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Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Zero Calorie

Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Zero Calorie, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Keto

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Zero Calorie, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Keto.

  • ERYTHRITOL SWEETENER: Delight in a delicious sugar alternative that tastes, bakes and determines much like sugar
  • ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER: Each serving of erythritol has zero calories and zero grams of sugar
  • NATURAL SUGAR ALTERNATIVE: A natural alternative to sugar and sweetening agents, our granulated erythritol sweetener is sourced from a fermentation procedure utilizing non-GMO corn and is Non-GMO Project Verified
  • BULK ERYTHRITOL SWEETENER: Packaged in a 4-pound resealable pouch, so you can quickly sweeten your preferred foods and drinks
  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX SWEETENER: Erythritol is a low glycemic index sweetener and is a great option for those following paleo, keto and candida fungus way of lives

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Zero Calorie, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Keto.
Flavor: 100% Erythritol|Size: 4 Pound (Pack of 1) WHOLE EARTH SWEETENER 100% Erythritol Sweetener is an alternative to sugar that can be utilized as a sweetener or in recipes. Erythritol tastes, bakes and determines much like sugar. Erythritol is a naturally taking place sugar alcohol derived from corn, and likewise found naturally in percentages in a variety of other plants and fruits. WHOLE EARTH SWEETENER 100% Erythritol Sweetener is Non-GMO Project Verified, and is sourced from a fermentation procedure utilizing non-GMO corn, so it resembles the erythritol that naturally takes place in fruits like grapes and pears. With zero calories and zero grams of sugar per serving, erythritol satisfies the requirements of health-conscious customers, while still supplying a sweet, delicious taste. Erythritol includes a crystalline structure and great resistance to heat, making it and ideal sugar substitute for baking and cooking. We provide our sweetener as a bulk sweetener in 4-pound resealable pouches, so you’ll have more than enough for any usage. WHOLE EARTH SWEETENER 100% Erythritol Sweetener is gluten-free and kosher certified to satisfy your dietary requirements, and, due to its low glycemic index, is an outstanding sweetener for people with diabetes along with those following paleo, keto and candida fungus way of lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Zero Calorie, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Keto.

Question Question 1

This Product Is Noted As 100% Erythritol, However A Number Of Questions Answered By Other Buyerssaid It Is A Mix Of Sugar/Stevia Which Is It?

Whole Earth makes some variousproducts This one that is revealing is 100% Erythritol, however they make another one called Baking Blend that is sugar/stevia.

Question Question 2

What Is The Bag Made Of, Does It Contribute Anything Bad To The Product? Thanks?

Love the product. Product packaging does not contribute odor or taste to the product.

Question Question 3

In What Country Is This Product Made?

USA??? How do you understand? In reality– counry of origin is far from clear.Company’s Frequently Asked Question on this product states only: Whole Earth Erythritol is made for Whole Earth Sweetener Business,LLC https://wholeearthsweetener.com/faqs/#collapse-3035 USA??? How do you understand? In reality– counry of origin is far from clear.Company’s Frequently Asked Question on this product states only: Whole Earth Erythritol is made for Whole Earth Sweetener Business,LLC https://wholeearthsweetener.com/faqs/#collapse-3035 Do not remember seeing any declaration of origin on the product’s product packaging, last we examined. Nor will you see Made in USA in any of the product images here.Suppose, then, that Whole Earth Sweetener Co is acquiring all of their erythritol from a United States business. That does not always state anything about product origin. The erythritol might be made somewhere else, delivered here wholesale, and repackaged in the United States. Whole Earth Sweetener Co may or may not understand this. That concern imo goes directly to service practices.It’s the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and not the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that governs Made in USA labelling. Foods and sweeteners have no source-of-origin labelling requirements: U.S. material need to be revealed on vehicles and fabric, wool, and furproducts There s no law that needs most other products offered in the U.S. to be significant or identified Made in USA or have any other disclosure about their quantity of U.S. material. Nevertheless, producers and online marketers who select to make claims about the quantity of U.S. material in their products need to comply with the FTC s Made in USA policy.https:// www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-made-usa-standardAs Whole Earth Sweetener Co does not openly reveal the maker of their erythritol, customers are– actively to our mind– left in the dark on this. One quick swipe with Occam’s razor: Were this erythritol made in the USA, then why would not Whole Earth Sweetener Co plainly state so– both on their product packaging and in their released FAQ?By keeping mum openly, Whole Earth Sweetener Co is definitely remaining on the ideal side of appropriate FTC guidelines.

Question Question 4

How Fine Is The Grain? Im Trying to find It To Be Fine Like Granulated Sugar?

Appears like reg. Sugar.

Question Question 5

You Individuals Bought Do Realise This Is Whole Earth Brand Erythritol And Not Whole Earth Stevia Like You Get In The Packets Right?


Question Question 6

Is This Product Organic?

we don’t not think that it is organic. It is gluten free and kosher along with non -gmo.

Question Question 7

How Fine Is The Grain? Fine Like Sugar?

Regular grain like sugar

Question Question 8

How Fine Is The Grain? Im Trying to find It To Be Fine Like Granulated Sugar?

Iy in fact is much like granulated sugar. We like it. we utilize this in cheese cake, custard pie, and so on since our hubby is diabetic. Only barel

Question Question 9

Has Anybody Attempted This In Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Or Sorbet Recipes?

we make good keto friendly ice cream and gelatin with erythritol. great deals of recipes online.

Question Question 10

Does Your Product Clump-Up After Opening? Is It Better Tasting Than Other Products?

we have not experienced any clumping with this product and it is delicious in every thing we have baked.Nobody can inform it s not sugar so far.It is products like this one that has encouraged us we will never ever utilize sugar once again.

Question Question 11

Why Does This State Non- Gmo When The First Number In The Barcode, 8, Represents Genetically Customized Foods? Plus, It Smells Chemcal.?

GMO describes the corn’s seed.It has absolutely nothing to do with how it was processed after it was grown.

Question Question 12

How Is It Keto, If It Has Carbs?

Although this has carbs, it is the recommended sweetener for keto.

Question Question 13

Why Is The Flavor Various In The 4Lb Bag Then In ThePackets The Packets Have A Great Deal Of Flavor And A Need To Utilize 2 Large Teaspoons From The 4Lb Bag?

The 4lb Erythritol bag is a various product than the packets.This bag is simply erythritol, which is only 70% as sweet as sugar.So one teaspoon has only 70% of the sweet taste of 1 teaspoon of sugar.The packets consist of erythritol, stevia leaf and monk fruit extracts, and natural flavor.One package sweetens like 1. The 4lb Erythritol bag is a various product than the packets.This bag is simply erythritol, which is only 70% as sweet as sugar.So one teaspoon has only 70% of the sweet taste of 1 teaspoon of sugar.The packets consist of erythritol, stevia leaf and monk fruit extracts, and natural flavor.One package sweetens like 1.5 teaspoons of sugar.The stevia and monk fruit make the sweet taste more concentrated than simply erythritol by itself.

Question Question 14

Is It Normal For This Brand To Have A Chemically Odor To It?No Other Brand We Purchased Odors Like This And It Turns Our Stomach.?

we are not observing a chemical odor with our bag.we bought a 4 pound bag a number of months ago and it still smells fine. we would call the seller.we simulate this sweetener and will purchase once again.

Question Question 15

If It Includes 8G Of Carbs And 4G Of Erythritol That Equates To 4 Net Carbs.How Is It Zeronet Carbs?

Erythritol is an exception. If it’s the only sugar alcohol in the ingredients list, its carbs can be totally deducted from the total carbs. Formula: total carbs minus fiber (or half of IMO) minus half the carbs from sugar alcohols (other than erythritol) = net carbs

Question Question 16

What Is The Expiration Date?

we simply got our bag 2 weeks ago.we do not see any expiration date on it.

Question Question 17

How Is Thwe Compared To The Brand’S 100% Erythritol? Does The Monk Fruit Extract Make Any Distinction?

we believe the monk fruit helps cut the coolness of the erythritol aftertaste.

Question Question 18

Where Is The Non- Gmo Corn Sourced From And In What Country Does The Fermentation/Manufacturing Occur?

It doesn t state.

Question Question 19

What Is Erythritol Sourced From?

erythritol is a granulated sugar alcohol. It is made by (unusually enough) fermenting glucose with yeast. Erythritol can likewise happen naturally in a small number of fruits and other fermented foods.

Question Question 20

Does Whole Earth Erythritol When Boiled, Is It Clear Or Amber In Color?

we put on t recommended it to utilized it on caramel. it remains clear and when is cold it took shape. we put on t like it in our caramel recipes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Zero Calorie, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Keto, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is wonderful and we did the research and at a per ounce cost it’s the least costly. We can not inform you wonderful this product is. It tastes much like sugar with no aftertaste at all. We utilize it in our coffee in location of equal and it tastes better and is better for you. We are on keto and even if we weren’t we would utilize this product. We understand in relation to real sugar it is costly however in our mind it deserves the extra expense to lower our sugar consumption. Up until we began keto, we had not focused on labels in years, today we find sugar in the oddest products and honestly in whatever. So read your labels and if you’re looking for a sugar substitute that is natural, no after taste, bakes like sugar, appears like sugar and sweetens like sugar buy this product.

We purchased this 4lb package to refill the 9. 8oz container we have been purchasing our supermarket. Compared to that, this is a great cost; nevertheless, we do not believe it’s the exact same product. The shop one is the very best low carb sweetener we have found: no strange aftertaste or cooling result, no stomach problems for us, perfect sugar substitute and sweet taste level. It’s primarily erythritol, however is identified as a stevia and monk fruit blend, so the percentages need to be various. This product is much more ‘fluffy’ and less granular and it’s likewise not as sweet- we require double the quantity as before to get our early morning coffee the exact same level of sweet taste. Check out the package thoroughly. We presumed this was the exact same as what we have been purchasing, however this is identified as simply erythritol and the blend of the shop variation is undoubtedly various and remarkable, in our viewpoint. We will continue to utilize this for our coffee and some baking, however we most likely will not buy it once again.

We attempted this brand since it was much less costly than the swerve. We had an issue with the swerve not completely liquifying in our drinks– hot or cold– no matter just how much stirring we did. This sweetener has a great flavor and scent. We utilize it for baking and hot and cold drinks. It liquifies totally and has no aftertaste. Our kids do not see the distinction when we utilize it in iced tea. The texture is much like granulated sugar. Another big plus is that it is non gmo project verified. This is the very best sugar substitute we have had without a doubt.

We utilized to utilize xylitol however it is costly and there were a few disadvantages to it – really poisonous to dogs so if you bake, and so on. With it you need to beware around the puppies. All of us understand little fido will not miss a chance to take a snack. Plus, in extreme quantities, xylitol has been revealed to add to growths in mice. Simply do not care to take the possibility. We have not found any existing product that recommends any threat utilizing erythritol, to date it is really safe aside from some moderate digestive problems till you are utilized to it. (can trigger some loose stool and gassiness till you change ). We choose fine granules as we find it does take a bit to liquify in cold drinks. If we make ice cream we typically will warm the mix up on the range top for a few minutes to liquify the erythritol, cool and put the mix in the ice cream maker. The other thing we do is to simply toss a pound in the mixer on the flour mode and whiz it into powdered sugar (we have a large ninja multifunctional mixer which we enjoy.) in powdered type it liquifies quickly. We choose the powdered for when making baked products that we do not desire any sweet crunch in, like butter cookies, and so on. We specifically enjoy that erythritol has no after taste – big plus for us. We can select out any quantity of stevia in any cool mix. We simply dislike it. Monkfruit is not affordable adequate for us either. Whole earth has the very best value for your cash that we have found up until now.

On the guidance of dr. Gregor, a whole-foods, plant-based doctor, we changed to erythritol a number of months earlier. There is no after taste and sweetens like sugar however without the damage that processed white sugar brings with it. Attempted xylitol, however most is made from corn which we attempt to keep away from and might not find any that was ngmo that was cost effective. We browsed the web for the very best cost, and this showed up to be the most cost effective. We are constantly looking for a deal and a quality product. Got both here and have ended up being a repeat purchaser. Extremely recommended.

This product is flavorfully sweet without being obnoxious. We have attempted other non-sugar sweeteners and lost time and cash. This is the most like sugar and the best tasting without a doubt. We utilized to utilize splenda, however this beats it. We specifically like it in drinks, both hot and cold. A winner in our book.

There was a strong odor when we first got this and opened it, that made us anxious, however it appears to have been the bag. We put the product into a glass container and it does not appear to have any odor now. We do not see the ‘cooling’ result that erythritol is understoodfor It was a good cost, too.

Love this product. We blend this with monk fruit and real natural stevia and the combined 3 sweetners make an absolute fantastic trio that no one in your house can inform us not real sugar. We bake with it and lastly get baked products that do not taste like crap. We have attempted baking with all 3 separately in the past however there’s constantly a dreadful after taste bout mix of the 3 is a real winner.

This is great erythritol. We have been purchasing whole earth erythritol for a while now along with swerve and other brands and this never ever lets us down. The taste is standard erythritol and the granules are a little finer than most. We go through erythritol quite fast so we believed it was time to buy in bulkvalue- in regards to value we believe this is among the least expensive choices we found anywhere. We sanctuary t tasted a distinction in between brands of erythritol personally so we seem like this is the very best alternative given that you re getting the exact same product for a portion of the cost. Discussion- the only factor we removed one star was since when we got the bag there was a lot erythritol covered in the zipper we couldn’t seal it. We moved it to another container. We put on t understand if this takes place a lot or to everybody however we believe moving bags would be great. The bag itself is sturdyoverall we suggest this product and will be acquiring it once again after we run out of erythritol.

We are presently doing keto, however missed out on baking and required a sugar substitute to bakewith We purchased this product since it was the very best cost and the very best value for our cash. We will state that we found it not to be as sweet as regular sugar, nor as sweet as stevia. That’s alright though since we do not like foods that are excessively sweet anyhow. The factor we composed this is since if you are anticipating it to be as sweet as regular sugar, you will be dissatisfied. We utilize it in our coffee, about a tablespoon to 16 ounces of coffee and there is hardly any sweet taste at all. In the beginning, we questioned if we forgot to put it in our coffee given that we are not an early morning individual. And now that we have grown utilized to it, we can inform when we in fact do forget to put it in our coffee. Lol we will state it does appear to be sweeter when you bake with it however. We do not understand why, however baked products come out tasting respectable, not excessively sweet, however still sweet adequate to please that craving. We would extremely suggest this product as a great sugar substitute for baking, although possibly not a lot for drinks.

We enjoy this product. It pleases the desire for “sweet” without the calories and blood sugar level spike. Given that doing keto for practically 2 years, whole earth sweetener fills the space for sweet taste in our baking. It does not leave a bitter after taste and the taste is practically (however not rather) as sweet as walking stick sugar. We simply include a bit more in our recipes. Given that we make keto ice cream and keep it on hand to please our craving for sweets, we run the erythritol through our mixer to powder it up. It blends in splendidly and leaves no graininess in the ice cream. As for value, it is expense effective no only cash sensible however health sensible too.

Our preferred sugar substitute. Family does not understand the distinction when we utilize this to make sweet tea. Great for keto.

This is most likely the best sugar substitute for baking. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol, which essentially tastes like sugar however is efficiently without carbs and calories (since absorption is restricted, as is any influence on blood sugar level). There are lots of sugar alcohols, however erythritol is the perfect one in our view. Unlike others (like mannitol and sorbitol), this does not disturbed our stomach or trigger serious gas problems. This appears to be the very best offer we can find on pure erythritol crystals. We utilize it for low carb desserts (like cake and brownies) and we mix it with pure stevia extract for our coffee, so it produces the exact same feel that stevia packets have. If a recipe needs powdered erythritol, we simply blend the crystals in our coffee mill. It is really simple and indicates we do not require to buy confectioners erythritol. The only downside is that this isn’t as sweet as sugar. We tend to blend some stevia extract powder in with this when we bake to provide it a sweeter edge. In general, we will state that this works completely in our keto baking recipes and we could not be better.

Erythritol is the only keto sweetener that does not have that nasty aftertaste that splenda/stevia/aspartame has. Erythritol all tastes the exact same in between brands. We have had lots of brands in the 18+ months of keto. This is the very best cost and we utilize a lot for coffee and almond milk. The bag is likewise strong enough so it will not tear and the seal on the top seals well although it is rather difficult to in fact get it sealed. Erythritol doesn t liquify like sugar does, so if you are baking soft treats (brownies, fudge, cookies), either however a powdered variation of powder it yourself in a mixer. Lastly, it is only 70% as sweet as sugar so for coffee, sweeten to taste. For baking, utilize a bit extra.

First time purchaser of this product so we do not understand what to anticipate. However the preliminary remarks we checked out prior to we purchased it specified that it was not bitter or has a nasty after taste and that holds true. This is a good replacement for sugar free sweeteners, however it takes alot of it to sweeten anything you utilize itfor We utilize it in our coffee and some cooking, however for baking you can’t utilize it as a replacement for sugar that calls for alot of sugar such as cookies for circumstances. We attempted this to change sugar in some baking reciepes however not delighted with the outcomes. You can not utilize this as a replacement for sugar that you would require to trigger yeast for making bread. The product has a light texture, a little sweet, and rejuvenating flavor, however takes alot more to sweeten we bought it since we desired a replacement for sweetening agents and we have never ever purchased it prior to and likewise do not understand what cost it is typically offeredfor In basic we would state it tastes good, light flavor however takes alot more to sweeten.

We have bought lots of brands of erythritol and we have found out that the sweet taste can differ a fair bit, which is discouraging since it shakes off just how much you require to contribute to recipes. The technique is to stick with a brand and we are going to stick with this brand since it’s a lot sweeter and fresher than all others we have attempted. (in reality it appeared immediately when we opened the bag. An odor of freshness wafted up and that’s never ever occurred prior to when we opened a bag of erythritol.) we have checked out that erythritol is 70% as sweet as sugar however we switched this 1:1 in a couple recipes and they were too sweet. That’s quite great in fact since we can downshift the amount we utilize and conserve cash as long as this brand is competitively priced. Likewise it wasn’t clumpy and some brands are, that makes us need to simplify prior to we can utilize it. That’s extra inconvenience we do not require. Good things, really delighted.

This product is priced well. It has the normal a little bitter taste that erythritol has (to me), however when integrated with liquid stevia drops, (which we do not like alone) the 2 balance out each other and the taste is really comparable to regular sugar, however without the illness of sugar. Our only grievance is that the resealable bag does not reseal effectively, so we needed to utilize an old bag from another brand to save the product. We discovered no bad odor from the product or original product packaging. This product works for us in ice creams, jams, baked products, desserts, and so on. We are now going to establish repeating deliveries to ensure we do not runout We suggest this to anybody who desires a healthy no-sugar sweetener.

We just recently began a keto nutrition strategy and investigated a number of zero/low glycemic sweeteners prior to choosing this is the very best for our diet and type 2 diabetes. We like that it determines one for one as a refined sugar replacement in baking. No unusual after taste. No super sweet taste shock. We find that is is a little less potent than regular sugar. It is specified that it has to do with 70% as sweet as the exact same quantity of refined sugar. It is great in our coffee and tea. Extremely suggest it.

We like utilizing this in mix with xylitol and stevia powder as a cup for cup sweetener. We make a do it yourself mild sweet substitute. The cost on this product is ever altering, making it budget plan friendly in some cases and not other times. Erythritol gets really cold when damp, so it is hard to bake products that require to be melted or at space temperature level while blending ingredients together. The taste is great, however it s not as sweet as sugar, so understand that prior to purchasing.

This sugar alcohol (70% as sweet as sugar; thoroughly tested on dogs and appears totally non-toxic) is great. Likewise, unlike other phony sugars, it is soaked up so you do not have it simply relaxing in your intestinal tracts and making an undesirable reappearance, however rather simply dispose it in your bladder and be on your way. Perhaps a little excessive, however we seem like that’s worth discussing still. It does get cold when it liquifies, so it has a weird sensation if you eat it or something with it on it (like berries). Likewise bought with pure powdered stevia. The 2% stevia to 98% erythritol (more stevia for sweeter mix) works great for tea, coffee, and so on. It even operates in some baking if you adjust to the reality that sugar will caramelize and maintain more wetness than this mix. 100% sugar-free snickerdoodles have been a success. (simply bake with some water in the oven to make a wet environment to avoid the exterior from over hardening. ).

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