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Sweet'N Low Sugar Substitute

Sweet’N Low Sugar Substitute

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sweet ‘N Low Sugar Substitute.

  • Zero calories
  • 1,500 ct. value pack
  • America’s # 1 Pink Sweetener

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sweet ‘N Low Sugar Substitute.
When you believe zero calorie sweetener, Sweet ‘N Low is most likely the first brand that enters your mind. The pink packets are an essential of dining establishments, restaurants, truck stops, coffee bar, and houses; everybody understands that it’s the # 1 pink sweetener with no calories on the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sweet ‘N Low Sugar Substitute.

Question Question 1

What Are The Measurements Of The Box It Can be found in?

The measurements of the container our can be found in were:7.5″ wide, 6″ high and 10″ long.Hope this helps.

Question Question 2

Where Is This Coming From? The United States?

By TRIBUNE WIRE REPORTSJAN 17, 2016|2: 31 PM|New York City By TRIBUNE WIRE REPORTSJAN 17, 2016|2: 31 PM|NEW YORKFor nearly 60 years, small pink packets of Sweet ‘N Low have streamed, millions upon millions, from Cumberland Packaging Corp., the Brooklyn business where the sugar substitute was first created.But the family-owned business informed employees simply over a week ago that production and packaging work would drop in Brooklyn throughout the year and shift completely to other parts of the country, leaving only its head office in the district.

Question Question 3

We Would Like To Know Are The Packets In The Original Box From Sweet N Low Or Loose In A Cardboard Box?

GoodDay Good friend you Can See Pink Box To Your Left In This Box The Low & Sweet Can Be Found In Package As you See At Any Hotel, Dining Establishment or Any BusinessPlaces And As Discussed On Box he Count Are.500 Package Or As It MentionedOn Box Be Worry Free They R Good Thanks

Question Question 4

Whichis The Expiration Date Of This Product?Sweet & Low Sugar Substitute (Case Of 1500)?

we treat Sweet and Low as we do different sugarproducts It does not require an expiration date.we have been utilizing sweet and Low considering that the 60’s and never ever have had any issues.

Question Question 5

Is This Product Made In The Usa?

we do not understand however rate is way high some body should grumbled and teach offer what is what if you rate takes more functioned as we gor very same producdt from wall mart for affordable rate. thanks

Question Question 6

What Is The Sugar Material?

S&L is a sugar substitute.

Question Question 7

What Is It Made Out Of?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sweet ‘N Low Sugar Substitute, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Very little to state about sweet & low other than this box has a more affordable per package rate than wal-mart so we buy them online.

We have been utilizing sweet and low considering that we were around 10 years of ages. Have constantly taken pleasure in the sweet taste in our coffee and tea. We are now72 A more than pleased customer.

Like we stated we are pink sugar addict and we can go through among these and we are almost a month mimwe about a week less than a month so we utilize a fair bit everyday so anyhow it’s an great and it’s a good sugar substitute.

Sweetener is among those things that we never ever recognize we are running out of up until it’s gone and we requiremore It’s something that we go through peaceful a great deal of and having a substantial box like this is convenient and a lot.

“there is no good sweetener” however if for those people that do not have sugar/honey/. Option this one is succeeding for coffee or cacao drinks, for the others utilize stevia reb-d.

1500 packets offered by weight. Perfect for tea, coffee or cleaning coffee cake with it. It is saccharin sugar substitute so this is simply the trademark name, oh sure you can buy saccharin packets, however everybody will believe you are low-cost. Do not conserve the $1. 75 and go with trademark name on this. Trust pink.

We utilize sweet & low daily. It is a good product and the taste is great, not like other kinds of sweetners.

Great rate and super fast shipping. Precisely what is visualized. Will absolutely buy once again.

We utilize this sweet n low every day. Perfect.

We utilize this all the time – it is a great product – and a great relief to have it provided to our home’.

As specified, and pleased all the way around.

This is the only sweetener we have ever utilized. The coffee and tea taste great with it.

Lots and lots and great deals of sweetener.

We like sweet and low since we are on keto diet.

Have utilized these for 30 years.

Simply a standard sweet & low.

Great- as purchased.

We like purchased this wholesale so we can forget it for a while -:-RRB-.

Love this product.

Love the bulk.

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