way to include variety to your meals. Easy to save, you can stockpile with this 24-Pack, and keep these tuna singles in your workplace, kitchen in the house and even in your diaper bag or cars and truck. A market innovator, StarKist was the first brand to present StarKist single-serve pouch products, that include Tuna, Salmon and Chicken Creations, and StarKist Chooses E.V.O.O. As America s preferred tuna *, StarKist represents a custom of quality, customer trust and a dedication to sustainability. * Nielsen Customized Scantrak Data xAOC Dollar Share Newest 52 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna In Water.

Question Question 1

Is This 25 Dollars For 12 Packs Of Tuna? Thats 2.1 For Each Pack.?

Hey There: Yes you are proper. The expense per ounce is 73 cents. The expense per 2.6-ounce pouch is $1.91 for 12 pouches at $2289

Question Question 2

After Purchase, How Long Would They Keep In A Kitchen?

The Best By Date of the product will differ by seller. The Best By Date of our stock since today Thursday November 17 th is February2019 Merchant VSD

Question Question 3

Ridiculous Question, However We Wished to Be Sure.You Can Usage These To Make Tuna Salad, Yes?

Yes, certainly. It’s practically the like can tuna, simply in a much easier package.

Question Question 4

Why Exists Soy In This?

If you are taking a look at the Tuna crammed in water the back of the package at the bottom states soy free

Question Question 5

Should We Keep This Cooled?

It does not require to be cooled, however we find that our sandwiches taste better when we cool it.Cool tuna makes for a revitalizing sandwich.If you wish to keep it on a rack, it will keep completely fresh with no refrigeration.

Question Question 6

What’S The Expiration Date On The Pouches Made With Sunflower Oil?

– we have only purchased it crammed in water, however when we did, the expiration date was, as far as we can remember, well over 18 months.we presume the oil-packed would be the exact same.- we hope that helps rather.

Question Question 7

Is This Tuna In Water Or In “Vegetable Broth”?

The one we get remains in water. our company believe it states on the package.

Question Question 8

It This 4Packs Of 4 Pouches? Or Simply 4 Pouches?

One pack with 4 pouches

Question Question 9

Where Is The Tuna From And Where Is The Tuna Processed? Is It Processed Within The United States Of America? The Starkist Cans Are From Thailand.?

we have no concept where the Tuna is processed. Please compose the supplier or the supplier those questions.

Question Question 10

Do You Offer The 6.4 Oz Pouch?


Question Question 11

Is The 24 Pack Of Chunk Light Tuna In Water Non- Gmo?

yes it is pack in water, non-gmo and taste great with only 70 calories good snick right out of the package Doug

Question Question 12

Ships In 1 To 2 Months.?.?.?

we believe they indicated that if you register for get this product frequently you can ask for to have it delivered every 1 or 2 months.

Question Question 13

Are The Cans Bpa Free?

They aren’t cans; they’re plans.

Question Question 14

What Minerals Does This Contain?

Iron (4%), Niacin (50%), Vitamin B12 (40%), Vitamin D (8%), Vitamin B6 (8%), Selenium (100%)

Question Question 15

What Flavor Is This?

This variation has extremely little flavor.It is the “healthy” version.If you desire flavor, you desire the one with oil, not water.Both are good, and the healthy one is better if you are going to include it to part of a recipe.The one with the oil is good if you are going to put it inside a sandwich.

Question Question 16

What’S The Expiration Date? We Are Seeking to Buy For Our Home Survival Kit.?


Question Question 17

Exists A Huge Distinction In Taste In Between The Low Sodium And Regular? We Idea About Attempting TheLower Sodium?

Sorry it took so long to address this question.The tuna was for another individual, they stated they might not inform the distinction in taste, it was the lower sodium that was preferred.

Question Question 18

Who Is The Maker?


Question Question 19

What Is The Expiration Date On The 24 Packs?


Question Question 20

Expiration Date?

It differs with each shipment however its constantly well into the future, we would state atleast a year.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on StarKist Reduced Sodium Chunk Light Tuna In Water, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Tastes so good you can practically envision yourself being a vicious shark stalking that juicy, succulent tuna with a video camera man following you around due to the fact that it’s shark week on the discovery channel and this is your time to show that you are the sharkist of sharks so that the other sharks will not tease your fins any longer and those annoying dolphins stop poking at your gills and laughing behind your back however it’s okay due to the fact that you negotiated with a pucker fish who was impressed by your sharkiness to live in the dolphins blower hole whenever they poke enjoyable so you can have the ultimate victory.

– we have made numerous purchases of the large packs in the past, so, when we saw these little single-serving packs for such an affordable rate, you wager we purchased them. =;–RRB– we understand the case are bit less pricey, however with the pouches, we do not need to stand and drain pipes the cans (and lose what we believe are far a lot of little tuna bits at the same time). Given that we can’t stand for more than, literally., a couple minutes at a time, the capability to be able to simply sit at the counter to do * all * the preparation of any meal, consisting of lunch, provides us that much more self-reliance, and lets us have more nutritional *and * delicious meals than we otherwise would have the ability to have. – we do want ourlar product packaging was recyclable, like the cans are, however ideally somebody will figure that part out;-RRB- for now, we believe the star kist soft-pack tuna has a great flavor, and helps make our life simpler:-RRB-.

Each pouch suffices to make one complete sandwich. The most significant pro is that you can rip the pouch open and you do not need to drain pipes the tuna. The simple act of not utilizing the can opener and squeezing the water out with the top of the can is a substantial plus for us. Sadly, you pay for this benefit and you most likely pay even a little more on, due to the fact that they deliver it to your door. Our preferred way to make this into tuna salad: one pouch of tuna, one tablespoon of wonder whip, half a small dill pickle sliced, and salt and pepper to season it. You can include more wonder whip or pickles depending upon the consistency and crunch element that you are looking for. If you dislike pickles, you can substitute celery. Mix all of it together, spread out on bread, and take pleasure in.

This to we purchased our boy in the navy to deliver to him. He enjoys this tuna in the packs, it’s sooo convenient for him to simply open a package and eat it straight out of the bag. There are numerous things our military men can’t get out to sea and this is among them. We will be purchased more and sending them out to him in the next box, this is something we will keep on hand simply for him.

Perfect This product tastes precisely the like the original however has less sodium. The pouch implies no unpleasant draining pipes or tin can taste. We go through these super rapidly. They’re perfect for hiking, keeping at work, stowing away in our gym bag simply in case. They do not end for a super long period of time. A bargain of protein, filling, and for only 70 calories per pouch. We will continue to buy once again and once again.

We purchased these on the lightening offer and they were a great rate. They are as anticipated and are substantial benefit for either home or at work. It was the very first time we have utilized the pouches, we have staid faithful to the canned tuna. However this has expanded our horizons – we would buy once again.

We enjoy starkist tuna. We have among these like two times a week eat it best out of the pouch. Really useful only buy it in the water. Got lots of protein. Great for a meal replacement if you’re not up to eating a great deal great for on the go. Now they are ran out of the huge ones that we buy all the time. See a great deal of things gone. Ideally they will stockpile on things on here there’s a great deal of things gone. For some time. And now we understand too. This infection going world large. Hope things get better and each. Is safe and all of us make it through all this.

We enjoy the mobility of these pouches and the reality that they’re made with such a light oil. Sunflower oil isn’t too thick and it hardly modifies the taste of the fish. You get tuna that’s more wet than water-packed tuna, however it does not have a visibly modified flavor or leave a thick movie behind on your tongue (taking a look at you, olive oil).

Love the tuna however dislike the shipment?? package came all batter. You can inform how our tuna pouches had fallen out of the factory box. Appears like somebody put the pouches back in the factory box, the pouches were all various methods as displayed in the photos. The factory box came open simply as the photos show that we have connected.

We get food stamps we are not embarrassed to state this. After years of working our special needs capped and working ended up being difficult. We invest most days in ghastly pain. When we found out we might utilize our food stamp card on and get a good deal on something we utilize a lot throughout the summer we practically sobbed. Less than a dollar a pouch and we have enough to make tuna salad and tuna sandwich mix for the entire summer.

We simulate a cold tuna salad sandwich on a hot summer day. However we likewise like to sometimes have it for lunch on a tossed salad or simply to eat it plain. We enjoy these foil packets due to the fact that we can take it with us for lunch or slip it in our bag or knapsack for a quick healthy snack. Our children enjoy these packets. We only eat tuna in water – never ever in oil. It s good. Specifically if you save some in the refrigerator. Attempt it.

Product taste great however got delivered with a puffed up pack.

We anticipated one box of 8 packets. A bit costly. However extremely goo tuna. Nevertheless. We got 4 (4) boxes of 8 (8) packets. A grand total of 32 packets. About 25 cents per package. Even if you didn’t specifically like the brand starkist well believe it over. Our family discovers this brand to be the very best and will eat right out of the can. Would rather they eat this, no can smell, cans can be utilized for other things like casseroles and so on. Thank you and starkist for this remarkable value.:+).

We have kidney illness and is pre-diabetic. So we require to eat tuna that is low-sodium and low in carb. Most tuna prduct on amazon has >350 mg sodium per serving. This product has 150 mg per serving. The rate is cost effective and the taste is great. We utilize it to make tuna sandwich for lunch and supper daily.

Whatever was fine other than that the tuna was not kept cooled throughout shipping. We got a box filled with 24 pouches of tuna, and the pouches were hot. We are bit concerned that the food may be ruined due to the fact that of this. This product should have been delivered in protective product packaging to keep the food at a cold temperature level.

We only offered this 4 stars due to the fact that among our packs was inedible. There should have been an issue with the product packaging, it was certainly rancid. The rest have been great. We enjoy this for a healthy lunch. The flavor is much better with the sunflower oil than water packed. It s terrific that we put on t need to drain pipes and it s already dressed to contribute to a salad.

Tuna All of us enjoy it. We simply dislike all the unpleasant cans and oil/waterand Yuck. Pouches are slim, easy to pack for lunches and snacks, and simply as easy to toss when you’re done. Without needing to stress over where you’re gon na strain the juices from your can. We keep a couple od these in our work van along with a couple spoons and mayo packets for a quick meal anytime, anywhere.

We are truly taking pleasure in “subscribe and save” products we utilize most constantly at our door when we require them. Simply want they would have more products to register in, stop dramatically altering costs on products we have registered in and/ or stop products we find to consist of in our “subscribe and save orders” otherwise great concept and great cost savings, thank you.

So pleased to lastly get our order. It took some time and we truly comprehend. We are pescetarian and was unable to find any tuna. Really pleased with the product and shipping and you can’t fail with starkist. Delighted camper.

This is an exceptional product to require to work to eat, in addition to simply as a junk food when we are not truly starving. The capability to eat from the pouch and toss it keeps us from needing to clean a dish. Nutritonal value is good, healthy food for you. Actually like that it’s more affordable for us to buy on than at regional shop, and it comes directly to our home.

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