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Whisps Cheese Crisps Keto Snack

Whisps Cheese Crisps Keto Snack, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb

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Here are a few main benefits of Whisps Cheese Crisps Keto Snack, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb.

  • SIMPLY 100% ARTISANAL CHEESE: Every Whisps crisp is baked in small batches with herbs and spices, developed by master cheesemakers in the USA.
  • KETO-FRIENDLY & GLUTEN-FREE: Keto-Friendly, Vegetarian-Friendly, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Lactose-Free
  • LOW CARB & HIGH PROTEIN: With either zero or really low sugar per serving, and high quantities of protein Whisps is great for snacking on the go, or amusing in the house
  • rBGH FREE & rBST FREE: Premium milk from regional farms, likewise an exceptional source of calcium. Each serving has as much protein and Calcium as a glass of milk
  • REAL PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: No preservatives or artificial ingredients. This delicious snack is a great alternative for chips and crackers with almost no carbs. Perfect for snacking straight out of the bag or contributing to your soups, salads or appetiser plate.

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Here are some more information on Whisps Cheese Crisps Keto Snack, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb.
Flavor: Parm + Ched|Size: 0.63 Ounce (Pack of 12)Whisps Cheese Crisps are made from simply one delicious natural active ingredient: cheese. Our master cheesemakers craft every artisanal wheel to excellence prior to baking it into delicious airy, crunchy crisps. Each crave-worthy bite is low carb and a good source of protein and calcium. Perfect for snacking straight out of the bag or including crunch to your preferred recipes. Whisps will please your savory snack craving and provide you a real food snacking experience without the guilt. Naturally gluten-free and an exceptional source of calcium and protein. Eat them out of the bag or toss them on a salad or appetiser plate for rich flavor and crunch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Whisps Cheese Crisps Keto Snack, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb.

Question Question 1

Do You Carry Any Back Anana Chips?


Question Question 2

Do These Ship In A Box Or A Bag? We Have Bought The 3 Pack Which Ships In A Mailer/ Envelope – By The Time It Is Provided, Whatever Is Fallen apart.?

In a bagthey were crumbly however still tasted good.

Question Question 3

What Is Carbs Per Bag?

Cheddar cheese 1 g, 6 G protein (110 calories/ bag)Parmesan cheese 1g, 9 G protein (100 calories/ bag These both taste great and are gluten-free and truly curb an appetite

Question Question 4

Where Are These Made?

The package states Made in the USA by Schuman Cheese, Fairfield, NJ 07004

Question Question 5

Salt Material?

HighLike most rack steady cheese products, it’s a great deal of salt.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Whisps Cheese Crisps Keto Snack, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Other Half is on a eat healthy kick and required something to snack that was not horrible. Pros – an extremely resilient product. Not even the post workplace can damage them 10/10 conserves your home from smelling like charred cheesesaves our wallet from needing to buy $10 of cheese to make 6 little waferscons – we think that are so resilient from all the air in the package.

These baked cheese crisps taste precisely like what they are – baked shredded cheese. Think about the flavor of a piece of cheddar cheese that melted out of a grilled cheese sandwich and grilled straight on the pan. The flavor is great, however in small dosages for us. We can’t visualize eating more than the small bag’s worth. They have a more powerful flavor than a plain cracker for example. The parmesan ones would make a good replacement for croutons in salad for low-carb/keto diets. 1 net gram of carbs per bag makes it great for these kinds of diets.

These are delicious little snack, especially if you remain in a keto/low carb diet. The flavor is 100% parmesan, which is our preferred cheese. Our one problem with them, is they get stuck in your teeth rather severely. We are not exactly sure if it’s the airy texture of them or what, however that’s a small problem and one that would not stop us from purchasingmore We do believe they’re more affordable at wal-mart though.

Got the appetizing ranch and nacho today. We opened a bag of each to attempt them. The ranch is absolutely appetizing. We didn’t find the nacho flavor much various from the regular cheddar, simply perhaps not as sharp as the plain cheddar. We had good huge chips, not a great deal of pieces. We simply mixed the 2 bags together and they are all orange so we will not understand what flavor chip we are eating in advance. We like them and we would buy them once again however as with whatever keto, they are expensive. Good long expiration date.

Whisps are among our preferred keto snacks and truly assisted us to kick our potato chip/tortilla chip dependency. The nacho and cool ranch are really delicious and the size of the specific bags keep you from screwing up your macros andcalories Things to think about: it s cheese and can have some digestive effects. If you are new to keto and have keto irregularity, avoid these till your body has gotten used to the diet.

We were shocked when we saw what a small box 12 dollars worth of snacks was available in. However the part sizes are right for this sort of snack, and they are perfect for our keto program. You will not be lured to overindulge these snacks– not only due to the fact that they are filling, however due to the fact that of the rate.

Good flavor, good crunch, and we like the small discs, and the bags are good part size. They are little expensive, as appears to be the case with cheese crisps. We want they was available in a bigger amount of all cheddar (not mixed).

We purchased these as a gifts for our diabetic grandma. She had just recently revealed regret over not having the ability to eat crackers with her soup. Wishing to help, a google search led us tothese She definitely likesthese It satisfies all of her dietary requirements, however still has that crunch that she was missing out on. Will absolutely buy once again.

Love, lovethese Need to keep them in an unattainable location so we do not gobble them up simultaneously. Keep them for a great at work. Even when they get smooched, the crumbs are yumour. Would most likely taste great as a salad topping too.

We purchased this pack of whisps after choosing to attempt the keto diet. After taste checking a variety of baked cheese snacks, these are our preferred without a doubt. The texture is a lot less gritty/granular than we have found other brands to be, that makes this a win in our book. The hardest part of keto in our viewpoint is not having access to keto alternatives on the run, and these bags are the perfect size to include your handbag. They’re specifically convenient as a theater substitute for popcorn.

These are good treat for a diabetic that requires to count carbs continuously. Sadly they are rather pricey for what you get however as a periodic treat an extremely good choice. They do be available in portioned plans which is good. We find the cheddar much more delicious better then the parmesan.

These people are so great for that crunch often we simply require something salty and delicious anxiety on and these wisps are the ticket for that they are delicious and crunchy and yumour the bags in this are really little though, simply one carbohydrate per bag however the part is quite small.

Our sweetheart dislikes these and believes they are revolting – nevertheless, he has yet to attempt half the foods we have eaten on the aip and paleo diet. These things taste great to us and we like that it’s simply cheese. They are little oily, however good snacks. Only problem is that they break easy, so rather of cheese crisps, you have cheese bits.

We like the chips. However the size and rate we want werebetter Going gluten free whys ut so pricey. On another note our mom believes they taste like styrofoam.

We truly take pleasure in all the flavors being on a keto diet it’s a perfect snack. There aren’t lots of in the plans however we like the small parts. For those who aren’t dieting there aren’t lots of inside. The rate is a bit high. Our wal-mart offers them more affordable however does not constantly have them in stock. If we can’t get them at our regional grocer we will buy once again. We provided it 4 stars due to the fact that of the rate.

So we have been taking a look at low carb snack alternatives and, we like cheese. Attempting these appeared like a great concept. We like the chedder flavor some however, the parmesan flavor was great. The serving sizes are small and the sodium levels are high so think about those things too. Over all a yummy snack.

We like whisps parmesan crisps. The flavor is impressive compared to the other brands. It is much more lighter in odor compared to the others and the taste is fresh compared to the other brands. One of our most significant gripes as been value. We constantly feel that what you are paying and what you get in return is not equal. We want you got more in value however sadly that is not the case. Nevertheless we will be purchasing these once again as they go great with the keto diet.

We ?? these whisps since we selected them up at the supermarket one day, they are super crunchy and taste sooo good. We likewise ?? to put them in soups and wait for them to soften; it provides a chewy texture and we like that too. We simply want they were more inexpensive so we can buy more frequently. These snack sizes are likewise perfect for requiring to work.

We believe these are fab. We shared with a buddy who rapidly gasped”so cheesy” Uh. Like 100% cheese? not exactly sure what was anticipated, however he’s nuts. It tastes much like the cheese that falls off the hamburger and gets prepared in the pan till crispy. Most likely due to the fact that that’s precisely what theyare Mmmm. And yes, tacky.

Product packaging sufficed so the product wasn t squashed. Shipment fasted. The bags are put in another clear bag so they are not spread in package. The bags are small which isn’t an issue due to the fact that these snacks are filling. The product offers ketogenic fans the crunch they miss. The taste of both cheddar and parmesan are delicious. Will be purchased once again.

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