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Youtopia Snacks Delicious Low-Sugar Low-calorie Gluten-free GMO-free

Youtopia Snacks Delicious Low-Sugar Low-calorie Gluten-free GMO-free

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Youtopia Snacks Delicious Low-Sugar Low- calorie Gluten- free GMO-free.

  • # 1-RATED HEALTHY SNACK: Completely light at simply 130 calories & completely portion-controlled to prevent over-snacking, Youtopia was called Best Total Healthy Snack byEat Breathe.Sweat.
  • VARIETY 10- PACK INCLUDES: 4x Bananas for Chocolate|3x Espresso Obsesso|3x So Cash Honey Mustard
  • GUILT-FREE GOODNESS: Lighter than protein bars, more filling than 100- calorie packs & popcorn, much healthier than sweet granola bars & trail mix, and more delicious than mixed nuts. Our delicious snack packs consist of cookie protein puffs, dark chocolate goodies, roasted almonds, protein pretzels, & fava crisps/chips.
  • VOTED TOP 100 RESOURCE FOR WORKPLACES: Our tempting blends are being delighted in by numerous the most innovative, health-forward workplaces around the country.
  • WHY YOUTOPIA? We found it almost difficult to find a snack that was light (under 150 cal), healthy (high protein, low sugar/carb), and part managed (one serving per pack). So, we made our own. High protein|Low sugar|Low calorie|Non GMO|Gluten free|Kosher|Plant- based protein|4 Smart Points

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Youtopia Snacks Delicious Low-Sugar Low- calorie Gluten- free GMO-free.
Youtopia began because. we found it almost difficult to find snacks that were high-protein/low-sugar while likewise being 1) under 150 calories, 2) portion-controlled (* raises hand for eating 5 servings of trail mix in 7 minutes *), and 3) not another bar:-RRB- On a mission for something better, we produced our delicious 130- calorie snack packs that have 8g-10 g protein while likewise being low-sugar, gluten-free, andGMO-free Intending to motivate smiles while snacking and motivate a favorable, lively message, we chose to call our brandYoutopia Making the entire workplace smile. Our objective is to motivate smiles while snacking, and making the entire workplace smile is what we LIVEfor We’ve been hearing the snack purchaser being described as the “Office MVP” when our box gets here, and for good factor:-RRB- Espresso Obsesso DID YOU UNDERSTAND? There have been 5 efforts to prohibit coffee. The first, in 1511, took place when authorities in Capital thought it triggered “radical” thinking and hangingout umm, remarkable. We took the fascination a step even more ¦ coffee, chocolate, cookie puffs, high protein, and no guilt. We re ok if you re a bit consumed:) Espresso Obsesso includes a delicious combo of crunchy mocha espresso cookie puffs, rich organic dark chocolate coffee beans, & completely roasted almonds. Bananas for Chocolate DID YOU UNDERSTAND? Eating bananas can cheer you up thanks to tryptophan plus Vitamin B6, which collaborate to produce seratonin, and all of us understand how chocolate can make any day brighter. Find your delighted location with this sweet, tempting, and 100% guilt-free treat. Feel free to commemorate, however do not forget to share the pleasure:) Bananas for Chocolate includes a tempting mix of crunchy mocha espresso cookie puffs, completely sweet organic banana chips, & tasty organic dark chocolate sunflower seeds So Cash Honey Mustard DID YOU UNDERSTAND? The mustard plant is a relative of broccoli and cauliflower, however never ever pertains to the family reunions. We do not blame it, however this here mix DOES go great with a cold beer, a rejuvenating lemonade, or an sugar-free triggering water. if that s more your speed:-RRB- In any case, it s right on the cash, every time.So Cash Honey Mustard includes a perfect combo of honey mustard jalapeno pretzel sticks, savory southwest fava crisps, & completely roasted almonds Espresso Obsesso Bananas for Chocolate So Cash Honey Mustard A snack for any event. We have been hearing how our delighted consumers are enjoying their snacks, and the usages are limitless. A healthy alternative at workAs a quick breakfast or afternoon snackAs a healthy dessertInstead of chips at lunchOn-the-go throughout your hectic dayAt kids soccer video games and other eventsIn present baskets and care bundles Friendly for diabetics. Low sugar + low carb + low calorie + high protein = diabetic friendly snacks. * FDA Disclaimer: These declarations have not been examined by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not planned to identify, treat, treat, or avoid any illness. * Popular Weight Watchers (WW) snacks Though made for all. grownups, kids, university student, any person. we have been informed our private snack packs are great for Weight Watchers considering that each is only 4 Smart Points per pack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Youtopia Snacks Delicious Low-Sugar Low- calorie Gluten- free GMO-free.

Question Question 1

How Much In Each Package.?

Each package is approximately 1oz. Given that each flavor has various size/weight ingredients, it’s hard to offer a particular response for the number of pieces each package has; nevertheless, if you open the package and put a bite sized part into your hand, each package has 6-9 bite sized parts:-RRB-

Question Question 2

What Is The Salt Material?

Sodium material is: Espresso Obsesso = 90 mg, Bananas for Chocolate = 80 mg, Cocoa Gone A Lil Loco = 80 mg, So Cash Honey Mustard = 150 mg, Honey Bee- B-Q = 180 mg

Question Question 3

How Are They On Fiber? Is It Possible To Post Pictures Of Their Nutrition Labels?

They have 3g-7g fiber. The nutrition labels are published as image # 9 when seeing on desktop (although not viewable on mobile). Simply click the “+2” in the image thumbnails to expose all 9 images.

Question Question 4

How Much Potasium?

It’s not noted, so possibly none?

Question Question 5

Are Any Of The Flavors Honey-Free?

It appears that the Espresso Obsesso is honey free, nevertheless, we do not have the other flavors anymore It would be better for you to call Youtopia straight.

Question Question 6

What Sweeteners Do You Usage In The Soy-Free Ranges (We’Re Not Intrigued In Anything Containing Soy)? Thanks.?

The 2 flavors that do not include any soy are Cocoa Gone A Lil Loco and Honey Bee- B-Q. The sweeteners utilized in those 2 flavors are walking stick sugar, stevia, wildflower honey, and tapioca syrup.

Question Question 7

Are These Vegetarian?

Yes, they are vegetarian. Nevertheless, Espresso Obsesso and Bananas for Chocolate include milk, and Cocoa Gone A Lil Loco, Honey Bee- B-Q, and So Cash Honey Mustard include honey, and are for that reason not Vegan.

Question Question 8

How Lots Of Carbs?

13 on the espresso obsesso flavor.10 net carbs.we believe you can see the labels.Not keto friendly, however good protein, healthy, good flavor otherwise.

Question Question 9

Are These Dairy Free?

So Cash Honey Mustard, Honey Bee- B-Q, and Cocoa Gone A Lil Loco are dairy-free. Nevertheless, Espresso Obsesso and Bananas for Chocolate are not dairy-free.

Question Question 10

What Is The Carb Material?

In Between 13 g and 17 g depends upon which kind you get

Question Question 11

How Lots Of Carbs Remain In Each Pack?

Espresso Obsesso has 13 g Total Carbs and 10 g Net Carbs (Net Carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber); Bananas for Chocolate as 17 g Total Carbs and 14 g Net Carbs; So Cash Honey Mustard has 13 g Total Carbs and 9g Net Carbs.

Question Question 12

What Is The Caffeine Material?

These ‘healthy snacks are extremely bad value.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Youtopia Snacks Delicious Low-Sugar Low- calorie Gluten- free GMO-free, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

These are good, however we believe they are overpriced. Basically, you’re paying $3 for a little package, and, truly, we would only like to pay $1. 25-$ 1. 50 for what we are getting in. We do truly like the product in basic, however we are unsure we will continue to buy at this cost, particularly considering that we are seeing some disparities in each package. We simply had an “espresso obsesso” package, and there wasn’t a single chocolate-covered espresso bean therein, and all the mocha espresso cookie puffs were quite sporadic on their finish. We did have a number of random hunks of chocolate in it. Certainly not worth the $3/packet this time around. Once again, we do usually truly like these and this is the 2nd box we have acquired. It’s a good variety to have for snacks, and easy to toss a package in our bag. We simply do not understand that we are going to continue to acquire them at this cost, particularly if there’s a possibility we are going to get a package that is type of a loser like the one we simply had.

Ok. So we have settled in and have been eating these snackies for a long while now, so here s our upgraded evaluation. We only eat the chocolate espresso flavor and truthfully, they ve assisted us lose and maintain a 50 pound weight-loss. High in protein, delicious, easy to take a trip with, and filling, which inspects all of our boxes. Bear in mind that the espresso beans will melt in hot temperature levels, so put on t leave these in your vehicle throughout the hotter months. A bonus, if you can call it that, is that our incredibly choosy 4 year-old enjoysthese It s a little a costly snack for a 4 year-old, however getting her to eat protein deserves it.

Yum Simply yum. These are super good and a bit addicting. We will not argue the truth that they may be a little expensive, however it’s exceptionally hard to find a delicious snack in the 100 calorie variety with a good quantity of protein. Trust us we have attempted. It’s either 200 calorie things for fitness folks with 10 g of protein, or 100 calorie things for weigh loss folks with 2 or 3 g of protein. Discovering something close to 100 calories with 8+ g of protein appears to be a real specific niche market, and then discovering a snack that tastes good, too boot. We are thrilled. We are addicted to the coco loco, so, so good. Going to be purchasing more of these.

We need to state, we were a little doubtful that these snacks would be yummy and filling. Provided that they are 130 calories per pack, we believed the part within would be extremely skimpy. However it was in fact extremely generous, and left us pleased for 2-3 hours. They likewise tasted respectable – not artificial-y like a great deal of low-cal snacks. (we have only attempted the chocolate espresso flavor up until now however am thrilled to attempt the others). We are constantly searching for healthy, yummy snacks to take on-the-go, particularly when we take a trip; this is a great alternative to protein bars or granola bars. Would absolutely suggest. Likewise, an added bonus: they were extremely well packaged. They were packed firmly into a small box so the snacks didn’t crumble/break on their journey, and no inefficient packaging products were utilized (i. E. Bubble wrap, extra cardboard). And was available in a charming little present bag with an individual note. We hope we start seeing these at more sellers.

We acquired the snack variety pack for our department and they were well gotten. The various flavors were great and the truth they are 1 serving and the protein level is high is the significant bonus. The flavors are truly good and ideally there are single flavor packs offered (we have not inspected yet). We have added the variety box to our membership shipments. These are wonderful alternative for high protein, low sugar snacks. Upgraded. They were so popular that it went out of stock. We have been waiting to include it back to the membership service for our month-to-month snacks. It’s a great alternative for protein that is snackable.

Having test all 3 flavors we can state that these snack packs are wonderful. The bananas for chocolate one needs to be our individual favorite with the honey mustard ones in close 2nd, we even took pleasure in the coffee one despite the fact that we are not a fan of coffee itself. The part size for each private pack is small enough to be thought about a snack however huge enough to please cravings. And lastly the product packaging is effectively done, utilizing a more powerful type of bag so that when you open it, it does not simply keep ripping down the side each time you put a little force onto it. Likewise having each flavor have its own color has made it super easy to keeps these things beside the door so we can grab what flavor we desire in a rush. All in all these snack packs are great for anybody who wishes to combat cravings however does not wish to quit flavor we will most absolutely be purchasing them once again in the future.

Lovvvved the banana and chocolate sunflower seed mix. Will be bought more as quickly as we complete the variety pack. Delicious healthy snacking alternative for somebody who generally deserts to the vending device for m & ms or cookies. Great choose us up when the workday begins to drag – extremely delighted.

It might hold you as an enough meal replacement in a pinch along with water, esp. If you struck a plateau while doing something physical or exhausting. It tastes great. It’s simply as easy to eat 3-4 as is it to eat 1 if you’re famished. Most likely not an ideal long term nutrition choice however it tastes good and it’s better for you nutritionally in lots of methods versus a common supermarket non gf alternative. Most likely would work great for a colleague or relative who is feeling hangry to tide them over without eliminating their appetite for the next meal. Would work fine for a no-bake replacement active ingredient in a great deal of possible meal, appetiser, soup, salad and dessert meals.

We like the flavors of all 3 ranges we got. For some factor, we truly like the chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. They’re all great. Purchased this collection due to the fact that our graze membership passed away considering that they chose to no longer do company in the u. S. We like the product packaging due to the fact that each bag has an easy-tear slit so we do not need to pull the bag apart to get it open. We likewise like that it is available in a screen box so as soon as you pull open the cardboard flap, you can quickly pick the one you wish to eat. And as a weight watcher, 130 calories (4 smart points) is respectable for a good-tasting snack.

We bought the variety pack. Out of the 3 flavors, the honey mustard was our preferred (which amazed me.) we simulate the other flavors however as others discussed in their reviews – the espresso beans & chocolate in the other 2 flavors aren’t truly adequate in the package to get us thrilled about it. Likewise, we found the puffs in the chocolate flavors were truly dry. Not to the fault of the maker, however we believe it’s even if of the protein in the ingredients. The honey mustard flavor pleased our requirement for a salty, crunchy snack. We are happy we attempted all 3 flavors however believe we will simply buy the honey mustard in the future.

This product is great. Similar to the description states, “guilt-free goodness. ” this is a good alternative to regular bar style snacks due to the fact that c’mon, that can get type of dull (do not even get us began on trail blends.) these snacks are absolutely much healthier than most snacks that promote themselves as “healthy. ” anyhow. We purchased the variety pack due to the fact that we usually like to attempt numerous flavors to see which one we like one of the most. We personally believe that bananas for chocolate and cocoa gone a lil loco are the very best ones. The banana/chocolate mix has a good balancing taste due to the fact that it has a good blend of sweet taste from the banana with the bitterness of the dark chocolate sunflower seed. We take pleasure in some spice in our life, so the cocoa gone a lil loco is an amazing flavor for us due to the fact that that hint of spiciness from the almonds is a delicious treat that desires us cravingmore We would absolutely suggest this to anybody who would desire a healthy snack for any event. P. S. Maintain the great work youtopia snacks.:]

We acquired the youtopia snack packs to have something healthy to snack on in the workplace throughout the terrible hours in between lunch and getting to go home. This snack wound up being perfect whether we desired something salty or sweet. There was even one to put a little pep in our step with chocolate covered espresso beans. Each name was lively however still detailed of what flavor was consisted of within each package. There were alway 3 various kinds of nuts, sweet treats, or crunchy snacks that enabled us not to be tired with it while not being overwhelmed with choices. The only failure was having everybody else in the workplace discovering them simply as delicious and taking them from our desk. Extremely suggest this for workplace snacking, chewing while treking, or simply getting one due to the fact that we can.

These are excellent low calorie snack. They taste excellent, have lower calories than small bags of chips, and they fill you up a lotmore In our viewpoint, the bananas for chocolate flavor is the very best tasting, due to the dried bananas. The honey mustard flavor is likewise excellent, as it tastes like the honey mustard pretzels we utilized to eat. The espresso flavor is available in 3rd, nevertheless it is a close call, as the chocolate covered coffee beans in it are absolutely delicious. We are on a minimal calorie diet, and so far we have lost 67 pounds. Every as soon as in a while we will eat 3 bags for our 400 calorie meal slot, and it works out great.

Now that we have attempted each type (our first however not last order). We are ready to evaluate and suggest. We liked that they were separately packaged snacks for calorie and part control and low sugar. Each pack is only 130calories We bought an assortment pack of 12 with 3 types: expresso obsesso, bananas for chocolate, and so cash honey mustard. Liked them all and will absolutely be bought a new batch.

This snack truly is fantastic. It is delicious. It has great part control. Perfect in every way however one: it is way too costly. We were to talk ourself into attempting it as soon as, however we would never ever, in good conciousness, invest the cash over and over once again to continue buying this product. The business should truly work to lower its cost so that it can reach the basic market. It truly is unworthy nearly thirty dollars. We can find better priced snacks that are simply as good.

Offered this to our sibling and sis in law for part of their birthday present. They eat healthy and believe snacks are huge treat. They stated these are amazing. They liked the first a lot they attempted all of them quickly. We are going to order some for us. They did state to non coffee individuals the coffee bean one may be too strong and the one flavor was spicy if individuals aren t intothat They liked all the flavors.

These are all so yummy and satisfied when we require it. We need to conceal them from our kids or we won t get any. * upgrade (6/27/2020) – still enjoying the delicious flavor of this snack. The part size is perfect (we suggest, we might eat more, however truly shouldn t). The product packaging is easy to open, as it should be when you are desiring a snack. We like how the ww points are consisted of in the package – so thoughtful. Perfect for journey too. Xo.

We hardly ever compose reviews, however these snacks are definitely amazing and completely worth it. We would think about ourself a semi-“health nut” who works out consistently and is constantly on the lookout for healthy snacks that in fact taste good. The sweeter ranges are right up our street- extremely chocolatey, while the savory both have a good kick. What we like about these is that they are only 130 calories– a snack and not a meal– and yet they pack a great deal of protein and fiber. They keep us complete at work so that we are not starving 2 seconds later on. Our favorites are the chocolate espresso one and the honey mustard. Extremely various from another however both oh-so-delicious. Thank you youtopia.

First time we attempted these and we liked them. We were looking for a snack to enhance our lunch while at work and likewise for a mid day craving and these worked. Fresh, crisp, sweet, simply delicious. Out of the variety pack the honey mustard are our favorite; simply a little tasty taste with great flavor. In general, as far as ingredients go, we believe these snacks are great. Much better than most business brands out in the supermarket. We will be bought once again.

What s there not to like??? taste is great. Option in flavors. Portioned to single size package. Protein levels per/ package enhances health. Some reviews grumble about prices, however we made the option to pick a healthy snack, and this product fulfills that requirement. We will absolutely reorder and promote this product to our friends. 5 star all around for us.

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