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WW Mint Cookie Crunch Mini Bar - Snack Bar

WW Mint Cookie Crunch Mini Bar – Snack Bar

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of WW Mint Cookie Crunch Mini Bar – Snack Bar.

  • To ensure year- round quality of our bars, shipping costs use throughout the summer season
  • Dark chocolate, rejuvenating mint, and simply the best mix of both crunch and chewiness make this enjoyable- size snack a delicious treat to lug along when you’re on the go
  • You do not need to jeopardize on flavor to get the 3 grams of fiber in this mini bar
  • Includes a total of 24 mini bars – 12 mini bars per box
  • Kosher with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on WW Mint Cookie Crunch Mini Bar – Snack Bar.

Question Question 1

Why Have You Ceased The Coconut Almond Bars? Whatever Now HasChocolate Yuk. Does It Strike You That Some Individuals Do Not Like Chocolate.?

we do not understand

Question Question 2

We Are Still Utilizing 1980 S Meal List.Is This A1Bread Count?

Weight watchers does not count bread any longer, we pass points plus and it is 2 points.Most regular bread is 2 points and one Point for light 35 calorie bread.Hope this helps.

Question Question 3

What Is The Size Of Each Bar, In Regards To Grams?

Uh, grams? Nope. No concept. In inches we would state 2 inches.

Question Question 4

How Numerous Carbs And Fiber Does This Have?

Fiber in each bar is 4.0 gramsCarbs in each bar total is 22.0 grams Fiber in each bar is 4.0 gramsCarbs in each bar total is 22.0 grams1 bar

Question Question 5

How Numerous Points?


Question Question 6

How Much Protein In Each Bar?

3 grams per bar

Question Question 7

It States 2015 PointsPlus Exists A Product Expiration Date On This?

Our existing stock ends in 2019

Question Question 8

Are These Gluten Free?


Question Question 9

We Would Like One Box, Not 2, Of Choc Carmel Bars, Can We Order One Box?

The link here is to purchase 1 box.we do not comprehend your question.1 box is 12 bars.Each bar is 2 points.

Question Question 10

How Much Sugar Does The Carame Bars And The Shakes Have?

Each caramel bar has 3 grams of sugar and 11 grams of total carbohydrate.French Vanilla Shake has 3 grams of sugar and 7 grams of total carbohydrate. (we do not have any other Weight Watchers healthy smoothies or shakes in our cabinet.)

Question Question 11

How Numerous Barsin The Box?

If memory serves, it is 12 bars.There are 12 bars in the Weight Watchers peanut butter cookie box, and package is the exact same size as the one for chocolate caramel bars.

Question Question 12

How Numerous Calories In Each Bar? Thank You.?

70calories Nevertheless, they re minwe bars.it s simply enough for a snack in between meals. They re good. They do advise us of a candy bar though.

Question Question 13

How Does Ww Support This Product? It Has Sugar, Brown Rice Syrup And Corn Syrup?. Better Off Purchasing A Candy Bar With Simple All Natural Ingredients.?

Candy bar has way more sugar and calories.

Question Question 14

Why Is This $1499 When It’S $7.95 On The Weight Watchers Website?

Really over priced, keep looking other websites have it for 7.95

Question Question 15

How Numerous Business Bars In The Box?

There are 12 bars per box. Pretty Near To a Lady Scout thin mint. Yumour.

Question Question 16

Are These Processed With Peanuts?


Question Question 17

Why Did We Only Get One Box Of The Chocolate Carmel Bars When We Spent for 8,?

Do not understand

Question Question 18

Why Do They Expense Two Times As Much?

Do not knoe

Question Question 19

What Is The Expiration Date On This Product?

our most current box states June 2018 as expiration date

Question Question 20

What Is The Expected Life Span Of This Product?

A few months.if you can make them last that long.They re too good.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on WW Mint Cookie Crunch Mini Bar – Snack Bar, these may be helpful for better understanding.

A great substitute for “regular” candy bars. Eat them with a cut- up fujwe apple, and you have a low- point caramel apple.

This is our 2nd purchase and would buy once again, it is a little pricy on compared to acquiring it on weight watchers website, nevertheless it does come more rapidly. Individuals state you can get them less expensive at a conference, our kid does his intend on web and discovers this snack to be a better option of only 2 points and considering that he takes 2 to work helps get the outcomes he is lookingfor He did attempt the other bars that ww used on their website and found this is the one he liked best.

These are quite yummy and feel decadent when you bite into them. They are smaller sized than we believed they ‘d be however it’s a diet food right? we take small bites and attempt to savor it as we go. We will keep purchasing these since they are precisely what we require when we are craving chocolate and caramel.

Taste good however type of costly.

The carmel is delicious however they desire excessive cash for a box.

These are good– even if you do not like diet food. Ww makes them taste like “real” candy. We have got relative who do not do anything diet who desired their own after taking one and splitting it up so they might taste it. The size is good – not a lot that you seem like you’re cheating, however not so little that you’re not pleased. Even if you desired a 2nd one you can feel good that you have not over done. Likewise like the truth that they got here quicker than anticipated. Certainly dessert tonight.

Great snack bar with low calories/ point value.

Our relative is on the program. We do not eat numerous foods like this, however this resembles a great candy bar without investing a lot of points. We went on a cruise with all those buffet dining establishments on weight watchers and had no issue at all, we simply purchased up everybody’s extra points at work, so we are ok.

After purchased we hesitated we had made a big error considering that we reside in the south and it has been hot. They got here so well packaged and not was even a little melted. They are so delicious. Great snack and only 2 points each.

We like the chocolate caramel bars. We want they were less costly.

These things are truly good and great for the ww points. It is generally a caramel bar covered in chocolate. The size has to do with an inch x 2 inches. They make you seem like you have had a treat without sinking your points balance for the day: ).

These little treats are respectable. The apparent grievance is how small theyare They make our chocolate craving disappear though which is great. We eat one nearly every day. We got the caramel and will need to attempt another flavor next.

These taste great. Not that terrible sugar alcohol odor and taste. We would offer a 5 star, nevertheless they were a bit hard to chew. Would be better if caramel was softer cuz we made ourself a chocolate mess. After the first one, we did slice it up on smaller sized pieces.

These are small bars however they work when you require a little something for 2 points. Great to keep on hand or in your bag to keep from unfaithful. Will purchase once again.

We like a sweet right after we have supper. This is perfect. It’s delicious, and simply the best size. 3 bites. And 2 points if you are on weight watchers.

This is delicious. Tastes comparable to a snickers bar, onlybetter One bar has only 2 points on ww blue strategy.

We brought for a present for a colleague for christmas. She liked them, she s on ww however missed out on sugary foods this was perfect. We tasted them too and they are good.

These are incredible. It resembles eating a candy bar. We will purchase once again. We are on w. W.’s strategy. If we get a little starving prior to we are ready to cook we have one and it takes that starving sensation away. They’re so good. Thanks.

We like the flavor of these mint cookie crunch treats. If you like lady scout thin mints, you will likethese All the flavor without the guilt.

These are great. We are only designated 23 points a day on weight watchers so when our craving for sweets begins, these are lifesaver.

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